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Pakistan – COVID-19 fatalities in KP increased to 351 | Instant News

(MENAFN – Tribal News Network) PESHAWAR: The death toll from COVID-19 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has reached 351 because six new deaths were reported on Wednesday.

According to the latest data shared by the KP Ministry of Health, as many as 261 new cases were confirmed in the province over the past 24 hours, with a total of 6,815. New infections include 70 of those returning from abroad who have been kept in various quarantine centers. Of the six new deaths, three have been reported in Peshawar, and one each in Swat, Nowshera and Lower Dir.

The Department of Health said a total of 2,130 patients had recovered at KP including 72 over the past 24 hours. The active case is 4,334.

KP maintains a grim milestone of most deaths due to pandemics in the country.

Eid holidays canceled health staff

The KP government said health staff would remain on duty even during the Eid holiday due to the coronavirus situation.

According to the notice, several health institutions will remain open from May 22-27, which is the Idul Fitri holiday. Offices that will remain open include the Ministry of Health, Directorate General of Health Services, KP, including the merged area, all district health office (DHO) offices and medical supervisors, all hospitals and other health facilities, Health Commission, Independent Monitoring Commission.

Decisions have been taken to facilitate coronavirus and other patients. The lockdown in this province has also been more relaxed until Eid al-Fitr to facilitate people preparing for Eid.

The death toll across the country passes 1,000

The death toll from COVID-19 in Pakistan has risen to 1,017.

Punjab and Sindh each reported 17 deaths, while KP reported six deaths over the past 24 hours.

A total of 351 deaths have been reported in KP, 297 in Punjab, 316 in Sindh, 38 in Balochistan, four in Gilgit-Baltistan, 10 in the Capital Territory of Islamabad and one in Azad Kashmir.

The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Pakistan has risen to 47,979.

Of these, 18,964 have been reported in Sindh, 17,382 in Punjab, 6,815 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 2,968 in Balochistan, 1,138 in the Islamabad Capital Territory, 579 in Gilgit-Baltistan and 133 in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

A total of 13,101 patients have recovered from the virus in Pakistan.



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Pakistani Ration Packages – distributed to transgender people | Instant News

(MENAFN – Tribal News Network) PESHAWAR: The Bacha Khan Trust, a welfare organization, and Malgari Doctoran, a medical association, on Tuesday distributed ration packages to 40 transgender people in Peshawar.

The ceremony was held at Bacha Khan Markaz attended by Malgari Doctoran provincial adviser and provincial vice president of the Awami National Party (ANP) Saqibullah Chamkani, provincial secretary general Sardar Hussain Babak, president of Malgari Doctoran province, Dr. Haider Ali, Dr. Shaukat Ameerzada, Dr. Mian Iftikhar Hussain and other party activists.

TNN anchor Sobia Khan was also invited to function as a transsexual representative.

Saqibullah Chamkani said during a speech at the ceremony that the party welfare institution worked in the spirit of public service to help decent people in times of need. He said helping the poor segment in this crisis situation because coronavirus was the government’s top priority.

Saqibullah Chamkani said that unfortunately weaker segments, such as transgender people, are not treated well in the community and they face many difficulties especially because of the crisis situation. He said it was unfortunate that transgender people in our country faced discrimination and they did not have access to their rights. He assured that the Bacha Khan Trust and all party activists would support transgender people during difficult times and would not leave them. He said there should not be discrimination with anyone based on gender or other factors.

Speaking on that occasion, Sobia Khan said transgender people are also entitled to the same rights enjoyed by others. Sobia demanded that the government should provide education and employment to all transgenders to enable them to earn a living with dignity.

During lockouts at KP, all types of functions such as marriage, music functions and entertainment meetings have also been banned because transgender people have also lost their source of income. Most transgenders make a living by dancing at weddings and music events, but the function ban limits them in their homes and they have no source of income now.

According to the 6th population census in Pakistan in 2017, a total of 10,418 transvestites live in Pakistan, 913 of which belong to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. However, it is widely believed that the actual number of transvestites in this country is much higher.



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Pakistan – Coronavirus case in KP across 6,000 | Instant News

(MENAFN – Tribal News Network) PESHAWAR: The death toll from COVID-19 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has reached 318 because 13 new deaths were reported on Sunday.

