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Edhi’s ambulance service is suspended in Karachi | Instant News

KARACHI – Edhi Foundation officials said Wednesday the ambulance service had been suspended for all of Karachi while the Foundation’s aid channel number had not worked.

The Edhi 115 Ambulance service and all other Information Bureau telephones were also closed after recent rains in Karachi, officials said.

Since Sunday, heavy rains have caused huge damage turning megacity into large floods. At least 10 people have lost their lives in rain-related incidents including from electric shock.

All telephone numbers will remain closed, said official Edhi. People can call 02132331813 in case of an emergency, Edhi officials say. Edhi Foundation, one of the leading providers of social welfare services throughout Pakistan and the world, operates on a non-commercial, non-political, and non-communal basis, serving all the time without discrimination in color, class and creed.


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Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | Instant News

Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | RiverBender.com


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The Edhi Foundation suspended the ambulance service in Karachi because the rain interfered with the telephone numbers for help | Instant News


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Latest: 2 White House campus cafeterias were closed by viruses | World | Instant News

Public hospitals are struggling when the number of patients increases, and more than 5,000 health workers have been infected.

The struggle by the most developed countries in Africa in overcoming this pandemic is an alarming sign for other countries with far fewer resources across the continent because the spread of infection is accelerating.

NEW DELHI – India has recorded 685 deaths from the virus in the last 24 hours, as well as 444 deaths that were not previously reported, bringing the national death rate from the pandemic to 29,861.

The Ministry of Health on Thursday also reported a new record of 45,720 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number of confirmed infections to 1,238,635.

Many states in India have begun implementing re-locking as health authorities struggle to track transmission.

Wednesday night, the Himalayan region of Kashmir announced a total of five days of locking in areas that had been categorized as red zones. A two-day total lockdown also starts Thursday in the state of West Bengal.

India has recorded the third most virus cases in the world after the United States and Brazil.

MELBOURNE, Australia – Wearing a mask became mandatory in the second largest city of Melbourne in Australia on Thursday when the Victoria state hot spot coronavirus reported 403 newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 and five deaths.


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Report: German intelligence captures Iran’s Quds Forces spy JNS | Instant News

German authorities arrested spies suspected of being Iranian Quds terrorist forces from Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard, according to a review of a new Federal Intelligence Service report released by the interior minister of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“In February 2019, the Federal Criminal Police Station took executive action against someone in Hesse [Germany] suspected of carrying out intelligence activities in the Federal Republic of Germany on behalf of the Quds Forces. The investigation is ongoing, “the report said, according to the report at The Jerusalem Post on Monday.

Russia, China, Iran and Turkey are “key players in espionage and influence directed towards Germany,” the report said.

The United States has designated the Quds Force as a terrorist organization, even though Germany has not yet done so.

This came after the German intelligence service document released in June stated that Iran remained determined to obtain nuclear weapons.

According to a 181-page document of the Baden-Württemberg state intelligence agency entitled “Proliferation,” Iran, Pakistan, North Korea and Syria “are still pursuing” nuclear weapons technology, Fox News have reported.

Post Report: German intelligence captures Iranian Quds Forces first appeared JNS.org.


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Watch Now: States take applications from government entities for COVID-19 reimbursement News | Instant News

OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Kevin Stitt on Wednesday said cities, cities and districts could start applying for $ 1.2 billion in federal dollars which the state must fight to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The state received funding under the Coronavirus Corona Assistance, Economic Assistance and Security Act, dubbed CARES, signed into law on March 27.

Stitt said the costs must be related to COVID-19. This will apply to new employees, overtime and new technology that is regulated so individuals can work from home, among others, Stitt said.

That will not apply to lost sales tax revenue due to retail closures.

Oklahoma was one of the first states to launch an online portal for state, city and county agencies to submit reimbursement requests, Stitt said.

“This platform will also enable us to effectively and transparently process reimbursement requests and help people who need financial assistance for any expenses related to COVID-19,” he said.

The state asks all cities and counties with that expenditure to create an account at governor.ok.gov/crfgrants and submit a replacement request.

The governor said that the entity needs to follow guidelines issued by the US Treasury in requesting reimbursement. These costs must be incurred between March 1 and December 30.

“Our goal is to officially start processing this request on June 1,” Stitt said.

Stitt said it was expected that the federal dollar would come out the first week in June for those seeking compensation for COVID-19 related costs.

Mayor Lawton Stan Booker said his city had spent COVID-19 costs such as overtime linked to first responders and buying personal protective equipment.

