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Must Read: What’s the Use of Fashion Magazine Now ?, How 5 Very Different Brands Handle E-Commerce | Instant News


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This is a story that made headlines in the fashion world on Friday.

What’s the use of fashion magazines now?
In a world that continues to be undermined by a coronavirus pandemic, fashion magazines are forced to face reality. Monthly magazines with a large reader base are usually produced several months before reaching the newsstand, so most magazines that hit the shelves now won’t mention it coronavirus. InStyle editor Laura Brown didn’t want to wait two months to discuss Covid-19, so he published a digital copy online. Brown told The New York Times, “Offering escape and luxury is still important, but now I am less paranoid about getting this celebrity for that covers, or exclusive products … readers say they want to see everyday women today doing extraordinary things that are celebrated. We need to show that we listen to them. “{The New York Times}


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