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Trump lifts ban on European and British students – (only) you are welcome | Instant News

US President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, participates in an event on how to reopen safely … [+] American schools during the Covid-19 pandemic. This comes as Trump announces that European, British, and Irish students holding international student visas in the United States are now exempt from his travel ban on arrivals to Europe. Getty Images International students from Europe, the United Kingdom and Ireland are now exempt from President Trump’s travel ban to the United States. The ban no longer applies to students from these places who already have study visas, the US State Department told Congress last week. “Students traveling from Schengen, the UK and Ireland with valid F-1 and M-1 visas do not need to apply for a national interest exception to travel,” says the Department. state on its website. “Students from these regions who travel on a D-1 can contact the nearest embassy or consulate to request an exception.” Trump’s ban, in effect since March, previously applied to any traveler wishing to visit America from the Schengen area, the United Kingdom, or Ireland. It is if they have spent the last 14 days in one of these countries. Students are now dodging this ban. Who is exempt: F-1 visas or “student visas” are used by foreign nationals to attend school in the United States at different educational levels. M-1 visas are intended for non-university or professional studies. J-1 visas are exchange visas for researchers, teachers and others. These visa holders are not immediately exempt but can apply for one. There are no such waivers announced for students from China, Brazil and Iran who “face similar travel bans,” reports Reuters. “… students from these countries were not included in the US exemptions.” Students also do not wait for interviews at American embassies and consulates. Earlier in July, the United States said it would not allow international students to stay in the country … [+] if all their classes were moved online in the fall due to the coronavirus crisis. It is now decided to abandon this plan, but only authorizes European, Irish and British students. They are now exempt from Trump’s travel ban on arrivals to the EU. Students from China, Brazil and other countries are banned. AFP via Getty Images The move comes days after the Trump administration canceled a controversial plan for online courses only for international students. He is said to have seen tens of thousands of them stripped of their visas and threatened with expulsion. “The reversal occurred amid the legal challenges of large universities and pressures from business and technology companies,” said the report. Are there other exemptions? Yes but not much. Exceptions continue to enter the United States for “purposes related to humanitarian travel, public health response and national security,” the government said. According to the Wall Street Journal and Reuters, a note sent to lawmakers also raised the possibility of extending the exceptions to au pairs and family members of US visa holders. Spouses and children of foreigners with the “H-1B prized for highly skilled workers” may also be exempt, he said. These possible additional exemptions have not yet been announced by the State Department, with the Trump administration gradually reopening international travel. Reciprocity at stake? A traveler is displayed on a monitor while passing a thermal camera test system which … [+] check body temperatures at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), California. The system is tested until September and can report passengers with fever upon arrival. Getty Images The decision to exempt only students for now is an interesting one. Given that the European Union has recommended its members to do the exact same thing. The EU started to lift travel restrictions for tourists and other “non-essential” travelers from 1 July. The list of safe countries to which it has opened its borders was reviewed on July 15. The United States is still not on this list of 13 nations. Two countries have been abandoned due to their Covid-19 epidemiology. The ban on the Americans should be in place for some time. Although it is revised every two weeks. The EU however urges its members to make more exceptions for students, au pairs, highly skilled workers, long-term partners and family members of EU citizens. Only some, including Denmark, have formalized these exceptions. The echo of the exemptions granted to students on both sides of the Atlantic highlights the reciprocity policy in force in these travel bans. The EU has not hidden this (China, for example, has received the green light for travel to Europe, but only if it does the same for Europeans). Travel ban is for everyone Maxence Dellacherie, Harvard graduate student, attends rally in Boston at State House … [+] on July 13 against the visa rules of the ICE which provided for the withdrawal of international students in the United States their visas, the expulsion of many of them and the prevention of others from returning. Now, this plan has been abandoned as Trump announces the lifting of his travel ban in Europe for those from the EU, Britain and Ireland on student visas. Boston Globe via Getty Images Apart from the students, it seems that the travel ban is not avoided for anyone traveling from the Schengen area. Despite Trump’s promise almost two months ago that there would soon be “announcements” about the opening of the United States to travelers from low-risk countries in Europe and elsewhere. For now, Europeans who want to get around Trump’s ban must spend 14 days elsewhere before continuing to America. Many have done so in Serbia, or in other non-Schengen European countries. .

