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WATCH NOW: ‘historic’ flooding on the Smith River was declared an emergency when residents left home | Local News | Instant News

BASSETT – Emergency workers were rushed to Stanleytown Health & Rehabilitation Center on Sunday night, and houses in the Bassett area were reportedly evacuated when heavy rains brought so-called “historic floods” along the Smith River in Henry County.

The National Weather Service in Blacksburg issues a Flash Flood Emergency – worse than warning – around 10:20 a.m. which will remain in effect until 6:45 Monday. This applies to Martinsville, Henry County and Franklin County. Henry County also declared a state of emergency.

Flooding water moves down the Smith River, and the river may not be latent again for several hours, the NWS said in its warning.

The water proved to be on at least one bridge across the Smith River in the Bassett area.

The Smith River Gage in Bassett has reported a 12.5 foot stage over the past two hours and may not function, NWS said.

About 3 to 4 inches of water rises to the Stanleytown Health & Rehabilitation Center throughout the building, according to Fire Chief Bassett Junior Lynch. Located at 240 Riverside Drive in Bassett.

Lynch said that his department was sent there at 7:46 pm. Seen along Riverside Road and in the shopping center shopping center opposite the rest house are emergency vehicles from all over Henry County, as well as from Franklin County and from Roanoke. A truck pulls a trailer by boat.

“Officials at Stanleytown Health Care have decided to protect them now and not evacuate,” Lynch said. “Of course, there are 94 people living here, so it’s rather difficult to move them to their needs and care for them.”

Around 10 pm, Lynch said: “a part of the building does not have water in it, and what is there is only water that settles, maybe half an inch of water and some mud, but they are doing the cleaning now.”

Ambulances, trailers by boat and other emergency vehicles began to leave the scene shortly after 10 pm, leaving only Henry County Sheriff’s Office officers to guard the road, where the water flowing in there, was closed.

The rehabilitation center issued this notice on a Facebook page after midnight Monday morning: “After heavy rains and local flooding, our center has water coverage inside the facility Sunday night. We want to reassure our patient friends and families that our center is stable and we continue to monitor the current conditions.We have begun the process to extract the remaining water and clean the affected area.At this time, several patients have been moved at our center, but none have been removed from the building.We are ready for evacuation if weather conditions allow As this situation develops, we will continue to provide updates as they become available. “

Another significant flood in the region threatened the homes of several residents, with some having been flooded by so-called NWS “now believed to be historic floods.”

An emergency evacuation center opened at Bassett High School.

The warning said the flood was life threatening and recommended those in the lowlands to seek shelter. This will include low water crossings, creeks, creeks and underpasses in the city.

Flood water moves down the Smith River, the adviser said, and probably won’t rise again for several hours.

This article will be updated.

Steven Doyle, local editor of the Bulletin, contributed to this report.

Holly Kozelsky is a writer for the Martinsville Bulletin; call him at 276-638-8801 ext. 243.


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Central Coast Classic: John Iribarren has been calling games for almost 60 years Soccer | Instant News

“It’s hard to leave teaching and training there after doing it for so long,” he said.

“I coached (St. Joseph’s athletic director) Tom Mott and his brother, Billy, in baseball games in Mission Prep,” Iribarren said.

Iribarren has led soccer, baseball and basketball matches for the past six decades. His body worked well enough that he was selected 15 times to work on the NCAA Division I soccer bowl match.

To be honored, “I must be No. 1 in my position, the line judge,” said Iribarren. “I have to work hard all year.”

John Iribarren, no relation to Willie and Cameron Iribarren who distinguishes themselves as football players for Lompoc High School, has long been Mike Ostini’s Central Coast official mentor.

“John was my mentor when I entered,” said Ostini, a 43-year veteran as an official on the Central Coast, where he was the assignment of high school football officials.

“Mike and I can talk about the new officials who will come, the young people who are preparing (to work on university matches),” said Iribarren.

“It’s a difficult thing for young people to make that commitment, but overall we have a really good year.”

The seven Ostini crew members, who also work on the Paso Robles / Righetti new student competition, together have 283 years of training experience.


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