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Coronavirus patients can lose their sense of smell on the third day of infection | Instant News

NEW YORK: Lost sense of smell most likely will occur on the third day of infection with the novel corona virus, according to research more than 100 COVID-19 patient which can help public health experts better identify those who carry the virus without harm the symptoms.

The telephone study, whose results were published in the journal Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, examined the characteristics and symptoms of 103 patients diagnosed with COVID-19 over a six week period.

Patients from Aarau, Switzerland provided data on the number of days they had Covid19 symptoms, and their time and severity lost smell, said study co-author Ahmad Sedaghat from the University of Cincinnati in America.

Of the 103 patients, at least 61 percent reported reduced or lost olfaction, Sedaghat said, adding that the average onset for reduction or loss in olfaction was 3.4 days.

“We also found in this study that the severity of loss of smell correlates with how bad your other COVID-19 symptoms are,” Sedaghat said.

“If anosmia“Also known as loss of smell, worse, patients report worse shortness of breath, and more severe fever and cough,” he added.

According to scientists, the relationship between decreased sense of smell and the other COVID-19 is something to look out for.

“If someone has a decreased sense of smell with COVID-19, we know they are in the first week of the disease course, and there is still another week or two to be expected,” he added.


If anosmia, also known as odor loss, is worse, the patient reports worse cases of shortness of breath, and more severe fever and cough.

The findings suggest that the decreased sense of smell may be an indicator of patients early in the course of the disease as well as those who continue to develop more severe symptoms, such as shortness of breath, Sedaghat said.

He cautioned that while odor loss was an indicator of COVID-19, it was not the only factor.

“When you start experiencing serious symptoms of COVID-19 which include shortness of breath and respiratory distress, that’s when you have to be vigilant,” he said.

Younger patients and women in the study were also more likely to experience decreased olfaction, the study noted.

About 50 percent of study patients had nasal congestion and 35 percent had colds.

According to Sedaghat, this is important because previous studies have shown that nasal symptoms are rare in COVID-19, and these symptoms are associated with allergies and not new coronaviruses.

“This just means that greater awareness is needed from the symptoms of COVID-19 nose so people don’t run around sneezing in public and think it’s fine because it’s just an allergy,” Sedaghat said.

“It’s very possible that COVID-19 and wearing a mask as a protective device for other people you meet is a good idea,” he added.

Understanding more about olfactory loss and COVID-19 is important for a public health perspective, scientists warn.

“Nobody will die from loss of sense of smell and not symptoms that will kill anyone,” he said, but added that, “this is important because it helps us identify these COVID-19 patients as asymptomatic carriers so they do not spread the disease to others. ”

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