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EU re-issues travel restriction from Serbia and Montenegro | Instant News

The BRUSSELS countries have decided to reintroduce travel restrictions for those traveling from Serbia and Montenegro. According to the new rules, only residents of Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan , Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay may enter EU territory freely Chinese visitors are also welcome if the Asian country grants the same rights to EU citizens. The EU has committed to gradually open its external borders which had been closed to contain the spread of COVID-19. Member States have agreed to update the list every two weeks, giving green light to travel from countries based on epidemiological criteria, no new countries have been added to the previous list since mid-March. published June 30. or American citizens traveling from their country can only enter the EU if they are closer relatives of an EU citizen, long-term EU residents or work in the health sector . Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican are treated as EU nationals for entry.The agreement is a non-binding coordination between 30 countries, including four EU countries that have not still joined the Schengen area – Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Cyprus – and four non-EU countries in the borderless area – Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Iceland. Governments can freely limit or expand the list, but those who allow travelers from unlisted outside countries may see their EU peers close to the borders again. The Anadolu Agency website contains only part of the reports offered to subscribers in the AA information dissemination system (HAS) and in summary form. Please contact us for subscription options. .

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The rise of the corona virus caused Greece, Australia and other countries to reinstate restrictions | Instant News

Countries around the world are re-implementing locking and implementing new health checks on their borders in an effort to curb the resurrection of the corona virus before turning further out of control.

Starting Wednesday, all travelers who arrive in Greece from the land border with Bulgaria are required to bring negative coronavirus test results issued within the previous 72 hours. The new rules, which follow an increase in cases of COVID-19 related to tourism, triggered a decline in direct arrivals compared to the last few days.

In the US, several state governments and businesses impose new restrictions or sanctions on their own.

In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo added to the current list of 22 states whose visitors will be asked to quarantine for 14 days if they visit the three-state region. Foreign tourists arriving at New York airports from these states will be subject to a $ 2,000 fine and mandatory quarantine orders if they fail to fill out a search form.

And Walmart is the largest US retailer that requires customers to wear face masks in all Sam’s Club and namesake stores.

Meanwhile, the first US governor to announce that he tested positive for COVID-19, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, said he would be quarantined at home. The Republican governor of the first period has supported one of the country’s most aggressive reopening plans, has rejected the entire state’s mandate over the mask and rarely wore it himself.

Stitt attended President Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa last month, which health experts say is likely to have contributed to the surge in coronavirus cases there.

Florida, meanwhile, has now reported more than 300,000 confirmed cases of the corona virus because its daily average death rate continues to rise.

The development comes with more than 13 million confirmed cases of corona virus worldwide, and with more than 578,000 deaths, according to a count by Johns Hopkins University. The actual number is considered much higher for a number of reasons including limited testing.

After the border restrictions imposed by Greece on Wednesday, traffic at the intersection dropped by about half, authorities said, but the waiting time was still long and the line of cars and trucks was more than 500 meters (long) as long as the number of tests carried out by medical teams on the border increased .

Gergana Chaprazova, 51, from Plovdiv in southern Bulgaria, plans to visit the Greek city of Kavala with her husband, and complains that she is being tested again.

“I have to wait for the test but I (already) have a test from Bulgaria. “I don’t understand why I have to do a test here,” he told AP.

Romania, citing an increasing number of infections, announced an extension of 30 days for a state of national alert. Measures including facial masks are mandatory on public transportation and in shops, while restaurants can only serve customers in an outside location. The country set a new infection record on Saturday.

