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Facebook’s Quest 2 showcases the promise of virtual reality | Instant News

Powerful new console from




For investors, it has become a once-in-decade event.of new model This fall has attracted a lot of attention, including In this magazine-They are sold out all over the country.

But a new console was released, Quest 2


(Code: FB) Virtual reality unit, although received but ignored More praised Higher than Sony’s (stock code: SNE) PlayStation 5 or Microsoft’s (MSFT) new Xbox.

This is no secret. We have been talking about virtual reality for decades, but it has hardly been there. Despite all the advancements we have made in technology, VR still cannot bridge the physical and digital realms in any substantial way.

This is not because of lack of experimentation. In 2014, Facebook Acquired Oculus VR for $2 billion, This is a promising headset manufacturer, it has restored hope around a virtual future.

Compared with the estimated $82 billion in advertising sales this year, Facebook’s VR efforts are insignificant, and it’s easy to see Oculus as an interesting but unimportant side project. This misses the point.

Facebook is not a diversified company. Its hardware efforts are one of the ways the company strives to break through and get out of its advertising business.

Facebook CFO Dave Wehner (Dave Wehner) said that the sales of Quest and Quest 2 made a significant contribution to the revenue bucket allocated to them. This is the subdivision aptly named “Other”, and it is not a particularly high threshold. Last year, “Other” accounted for exactly 1.5% of Facebook’s revenue.

However, beyond attention, Facebook’s VR work is actually making progress. Facebook’s latest Quest 2 headset, priced at $299, is a leapfrog development of a competitive VR system, which is more expensive and lacks elegance and simplicity.

Most importantly, Quest 2 is a standalone unit and does not need to be tethered to an expensive gaming PC like Oculus’s original product.

Quest 2 can provide players with a full range of motion without the need to install sensors around the room. The latest model can also track the movement of the hand without the need for a handheld controller. VR still has a way to go, but Quest 2 is by far the most widely used device.

However, as always, VR content is still in the early stages of the development of hardware so far. Chris Pruett, who runs the Oculus content ecosystem, said that a common language is emerging around the platform. Pruett said that at present, VR game developers are still looking for the secret to success.

“Three or four years ago, we would not tell you that our prediction of popular software in VR will become a music game about circumcision,” he told me last week Defeat the saber Oculus’ VR title feels more immersive Guitar hero, Which swept the game world 15 years ago.

Defeat the saber It’s interesting, but it didn’t attract my attention for a few minutes. I asked Pruet what kind of games can ultimately help VR break through the masses.

He said: “My guess is highly immersive, involving the active movement of your body, and I will add the third part.” “This may be something you play with other people or share with other people.”

His last point is consistent with Facebook’s mission of “building a community”. The good news for Oculus is that Facebook already has billions of potential users. For VR developers, this is a vast market.

Pruet said that Facebook is focused on helping developers make money and is currently defining success with this metric at Oculus. He said: “I need an ecosystem that can create a platform for stable business.” “From this perspective, VR is still small, but we are developing rapidly.”

When consumers and critics argue about their preference for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, investors are exempted from choice. We believe that new consoles will be a bullish event for video game publishers who have created games for both platforms.

The dispute will take some time to resolve.Share of

With two interactive software


Activision Blizzard

(ATVI), Electronic Arts (EA) and


(UBI.France) has fallen behind the market since then Our story in early October.

Now the good news is beginning to arrive. Players will be motivated by new consoles and staying at home.

In the past week, Ubisoft said Assassin’s Creed Valhalla The game sold more units in the first week than any previous work in the Assassin’s Creed series. “Alternating current The company is fulfilling its promise to make full use of the new hardware. ”

This news made Ubisoft’s Paris-listed shares rose 2.3%. This reaction may herald other video game publishers about to announce their game sales and the next round of quarterly results.

“Obviously, this illustrates the game quality and franchise momentum of the past few iterations,” KeyBanc Capital Markets analyst Tyler Parker wrote last week. “But we also think this is a positive interpretation of the potential strength of the high-end gaming market during the holidays.”

For most parts of the United States, this will be a difficult December, but gamers and investors will have at least one escape route.

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KCR will start service from Thursday | Instant News

KARACHI: The Karachi Loop Railway will resume operating on November 19 after 20 years as trains for the inner city project arrive at City Station on Monday.

