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Black People Cannot Be Blamed for Death due to COVID-19 | Instant News

HIver the past two weeks, each answer leads to a new question. Should the state collect racial data? Yes Does the data show racial differences? They do it. And that leads to a question that has been debated by Americans since the beginning of the republic: Why racial differences? Why did black people generally become infected and die at a higher rate than other racial groups? This is the current question. And too many Americans answer this new question in the old, familiar way. They blame poverty, but refuse to recognize how racism distinguishes black poverty from white poverty, and makes black poverty more vulnerable to lethal transmission.

And Americans blame black people. To explain the difference in mortality rates, too many politicians and commentators note that black people have more basic medical conditions but, most importantly, no explain why. Or they blame the choices made by black people, or poverty, or obesity – but not racism.

“Now, if you suffer from diabetes, obesity, hypertension, African-Americans will have more of these receptors,” coronaviruses like to attack, Senator Bill Cassidy the word at NPR Morning Edition. “Now, as a doctor, I would say we need to overcome the obesity epidemic, which disproportionately affects African-Americans. That will reduce the prevalence of diabetes, hypertension. “

When pressed whether this “underlying health condition” “has its roots in systemic racism for years,” Cassidy replied: “That’s rhetoric, and maybe so. But as a doctor, I see science. “

Without doubt, African-Americans suffer disproportionately from chronic diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, lung disease, obesity, and asthma, which makes it more difficult for them to survive with COVID-19. But if Cassidy is studying science, then he will also ask: Why do African-Americans suffer more from this chronic disease? Why African-Americans more possible be fatter than Latinos and whites?

Defending Cassidy, Rod Dreher, a senior editor at American Conservatives, argues that “in the South, country white people and country black people eat the same type of food.” wonder “The extent to which black people throughout the country still eat a traditional soul food diet with lots of fat, salt, pork, sugar, and carbohydrates.” In response to one of Dreher’s readers: “I am particularly amused by the implication that racist conspiracies keep Brussels sprouts and kale from the black environment. If people want fresh vegetables, salads, and tofu, the store will provide them. “If there is a desert of food, apparently, then black people are to blame.

If black people receive less care from hospitals and doctors, are black people to blame? If black people are less likely to be insured, are black people to blame? If hospitals in black majority countries are overloaded with coronavirus patients, are black people to blame?


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