Citizens of Australia’s second largest city, Melbourne, were warned on Wednesday to comply with locking regulations or face tighter restrictions. 5 million people in Melbourne and part of the city’s semi-rural environment is a week into a new six-week lockdown to keep a new outbreak there.

“The time for warning, the time for cutting loose people, is over,” said Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews. “Where we are in a very serious and deadly position.”

In Serbia, which has been hit by a surge in infections and anti-government protests, a government crisis team expanded the ban on meeting more than 10 people from Belgrade to cover the entire country. Masks are also made mandatory in public spaces where there is no chance for 1.5 meters (about five feet) from a distance, such as in line to enter shops and bus stations.

Updated restrictions also apply in Hong Kong, with public meetings limited to four people, restaurants restricted to takeouts after 6:00 pm, and one-week closures for gyms, karaoke bars, and several other selected businesses. Masks are mandated on public transportation for the first time, with non-compliant fined.

After a spike in daily infections began last month, Israel moved last week to re-impose restrictions, closing event space, live shows, bars and clubs. This has imposed lockdown in areas with high infection rates, which in some cases sparked protests from residents.

Officials warn that if the number of cases does not go down in the coming days, Israel will have no choice but to lock up the whole country again, as happened in the spring.

“I don’t see what other tools we have apart from the lockdown,” Israeli Health Minister Yuli Edelstein told Israel’s Ynet news website. “Unless there is a miracle.”

South Africa, the most developed country in Africa, is already showing signs of being overwhelmed by this pandemic – an unpleasant sight for the rest of the continent with 1.3 billion people.

The ban on alcohol sales and curfews was reinstated this week to reduce the volume of trauma patients to hospitals struggling to cope with the entry of COVID-19 patients.

One result is more economic pain in a country that already has a high unemployment rate of 30%.

“The return of the liquor ban has caused chaos in the restaurant business, and it has caused people to lose their jobs,” said Gerald Elliot, owner of a popular Johannesburg restaurant, Ba Pita, which he said was closed as a result of the restrictions, with 28 jobs lost. “You can look into our street and see some restaurants that are closed. It looks like they are permanently closed. “

Concerns exist even in locations that have not yet experienced an outbreak. The World Health Organization delegation visiting Turkmenistan, a country that has not reported coronavirus infections, recommended that the country take stronger action.

In Spain, authorities in the northeastern region of Catalonia are making new efforts to stem the spread of a new coronavirus outbreak as health experts warn that more and better contact tracing is needed.

Since midnight Tuesday, 160,000 residents in and around the town of Lleida have been banned from leaving their homes unless properly justified. The area was closed, with police checkpoints outside each city.

Authorities in the town of Blackburn in the UK also imposed new restrictions on social mixing amid what they said was a “tidal wave” of new corona virus cases. Public Health Director Dominic Harrison said that if the infection rate did not go down on July 27, officials would begin to reinstate locking measures such as closing shops and other businesses.

And in Tokyo, Governor Yuriko Koike said on Wednesday that the spread of infection in the Japanese capital had risen to the same level as “issuing an alarm” and asking residents and business owners to step up their preventive measures.


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Hungary imposes border checks, quarantine to prevent the spread of the virus | Instant News

BUDAPEST (Reuters) – Hungary has imposed new restrictions on cross-border travel next Wednesday to prevent the spread of the corona virus after a surge of new cases in several countries, said Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s chief of staff on Sunday.

FILE PHOTOS: Hungarian police officers wearing protective masks check driver documents that cross the Hungarian-Austrian border using a special trip in Hegyeshalom, Hungary, March 17, 2020. REUTERS / Bernadett Szabo

Hungary lifted most of its lock restrictions in May and opened its borders for travelers from European Union countries and neighboring countries that are not EU members.

On Sunday, Gergely Gulyas said at an online press conference that new restrictions were needed to keep the corona virus “outside the borders” to avoid reintroducing domestic lockdown measures.

“This restriction serves to protect our freedom,” Gulyas said.

