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PBF was asked to send boxers to Kazakhstan for training | Instant News

KARACHI: Olympic bronze medalist Hussain Shah on Sunday advised the country’s boxing government (PBF) to send top boxers to Kazakhstan for training two months ahead of the World Qualification round for the Tokyo Olympics.

“It is very important to send a group of prominent boxers to Kazakhstan for two months before the world qualification round,” Hussain Shah told The News in an interview from Japan. Husain is the only boxer in Pakistani history to have won a bronze medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

“You know, Kazakhstan is the best training center and national boxers can learn a lot there before heavy assignments,” Hussain said. In addition, he also claimed the Hussain Olympic bronze also had Asian Championship credits, Asian Games silver, and five gold directly there. South Asian Games.

Hussain currently trains professional boxers in Japan. Hussain said that before sending to Kazakhstan a month of training camps in Pakistan had to be held and the trainers only had to focus on the physical fitness of the fighters. “It takes a month of physical training before going to Kazakhstan. Trainers Ali Bakhsh and Arshad Hussain and Zaigham Maseel based in Bahrain have the ability to train boxers well. Once they are in top condition they must be sent abroad for pure sparring purposes, “Hussain said.

“Without foreign training, you cannot get the best out of boxers,” Hussain quickly added. The world qualification round is scheduled for Paris earlier this month but has been postponed indefinitely due to a COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Pakistan sent three boxers to Jordan for Asian qualifications in March but they failed to impress. Arshad Hussain is a Pakistani coach. Hussain said it would be very helpful if the Pakistan coach had relations with the Kazakhstan coach.

“Links play a role. “If Pakistani coaches like Ali Bakhsh and Arshad Hussain have a relationship with coaches in Kazakhstan then that will help because those with the help of local coaches will manage a solid sparring partner for national fighters and that will help the boxers,” Hussain said.

Given his own preparatory phase ahead of the 1988 Olympics Hussain said he had been sent by PBF to several countries.

When asked if he could help national fighters if they were sent to Tokyo for training, Hussain said the cost of plane tickets that PBF would pay for the Japanese tour, the federation could manage the entire training program through that amount for national fighters in Kazakhstan which is the best training center.

Hussain added that it was time to focus on boxing because it had a glorious past. Pakistan last appeared in the 2004 Athens Olympics in boxing. And since then national fighters have struggled to return to the Olympics.


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Pakistan will send the first flight to repatriated students displaced from Wuhan on May 18 | Instant News


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will send its first flight on May 18, 2020 (Monday) to repatriate students from Wuhan, China, said the PM’s Special Assistant to Foreigners Pakistan Zulfi Bukhari on Friday.

Bukhari said in a tweet: “I am very happy for the first flight to Wuhan to bring back our Pakistani students on 05/18/2020.”

“You have become the bravest warriors, PM Imran Khan & Pakistan are proud of you,” he added.

Earlier in January, when the coronavirus did not spread around the world, Pakistani students in China said they were scared and “detained in one room.” It is known that several students have been tested for the corona virus amid hysteria that has spread throughout the world.

When the news spread that students were in a difficult situation, Prime Minister of Health’s Special Assistant, Dr. Zafar Mirza said that it was not advisable to evacuate Pakistanis from China, noting that the government would show responsible behavior and not be part of spreading the virus.

“We don’t want to make any emotional decisions that will cause the virus to spread even further,” he said. “It is also our responsibility to ensure that our residents in Wuhan are well cared for and whether they are provided with food or daily necessities,” he added.

After that the Foreign Office organized efforts to provide assistance to stranded students, meanwhile, their parents petitioned in court seeking the return of their children.

The Foreign Office has said that they have set up a hotline to facilitate contact with displaced Pakistani students and community members in Wuhan who are affected by the corona virus.

In addition, a task force of two Pakistani diplomats visited Wuhan to help students. “At Pakistan’s request, China allowed a special Task Force of two people from the Pakistani Embassy in Beijing to go to Wuhan to meet with our students and coordinate all assistance to them,” FO Spokesperson Aisha Farooqui said.

FO spokesman Aisha Farooqui said that the task force would be deployed permanently in Wuhan and would “maintain close relations” with Chinese authorities.

The IHC tells stressed parents to trust the country

On March 20, Chairman of the Islamabad High Court Athar Minallah had asked parents of Pakistani students who were stranded in China to trust the country for taking appropriate steps in view of the situation.

Judge Minallah made the statement while listening to a case related to the return of Pakistanis who were stranded in China.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (China) Director General Mudassir Tipu told the court that the situation was improving in China after the initial outbreak, and that the situation would improve further in the next two weeks.