This service has two locomotives and 11 carriages, each with a capacity of 100 passengers, 64 seats and 36 stands, from Pipri station to Orangi station.

The distance between Pipri and Orangi stations is about 60 kilometers, according to a statement issued by Pakistan Railways. “Four trains in [two directions] commuting passengers between Pipri and Orangi stations with a uniform three hour interval. “

The first train will depart from Orangi station at 7 a.m. on November 19 followed by subsequent departures at 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. A uniform fare of Rs50 per trip has also been established.

Pakistan Railroad Station is near Pakistan Steel Mill. All the way from Pipri, Landhi, Malir, Drigh Road, Cantt Station to City Station runs the Pakistan Railways Main Line (ML-1), which is 46 kilometers long.

From Kota Station to Orangi Station it is about 14 kilometers. After Kota Station, there are Keamari, Karachi Port Trust, Wazir Mansion, Lyari, Baldia, Gulbai, SITE, Shah Latif and Orangi stations.

According to a Pakistan Railways official, the ML-1 is already functioning for intercity trains. Regarding encroachment on the KCR line from Kota Station to Orangi Station, the officer explained that all major encroachment had been removed with line fixation. The distance, he said, would be taken no more than 45 minutes from Pipri to Orangi.


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The Swiss Free evangelical church signs a partnership with the military chaplain, Evangelical Focus | Instant News

Switzerland Free evangelical churches are now empowered to send qualified personnel to serve in army chaplains, after the Swiss Evangelical Alliance (SEA-RES) and the German-language umbrella organization Freikirchen.ch, signed a partnership with the Swiss army on November 2.

Freikirchen.ch is a national church association with 20 free German-speaking Swiss church movements, which includes more than 750 local churches. That The Association of Free Churches Switzerland describes the agreement as historic“.

The announcement followed a meeting between the military chief, corps commander Thomas Süssli, and evangelical representatives, along with representatives from the Roman Catholic Church in Switzerland and the Swiss Evangelical Reformed Church (EERS). It was the end of a year and a half of intense conversation.

“The Swiss Army has now taken the first step with its military chaplaincy for all. This meeting a sign of respect and gratitude. There has never been such a meeting in Swiss history, Stefan Junger, chief chaplain of the military, said.

According to Junger, “the opening up of soldiers’ pastoral care for other religious communities was done consciously. We want to do justice against a religious background army personnel. It is in this context that this partnership was born ”.

Peter Schneeberger, president of Freikirchen.ch, said they were “delighted with this partnership with the chaplain of the Swiss army. This is an important service for us for the benefit of society ”.

“Mutual trust and the need for young professionals makes this possible. We will practice service responsibly”, Jean-Luc Ziehli, president RES, stress.

The military chaplaincy pastoral has a target population of 170 members. Every two years it takes 30 to 40 new people. On the day the agreement was signed, 36 new pastor come in, all recruited by the army itself, seven came from the evangelical church.

New military chaplains are required to provide referrals and complete a seven-week introductory course and a three-week technical training course. “With your signature, you honor commitments that are consistent with the obligations in the army chaplain to benefit all military personnel,” Junger told news chaplains.

Published in: Evangelical FocusEurope

– Swiss Free evangelical church signs partnership with army chaplains


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How to make the most of PlayStation 5’s internal storage space | Instant News

Demon Soul Remake

of Demon Soul The remake is over 50GB. Until how many games of the same size are flooded with your PS5?
Screenshots: Sony

The leap from PlayStation 4 Pro to PlayStation 5 will cause a rude awakening. PS4 Pro certainly has a 1TB hard drive. At the same time, the PS5 is equipped with an 825GB solid-state drive (SSD), but this is only written on paper. As with any modern video game console, the dedicated storage space is large, so you can only dedicate 667.2GB for your own purposes. Although you can get a step on the PS4 release of 408.5GB, it is still a far cry from the PS4 Pro.

Consider the growing scale of games these days.Games like this 2nd Division with call-of-duty (Choose one) Three-digit installation size of the clock. NBA 2K21A game about dunking requires 114GB of space. (Who knows if the developer decides to add a Successful social distancing model File sizes of 40 to 60GB are no longer necessary.In other words, play Tetris 667GB of storage space is the key to enjoying the new PS5. Here are some tips that should help.

delete Astronomy Game Room. (After trying.)

