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2020 FIFA Club World Cup – News – Watch LIVE: Official Draw for the FIFA Club World Cup | Instant News

  • The official draw for the Qatar 2020 FIFA Club World Cup takes place on 19 January
  • Former Switzerland goalkeeper Diego Benaglio will assist in the draw
  • Live streaming of the event will begin at 16:00 CET

Teams participating in the 2020 FIFA Club World Cup Qatar ™ will find their way to glory in the Middle East on Tuesday, 19 January with the official draw for the tournament being held at FIFA headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

The draw will be presented by Jessica Libertz and conducted by FIFA Competition Deputy Director Jaime Yarza, who will be assisted by former Swiss international goalkeeper Diego Benaglio. The draw will reveal the fixtures of the six teams participating in the tournament, who will compete from February 4 to 11 for the coveted trophy.

Fans of this gorgeous game can catch the live event from Zurich here on FIFA.com with the video above and above FIFA YouTube channel, starting at 16:00 CET.


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Cricket: Cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar has criticized India for the double standard Virat Kohli claims | Instant News

Virat Kohli will miss the remaining three test matches in the Australia-India series. Photo / Getty Images

Cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar has named his own country for allowing Virat Kohli to miss the remaining three test matches in the Australia-India series to attend the birth of his first child while asking other players who have not yet met his newborn daughter to take charge of netball.

Gavaskar, the record-opener who missed the birth of his son Rohan while on tour of New Zealand in 1976, went offensive in the column for Sportstar after India’s defeat in the first test in Adelaide.

He questions why Kohli left while fast bowler Thangarasu Natarajan remains separated from his family.

Princess Natarajan was born while she was playing for the Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Indian Premier League, which was held in the United Arab Emirates from September to November due to the Covid-19 lockdown in India.

He was mentioned in the party on the India tour to Australia and traveled directly to Sydney from the T20 tournament. After making an impressive impact in the visitors’ 2-1 T20 win, Gavaskar said Natarajan was asked to stay for the test series.

“But not as part of the team but as a net bowler,” wrote Gavaskar. “Imagine. A match winner, albeit in another format, is asked to be a net bowler. Thus, he will return home only after the draw ends in the third week of January and be able to see his daughter for the first time. And there is a captain who returns after the first test for the birth of her first child.

“It’s Indian cricket. Different rules for different people.”

Gavaskar’s stance divided opinion in India.

“The reason Kohli is different from Natarajan is because the former has the power of advertisers, the freedom to set the rules at the BCCI, the compliant BCCI admin, the troll army of social media, and the media that sucks access to him. The latter has a Yorker,” wrote author Arnab Ray.

“Disagree with Gavaskar. Nobody forced Natarajan into the net. He realized it was a stepping stone for him. Kohli decided to return was a personal choice. Cricket was his profession, part of life, not his whole life. If it made him unfit to play, then Of course, fire him, “replied columnist Kartikeya Tanna.

Gavaskar is also aiming for the shortage of safety star Ravi Ashwin has experienced during his testing career despite his world-class production at home and away.

Ashwin took 4-55 and 1-16 in the first test to make his career tally to 370 test wickets with a 25 average.

“Ashwin has suffered too long not because of his bowling skills that only rude people would doubt, but because of his honesty and expressing his thoughts at meetings where most people just nodded despite their disapproval,” Gavaskar wrote.

“Any other country will welcome a bowler who has more than 350 test wickets and also doesn’t forget four centuries of trial matches. However, if Ashwin doesn’t take that many goals in one game, he is always absent for the next game. That doesn’t happen to the batsmen. established. Even if they fail at one game they get another chance and another and another but to Ashwin the rules seem different. “


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America’s Cup 2021: The boat will appear new because a gentle breeze is forecast for the third day of World Series races | Instant News


Beyond the Cup: A breeze will rock the third day of America’s Cup racing

A breeze in Auckland this morning cast doubt on whether sailing would resume on the third day of racing in the America’s Cup World Series.

While Metservice is forecasting maximum gusts of 10 knots for Waitemata Harbor and Hauraki Bay this afternoon, with a possible period of lighter winds, current American Cup organizers are moving ahead with the race.

Racing is not possible if the wind speed does not exceed 6.5 knots and if conditions are slightly above the mark then sailing enthusiasts can be treated to a new look of the boat on the water.

In gentle breezes, the AC65 boat is expected to be carried to the water with the “Code Zero” headgear, an adaptation specially designed for these kinds of days.

“This could potentially be the first time we’ve seen large Code Zero headails flown from the bowsprit to generate enough power in a gentle breeze,” AUT Sailing Professor Mark Orams told NZME on Saturday morning.

Te Rehutai flies the Code Zero screen during practice ahead of the America's Cup World Series.  Photos / Photosport
Te Rehutai flies the Code Zero screen during practice ahead of the America’s Cup World Series. Photos / Photosport

There was speculation this morning that the lighting conditions would force organizers to shift the race to a less fan-friendly track, but the same track as the opening two days of the race, C, will return to use today.

Several major locations to see line C are Bastion Point and Okahu Bay Wharf.

