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Haleem Adil urged the PM to initiate civil service reform from Sindh | Instant News

KARACHI – Vice President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Leader of the Opposition in the Sindh Assembly Haleem Fair Sheikh has urged Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan to initiate historic reforms in the civil service of the corruption-ridden and bad governance province of Sindh.

In a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan, he called for the immediate implementation of the 2020 Rules of Civil Service Efficiency and Discipline (E&D), rotation policies and other reforms in Sindh province, according to a statement issued on Friday.

He congratulated the PM on heroic reforms through the 2020 Civil Service Efficiency and Discipline Regulation (E & D), as expressed by Federal Minister for Professional Education and Training Shafqat Mehmood at a recent press conference. He said in this press conference it was announced that no officer would remain in a province for more than 10 years, no officer with plea bargaining and voluntary return would be tolerated and no officer with cases and questions against him would be posted. These reforms are unprecedented in Pakistan and are sure to help uproot bureaucratic sluggishness, corruption and abuse of power.

Adil said that although corruption in the bureaucracy was a widespread phenomenon across the country, in Sindh this threat had been institutionalized by the corrupt provincial rulers, who patronized the most corrupt and dishonest officials and used them as tools and pawns for their mega corruption. .

In Sindh many high-ranking officials have enjoyed posts in lucrative posts over the years and despite proven corruption and bargaining in defense with the NAB and voluntarily returning looted money, they are re-placed in previous seats to continue their malpractice, he said.

Despite continuous criminal cases and placement in Sindh for more than 10 years many corrupt bureaucrats are still present in this province and suck the blood of the poor masses through their corrupt practices. Some of these officers are even stationed at the Sindh Main Minister’s House and finance department which falls into the aforementioned categories (application offers, VR, posted for more than 10 years, etc.).

Adil further wrote that without the support and seriousness of these criminal-minded officers, the PPP led by the Sindh government would not have been able to destroy Sindh as they had for the past 13 years.

He said there was a very urgent need for the 2020 Civil Service Efficiency and Discipline Rules, rotation policies and other reforms to be implemented immediately and strictly in Sindh to suppress corrupt bureaucrats. “The corrupt civil servants should not be promoted, but rather retire. So as to ensure that honest and professional officers who are rarely stationed in Sindh and honest officers who are already part of the Sindh civil service but have been sidelined by a corrupt mafia-driven system, can replace the corrupt bureaucrats who currently hold the most positions. urgent. “

He said: “The details of officers who have reached a plea and VR bargaining agreement should be sought from NAB and likewise details of officers stationed in the province for more than 10 years are sought from the establishment division and the necessary actions must be taken. they.”

“The list of corrupt officers has been submitted by the chief secretary of Sindh to the Sindh High Court. There are 435 officer names on this list, most of them belonging to the Pakistani Administrative Service (PAS). We ourselves are also working on such a report which will soon be sent to your good office. “

He said the majority of officers who had signed plea bargains and VR deals in Sindh province were federal civil service officers and the PM was being asked to direct the federal government to take immediate action against federal civil servants who mostly belong to the administration and police. service on an urgent basis.

Adil said that as the leader of the opposition in the Sindh Assembly, I voiced the problems of the masses inside and outside the assembly. Therefore, I earnestly ask you to replace corrupt and promoted officials who are inactive with honest and professional civil servants so that much-awaited assistance can be provided to the people of this corruption-stricken province.


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‘KCR service from Kota Station to Orangi will be continued soon’ | Instant News

Pakistan Railways announced on Thursday that it would soon revive the Karachi Loop Railway (KCR) from Orangi City to City Station at the direction of Pakistan’s Supreme Court.

The supervisor of Karachi’s new division, Muhammad Hanif Gul, visited the 14-kilometer circular railroad, level crossings and related installations.

KCR Project Director Ameer Mohammad Daudpota notified Gul of the rehabilitation work being carried out. Line connectivity with the operational route of the KCR will mark the end of an important phase in the revival of local rail services.

The division supervisor was also briefed on the complete elimination of encroachment from City Station to Orangi Station. “The KCR commuter service will be extended from the City station to Orangi,” he said while expressing satisfaction at the speed with which the rehabilitation work is taking place on the track.

The KCR project consists of a 29.41-kilometer two-way loop along with the provision of a 13.69-kilometer two-way special line along the main Pakistan Railroad, which runs from City Station to Drigh Road Station.

The Supreme Court, on 9 May 2019, directed Pakistan Railways to end KCR road rights violations and hand over the line to the Sindh government, which will be operational in the next 15 days. However, the operation started partially from the Kota Station to Pipri last year in November.

Previously, the division supervisor directed deputies to visit the marshalling yard in Pipri to ensure unobstructed freight train operations and resolve any operational bottlenecks to increase revenue from transport revenues.

The deputy rolling stock director and deputy director of operations visit the marshalling page, verify rolling stock suitability and check operational parameters.


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Limited indoor food and beverage services are permitted with Region 6 to Tier 1 move announced Monday | Local | Instant News

Joining Stakes 6 in Level 1 is Stakes 1. Stakes 8, 9, 10 and 11 are moved to Level 2. Stakes 3 and 5 are reverted to Stage 4 of the Illinois Restore Plan.