“Another big element in our ability to provide these core services, especially those related to public health and safety, is the disruption of the retail industry where we will receive less sales tax revenue going forward and uncertainties associated with it,” Booker said.

Stitt said the team would determine whether expenditures could be reimbursed or not, adding that his government was committed to transparency and accountability related to the distribution of funds.

A new page was launched in Oklahoma’s online checkbook, checkbook.ok.gov, where the latest distribution will be posted every day, Stitt said.

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Top priority humanitarian services: Augustine | Instant News

LAHORE – Provincial Minister for Human Rights and Minority and Interfaith Harmony, Ijaz Alam Augustine attended a ceremony organized by Punjab Baitul Maal on Saturday to distribute rations and check aid among decent families in Bahawalpur.

According to a leaflet released on Saturday, Punjab Bait-ul-Mal distributed ration bags among 1,000 people in need and checked out Rs 6 lakh for 50 families.

In her remarks at the ceremony, Augustine said that in this difficult time, the Punjab government made it possible to distribute rations and financial assistance to the proper without discrimination. He said the Punjab government believed in humanitarian services and a nation without political interests while we tried our best to not only protect people from coronavirus but also provide maximum assistance to them.

He mentioned that Punjab Baitul Maal also played an active role in expanding monetary support to poor families, adding that 220 million Pakistanis would fight the corona virus pandemic together. Malik Mohammad Azam Amin from Punjab Baitul Maal, President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

South Punjab Noor Khan Bhabha, Spokesperson for the Punjab Government Sumaira Malik, PTI District President Syed Mohammad Tehseen Gardezi, Baitul Maal Council Member Chaudhry Ahmad Salman Arshad, Fauzia Ahmed, Chairperson of Allah Wale Trust Shahid Lone, Chairperson of the Youth Council Hamza Karamt and others present at the House of Baitul Maal Chaudhry Ahmad Salman Arshad, Fauzia Ahmed, Chair of Allah Wale Trust Shahid Lone, Chair of the Youth Council Hamza Karamt and others present at the that opportunity.

Later, the Minister of Religion also met with various minority delegations led by the district president Tehseen Nawaz.

Minority issues discussed in detail mainly affect coronavirus after being locked out.

He said the Punjab government was actively supporting families, who had lost their jobs and sources of income due to the corona virus crisis and hopefully under the extraordinary leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan soon out of the difficulties faced by the country.


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Worcester Pastor Provides Other Church Services – NBC Boston | Instant News

A Massachusetts pastor holds another church service on Sunday, violating city and state orders for the fourth time.

More than 10 people attended the Mother’s Day service at Adams Square Baptist Church. Even more people gathered outside the Worcester church holding signs and flags to support Father Kris Casey.

Casey held church services privately, Sunday and Wednesday. The city told him to stop or he would be fined. Last Monday he got a $ 300 ticket, and the city said a $ 500 ticket would come.

Casey said he baptized at the church on Sunday, which is part of the reason why he continues to hold meetings at the church instead of virtual services.

“I can’t baptize someone at the Zoom meeting,” he said. “I turned off my laptop like that, everything went blank. I really can’t do it.”

Father Casey said he spent thousands of dollars to clean the church professionally several times each week to prevent the spread of the virus and the congregation was following strict rules, including regulating their temperature.

“As soon as people enter, they are personally escorted to each seat,” he said. “They are told if you take off your mask, if you take off gloves, if you get up and move, you will be escorted outside.”

In a Friday letter, Father Casey asked Governor Charlie Baker to give them the right to gather and worship.

The letter read in part, “I know that your position comes with many heavy burdens and I want you to know that I appreciate everything you do for the Commonwealth … Regardless of your decision, I want you to understand that my position as pastor of the Baptist Church Adams Square Square also comes with a heavy burden. My authority to pastor this church comes directly from God, and I must follow the Lord’s leadership regarding this church and how we move forward. “

The letter continued, “Please understand that I have taken every step necessary to ensure the safety of all my members as well as the members of the community I serve.”

A priest in Worcester was criticized for violating state boundaries in responding to the coronavirus.

Father Casey continued to oppose the Governor’s coronavirus advisor who limited the meeting to 10 people or less.

“I really see where they come from. However, there is hypocrisy in that rule,” he said. “I was just at Lowe yesterday. People aren’t six feet long all the time, they bump into each other. We; we keep a distance of six feet.”

Hundreds of pastors around the Commonwealth took a less extreme stance towards the governor’s decision. They wrote a letter to Baker demanding they be allowed to reopen May 18 with safety protocols in place.

