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Snapshots: Suter, McLeod, Senator Logo | Instant News

Switzerland’s top scorer goes to the NHL, but which team is still a mystery. Pius Suter has chosen its exit clause for the 2020-21 season in hopes of entering NHL, ZSC Lions from Swiss NLA has was announced. Head coach Rickard Gronberg too thank you and say bye young star who moved to North America. A former OHL prospect who has played at home in Switzerland for the past five years, Suter has shown flashbacks of his previous goal-scoring abilities but really broke this season with 30 league-leading goals and 53 points in 50 matches. The NLA has slowly risen to the ranks of the top leagues in Europe and some of the players who have graduated from Switzerland in recent years have found instant success at the NHL. Suter, 24, dominates Swiss ranking this season and has shown an innate ability to make fouls. This sounds a lot like the Chicago rookie Dominic Cuba, which has almost the same statistics as Suter at the NLA in 2018-19 and then recorded 30 goals and 46 points in 68 games in this year’s amazing debut season. Kubalik’s success continues the European trend of finding compatibility with the Blackhawks, which could be the reason why Scott Powers of Athletics report that the club is considered a front runner for Suter services. With little cover space and relatively thin forward corps, players who are productive in entry-level deals will be a good addition to Chicago and Suter will also like the opportunities the Blackhawks offer. Suter is expected to make a decision in the coming days – and other teams are in the mix – but don’t be surprised if Chicago gets an attractive Swiss scorer.

  • Veteran Grinder Cody McLeod will be back for another pro hockey year. Fan favorite agitators got a one-way NHL contract for a decade before this season and instead completed a one-year contract with AHL’s Iowa Wild. Not surprisingly, McLeod was a hit in Iowa and a good leader for young prospects as well and has gotten an extension. Junior Wild was announced that they have signed McLeod for a one-year contract for 2020-21. McLeod only played 21 games for Iowa, recording seven points (and 41 minutes penalty), but as long as McLeod remains a positive dressing room influence and a threatening presence on the ice, he can play as long as he likes.
  • The Ottawa Senator retreated back to 2007. Athletics Hailey Salvian report that the franchise returns to the two-dimensional logo they debuted in 1997 – or at least one that looks very similar to – next season. 2D display was stopped after a decade and replaced with the three-dimensional logo used by the team this season. However, Salvian writes that the club has decided that they like a more retro look. Two-dimensional logos are better at representing the Roman style of their officers’ logos in ways that three-dimensional logos can never do, and Ottawa fans are already excited about the return of the old logo. Salvian also wrote that the new logo will be accompanied by a redesigned T-shirt, including a new third jersey. The Senators hope that this change will encourage merchandise sales and, more importantly, pair up with a promising young list, two big five draft picks, and a long break from hockey in the city to create an atmosphere of excitement in Ottawa by 2020 -21 Season and help cure the worst attendance rate in the league.


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