Under the new rules, Hungarian citizens returning from high-risk countries listed as “yellow” and “red” must go through border health checks and must undergo 14 days of quarantine even if they are not infected. This can only be avoided with two negative COVID-19 tests from the previous 5 days, said Gulyas.

The same applies to foreigners who come from “yellow” countries, but those from “red” countries will be barred from entering.

Countries in the Balkans such as Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and neighboring Ukraine are included in the red category, among several other states.

Serbia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sweden and the United Kingdom are some of the countries listed as “yellow”, while travel from Croatia – a popular holiday destination for Hungarians – is free for now. This list will be reviewed periodically.

Transit and cargo trips, as well as business trips are exempt from restrictions but health checks can be carried out.

Hungary, which has a population of around 10 million, has recorded 4,234 cases of COVID-19 and 595 related deaths on Sunday. Five new infections were reported on Sunday.

Reporting by Krisztina Than; editing by David Evans and Emelia Sithole-Matarise


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Covid-19 travel ban to the United States, how European Americans ignore them in Serbia | Instant News

Air Serbia Airbus on final approach to landing at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. … [+] Serbia lifted travel restrictions and the ban on arrivals to the country on May 22. On most days, flights with the national carrier leave from and to JFK from New York and Nikola Tesla Airport from Belgrade. NurPhoto via Getty Images There are two travel bans in the United States. There is the one who prevents the Americans from leaving Europe. And the one led by Donald Trump to prevent anyone who has spent the last 14 days in European Schengen countries from visiting. But that does not mean that the Americans did not travel to Europe. Or Europeans traveling to the United States Here’s why: Some countries outside the EU / Schengen travel ban area (even some within the EU) are open to American travelers. One of them is Serbia. At least that is so for the moment. As National Geographic noted this week, “there is an exception open to Americans too: Serbia, which is not yet part of the EU, reopened for tourism on May 22.” Long before the EU lifted its travel bans, since May 21, Air Serbia. United Arab Emirates’ … [+] and Etihad Airways resumed commercial flights after the government eased foreclosure measures. Flights include almost daily flights to and from the United States, allowing two-way travelers to bypass travel bans in Europe and the United States, or simply end up in Serbia. AFP via Getty Images Despite the current escalation of the coronavirus situation in the country, “all entry restrictions related to Covid-19 are lifted for Serbian and foreign citizens,” confirms the US Embassy in Serbia. Covid negative tests and special permits are no longer required to enter the country, he said. Self-isolation is not required. That said, “travelers should be ready to change the restrictions with little or no notice,” he warns. Particularly given the escalating infections and unrest in the country. Good advice from the US State Department “Don’t travel” Welcome to Belgrade. Passengers arrive at Belgrade International Airport after Serbia has lifted everything … [+] Travel restrictions in the country on May 22 and several flights around the world resumed after AFP Covid-19 was locked via Getty Images Before I go any further, let me clarify: The current review Level 4 American Travel Guide warns against all international travel. In addition to many other considerations that make such an idea reckless, there are insurance risks. But nothing can prevent some people from following their path. In the past two weeks, I have heard in the traveling communities of Americans traveling to Serbia to visit lovers, or for other purposes. Or simply to satisfy the itching of the trip. And I have learned that travelers in Europe and the United Kingdom use Serbia as a kind of intermediary route to enter the United States. This is after spending the required period of 14 days in the Balkan country before their trip. I personally understand that some people have pressing needs to travel, including out of love. And respect their decision to balance the risks against the door open to them. As long as they don’t endanger the lives of others by doing so. Or theirs. Because Serbia now has its own problems with Covid-19. And the political conflicts linked to that. The country of 7 million people has reported some 17,770 cases of corona and 370 deaths. Hospitals are at full capacity during the current outbreak of infections. Critics attribute this to the government’s lifting of tighter rules. While the government says it owes to a lack of respect for the rules of social distancing. There is no mention of how the opening