“We are very concerned about the emotional and mental stability of people who have long been locked up,” said Father Raphael Najem of CCF Ministries in Lowell.

He and other pastors also want representation in the governor’s Reopening Board.

“We believe that he does a good job, really. Somehow, he ignored us, there were eight thousand churches – in creating this advisory council and not creating a priest in it. “

Father Najem said his church would continue to follow state guidelines, but Father Casey held Sunday services as planned while he waited for the next fine.

“I’m not afraid of being imprisoned. I’m not afraid of being imprisoned. This is a small price to pay to glorify God,” he said.

Worcester officials said further violations could result in criminal complaints.

More than 260 pastors have signed letters to Governor Charlie Baker demanding that he allow them to reopen with the social distance protocol.


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The UK is expected to pass anti-BDS laws regarding the pension system Jns | Instant News

The UK is expected to pass laws banning local governments from boycotting countries, including Israel, in their pension system.

The upcoming move to follow the country’s Supreme Court overturned the government’s guidelines last week to a local council that forbade actions to boycott Israel, stating that doing so was “contrary to British foreign policy or defense.”

“We are committed to ensuring public bodies take a consistent approach to investment and stop local boycotts. Therefore we will return a new law that addresses the technical points put forward by the Supreme Court, “said a spokesman for the UK Ministry of Housing, Community and Local Government, reported The Jerusalem Post on Monday.

The canceled guidelines involved 89 pension funds in England and Wales, affecting 5 million current local council employees.

A majority of 3-2 of the Supreme Court judges considered that the anti-BDS guidelines were against the law. Judge Robert Carnwath said the guidelines on pension funds were “an assessment to be made by administrative authorities, not by the foreign minister.”

Palestinian Solidarity Campaign Chair Kamel Hawwash hailed the Supreme Court’s decision as “a great victory, not only for the campaign for Palestinian rights, but for the basic principles of democracy, freedom of expression and justice.”

“The Supreme Court’s technical ruling on the divestment of local authorities serves to strengthen the importance of future laws from the government,” said the leadership of Israel’s Conservative Friends. “We reaffirm our strong support for the commitment of the Conservative Government’s manifesto to prohibit public bodies from imposing their own boycotts, divestments and sanctions, which too often spread disputes within the local community.”

Post The UK is expected to pass anti-BDS laws regarding the pension system first appeared JNS.org.


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Hezbol-Law: Behind the long-awaited ban on German terrorist organizations | Jns | Instant News

On April 30, Germany officially banned all Hezbollah activities in Germany. In a dramatic demonstration of its implementation, authorities stormed four mosques believed to have links to Lebanese terror groups.

Critics of Germany’s reluctance to make a difference between Hezbollah’s political and military wings, such as the German Jewish community and the Israeli government, be praised it is a long overdue policy. Others call it a partial step.

“Germany has taken a big step, and we are glad they did,” US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell told JNS. Together with his embassy staff, he made the Hezbollah blacklist a top priority. The US State Department designated Hezbollah as a foreign terrorist organization in 1997, and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has long been pushed for Germany to ban groups.

The road to the Hezbollah ban

The move to ban Iranian-backed Shiite terror groups is more than a decade long in bureaucratic Germany.

The first step to organizational sanctions came in 2008, when Germany restricted al-Manar Hezbollah’s satellite station. In 2014, the country banned the alleged charity which was a guise for the Hezbollah Martyrdom Organization and the following year, the German Supreme Court ruled that Hezbollah was an organization that “disrupts global peace.”

Nonetheless, the German government and its main political parties appear to be delaying a full ban on the terror group.

At the Bundestag debate last June led by the right-wing Alternative to Deutschland (AfD), which introduced a motion to ban Hezbollah’s political arm, German lawmakers expressed collective humiliation for the Hezbollah genocide, an anti-Semitic goal but argued the ban might cause instability in Lebanon (where Hezbollah was a political player center) or that it must be a pan-European initiative. European Union. only recognizes Hezbollah’s so-called “military wing” as a terror organization. However, Europe and other EU. Countries, such as the United Kingdom and the Netherlands register all organizations as terror groups.

Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) Member Beatrix Von Storch addressed the German MPs about proposals to completely ban Lebanese terror group Hezbollah. Source: Screenshot.

However, the push to ban began to gain momentum in December 2019, when the ruling coalition parties, the Christian Democratic Union / the Christian Socialist Union and the Socialist Democratic, and Free Democrats (FdP) passing a resolution is not binding on their own called on the government to ban Hezbollah activities.