Each PlayStation 5 comes with a game directly pre-installed: Astronomy Game Room, A platform for key robots, PlayStation Easter Egg, And the computer wizard. You will have the right to assume that pre-installed applications cannot be uninstalled, regardless of whether the game is installed or not.But you can purify Astronomy Game Room From your machine…

  1. Make settings (gear icon in the top bar).
  2. Scroll down to the “Storage” menu.
  3. Click “Console Storage”.
  4. Select “Games and Applications”.
  5. Search Astronomy Game Room. (You can click Square to sort alphabetically.)
  6. Check the box next to it.
  7. Click “Delete”.

This is the part i told you Astronomy Game Room Very good, actually.This is a reliable little game and a great display What can PS5’s stylish controller do. When requesting PS5, you may not have requested it, but you should still take the time to check it. In the four main stages, you will need to spend several hours to gain momentum. When you beat it, delete it. You can re-download the game for free from the PlayStation Store app at any time.

Astros game room on PS5

Astro’s Playroom is a delightful platform game that is worth a try.
Screenshots: Sony

Astronomy Game Room Only over 11GB, but every byte is important! And, as a bonus, you now know exactly how to find the storage location of the game when you want to delete the game from the system in the future.

Move your PS4 games to an external hard drive.

To reduce the burden of PS5’s built-in SSD, picking up an external hard drive is the best and only option. The system cannot play PS5 games from external storage-in fact, there is no way to even copy them-but PS4 games do so without problems.

Plug in the power source. When I tried to use the front port, the system told me that I must use one of the USB ports on the back. (For reference, I am using a standard Western Digital Elements 1TB hard drive and 3.0 USB. Your process may vary depending on the drive used.)

Reformatting. When you insert the external drive, you will be prompted to reformat. If not, you can find an option in the “Storage” menu under “Extended Storage”. This is the giant button in the center. do not miss it. This will delete any content stored on it. After previously testing the process on Xbox Series X, I stored a bunch of Xbox One games there to leave enough space on Series X for next-generation games. Like PS5, Xbox Series X can play the latest generation of games from an external drive, but requires an internal drive to run high-end next-generation games. Short version: Those Xbox One games are no longer on my drive.

Copy your PS4 game. After inserting the drive and formatting the drive, go to the “Storage” menu (where you send astronomical Other data). If everything is done correctly, you will see a second tab, which lists all the games you can move. Select the content you want to copy, then jump to the menu on the right, and click Move. When the PS5 copy game ends, you will not be able to perform any other operations. For example, after your first game is copied, please stop the process (“circle” button) to avoid canceling the copy. Any unfinished copy content can be returned to the original location on the PS5. Unable to copy saved data, screenshots and video clips to the extended storage.

Set the system to always install PS4 games into the expansion storage. In the “Storage” menu, go to “External Storage”. You should see a toggle switch that allows you to install future PS4 games directly on the external device. Open it. Now, you don’t need to perform these steps again-until you fill up the external storage.

(Note: some users Already reported External storage issues seem to cause your system to crash Spiderman Remake Running. Last week, a colleague mentioned a similar problem, Spider-Man: Miles Morales.Insomnia representative Said The company is investigating. )

Check the file size of cross-generation games.

You might think that if you choose the PS5 version, the games released across generations will be larger, but in fact some PS5 games smaller Than their PS4 counterparts on PS5, Spider-Man: Miles Morales The PS4 version requires 52GB to download. In contrast, the PS5 version and all its features occupy only 39GB.for Sackboy: A big adventure, These figures are 35GB and 30GB respectively.even Assassin’s Creed Valhalla The PS5 version is smaller (but only 1GB).

If the PS4 version is smaller (if you are willing to give up performance), be sure to download the older version. Just don’t think it will take up less space. And when using it, please make sure not to accidentally download the two versions of the game!

Decrease your catch.

In your settings, scroll all the way to the bottom to the “Capture and Broadcast” menu. Go to the “Capture” submenu and click “Video Clip Format”. Make sure that the manual recording resolution is set to 1920×1080, not 3840×2160. (You don’t need to work on Genius Bar to know that 4K video can generate larger files than 1080p video.)

You can also change this setting at any time by clicking the “Share” button and scrolling all the way to the right without going to settings.You will see a small icon with two lines that looks like they got lost on the way back witness. This allows you to adjust capture settings on the fly.

