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PM Imran Khan will lead important sessions on agriculture, the textile sector | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has called an important session to discuss the revival of the agricultural and textile sectors today, citing sources, ARY News reported on Monday.

Sources said that the prime minister will chair a session to discuss the revival of the current agricultural sector. The session will be attended by federal and provincial ministers to hold consultations on the revival of the agricultural sector.

In addition, PM Imran Khan will also chair a hearing to review the situation of the textile sector after the awarding of the financial package.

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Session participants will consider additional steps to provide financial assistance to the sector.

PM Khan also called a session of government ministers and spokesmen to review the country’s overall economic and political situation.

The meeting will discuss the government’s narrative in accordance with the current political scenario, while debriefing will be given to participants on various matters related to domestic affairs.




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PA passes four bills on the first day of the session: Raja Basharat | Instant News

Lahore:provincial Minister for law, parliamentary Affairs and social welfare Raja Basharat said Wednesday that four bills have passed in the first day session of the Assembly of Punjab, while three resolutions were referred to the relevant Committee on legislation.

Details after the session he stated that the bills are: procedure code (Punjab amendment) bill 2020, the Punjab prevention of accumulation of the bill 2020, the Punjab communicable diseases (Prevention and control) bill and the Punjab private educational institutions (development and regulation) amendment bill 2020.

An officer of the law said Ravi urban development authority Ordinance 2020, the Punjab undesirable cooperative societies amendment Ordinance 2020 and the Punjab cooperatives societies amendment regulations 2020 was submitted to the relevant committees. He stated that the legislative process will continue in the current session, while the agenda included General subscriber resolutions and privilege motions.

The police estimated: dig operations Lahore dig Ashfaq Ahmed Khan held a meeting to review the implementation of the model city police Department on Wednesday. He instructed the officers to increase patrols around the makeshift markets for sacrificial animals to control the fraud and cases of theft. He led a detachment of dolphins, Pru and Muhafiz squad to patrol the roads adjacent to the markets. He warned it will not tolerate negligence in Eidul Aza and responsibilities of Muharramul Harram. He directed the officers have a close relationship with the religious leaders and the organizers of processions and majalis.

condolences: the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Punjab health Commission Professor Dr. Attiya Khalid Mubarak expressed his sorrow at the tragic demise of Vice-Chancellor Nishtar medical University Multan Professor Dr. Mustafa Kamal Pasha.

In his condolences on behalf of the PHC, she said that the late Professor was a wonderful surgeon, teacher and a good man, who served in the medical profession enthusiastically, and his death has caused an irreparable loss for the medical community. Offering condolences to the victims families and friends, she prayed to Almighty Allah to grant the deceased a higher status in Paradise and give courage to all to bear the loss.


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Governments have sought to respond to the call against the PA session in the hotel | Instant News

Lahore:Lahore High court chief justice Muhammad Qasim Khan on Thursday warned the woman-the lawyer/applicant heavy penalty if it failed to prove that the holding of the session of the Assembly of the Punjab in a private hotel is illegal.

At the beginning of the hearing, the chief justice asked the lawyer Anjum Hamid, the applicant, cite the law that clearly restricted from holding session outside the Assembly premises. He also noted that petitions should not be submitted for advertising in the media. The lawyer said that business rules are not specified anywhere in the Assembly; however, public money is misused in the case of holding the session in a private place, probably because Covid-19 pandemic. She said that the impugned act amounted to disloyalty to the country.

Chief justice Khan warned the plaintiff’s lawyer that she tried to question the loyalty of all members of the Assembly. The judge opposed the petition and stated that the Governor of the Punjab allowed the speaker of the Assembly to hold a session at any appropriate place.

CJ asked the Advisor to the government, whether the Governor may delegate his powers to the speaker. “What if the speaker shall convene a session of the Assembly in his residence? Maybe some members not wanted to attend the session at the residence of the speaker,” he further asked the officer of the law. CJ sought a detailed response from the government at the next meeting, and noted that the petition be dismissed with a fine of Rs500,000 if the applicant fails to establish its case. The lawyer in his petition said that holding the session in a private hotel on the taxpayers ‘ money was against austerity policies, said Prime Minister Imran Khan.

She asked the court to summon all the details of expenses incurred on session in private place and order the relevant authorities to recover the amount.


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PA passes resolution to extend the OSA during the budget session | Instant News

Lahore:successful parliamentary strategy, the Punjab law Minister of parliamentary Affairs Raja Basharat saved health Department Punjab on Wednesday from legal crisis.

Previously approved Punjab infections and disease prevention and control Ordinance 2020 comes to an end. In the running session of the Assembly of Punjab, Raja Basharat introduced a resolution on the renewal of this resolution, which was adopted.

For the first time in the history of the Assembly of Punjab, the laws enacted during the budget session, while the opposition does not oppose this. If the permit is not presented, the actions of the health Department taken in relation to pandemic Crown would be overturned and further action could create legal complications. It may negatively impact on the ongoing campaign against the Crown in Punjab. Timely action and foresight of the servant of the law not only saved the Department of health, and the government of Punjab and people from potential difficulties.

In addition, during the PA session on Wednesday, the opposition raised objections to the performance of the agriculture, food and agencies in discussions of requirements for the Grant. Members of the opposition have submitted cut motions and two of them were discussed. The debate over the rest of the cut motion is expected on Thursday (Today).

In addition, the Punjab senior Minister Abdul Alim speaking on the floor of the PA on the policy of the food Department said that for the first time in history, farmers in Punjab received more than 1,400 rupees per mound of wheat, while the government has historical reserves of up to 43.2 million tons of wheat.

