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Boxing: Derek Chisora ​​says he will send New Zealand-born Joseph Parker ‘back to Australia’ | Instant News


Joseph Parker joins us in the studio ahead of his fight against Derek Chisora ​​this weekend. Video / Spark Sport

British boxer Derek Chisora ​​had ranted ahead of his fight with Joseph Parker on Sunday morning, telling his New Zealand opponent he would “cycle back to Australia”.

Chisora, a man who takes pride in his quarrelsome words as well as his fists, spoke to the media at an undercard press conference on Saturday and spun a series of baffling lines together in response to questions about the fight on Sunday morning.

It begins by retelling the reason why Parker was forced to withdraw from the scheduled fight between them two years ago.

“The man had a spider bite, we can’t deny it, we don’t know if it’s true or not,” said a puzzled Chisora ​​describing Parker ‘s spider bite in 2019.

The British heavyweight then stepped back and even brought the subject up.

“The battle is here now, so we won’t talk about history anymore, that’s why it’s called history.”

Then, with one of the biggest verbal blows of her career, or the most baffling of all, Chisora ​​said Parker would soon be sent back to Australia.

“I know my opponent will bring something, which is to ride the bike – but that will be fine. He will cycle back to Australia but all is well.”

Parker was born and raised in South Auckland and is largely Samoan descent, so any claim to link to Australia is 4157.41 kilometers wide.

Derek Chisora ​​(L) takes the offensive at a press conference ahead of his clash with Joseph Parker.  Photos / Photosport
Derek Chisora ​​(L) takes the offensive at a press conference ahead of his clash with Joseph Parker. Photos / Photosport

Meanwhile, Parker himself remains focused and very professional, describing the fight in front of him in a very real and fun way.

“I am very ready for this fight … I feel with this fight, physically and mentally, I am in a good place – maybe the best I have ever had.

“With Derek it’s no secret he’ll go up and apply pressure, throw punches all over the place. My hands have to go up, down and around.

“I think it’s the perfect fight at the right time. We were there, got a good win and there are lots of other great fights out there to do and to position yourself when the title is free up for grabs.”

Parker has knocked out an opponent only once since October 2016 – daily worker Alexander Flores – but this fight presents himself as one that is likely to yield a decisive finish; with former heavyweight champion and promoter Chisora ​​David Haye saying the man would explode early.

“A lot of people don’t give Derek a shot in this fight, but when you see how Derek goes through the ring in the first round, I think you’ll understand where this fight is going and going in a very destructive way. It’s going to be an all-out explosion. from the first round and take the popcorn and don’t go to the toilet.

“We’re not going to have a boxing match with Parker, it must be a fight. I can guarantee a knockout in this fight, it won’t be far away. It’s about how much Joseph Parker can take.”

The fight itself will take place on Sunday morning New Zealand time.

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AFP plans to send Arshad to Kazakhstan | Instant News

KARACHI: As border restrictions have now been relaxed in Kazakhstan and flights have resumed, the Pakistan Athletics Federation (AFP) plans to send javelin thrower Arshad Nadeem there for training after Eid.

He will be given training by Kazakh trainer Viktor Yevsyukov from whom Arshad received training in Antalya, Turkey, today.

However, Turkey’s training duties will end on April 30 and Arshad will return.

AFP will immediately decide on the matter.

“Obviously the plan is there but we will decide on it in a meeting in a few days after discussing the matter from multiple perspectives,” an AFP official told ‘The News’.

“Arshad’s input will also be taken. His feedback will be important as he is currently undergoing training in Turkey under Viktor, “the official said.

The official said that AFP had also received an invitation from the athletic authorities of Kazakhstan for an international event to be held in Almaty in June. “If we can send Arshad to Kazakhstan, then he will also appear at the international arena in Almaty,” the official said.

If sent, Arshad will remain in Kazakhstan until the Olympics which will be held this summer in Tokyo.

Arshad is preparing for the Tokyo Olympics. He shot to the Olympics with a throw of 86.29 meters at the 2019 South Asian Games in Nepal.

A few days ago he improved his throw when he managed to log 86.38m in an international event in Iran from which he immediately moved to Turkey for three weeks’ training under Viktor.

The AFP last year had arranged a training program for Arshad under Viktor in Kazakhstan but the javelin throwers were unable to continue due to border restrictions due to the Covid-19 issue.


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Tokyo Olympics 2021: Rowing New Zealand withdraws the world champion ship from the Olympics | Instant News


The New Zealand Olympics gather on The Cloud with 100 days to go before Tokyo 2021. Video / Jed Bradley

Rowing New Zealand has reportedly ended efforts to send one of the most-touted ships to the Tokyo Olympics, even though it already qualifies to take part.

The women’s doubles pairing of the lightweight world champions took a hard hit in March when Zoe McBride forced to retire due to long term hormonal damage as a result of eating too little for his exercise needs while trying to stay below the weight requirements for the class.

The understandable decision left his racing partner Jackie Kiddle with an empty seat on his boat; which NZ Rowing had tried to fill over the past month but with no luck, according to 1 News.