State health officials cite the launch of several health care staff contracts to increase hospital staff as one reason they are preparing to make adjustments.

Local hospital and health department leaders have communicated to IDPH that their main capacity challenge is the need to add staff and stressed that state facilitated employment contracts will be important in overcoming this challenge. With this staff surge program, IDPH and hospital leaders are confident that metrics can safely shift from using medical / surgical bed boundaries to moving across levels of mitigation, allowing more regions to advance.

“Hospital leaders have made clear the importance of staffing in their continued response to this pandemic and conveyed that staffing contracts will be invaluable in their ability to meet the needs of their communities,” said IDPH Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike. “We are delighted to see a large part of our region moving out of Tier 3 mitigation with these changes, and it is very important for us to maintain this progress. With the new variant spreading COVID-19, it is more important than ever to follow public health guidelines that keep people safe – wear and cover and keep your distance. “


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Except for pleasantries, MQM maintains a mysterious silence on the controversial Census: Bilawal | Instant News

KARACHI – PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that the federal government has imposed a controversial census in Sindh, but “I am surprised that the so-called Karachi owner, MQM sits in the federal government which has launched anti-Karachi policies.”

He said this when giving a speech at the inauguration ceremony of the 4.9 km long road from Chowrangi Fishermen to Ibrahim Hyderi which was held in Chowrangi, Tuesday. The ceremony was attended by Chief Minister (CM) Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah, provincial minister, Saeed Ghani, Nasir Shah, Shahla Raza, Murtaza Wahab, regional MNA and MPA, party leaders and workers as well as P & D Chair Mohamamd Wasee, Commissioner Karachi. Naveed Shaikh, KMC Administrator Laeeq Ahmed, PD of the Asghar Memon project and others.

The PPP chairman said that MQM was in the coalition of the PTI government which had approved the controversial Census but except for pleasantries MQM remained mysterious. “If the original census is carried out, provincial residents will be able to get their rights on the NFC, job opportunities in the federal government and its agencies,” he said, adding but MQM was silent.

Our fishing islands have been taken by the federal government but again MQM has remained silent, said Bilawal Bhutto and went on to say that the federal government has seized the financial rights of the people in the province but MQM is silent. “The federal government has refused to contribute to the development of Karachi which generates more than 60 percent of national income, but MQM is silent,” he said.

The PPP chairman said that the federal government came to power because of the MQM votes they gathered from Karachi but they were not doing justice to the people of this city.

The chairman said that the regulations passed to take over the islands in the province had ended; Therefore, the fishermen sailing to the islands in search of a livelihood must not be stopped. He urged Sindh CM Syed Murad Ali Shah to talk to the related agents and tell them not to disturb the fishermen, the real owners of the islands.

The chairman praised the Sindh government for starting development efforts in the city and hoped this initiative would make the city of Karachi one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah on the occasion said that this double track segment, from Chowrangi Fishermen to Ibrahim Haidri was chosen because of its very dilapidated conditions. “The median is full of rubbish and the road is drained of water,” he said, adding that on section-II there is an eight meter wide road that connects to Ibrahim Hyderi Goth via a flat section. This 526 meter long stretch is hilly, has high slopes so that it cannot be passed by vehicles.

Mr Shah said that the 1.3 km stretch available to access the village in very bad conditions was not suitable for the movement of specially loaded trucks coming from the Fishermen Village. He added that the road termination point is very sudden, therefore the additional 550 meters is technically considered important to be included so that the access can be used properly. This project started on July 25, 2019.


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More than 130,000 passengers use BRT services every day, said a spokesman | Instant News

PESHAWAR: TransPeshawar said on Tuesday more than 130,000 passengers were using the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service every day while more than eight million had used the service since its inauguration.

The service was inaugurated by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on August 13 this year.

A TransPeshawar spokesperson said that despite the closure of educational institutions due to COVID-19, BRT is the choice for travel which shows public confidence in the service.

He said the company is working on the Zu mobile app which is nearing completion and will launch soon.

Since the start of the project, more than 600,000 Zu cards have been distributed to the community of which 400,000 have been distributed free of charge.

The service solves public transportation problems in provincial capitals with eco-friendly buses which are the first in Pakistan.

The spokesman said the service was at an economical rate for the community. It costs Rs10 for the first 5 kilometers and Rs 5 for every other 5 kilometers.

BRT provides services to the Peshawar community 16 hours a day from 6 am to 10 pm with a travel time of 2 to 4 minutes.

Apart from the 27 kilometers, four main direct / feeder corridors also operate to facilitate the public from every corner of the city. BRT Peshawar not only provides comfortable, reliable, safe and economical services for the community, but also contributes significantly to changes in social behavior where the department recognizes the role of society in the system.

After COVID-19 TransPeshawar has put in place a standard operating procedure (SOP) for all commuters traveling on BRT.

The spokesperson stated that the public must comply with all SOPs for COVID-19 and can contact the TransPeshawar helpline 091-111-477-477 for registration of complaints or suggestions.


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