According to the latest data shared by the KP Ministry of Health, as many as 214 new cases were confirmed in the province over the past 24 hours, with calculations reaching 6,061. New infections include nine of those returning from abroad who have been kept in quarantine centers. Of the 13 new deaths, eight have been reported in Peshawar, two in Swat, and respectively in Kohat, Karak and Swabi.

The Department of Health said a total of 1,783 patients had recovered at KP including 84 over the past 24 hours. Active cash is 3,960.

KP maintains a grim milestone of most deaths due to pandemics in the country.

Death of ‘Mysterious’ youth in Nowshera

A young man died in Nowshera because of a doctor’s alleged negligence.

Afsar Bahadur Khattak, a local PTI leader in Nowshera, told the media that his brother Haroonur Rasheed died because of a doctor’s negligence at the Qazi Medical Complex.

Afsar said his brother had a chest infection and fever a few days ago, but the doctors did not receive him in the isolation room for coronavirus patients and continued to reassure the family that Haroon was okay and he could be brought home the next day when the test results from the coronavirus were received. However, he said, at 10:00, family members received a telephone call from the hospital that Haroon was dead.

Afsar claims that the coronavirus test on his brother is negative, but he still has to rest under standard operating procedures (SOP) at 2:00 am in the presence of several people. He demanded that the prime minister, KP chief minister, and head of the Peshawar High Court’s high court order order the investigation commission to explore the circumstances in which his brother died.

The death toll across the country reached 900

The death toll from COVID-19 in Pakistan has risen to 903.

A total of 318 deaths have been reported in KP, 260 in Punjab, 268 in Sindh, 36 in Balochistan, four in Gilgit-Baltistan, seven in the Capital Territory of Islamabad and one in Azad Kashmir.

The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Pakistan has risen to 41,927.

Of these, 16,377 have been reported in Sindh, 15,346 in Punjab, 6,061 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 2,544 in Balochistan, 947 in the Islamabad Capital Territory, 540 in Gilgit-Baltistan and 112 in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

A total of 11,341 patients have recovered from the virus in Pakistan.



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Pakistan – Local lawmakers will be consulted for development projects in the merged districts | Instant News

(MENAFN – Tribal News Network) PESHAWAR: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mehmood Khan chaired a consultative meeting of Members of the National Assembly and KP Councils from joint tribal districts in Peshawar on Saturday where annual development programs for tribal districts were discussed.

All MPs from the joint district including the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Noorul Haq Qadri attended the meeting.

The chief minister said while speaking at the meeting that the rapid development of tribal districts was one of the government’s top priorities. He said the government under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan took concrete steps to develop the tribal district.

Mehmood Khan said he personally monitored development projects in the merged areas. He said no compromise would be made on completing the construction project on time. He assured that all development projects in the combined area would begin after consultation with local MPs.

The chief minister said the government under the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan completed the merger of Fata with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in an appropriate manner. He said the merger benefits had already begun and more benefits would soon emerge.

Mehmood Khan said that although the government faces the problem of limited resources, it will not dampen the government’s determination to develop the merged regions. He said the consultation process with members of parliament from the merged regions would continue in the future. He said development projects identified by elected representatives would be included in the annual development program.

IGFC provides Rs100,000 for the care of sick girls

Inspector General Frontier Corps (IGFC) South has provided Rs100,000 for the care of a 15-year-old sick girl in South Waziristan.

Local sources said the daughter of Sherpao Mehsud, a resident of Civil Lines Tank, had a tumor on his head and the poor man was unable to pay for his treatment. He had appealed to IGFC Grand General Azhar Abbasi, Deputy Commissioner of Tanks, Southern Sector Commander and wealthy people to help him with the treatment of his ailing doctor.

IGFC South after learning about this problem, IGFC South provided Rs 100,000 for the care of the girl.



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Swiss – National Bank snubs calls for more coronavirus money | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) National Bank snubs calls for more coronavirus money

May 16, 2020 – 2:29 p.m.

Swiss National Bank (SNB) has rejected demands to increase its payments to help the economy cope with the cost of a coronavirus pandemic.

Member of the governing board Andréa Maechler additional financial contributions will ward off monetary policy.