Zoë McBride and Jackie Kiddle in happy times after claiming gold at the 2019 World Rowing Championships. Photo / Photosport
Zoë McBride and Jackie Kiddle in happy times after claiming gold at the 2019 World Rowing Championships. Photo / Photosport

Several options were piloted on board, most notably the former light double scull rower and 2016 Olympic competitor Lucy Strack.

Strack and Kiddle underwent nearly two weeks of training together before simulating a race meet at Lake Karapiro to determine their relative pace against the best in the world.

“We rolled into the race, we were at the starting line, I gave Jackie a little pat on the back and I said let’s do it, let’s see what we can do,” Strack told 1 News.

“I have to say I went to [pain] the tunnel is pretty fast, “he joked.

“So around 500 meters I should be breathing pretty hard at this point, but actually managed to bounce back pretty well in the second kilometer.”

However, their efforts proved futile as, soon after, Rowing NZ made the decision to withdraw the ship from the Olympic competition.

Jackie Kiddle had been left without a partner on the rowing of his choice.  Photos / Photosport
Jackie Kiddle had been left without a partner on the rowing of his choice. Photos / Photosport

For Kiddle, it was the second major blow in a month, following McBride’s retirement. His coach James Coote sympathized with an athlete who had become world champion in 2019.

“It’s draining, but it’s also sport and it’s life too. They’re both high achievers, they both have big standards in themselves and their health is number one first, in Zoe’s case. But then Jackie also made sure he could compete at such a level. he wants, “said Coote.

Kiddle has now decided to solo race in the lightweight women’s singles class and is eyeing a race at the 2024 Paris Olympics, although he says disruption to the Tokyo event will be difficult to avoid in the coming months.

The next few months are really going to be tough and I’m very aware of that and I’m preparing myself for that, but I really support my team.

“I haven’t raced in lightweight women’s singles in a long time, not since 2014 when I was under 23. So, it’s a new challenge, but I’m pretty excited about it.”


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The Australia Post is rooting out threats to stop shipments of perishable goods from 30 June | Instant News

Australia Post has reversed its decision to stop carrying perishable goods in a move that has been welcomed by producers who depend on the service.

Producers were shocked when the Australia Post announced it no longer allows meat, seafood, eggs or frozen food to be sent by post due to complex food safety and regulatory requirements.

The Australian Small Business Ombudsman has been called on to develop long-term continuous improvements to support the growing e-commerce industry.

Common sense prevails

Co-owner of the North Tasmanian salmon farm, Ben Pyka, ships about $ 80,000- $ 100,000 worth of hot smoked salmon and herbs by mail via the Australia Post each year.

Ben Pyka said COVID-19 has become a guillotine for salmon farming.(

ABC News: Jessica Moran


He said the Australia Post had not provided prior consultations and the upcoming June 30th for the end of perishable shipments had stressed him.

“I have had conversations with other shipping suppliers to see potential solutions and deal with the damage,” he said.

More people will order online, people will want more things, and more people will move to rural environments. “

In a statement, the Australia Post said the new forum would work to better understand customer needs and work closely with regulators to determine where changes might be needed.

“We recognize an early date for stopping perishable transportation through our network will cause significant disruption to small businesses, many of which have experienced significant growth in e-commerce sales during COVID-19,” said acting CEO Rodney Boys.

Groceries hamper from Farm House Direct.
In 2015, Australia Post celebrated that producers were adding value by providing products online.(

ABC News: Emma Brown


Return to sender

Australian Small Business and Family Business Ombudsman Bruce Billson said he looks forward to working with the Australia Post to ensure this important service is available to small business food producers.

A woman unloads the box from the Australia Post van
Food manufacturers say the Australia Post is important to their business.(

Provided: Australia Post


“We welcome this opportunity to work with Australia Post to ensure small business food producers can continue to rely on their delivery services,” said Billson.

“I am encouraged by the willingness of Australia Post and industry stakeholders to work together to help resolve any issues Australia Post is experiencing across its delivery network.

The Australia Post will continue to deliver perishable goods as the forum progresses, with the first meeting between the Australia Post and the Ombudsman taking place next Tuesday.

The broader industry group will then meet next month, with the aim of holding regular sessions with major regulatory agencies, government bodies and ecommerce experts.

‘Not good enough’

Federal Labor spokeswoman for agriculture Julie Collins said the company’s initial decision was punishing business owners for adapting during the COVID-19 curbs.

“There has not been enough consultation with the people and we are happy that we have little time to end it.

“But the government needs to do more. It needs to get involved in this.”

A person riding an Australia Post bike
AusPost announces that it will continue to ship perishable goods across the country.(



Ms Collins said the Australia Post was an important service, especially in the Australian region.

“For what I hear from the producers and the Australia Post itself there are alternatives but they don’t [ship] regularly, [and] some of them need to have several different providers along the chain depending on where the product is going from the point of delivery to the end of delivery, “he said.

“This is a heap of pressure they can do without, to be honest, and the fact that it was done without consultation is not good enough from the government.”


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ISTEP Fund Helps Local Producers Expand Exports to UK, Brazil, Mexico | Instant News

ISTEP Fund Helps Local Producers Expand Exports to UK, Brazil, Mexico | RiverBender.com


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