Alim, who is also the food Minister, said that after heavy procurement of wheat, now all our efforts are aimed at maintaining the price of flour in the market to a minimum, which in Sha Allah will be practical in the coming weeks, releasing wheat for flour mills. Alim Khan still says that people continue to have twice the wheat the government bought and in Sha Allah Punjab government will reorganize the Department of food on new lines, including the subsidy mechanism. Commenting on the performance of PML-N members, Abdul aleem Khan said where there are people who remember the days of Chaudhry Parvez Elahi is the today? They failed to convert hospital Cardiology Wazirabad and hospitals of Lahore, MIAN Mir, who has been held for 10 years just because these projects were opened on h. the Parvez Elahi.

Abdul aleem Khan asked “Showbaz Sharif”, who was in the habit of calling a meeting at 4 in the morning to give detailed information on the projects that PTI government is not allowed to be completed within the last two years.

Abdul Alim Khan claimed that the people of Punjab are suffering and the provincial government still suffered a debt of RS 550 billion on the purchase of wheat alone, on which banks are required to pay RS 40 billion a year, as interest only, giving the policy of Abdul aleem Khan said that the procedure of procurement of wheat in Punjab will be made realistic, next year and for a few days, important decisions will be taken by the Punjab Cabinet regarding the release of wheat to flour mills. He said that the Federal government has allowed to import 2.5 million tonnes of wheat. He acknowledged that cotton production in Punjab is decreasing, which is the responsibility of the government League Nawaz, who created the sugar factories in southern Punjab, to reward people of your choice.

Abdul Alim Khan, giving a policy statement in relation to the food Department, assured that the house, like rice, wheat must be provided by free market policies and we want to minimize the state intervention in order to prevent corruption and inappropriate measures. He also noted that the new policy on subsidizing flour in which cheap flour will give only to the needy, and not to all without any discrimination.


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Uncertainty hunts for NA, Senate session | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Deputy Senate Chairman Saleem Mandviwalla on Sunday suggested that the second session of the Parliament Building should be postponed after two MPs were found infected with the corona virus.

The National Assembly session will begin on Monday (today), while the Senate will meet on Tuesday. “This virus has reached the gallery of parliament,” Mandviwalla said, expressing concern over reports about lawmakers and assembly staff contracting the corona virus.

“More lawmakers and staff are likely to be affected by the virus,” he said and warned that calling the National Assembly and Senate sessions at this time could have serious consequences, media reports said.

He said the process [of both the houses of Parliament] must be postponed, and steps must be at stake so that no one enters an untested place. Syed Mehboob Shah and PTI MNA from Bajaur Gul Zafar Khan tested positive.

A special team from the National Institutes of Health took a swab from the affected MPs and others on May 8. All members of the two Houses of Parliament have been directed to undergo tests before attending scheduled sessions.

Meanwhile, Federal Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Minister of National Food Security and Research Syed Fakhar Imam, Senator King Zafarul Haq, Mushahid Hussain Syed, Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar, Saleem Zia, Abdul Qayyum and others have been declared negative.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the National Assembly Asad Qaiser recovered quickly from a coronavirus, his spokesman said on Sunday adding that he was likely to be discharged from the hospital on Monday (today).

He no longer has a fever and has had few chest infections, said the spokesman, adding that the speaker’s cough was better than before.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan and Army Chief of Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa Sunday called National Assembly Chairman Asad Qaiser to ask about him. In a telephone call with the prime minister, Qaiser said he felt better after following doctor’s instructions and expressed optimism that he would get well soon. Imran prayed well and prayed for his speedy recovery.

Separately, the military commander held a telephone conversation with Asad Qaiser and asked about him. Bajwa expressed good wishes for the health of the NA speaker and prayed for his initial healing.

In a related development, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has given permission to house insulation. The Department of Primary & Secondary Health has officially issued a notice of recommendations from the Corona Expert Advisory Group and the Technical Working Group.

Usman Buzdar, when giving permission for isolation at home, said that the SOP [standard operating procedures], outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO) has been considered for home isolation and patients who carry only small symptoms can be stored in home isolation.

Patients will be kept in buildings that are equipped under the supervision of the district health authorities related to important facilities, he added. CM said that patients can be stored in buildings that are equipped with hotel facilities, school buildings, mosques, hostels, and community centers as needed. He said that buildings where patients would be kept in isolation homes would be disinfected every day and solid waste would be disposed of according to given guidelines.

Usman Buzdar said that isolation at home would not be permitted where there was a danger of spreading the virus because the cooling and heating system and isolated patients would be given food only in disposable packages.

The CM said that a committee, nominated by the deputy commissioner concerned, would decide on the isolation of the house and the assistant commissioner or his deputy, the deputy health official of the district (DDO), the chief official would also be included on the house isolation committee. He said that staff members of the Department of Population, Livestock, Excise & Taxation Welfare would monitor and report on the isolation of the house. He said that three committees would be formed in each city union council and a doctor would be included in each committee. One committee will be formed in each village union council and the presence of a doctor will be mandatory on the committee.

The committee will also review the scope of looking after more than one patient according to the number of family members, he added. He said that the families concerned would be informed of the SOP and procedures before giving permission for house isolation. He added that patients kept in solitary confinement would be bound to inform about their condition on a daily basis.

Usman Buzdar said that it is mandatory for every patient who is isolated at home to ensure the implementation of the directives of the Department of Primary & Secondary Health and restrictions on testing protocols will be mandatory for patients treated in isolation homes.

The CM emphasized that the duration of home isolation would be 10 days and two patients’ negative corona tests would be needed to end home isolation. In case the surface of the second corona test is positive, a new test will be carried out after five days to end the isolation of the house.

In the event that a corona test is not available, the patient must remain in isolation for another two weeks even though it does not carry symptoms. He also issued a directive to the Primary & Secondary Health Department to take the steps needed to ensure the implementation of SOPs related to house isolation.


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