“We have made our contribution to efforts to overcome the crisis not only by intervening in the currency market,” he told the Neue Zürcher Zeitung newspaper in a broad interview.

He said Switzerland experienced a stronger shock than previously thought but the SNB’s role did not change – to ensure monetary conditions through interest rates and foreign exchange rates.

Maechler said the CHF4 billion ($ 4.1 billion) payment to the Swiss government and 26 cantons this year was the maximum that the central bank could estimate. The bank made a surplus of around CHF49 billion in 2019.

+ The Minister of Finance sees a central bank surplus to reduce expected debt

A quick recovery from the Swiss economy is impossible, he said.

“The rules of social alienation, higher debt and higher unemployment and lower salaries will mean that more time is needed for the economy to recover,” he said.

Maechler, one of three central bank directorate members, said the SNB was not afraid of inflation or a deflationary spiral in Switzerland despite pressure from a strong Swiss franc and oil price shocks.



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Swiss-Coronavirus silver coating – E05 | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) Embed code Copy and paste the embed code above. This content was published on 15 May 2020 4:00 PM

May 15, 2020 – 4:00 p.m.

Apparently there are some benefits from all this madness! In the fifth episode of our series, there are semi-professional bakers, brave river surfers, vintage phones that still work and more!

Each episode consists of a ‘silver lining’ that you find in difficult situations at the moment, so don’t hesitate to share the positivity with us! Let’s pass it on.

You can send videos, or images and audio files to features in one of the next episodes.



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Switzerland – Plans to make climate change institutions delayed | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) Planning to make climate change agencies postponed

May 15, 2020 – 16:03

A proposal to merge the two leading research institutes into one body has been submitted. This step met with internal resistance from within federal technology and research institutions (collectively known as the ETH domain).

Plans to combine the Swiss Federal Institute for Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag) and the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) were presented last year. It was intended to ‘develop Switzerland further as a leading research center for environment and sustainability’.

But the ETH Council, the domain’s governing body, said on Friday that it was delaying a formal request for parliament to approve the formation of a new unit. It is called ‘reservation’ which has raised ‘questions specifically about the cost-benefit ratio and added value by the proposed merger’. Some ETH Domain departments also feel abandoned from the proposed new research unit.

New working groups have been formed to overcome objections and to decide how to proceed. There is no exact date for the establishment of a new research body, only that it is a ‘medium-term’ project.

The federal ETH domain consists of two Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich) and Lausanne (EPFL) – both of which are ranked highest in international surveys – as well as four research institutions: the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Research Landscaping (WSL), the Swiss Federal Laboratory for Material Science and Technology (EMPA), and the Swiss Federal Institute for Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag).



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Pakistan – Relatives in soup after woman COVID-19 test positive after death | Instant News

(MENAFN – Tribal News Network) NOWSHERA: A coronavirus test for a woman in Nowshera returned positive after her death which had made the district administration and relatives of the deceased woman in a difficult situation.

Deputy Commissioner Shahid Ali Khan said two more deaths from coronavirus had been reported in the district. He said one positive test was 62-year-old Rabia Bilqees, a retired school teacher, who died a few days ago and had samples taken after death.

The provincial government’s standard operating procedures (SOP) for burial were not followed during the burial of the woman. The deputy commissioner said those who took part in giving Ghusal and the burial of the dead woman would also be tested now.

The second person in Nowshera who died of coronavirus on Wednesday was Haroonur Rashid, a resident of the Shedo area. He is 45 years old.

Nowshera has reported 13 deaths from coronavirus so far and 122 infections. The deputy commissioner said about 15 to 20 tests were carried out in Nowshera every day.

KP death toll increased to 275

The death toll from new coronaviruses at KP has risen to 275 after eight other deaths were reported on Wednesday.

A total of 231 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed on Wednesday bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 5,252 at the KP. Of the eight new deaths, four were reported in Peshawar, two in Nowshera, and respectively in the Khyber and Lower Dir tribal districts.

A total of 87 new patients have recovered from coronavirus in the KP, bringing the count to 1,392. The active case is 3,585.

