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200 homeless Pakistanis must be sent home from Dubai | Instant News

DUBAI: About 200 Pakistani homeless people have been turned over to the Dubai Pakistan Consulate to arrange for their return from the Emirates because they were forced to sleep along the road in Dubai, a senior diplomat told The News.

The stranded Pakistanis were forced to live on various roads in Dubai after becoming homeless after the coronavirus outbreak because they did not have enough money to get rented space and buy their food, the Pakistani Consulate said.

“Around 100 homeless people have been returned to Pakistan on special flights while others will be evacuated soon,” he said.

The senior diplomat who declined to be named revealed that the Pakistani homeless were found sleeping in Jumeirah, the streets of Al Wasl and the nearest consulate building and trying to return to their homeland.

“Local authorities have asked to facilitate them and make arrangements for their repatriation,” he said.

Pakistan’s diplomatic mission in Dubai arranges for the homeless residents and starts sending them to their homeland, the Consulate of Pakistan stressed Dubai.

“We have arranged for the housing of Pakistani homeless people in Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah,” consular officials said.

The consulate not only facilitates housing but also arranges food for Pakistani homeless people stranded in Dubai, according to information from the consulate.

Many workers from Pakistan have no choice but to sleep on the side of the road from where the local authorities take them and hand them over to Pakistani authorities after careful scrutiny, the senior diplomat said.

“Unfortunately, some of these Pakistani homeless people have financial dispute cases against them too so some of them will not be able to return without resolving these cases,” he said.


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