Tipu also told the court that an airplane carrying food and medical supplies provided by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) had been sent to China.

He further said that the government had given cash grants to “95%” of students living in China.

During the hearing, parents of stranded Pakistani students complained that the government had not taken any action to bring back their children.

For this, IHC CJ Minallah said the most important thing is that Pakistani students are far safer in China because they will face greater risks in Pakistan.

“The US and Britain have admitted after taking back their citizens that they did the wrong thing,” the judge noted, adding that the only success story in the world today in the war against coronavirus is that shown by China.


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Rana Sanaullah claimed NAB-Niazi nexus colluded to send Shehbaz to prison | Instant News


PML-N leader Rana Sanaullah accused that Prime Minister Imran Khan along with the National Accountability Bureau were trying to put Shehbaz Sharif behind bars.

The PML-N leader made the accusation, on Saturday in reply to a statement by the Federal Minister for Railroad Sheikh Rashid, who said that the PML-N president was trying to go abroad again.

“Only people like Sheikh Rashid can regard the Nab-Niazi nexus as ‘Tarzan’,” he replied, referring to a statement from the previous minister.

Sanaullah alleges that the government neglected measures to curb the coronavirus crisis across the country.

“Shehbaz Sharif’s real strength is the people of Pakistan. He is not afraid of anyone but Allah,” said Rana Sanaullah.

Sanaullah said that the government was panicked since the PML-N president returned to the country.

NAB to become ‘Tarzan’: Rashid

Sheikh Rashid had previously said that Imran Khan would complete his five-year term regardless of what the opponents said.

Rashid said that he was told that NAB ‘would change to Tarzan after Eid.

“Those who think they remain safe will not survive after Eid,” he said in a clear warning to detractors.

The minister said that it would take a lot of time to change the NAB Ordinance, adding that PML-N would not get the amendment sought.

“After Nawaz, Firdous Cloud will ask why he was overthrown”

Sheikh Rashid, at the same press conference, said that the special assistant who had just been replaced by Firdous Ashiq Awan would soon be “seen on TV”.

“After Nawaz Sharif, Firdous Ashiq Awan will ask why he was overthrown,” he said.

Responding to questions, he said that the government did not say anything to him. The Minister said that he had a strong relationship with PM Imran, not PTI.


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Bank Alfalah to give cash Ehsaas | Business | thenews.com.pk | Instant News


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Deliveroo Partners with Chabad in the UK to Bring Seders-to-Go – Helping people celebrate safety in their own homes | Instant News

When Jews throughout England prepare for the upcoming festival Easter, which began on the night of April 8, Chabad-Lubavitch from England has partnered with the popular food delivery application Deliveroo to ensure that every Jew throughout the UK and Ireland can do Seder.

The “Seder-to-Go” kit will be especially useful for those who are vulnerable and isolated, who cannot shop for halal-for-Easter food for Seder and holidays because COVID-19 pandemic. Around 51,608 Britons have tested positive for the virus, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted being treated intensively after his coronavirus symptoms worsened on Monday.

Using the application, Deliveroo customers will now be able to buy a “Seder-to-Go” kit, complete with rollup Seder Plate, items for Seder plates and even plastic frogs to serve as strange visuals during the reading of the 10 plagues. Other items include a box matzah, grape juice, grapes, a Kiddush cup and a Haggadah with an English translation and instructions. This service will be available from within the application until Tuesday night at every location that Deliveroo currently provides.

This partnership comes from the executive vice president at Deliveroo, Stephen Goldstein, and his search for wine and wine before the holidays. Reach Rabbi Bentzi Sudak from Chabad Lubavitch The British, both quickly realized that together, they could help Jews throughout the country celebrate safety in their homes.

“Many Jews celebrate Easter with extended families or in hotels or local synagogues, “Sudak said. “Since the beginning of the outbreak, we have been trying to get the supplies everyone needs for the holidays.”

Utilizing the logistics prowess of Deliveroo and Chabad’s mission to help every Jew, Goldstein suggested that they partner up so that “every Jew can celebrate our freedom festival in these challenging times.”

“It is an honor to support Chabad Lubavitch UK and use our shipping network to bring pleasure Pesach to people throughout Britain and Ireland, “he said.” We are honored to support the Jewish community and play a small role in helping people, especially the elderly and vulnerable. “

This partnership came as part of The global Easter campaign of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, which is because coronavirus has grown to historic proportions. Chabad distributed more than 250,000 “Seder-to-Go” kits in North America alone, as well as millions shmurah matzah.


The “Seder-to-Go” kit will provide special benefits for
vulnerable and isolated, who cannot shop for halal-for-Easter food
for Seder and vacation

All ingredients for Seder are included.


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