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“Goddess 4 Gold” has more than 5 million players on Steam | Instant News

Every day, young life

Atlus announces PC port Persona 4 Gold Since its launch on the Steam platform last month, there have been more than 500,000 players. The publisher announced this milestone on Twitter, as well as the lovely new work of character designer Shigenori Soejima.

Originally released on PS Vita in 2012, Persona 4 Gold It is an expanded version of the 2008 PS2 version People 4And tell the story of a group of young friends, when a series of terrible murders fell into their rural town of Inaba, they were forced together. With the help of quirky companion Teddie and the strange parallel dimension (The Midnight Channel), the self-appointed investigation team set out to lift the murderer’s veil.

PC port Persona 4 Gold Includes high-definition visual effects, graphics options, English and Japanese soundtracks, support for achievements and Steam trading cards. It is now available for purchase on Steam, you can read Chris Carter’s thoughts on the port Right here.

One cannot be without another. So let’s get together and see what we can find.

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EA will release source code for Command & Conquer and Red Alert to help the modding community | Instant News

Build in Progress

In a surprising announcement, Electronic Arts has stated its intention to release the source code for the 1995 Westwood Studios strategy title Command & Conquer, along with its sequel in 1996 Emergency The code will be released under the General Public License on June 5, to coincide with the launch Remastered Command & Conquer Collection.

“This is a key moment for Electronic Arts, the C&C community, and the game industry, because we believe this will be one of the first major RTS franchises to open their source code under the GPL, ” said EA Jim Vessella on Reddit. “Along with the inclusion of a new Map Editor, this open source DLL must help users to design maps, create custom units, replace artwork, change game logic, and edit data”.

“Overall, we are very happy to see what the community has made over the coming months. We anticipate some fantastic content for Remastered Collection itself, some great updates in the current community project because they include source code, and maybe we will even see some new RTS projects now possible with source code under the GPL “.

EA hopes that releasing the source code will encourage C&C modding community, giving them easier access to the tools and assets needed to expand Command & Conquer homebrew universe. Elsewhere in the post, Vessella noted it C&C Removed will not support multiplayer LANs at launch, citing the COVID-19 pandemic which delayed development. LAN support will remain a high priority for post-release.

Open source is interesting news for C&C the technology chief community, who will no doubt use these new tools very well, catalog new maps, missions, units and storylines. But do you know what I’m most looking forward to? Starred in my own cinematic FMV. I want to know if Ivana Milicevic is free …

Remastered Command & Conquer Collection launches June 5 on PC via Steam and GOG.

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Explore the hard world of Wasteland 3 with the new dev diary series | Instant News

They call me a wanderer …

inXile Entertainment has released the first episode of the new video series, taking a closer look at the development of the upcoming strategy adventure Wasteland 3. The series will talk with those close to the project, detailing the world, mechanics, characters, and battles that await those who dare to step through post-apocalyptic Colorado.

This first video features lead designer David Rogers, who enthusiastically offers information Wasteland 3Character adjustment options, detailing the various facilities and expertise available to your party members – balance your team members for a brutal journey ahead. Are you going to become a glass cannon? A bit more diplomatic in conversation? Weight on the front of support? Or all the weapons are lit? However you organize your troops, there is little doubt you will find yourself crouching against enemy fire in double the speed.

We can then examine the battle itself, which maintains the classic style of turn-based franchise. For the record, the enemy’s turn is now taken in one big move. So, instead of watching A.I. move each unit one by one, all the selected maneuvers will be activated simultaneously, making the player regain control faster than before. We also take a peek at some vehicles that will help you cross deathsville, which also features useful and funny customization options.

Wasteland 3 past recently delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but is scheduled to launch August 28 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Developer diary Wasteland 3 # 1 [Gematsu]

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(Update) The Mafia Twitter account returns with a mysterious teaser | Instant News

‘I’ll take paper, take paper’

[[[[Update: That Mobster Twitter account has fallen second teaser today, just tweet the word “Strength”. At this rate, it seems that 2K Games will show his hand soon.]

The official Twitter account for Mobster has come back to life after two years of dormancy, adding further fuel to the fire that 2K Games has an incoming announcement regarding the open crime sim series.

Yesterday, after two years of silence, @ mafiagame tweeted one word: “Family”, might suggest something altogether more evil than your average Mother’s Day blessing. There is a lot of whispers and rumors about Mobster recent series, with “Definitive Edition” both Mafia 2 and Mafia 3 appeared on the Taiwan video game leaderboard. Not to mention that old whisper Mafia 2 considered to receive remakes / remastered treatments.

Whatever 2K Games achieves, reactivating a Twitter account will suggest that we will hear some real news (shoes) soon. Until then, keep your eyes open and keep your mouth shut, because you have a beautiful restaurant here, Capiche?

The Mafia Twitter account is active after two years of silence [Twittervia[Twittervia[Twittervia[TwitterviaVG247]

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More Resident Evil 8 rumors point to the ‘darkest and most terrible’ entry | Instant News

Another story from ‘The Village’

“Insiders” Capcom, Dusk Golem again did it. After previously announcing its existence from the new first-person entry in the legendary Devil watchman At the time of the franchise, they have now dropped a new warning that said entry entered to be the darkest and most divisive episode in the history of multilevel franchising.

Speaking on Twitter, Dusk Golem said that they were very happy to reveal who entered, noted it Resident Evil 8 will be “by far the darkest & most terrible RE“They also noted that along with Chris Redfield who was redesigned, RE 8 enemy features which is a “most disturbing” in the series, which said something about the brand that gave us Lickers, Regenerators, and Maguerite Baker.

Most prominent, however, maybe advice delivered on Resetera that Resident Evil 8 ‘The story will be “divisive”, and contains narrative beats that are “really terrible and chaotic”. I have avoided reprinting more details here for spoiler reasons, but given the hype surrounding such uber-gloomy titles The Last of Us Part II – at the moment it looks like one of the bleakest games ever made – it will be understandable why Capcom might want to take its horror franchise further beyond the limits.

Now, it goes without saying all the above are just rumors and nothing more. That is not to embarrass the credibility of Dusk Golem but, in these early days, anything and everything can be changed by the developer at a moment’s notice. However, with the big news season on the horizon, no doubt Capcom will have something official to show fans soon.

Resident Evil 8 rumors of a dark storyline and Redfield redesigned [Twittervia[Twittervia[Twittervia[TwitterviaWccftech]

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