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Italy: half students at school, half at home | Instant News

The “mixed teaching” proposal by the Italian minister of education caused controversy among parents.

Italian Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina has proposed dividing school classes into half of September to reduce the number in line with the social distance measures needed in the post-lockdown phase of corona virus emergency state.

The minister’s proposed solution involves “half of the students go to school for half a week”, then alternately, with half at home following their lessons through distance learning.

Azzolina, who announced the steps proposed at SkyTG24 on May 2, said: “We cannot bring students back to school with 28-30 people per class.”

The minister also ruled out the possibility of teachers working double shifts, adding that students “have the right to return to school” in September.

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Azzolina’s “mixed teaching” proposal caused a storm of controversy on social media, with parents questioning how they should juggle work by caring for children and supervising lessons on the days their children would be at home.

Schools have closed since March 5 and will not reopen until September, with Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte recently stating that the average age of Italian teachers is among the highest in Europe.

Azzolina recently announced that maturità School leave exams will begin on June 17 at school, in oral format, reports the Italian news agency ANSA.


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