Delete your exploit certificate.

Compared with the troubled three-way coach, PlayStation offers more trophies. If you are a PlayStation player, then you may be too familiar with the platform’s trophy system. This is a never-ending dopamine meta game that can provide you with points for accomplishing various feats in various games. In addition to throwing trophies in the case of digital trophies, PS5 will also record evidence of your feat in the form of a 15-second video clip. This is important to self (everyone likes trophies). It is not very good for your SSD.

Finding these clips is an adventure in itself. First, you need to go to the game library (all the way to the right on the main bar of the “Games” tab). Go to the installed game (second tab) and scroll all the way down to the bottom. You should see the Media Gallery application. Alternative method: Click the “Share” button, click the tab to the left of the thumbnail of the recent screenshot, click it, and you will see an option to go directly to the media library. Either way.

Media library on Playstation 5

Dear Sony, why is it hard to find screenshots this time?
Screenshots: Sony/Otaku

Open that, and click twice to select “Tropphies. On the left edge, you should see two icons. Click the icon at the top (it has an arrow and three rows), and then sort the content by size. Trust me : This will make the next work easier. Then, click the one at the bottom. This way you can select various clips at once. After selecting the unplayable video, navigate to the menu on the right and click ” Delete” button.

Tip: You can click the option button and select “Info” to see the exact file size of the file.

These videos seem to be recorded in 1080p instead of 4K, even if you have set the capture settings to 4K. Therefore, this was initially a trivial measure-for testing, I cleared twelve clips and refunded about half of the performance funds to my internal storage-but this prevents your used space from swelling too hard The level of management. At the beginning of playback, there may not be many clips in the Trophys folder of the media library. But think about all the games you will play. Then think about all the interesting things to do in all these games. Each instance of what is said to be bad creates a video clip of a large size. Add up. In the months and years to come, be sure to follow suit.

Those who are cautious about saying goodbye to the indisputable “I told you” mountains should not worry. You can always eject the thumb drive from the USB slot and copy the clip before deleting it again. Just follow the same steps above to select what you want to copy. Instead of clicking the “Delete” button, click the button with three dots directly below it. That should give you a choice to copy all selected files to a compatible USB device.

Moreover, if you just want to completely turn off the automatic capture function, that is also an option. Just go back to the “Capture and Broadcast” menu and scroll down to “Trophies.” You will see a switch that can be turned off.

Take time until… someday.

Sony Say Then, at some point before the heat death of the universe, you will be able to expand the storage of the console through the M.2 SSD drive. For now, the company recommends delaying the purchase of such drives until they release more details. There is no news yet.

More information about PlayStation 5


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“Destiny 2: Beyond the Light” entry skills | Instant News

Illustration of the entry tips article titled

Screenshots: Bunge/Otaku

Band BBeyond light, Destiny 2 Compared to a week ago, it is much simpler, partly because of all the remaining content in the game and only the existing loot of sunset. However, when exploring Jupiter’s second moon and learning how to use darkness, there are still some things that are easy to miss.

So far, the tips in this article are very basic, but they are a good roadmap to get you started, especially if you are outdated Destiny 2 Players who have not summoned sparrows for a while. I will update the following list in the coming days and weeks, I spend more time in Beyond the light.

Stop whatever you are doing and upgrade your Ghost immediately.


Screenshots: Bunge/Otaku

the first thing: Beyond the light It has completely changed the way Ghosts works, regardless of your previous load, it has been affected. They now have mods instead of privileges, and can upgrade from 1 to 10 using materials such as legendary shards and enhanced prisms like other shards.

You should upgrade your existing Ghost and use it as much as possible, hoping to upgrade to at least five so that it can be equipped with the Guiding Light mod, which will increase your XP earned by 10%. If you have enough space, I also recommend that you use Prodigious Glimmer Booster, which gives you 35% more Glimmer, which will come in handy when you purchase additional bounties.

Before you reach the 1200 soft power limit, do not inject anything at will.


Screenshots: Bunge/Otaku

This has always been fate since king Changed the way the game’s level system works, but if you are a novice or may have forgotten: new, more powerful devices will continue to decline. This means there is no reason to inject old gears of your favorite current power level before at least the soft cap (the actual hard core may even wait until the hard cap of 1250 is approached).

The fastest way to increase the power level is to run the missing sectors on the earth.