“It is good that, after a clear decision from a joint movement in the Bundestag in December 2019, the Federal Ministry of the Interior finally became active and brought a ban on activities,” said MP Strasser, who said he and his party, the Free Democrats (FDP) spearheaded and encouraged movement.

Hezbollah ban must be ‘legally airtight’

Behind the scenes, Grenell and his embassy staff also worked to encourage Germany to make a ban. In the end, the decisive logic used by the US embassy focuses less on ethical, historical and political considerations, but on legal considerations.

According to a US official, embassy personnel had extensive discussions with German officials about how the ban was in line with the parameters of German federal law, the same law that justifies the prohibition of ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Every Hezbollah ban must be legally airtight to avoid being challenged in court, which effectively, and permanently, can cancel it.

“They do everything they can under the law, and they will not operate outside the law,” U.S. officials said

Maintaining a legal letter – that is, freedom of assembly – seems to prevent the Berlin government from banning the annual Al Quds affiliated with Hezbollah, which is permitted under a strict ban on hate speech, burning Israeli flags, and waving the Hezbollah flag. One day on the same day when the German Minister of the Interior banned Hezbollah, organizers of Al Quds canceled a May 14 anti-Israel demonstration plan, which easily blamed the Corona pandemic.

US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell participated in the 74th anniversary of the release of the Flossenbürg Concentration Camp on April 14, 2019. Credit: US Embassy in Germany through Flickr.

According to the Berlin Interior department, the office had already begun checking, before cancellation, what legal steps could be taken to remove it from the streets of Berlin.

Berlin Interior Senator Andreas Geisel, who participated in a counter demonstration, said in a statement: “I do not want such anti-Semitic events to take place in Berlin. Therefore we exhaust all the constitutional possibilities to make things like this impossible in our city. “

Therefore, a true test of the German 40-page Hezbollah ban on the Al-Quds rally will be conducted next year (assuming there is no pandemic).

AfD, who calls himself a parliamentary champion for the death of Hezbollah in Germany, called the move insufficient.

“German law makes a difference between ‘Betätigungsverbot’ (Prohibition to Act) and ‘Organizational Verbot’ (Prohibition of Organizations),” said AfD MP Beatrix Von Storch, sponsor of the anti-Hezbollah movement in June. “The German government only introduced ‘Betätigungsverbot’ to Hezbollah. It prohibits Hezbollah to act, but this will not lead to the end of the Hezbollah organization in Germany. But it is important to destroy the organization of Hezbollah, seize the property and force its extremist members to leave Germany. “

According to US officials, the ban on activities and organizations is basically one and the same given that Hezbollah does not exist as a legal entity in Germany (as is the case with ISIS and Al-Qaeda.) Hezbollah ban on subscription activities for any and all associations, transactions, and assets that are incorporated with proven links to Hezbollah, including those in the digital field.

‘Not the beginning of the end’ for Hezbollah in Germany

The question now is how strong Germany will enforce the ban, said Michael Rubin, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute specializing in Iran.

“Hezbollah will play the Three Monte cards with combat organizations and front groups, like the Muslim Brotherhood,” Rubin told JNS. “This is the end of the beginning, not the beginning of the end. The German authorities need to show their seriousness by continuing to close the front groups when they try to open. “

“I consider it very important that the Federal Government now does not sit down and do nothing,” said Strasser from FDP. “It must use the German E.U. The Board presidency in the second half of 2020 will arrive at Hezbollah’s new assessment at the European level as well.”

According to Benjamin Weinthal, a fellow for the Democratic Defense Foundation who has discussed the issue extensively, the next step is to impose sanctions on the main sponsor of Hezbollah, Iran. “That means pulling out of Iran’s highly flawed nuclear, joining US sanctions targeting Tehran, and not agreeing to allow Iran to buy weapons after an arms embargo on a rogue state ends in October,” he said, adding that Germany must further ban the Guard Corps Islamic Revolution, another terrorist entity designated by the US.

While Israel and the Jewish community, in addition to several German lawmakers, have rallied for the ban, credit, said Weinthal, is used for Grenell’s efforts, which will not stop here. Next: European Union.

“But now it is time for the rest of the EU to follow up and take an equally strong attitude,” Grenell said. “There is no doubt Hezbollah is a global threat. Germany has recognized this, and it’s time to ensure this terrorist organization does not have a safe place in Europe . “

Post Hezbol-Law: Behind the long-awaited ban on German terrorist organizations first appeared JNS.org.


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