With 2,087 infections, including 112 over the past 24 hours, and 164 deaths, Peshawar remains the hardest hit city on KP. 130 people have recovered from illness in metropolitan cities so far. Swat has reported 22 deaths and 386 infections, Mardan has reported 19 deaths and 280 connections, Charsadda nine deaths and 91 infections, Chitral and Malakand each with seven deaths and Lower Dir and Abbottabad each reported six deaths.

Khyber District has reported two deaths, one each Mohmand and Bajaur and Kurram each reporting three deaths.

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Passengers in Switzerland get compensation for train delays, cancellations | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) Passengers in Switzerland receive compensation for train delays, cancellations

May 13 2020 – 18:45

The federal government on Wednesday adopted legal provisions allowing travelers to seek a partial refund of full payments for disrupted train and bus trips in the country.

Starting in 2021, delays in public transportation lasting more than one hour will be subject to at least a partial refund of the ticket price. The minimum return is set at CHF5 ($ 5). At present the transportation company is not obliged to compensate passengers for extended delays. Under the new provisions, passengers who cannot complete their trip due to delays or cancellations will have several options, including canceling their trip before departure and receiving a full refund. Depending on the situation, compensation will range from a minimum of 25% of the ticket value for a one hour delay to a minimum of 50% for a two hour delay. Refunds will be paid within 30 days, even in the case of force majeure, such as a landslide.

For delays lasting more than 60 minutes, the transportation company must offer passengers’ drinks and food if possible. They must also notify passengers if there are delays or cancellations and provide information or complaint services.

Travel pass holders will also be entitled to compensation in conditions that will be determined by the company.

The new federal provisions carry passenger rights in Switzerland in accordance with European Union regulations.

More money for railroad infrastructure

Also on Wednesday the government decided to give the railroad companies in the country a total of CHF14.4 billion for infrastructure improvements between 2021 and 2024. That was CHF1.2 billion more than that provided in the previous period. Nearly half of this amount will be used for the Swiss Federal Railroad. The funds will include work on railroad and access lines, bridges and tunnels, safety installations and environmental protection measures.



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InvestingHero.ch Offers a New Comprehensive Guide to Investing in Switzerland | Instant News

(MENAFN – GetNews)[Toactivatethecontactlink[Toenablelinkscontact[Untukmengaktifkantautankontak[Toenablelinkscontact MENAFN]]

Zurich – InvestingHero.ch, which specializes in resources for those investing in Switzerland, has received public attention for its new comprehensive guide. Also known as Investinghero, the initial Swiss guide covers various topics about the investment process in Switzerland and what opportunities are available.

With this user-friendly guide, InvestingHero.ch hopes to close the gap between new entrants to invest that are delayed by high costs and industry jargon. Not everyone knows about SIX Swiss Exchange, robo advisors, and the long-term benefits of compound interest. To better educate those who want to explore their financial options in Switzerland, companies have begun to develop guidelines that provide accurate and reliable information and advice.

Today, the InvestingHero.ch guide was created for every entrepreneur who wants to invest in Switzerland, regardless of their experience and knowledge of the Swiss market and its ins and outs. The diversity of information offered by the company has been cited by many as a major benefit for users, with something available to everyone.

For those who are completely new to this process, the series “Fundamentals of Investment” provides clear instructions on how stocks work. This basic guide discusses the main concepts and terminology that users can find after they start investing. This series answers questions about stock, roboadvisors, and more.

In addition to the guidelines, this website also displays various reviews that users can save and return. The company reviews various management tools and options available to investors who want to improve their processes. For example, reviews include robo advisors, pension funds, digital banks, and others. The company combines the latest trends and developments in this field so that readers always know which trends to believe and avoid.

The company notes that positive responses to published guidelines have become important milestones. As the blog continues to expand its comprehensive collection of guides and reviews, the team hopes to attract more people who want to grow their money by investing in Switzerland.

Those who are interested in learning more about InvestingHero.ch and its investment guide library can contact the team today by phone, email or through the website.

Media Contact
Company name: InvestingHero.ch
Contact person: Jordan B
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Telephone: +41445866275
Address: Bruggerstrasse AG, 5400
Country: Switzerland
Website: [Toactivatethecontactlink[Toenablelinkscontact[Untukmengaktifkantautankontak[ToenablelinkscontactMENAFN]

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