Screenshots: Bunge/Otaku

fate Ribbon Aztecross Pointed out in a YouTube video last night, You can run Widow’s Walk in the Troastland section of EDZ over and over again to reach your goal in about an hour. That’s because the boss always seems to leave behind a legend and will be reborn when you quit completely. I tested it myself and it worked at least until Bungie patched it.

If you want to play and enjoy the game, just follow the story mission Beyond the light Like a normal person


Screenshots: Bunge/Otaku

Variks is your Europa guide. Every time you complete any step in his mission, he will provide you with a new legendary weapon, which will greatly increase your power level. Europa is a bit strange. When you go out to explore the world, objective indicators do not always appear on the horizon. If you are not sure where to go, look for a large blue alien symbol on the map and mark it as the next waypoint.

Enjoy the sights.


Screenshots: Bunge/Otaku

Seriously, Europa is beautiful! Look around, grab some screenshots, and don’t be afraid to explore some blind spots.The rest of the Beyond the light Will be waiting for you after completion (and strolling in the brand new fate When you are underpowered and still able to maintain your position, the position is much more interesting.

Ziggurat is not damaged, you just can’t unlock all the fragments yet.


Screenshots: Bunge/Otaku

Your exploration of using the Darkness element called Stasis will allow you to communicate with the Darkness of Splinter throughout Europa. When you perform this operation for the first time, Exo Stranger will appear and encourage you to take the fragments to Ziggurat in the middle of nowhere and communicate with the darkness. Once completed, nothing will happen and the rest of the clips will still be locked.

It seems that the game is waiting for you to figure out how to unlock the rest, but it is actually done. Return to the map and check the next target.It seems obvious, but Destiny 2 When a task step is completed and a new task step starts, the function that prompts you recently is not very good. The last thing I want is for you to spend half an hour with an unfamiliar Ziggurat, alone and confused, instead of having fun elsewhere in Europa.

Try to beat Phylaks before taking a break from Europa.


Screenshots: Bunge/Otaku

A bunch of planets just entered Destiny 2, But its world is still huge, with many destinations and activities waiting for you.It is strongly recommended that you join some crucible games or run the revised strike playlist before I strongly recommend you Beyond the lightThe story defeated Phylaks. Upon completion, you will unlock the repeat rewards of Variks, which you can purchase to earn XP faster, which in turn will be used in seasonal artifacts (improve your abilities and unlock seasonal mods) and seasonal passes (unlocked every moment Bonuses) to make progress in many levels) to go faster.

Speaking of Felix, she worked hard, but not without.


Screenshots: Bunge/Otaku

Start from scratch fate Power attack means that even ordinary enemies will be hit hard, and if you try to perform story missions, you can quickly overcome difficulties. This is especially true if you want to take Phylaks on your own early. Fortunately, there are several things that make this more feasible. She will almost never urge you to give you space to sit behind the cover and step on her health slowly from a distance. Moreover, although her servants will swarm, she still has ammunition for a sword or shotgun, and dispatching them quickly when they appear can keep you alive. Make sure to save your super and grenades to clear these monsters. Class abilities (healing rifts and obstacles) also help. Unless you reduce your health by one-third, Phylaks will not enter the next phase of the battle, and only pulse or reconnaissance rifles can give you plenty of time.

Check out some things you might have missed in Tower’s old and new terminals.


Screenshots: Bunge/Otaku

There are two new kiosks in the tower, but none of them are immediately visible. The first is called “Task Archive”, which allows you to pick up some old tasks you may have missed, including the new introductory task called “First Light” in the game. It is hidden next to the postmaster.

The second is called the “Lost Light Monument” and allows you to buy old strange objects whose missions have been arched, and legendary weapons that have been around since sunset, but are still viable in crucibles such as electricity. The kiosk is located between the two Vault terminals in front of Gunsmith.

Go to bear in the space war.


Screenshots: Bunge/Otaku

Cosmodrome is an ancient Russina cemetery used in the Golden Age space program and is one of them fateThe best patrol area has now been added to Destiny 2. In terms of building the world and relaxing and polishing, the playing method is very interesting, and it can give players an initial understanding of where they fall in love with Bungie’s loot shooting game. You can play the game’s new start missions in the archive kiosk of the tower, or you can fly in directly and get some new bounty and exotic missions from the new vendor Shaw Han in the patrol area.

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