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Murad Ali Shah ordered COVID-19 seroprevalence studies at two UC Karachi | Instant News

Four more people died and 427 others tested positive for COVID-19 during the last 24 hours in Sindh, while the chief minister said on Saturday that a community surveillance study was planned.

CM Syed Murad Ali Shah said that a seroprevalence study would be conducted at two trade union councils (UC) in Karachi to assess the impact of the new corona virus in the city.

After his meeting with health experts, Shah said that 380 telemedicine doctors had been mobilized to follow up on patients who had recovered from a viral infection.

He said public scrutiny was a necessity at the moment, so he had directed his team to develop a digital assessment application. Regarding the seroprevalence study, he said the pilot study would be conducted in Kharadar and UC Kehkashan Selatan.

Seroprevalence studies will find the number of people in the population who tested positive for COVID-19 based on their blood serum specimens. Such studies often show the percentage of total specimens tested or as a proportion per 100,000 people tested.

Situation report

Talking about the COVID-19 situation in Sindh, CM said that 46 patients had been cured, but 427 more cases had emerged, bringing the new corona virus count to 7,102 in all provinces.

He said that 3,259 tests were carried out, which resulted in 427 new cases, adding that the Sindh Health Department had tested 61,020 people so far, and of them, 11.6 percent of results, or 7,102 patients, were diagnosed positively.

He also said that 46 patients were cured and sent home, adding that the number of patients recovering so far reached 1,341, or 19 percent of the total patients. The chief executive said that four more patients had died, bringing the death rate to 122, or 1.7 percent of the total patients, adding that 45 patients were in critical condition, and of them, 18 had taken a ventilator.

Sharing data from 5,639 patients who were being treated, CM said that 4,390 were isolated in their homes, 733 were kept in different isolation centers and 516 received medical treatment at the hospital.

Regarding the Karachi situation, he said that of the 427 cases of new corona virus detected in all provinces, 376 of them belonged to metropolitan cities alone.

“This shows that the number of new cases has not decreased in the city, so people must understand the situation and take preventative measures,” he stressed. He regretted that women and children were also infected with the corona virus.

Regarding the disturbance of the Karachi district, he said that 131 new cases had been diagnosed in the Southern District, 65 in the Eastern District, 54 in the Korangi District, 47 in the Western District, 46 in the Central District and 33 in the Malir District. “Now we have 1,401 cases in the South, 1,080 in the East, 501 in Korangi, 484 in Malir and 572 in the West.”

As for other districts in the province, Shah said that six new cases had been diagnosed in Hyderabad, six in Larkana, six in Shaheed Benazirabad, five in Sukkur, four in Ghotki, four in Khairpur, two in Sanghar, one in Thatta and one in Thatta and one in Sujawal.

CM once again urges provincial communities to adhere to standard operating procedures, including compliance with social distance. “This is a new way of life and we must adopt it,” he concluded.


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