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Lockdown is making pessimistic business sentiment in Pakistan | Instant News

KARACHI: American data companies, Dun and Bradstreet have found that business sentiment in Pakistan has turned pessimistic from optimism thanks to a two-month lockout imposed after an outbreak of coronavirus infection.

Dun and Bradstreet’s Business Optimism Index (BOI) for the first quarter of 2020 on Monday showed that enforcement of the locking in the third week of March intensified the decline in business sentiment and accelerated the shift from optimism to pessimism.

The company found that business was optimistic and hoped that the pandemic would not affect Pakistan very acutely, prior to the lockdown.

Only a marginal decline of 2.4 percent was witnessed in the BOI pre-locking Q1 2020 when compared with the BOI 2019 Q4. However, the BOI 2020 QI, after enforcement of the lockdown, fell from a 141.1 point high – the index level before the lockdown – to 85.6 points, below the benchmark neutral value of 100 points and showed a significant change in business sentiment from optimism to pessimism.

The BOI survey was conducted during Q1 2020 with companies spread throughout Pakistan. These companies include a mix of small, medium and large companies with representatives from the manufacturing, trade and services sectors in proportion to the contribution of their respective value added to GDP.

Dun and Bradstreet launched their world-famous BOI for Pakistan in Q4 2019 and aimed to measure the pulse of the business community and provide a view of business sentiment in the country.

D&B helps Pakistani businesses identify and evaluate alternative business partners, vendors and customers so that they can minimize the impact of the current situation by building new relationships where their existing suppliers and customers can no longer do business with them. It deals with more Pakistani businesses and helps them explore new avenues for business amidst the lockdown and impact

The BOI for Q1 2020 represents mixed sentiment collected before and after the lockout announcement. Because most of the responses were captured by locked restrictions, the BOI Q1 2020 issue mainly – at the aggregate level – reflects a pre-Covid-19 sentiment analysis.

This survey focuses on five main parameters for a business: sales revenue, selling price, sales volume, number of employees, and profits.

At an overall level, business is optimistic for all parameters for Q2 2020. However, post-locking, there is a significant change in business sentiment. Before locking up, 68 percent of respondents anticipated an increase in sales revenue and 62 percent of respondents anticipated an increase in profits. However, after locking up, only 19 percent of respondents anticipated an increase in sales revenue and net profit. In addition, before closing, only three percent of respondents anticipated a decline in the number of employees. However, post-lockdown, the number increased sharply to 16 percent.


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‘CJ’s statement reflects people’s sentiment’ | Instant News

LAHORE: Senator Amer Jamaat-e-Islami Sirajul Haq has called the statement of the Chief Justice of Pakistan about the coronavirus situation “truly representing the sentiments of the masses” and has shown a mirror to the government about the corona situation.

People thanked the head of the court for issuing warnings to the government for its poor performance on the front of the coronavirus, he said while speaking with the president of the Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA), Dr. Muhammad Afzal, in Mansoora on Tuesday.

Sirajul Haq urged the head of the Senate to immediately hold a Senate session to discuss the prevailing conditions and draw a line of action to drive the country out of the crisis. He said the houses chosen were the voices of the people and if these houses did not respond to the people’s call, they would be excessive.

He welcomed the CJ’s directives to the government for adopting a uniform policy in fighting the corona virus in the country and said the CJP had diagnosed the real disease. He said disputes had taken place between the center and the province especially Sindh. Both sides increased their egos and no one was ready to surrender and the people and patients suffered because of this tug of war.

Sirajul Haq expressed deep sorrow over the martyrdom of Dr Furqan at the Karachi hospital after he was not given timely treatment for the corona virus. He urged CJP to establish a judicial commission to investigate the death of Dr Furqan who died due to the unavailability of ventilators. He said those responsible for the death of doctors should be sentenced to deterrent. He said if the government could not provide adequate safety measures for doctors, treating the victims of the coronavirus epidemic would be impossible in this country.

The JI leader appreciated the establishment of a modern laboratory by the Al-Khidmat Foundation at Surayya Azeem Lahore Hospital where coronavirus tests were carried out at the lowest possible cost of Rs3,000 compared to the prevailing fee of Rs9,000 and congratulated the president of PIMA for that.

baloch: Jamaah-e-Islami name ameer Liaqat Baloch has asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to work for opposition cooperation to meet the rapidly growing challenges on the internal and foreign fronts in the prevailing critical situation.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, he said the political, social and economic crisis was deepening and the Prime Minister had failed to unite the nation and provide a solid line of action. Opposition leadership and parties are also unable to satisfy the masses. He said there were vacancies on the political, parliamentary and national fronts that were dangerous and that third parties could take advantage of such situations.


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AUD / USD slipped below 0.6150 as the S&P cut Australia’s view | Instant News

  • AUD / USD declined after the S&P cut Australia’s credit outlook, maintaining a stable rating at AAA.
  • This shift in the risk tone adds to the burden on the Aussie pair.
  • Second-tier housing data awaited, pandemic headlines will be important.

With global ranking giant S&P cutting Australia’s credit outlook, AUD / USD fell below 0.6150, currently down 0.44% at around 0.6142, amid Wednesday’s Asian session.

S&P cuts Australia’s view from stable to negative while maintaining a credit rating at AAA. The rating giant also anticipates that annual growth will drop to 1.3% in the financial year 2020.

Earlier in the afternoon, the Aussie pair failed to extend gains two days earlier amid renewed fears of a coronavirus (COVID-19). The reason can be tracked from the latest number from the U.S., Spanish and English and Japanese calls for emergencies in six provinces including Tokyo.

The risk catalyst, namely yields and US 10-year Treasury shares, marked a recent tone change with the former declining three basis points to 0.70% while shares in Australia marked a loss of more than 2.0% at press time.

Worth mentioning it Initial comments of US President Donald Trump put additional downside pressure on the pair.

Traders will now be watching Australian housing finance data for direct direction while updates on COVID-19 will remain the main driver.

Technical analysis

Sellers tend to target 21-day SMA levels at 0.6056 unless they clear the peak of the end of March around 0.6215.


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