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New York father whose one-year-old twins have died after being left in a hot car, sentenced to a conditional discharge | Instant News

“These children have suffered terribly and we have to conduct a thorough investigation,” the Bronx district attorney D. Alayna Clark said in a statement on Tuesday. “I hope that in the sultry weather upon us, educators are vigilant about children in vehicles.”

Juan Rodriguez, 39, pleaded guilty to second degree charges for the threat via video and was sentenced to one year suspended sentence, according to a press release from the office of Clark. Probation means that the defendant will not serve time in prison and the misdemeanor has the right to delete their record for this period of time as long as no other act was committed.

Rodriguez went to work at the Department, James J. the Medical center of veterans Affairs Peter on the morning of 26 July 2019, with his Gemini Moon and Phoenix Rodriguez in the back seat, according to the release. They were in the car unattended for about eight hours and reached a body temperature of 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

First responders said the twins died at the scene, reports.

Rodriguez told police something to the effect of, “I thought I threw them in kindergarten, before I went to work. I crossed off. My children are dead. I killed my children”, – stated in the criminal case.

His lawyer, Joe Jackson, said that Rodriguez was not going to leave children in the car. Unfortunately, he said that incidents like this happened across the country.

“Although it hurts me more than I ever thought possible, I still love my husband,” the mother of the twins-said in a statement provided to CNN. “He is a good man and a great father, and I know he would never do anything to intentionally hurt our children.”

“I’ll never get over this loss and I know that he will never forgive himself for this mistake.”

On average, sunstroke kills 38 children every year, according to the National Security Council. These include cases in which a child was forgotten in the car, when they accidentally locked themselves in the car or trunk, or in a small number of cases where a child is intentionally left in the car.

In July, the greatest number of heat stroke deaths, according to NoHeatStroke.org. More than half of the total mortality occurred when parents forget their child in the backseat, the organization said.

Si-EN-EN Laura Lee, Amir Vera, Elizabeth and Joseph Dakin and contributed to this report.


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