Enjoy a smooth sailing to the Cup with Auckland Transport

• Avoid traffic jams and parking distractions and download the AT Mobile app to plan your bus, train or ferry trip to the racetrack before you leave home.

• Make sure your AT HOP card is in your pocket. That’s the best way to move up to the Cup

• For more ways to enjoy race day, visit at.govt.nz/americascup


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America’s Cup 2021: American Magic and Dean Barker claim victory over Team New Zealand in a practice race | Instant News


American Magic is chasing competition in Tuesday’s practice race. Video / Michael Craig

Dean Barker expects rival INEOS Team UK to remain a force at the upcoming America’s Cup World Series, but it is his American Magic team that claimed the day’s most impressive win in practice racing.

American Magic claimed victory over a troubled England squad to start the day, and ended it in style, with a win over Team New Zealand in the afternoon.

After several planned practice races were canceled due to a lack of wind, Barker managed to win over his old team – their first defeat in a warm-up race.

The NZ team previously beat Luna Rossa on different days for the defender, but Barker beat the Kiwi in the final race of the day to claim a morale-boosting win for the American squad.

American Magic wins over Team NZ.  Photo / Dean Purcell
American Magic wins over Team NZ. Photo / Dean Purcell

Also on the mixed outing is INEOS Team UK, with British syndicate struggles having been the underlying theme of the warm-up period, with the team not completing the trial races until Tuesday, when they finally face Barker American Magic.

Ben Ainslie’s team did not take part last week and withdrew midway through Monday’s pre-start against Team New Zealand, due to an unspecified hardware problem.

They finally managed to finish the trial race and also win a start against American Magic, with Ainslie timing her run to the line perfectly.

American Magic in action today.  Photo / Dean Purcell
American Magic in action today. Photo / Dean Purcell

But the Britannia ll still looks a long way from speeding up and appears to be struggling to get optimal lift and speed on the foil.

At the start of the first half England were forced into a tackle, as the Americans picked up speed on the other side of the pitch.

Team NZ and Team Ineos England, training day during the American Cup World Series.  Photo / Dean Purcell
Team NZ and Team Ineos England, training day during the American Cup World Series. Photo / Dean Purcell

It was a little awkward, and Ainslie’s boat didn’t approach any more, as the Patriots moved away, although both teams seemed to be more focused on maneuvering their own sets in the second leg.

Barker however dismisses any suggestion that INEOS Team UK could have long-term problems.

“We also have our own problems, a lot of little things that you are trying to solve. I don’t think you can read too much about them,” Barker told NZME after Tuesday’s opening ceremony. “I’m sure they want to race, but we certainly don’t underestimate either boat.

“You look at the quality of the people they have and their design team. I’m sure when we show up for the race in January (Prada Cup), they will be strong.”

Dean Barker.  Photo / Michael Craig
Dean Barker. Photo / Michael Craig

Rival pilot Francesco Bruni, who shares driving duties with Jimmy Spithill at Luna Rossa, echoes Barker’s sentiments about the British syndicate.

“We have been sailing these boats for two years now and you have had a few more difficult weeks, you keep breaking things,” Bruni told NZME. “I think it’s just a coincidence that everything has happened [recently] and they are not lucky. I am sure they will put everything together and become strong. They will be fine. “

Briton Sir Ben Ainslie returns to the water with Team NZ for their first American Cup trials. Video / Michael Craig

Barker, on the eve of his sixth Cup campaign, said it was too early to draw definitive conclusions, even if there had been much positive talk about the home syndicate.

“We’ve changed a lot on the boat so we’re just getting used to the set-up, but we’ll get there and hopefully we can be competitive during the races this weekend,” said Barker.

“[Team NZ] did the race against Luna Rossa last week and they seem to have a pretty good lead over them in those conditions, but we’ve spent months comparing boats in previous campaigns and it’s always been hard to read, so a day or two doesn’t give a clear indication .

The New Zealand team beat Luna Rossa in a practice race.  Photo / Dean Purcell
The New Zealand team beat Luna Rossa in a practice race. Photo / Dean Purcell

“There’s no doubt the New Zealand Team looks strong,” added Barker. “They have a good boat and obviously a strong sailing team. [But] we’ll probably feel better in hindsight [World Series] about who’s okay. “

The World Series will start Thursday with the Christmas Race on Sunday.


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Mushtaq sees a tough series in New Zealand | Instant News

LAHORE: Former Pakistan leg-spinner Mushtaq Ahmed believes New Zealand is a dangerous team at home and Men in Green will have to do really well to be successful on the tour.

“New Zealand is a dangerous team in Indonesia and the tour will not be easy for Pakistan. Mental toughness is very important in this regard and the whole team must play without fear of losing, “said Ahmed while speaking to the media here on Saturday.

“The responsibility for maintaining the unity of the team lies with the officials and the captain [Babar Azam] during the isolation period, “he added.

He supports Babar Azam as captain of the national team in all game formats. “It is a good decision to have Babar Azam captain in all formats because he has shown that the captain does not affect his strokes,” he said. “He has the ability to be a great captain in the future and has taken good decisions on the pitch so far,” he added.


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