of borders and international flights may have affected the spread. The EU delegation in Serbia did not answer my question to this effect. Finnish Anne Lahtinen and her future American husband planned to meet in Serbia. But now they have serious reservations. Even more after the current violent protests against possible new measures to block coronaviruses. “If we have no other choice, maybe, but I’m afraid Serbia will close before we get there,” she said, “… and there are riots and cases of Covid rising, so it’s risky. We have three weeks to decide before her annual vacation. But I don’t know if my fiancé can get travel insurance. There are so many uncertainties. “It’s so sad that so many couples have to risk their health just to be together. In addition, we do not want to travel to a foreign country and weigh down their health system. Lahtinen says it has been “almost like a full time job” for the past few months, trying to figure out where and how to meet. And thousands of transatlantic and other couples are in the same boat. “I have contacted different countries and borders, and our plans have already changed so many times.” In Nis, Serbia, on July 9, a demonstration against the return to locking measures to combat a peak in Covid … [+] infections. After a record number of deaths per day on July 7, President Aleksandar Vucic announced a return to strict limits on physical gatherings and a three-day curfew starting on July 10. The situation in the capital, Belgrade, he said, was critical and the city’s hospitals of 1.3 million almost full. The curfew plan was abandoned following the protests. Agence Anadolu via Getty Images Croatia too open to American travelers There is a new way to (legitimately) circumvent the EU ban if you want to travel to Europe or meet partners. Croatia has opened its borders to American travelers: tourists, business trips, couples, students and others are welcome. The U.S. Embassy in Zagreb urges travelers to check government information first to make sure you qualify. There is a very strict obligation “to announce your arrival to the Croatian authorities” before a trip, the consular service tells me. And to reserve accommodation. Here is a checklist of what you need: Fill out the travel registration form and wait for a confirmation email from [email protected] Be prepared to show the accommodation reservation / receipt to the ‘arrival. Note that the government introduced a new requirement on July 10 to show a negative Covid-19 on arrival test that was too caught in the past 48 hours. Have all the other documents to prove the reason for your trip, as shown in this story. Landing in Serbia, Croatia does not guarantee you entry into the EU Do not think for a minute that you can use these countries as a springboard in the EU. All EU members I know apply the travel ban to the United States, Brazil and other countries on the red list. Only those on the safe list are allowed to enter. With the exception of a few exceptions introduced by Denmark for couples and workers. Others could also relax the rules for certain categories of travelers in the coming weeks, in line with EU recommendations. For the moment, most American residents are stranded from the Schengen area. It does not depend on where you were in the past two weeks, but on your residence. Sure, you can fly to the UK, but you will still be quarantined when you arrive. Ty Rocker is a New Yorker who flew to Serbia at the end of June to find his Hungarian girlfriend. He hoped to go from there to Hungary but the latter is still closed to American nationals. “Nationality always matters at the time of entry into the EU,” he says. Serbia is now excluded from certain EU trips to Serbia, open to international flights and to all foreigners since May 22, without having to … [+] self-quarantine or undergoing a medical test, has become something of a meeting place for American-European couples, and a destination for others in the United States who just want a little travel in Europe. It is also a way to enter America for many travelers from the Schengen area. After spending a fortnight in Serbia, they can then continue their journey to the United States. Trump’s ban on European travelers only applies to those who have spent the past 14 days in EU / Schengen countries. AFP via Getty Images In addition, the chances of entering the EU from Serbia have become much thinner. The only exception may be Croatia. Serbia was one of 14 countries to get the green light to travel to the EU when the bloc lifted border restrictions for some on July 1. But member states can do whatever they want, especially if they see a growing threat posed by a specific country. They can close or reopen the borders as they see fit. Most Schengen countries have not yet opened them to Serbs. As infections in the Balkan country skyrocket, Greece and the Netherlands have already closed their borders with Serbia. Preventing any hope of traveling to these two countries from Belgrade. .

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