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Sindh established 14 Covid vaccination centers, nine of them in Karachi | Instant News

Although the Pakistani government has not received a Covid-19 vaccine, Sindh health authorities have set up 14 vaccination centers in the province, including nine in the Karachi Division, The News has studied.

Of the nine vaccination centers established in the city, two each have been established in the South, East and Central districts, and one each in the Korangi, Malir and West districts. Early next month Pakistan is expected to receive the first shipment of Covid-19 vaccine from Chinese company Sinopharm, which the Pakistani and Sindh governments have approached.

At an early stage, health authorities plan to vaccinate only frontline health services and other workers, including those serving in Covid-19 care facilities. Other districts in Sindh where vaccination centers are set up are Sukkur, Larkana, Hyderabad, Shaheed Benazirabad and Mirpurkhas, a health department official told The News on Tuesday.

The official said that in the South Karachi District, one vaccination center had been set up at the Jinnah Graduate Medical Center and another at the Khaliq Dina Hall. In the Eastern District, one vaccination center has been set up on the Ojha Campus of Dow University of Health Sciences and another at Aga Khan University Hospital, the official added.

The official said that at the District Center, one vaccination center had been set up at the Sindh Liaquatabad Government Hospital and another at the New Karachi Sindh Government Hospital.

In Korangi District, a vaccination center has been established at the Sindh Korangi No. Government Hospital. 5, in the Malir District, at the Urban Puskesmas in Thado Nalo, and in the West District, at the Sindh Qatar Government Hospital, the official added.

The official said that other Sindh vaccination centers had been set up at Liaquat University Hospital in Hyderabad, HIS Hospital in Sukkur Labor Colony, Chandka Medical University Hospital in Larkana, KIA Association in Nawabshah and Mirpurkhas District Hospital.

The official also said that the vaccination center was equipped with all necessary equipment and equipment, including refrigerators, while training of staff members to be stationed at the facility is currently underway.

Personal protective equipment will be provided to staff of these centers who are trained to deal with the influx of people to be vaccinated against Covid-19, while they are also trained in handling and administering vaccines, the official added.

Health Secretary Kazim Jatoi visited several vaccination centers in Karachi on Tuesday to review the arrangements made at the facilities. He directed relevant officials to ensure easy access for the elderly and people with disabilities.

He said that frontline workers, including doctors, nurses and paramedics, would be given the vaccine initially, whereas in the second phase, people over 60 and those with serious chronic comorbidities would be vaccinated against Covid-19.

“We need to facilitate people who are old, those with disabilities and those with serious complications. This vaccination center must function to prevent people from contracting the disease. “


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Nurses with pacemakers set record running lengths in New Zealand | Instant News

Brooke Thomas: “I’m sure it will work out in the next few days, when things slow down a little.” Photo / Provided


The Queenstown nurse has become the fastest woman to run across the country – in 57 days and 12 hours.

Brooke Thomas crossed the finish line on the Te Araroa line at Bluff on Friday night, having covered more than 3006 kilometers.

She beat her previous record by a week and raised $ 22,000 for the charity HeartKids.

Thomas has a pacemaker and said he wanted to test his abilities.

He says his achievements haven’t sunk in yet, but it’s strange to have a relaxing day today after weeks of hard work.

“It’s been an adventure, and I’m so excited that I finally got to do it. I’m sure it will work out in the next few days, when things slow down a little. It’s amazing.”

Thomas says the rough trail creates a lot of challenging moments.

“I have a fair amount of time on my own to think about what drives me, and the answer that keeps coming up is: whenever it’s hard – keeping in mind, I’m not fighting, I’m not fighting in the hospital bed, I’m just doing what I’ve done. choose and like. “



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X-rated horse names are just pronounced wrong, says Racing Australia | Instant News


The racing boss insisted that the names were on the board. Photo / 123RF

At first glance, it looks like the rogue owner has slipped two X-rated horse names past Racing Australia, but the governing body insists we just pronounced it wrong.

The pedestrians giggled after a pair of bullies named Lovin ‘Deqoque and Get On Deqoque appeared in separate races at a meeting at Daegon Racecourse north of Brisbane on Tuesday.

The horses, both coached by Darryl Ward and ridden by jockey Bobby El-Issa, took fourth and second place in their respective races, but it was their unusual moniker that caught the attention of racing fans and even made headlines abroad. .

“It’s interesting how # 1 in Trial 8 and # 5 in Trial 9 made it through the system when it was named,” tweeted Steve Ridge.

But Racing Australia says it fully knows the names and everything is on the board.

“We contacted the owners when they entered the name to make sure we knew how the horse’s name was pronounced and what the name meant,” Racing Australia boss Myles Forman told 7 News.

Get On Deqoque driven by jockey Bobby El-Issa.  Photo / Getty Images
Get On Deqoque driven by jockey Bobby El-Issa. Photo / Getty Images

“And in this case De-quo.

“You see, a combination of letters and words can mean different things to different people.

“In this case we believe it should be pronounced De-quo.

“Hence there is nothing here to raise concerns for Racing Australia.”

If you say so, sir.


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COVID: Government hopes to make Italy a ‘red zone’ at Xmas – England | Instant News

(ANSA) – ROME, 18 DEC – Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s government looks set to agree on restrictions that will keep Italy on lockdown for the Christmas holidays to cut off social contact during the festive season that is feeding the third wave of COVID-19 transmission here.

The government is expected to declare all of Italy a red zone, meaning non-essential bars and restaurants and shops must close.

But executives have reportedly not yet decided exactly what day the system should go into effect and whether to also impose restrictions to stop gatherings between family and friends during the holidays.

Regional Affairs Minister Francesco Boccia said on Thursday that he thinks Italians should stay at home this Christmas.

“We must take decisions to protect the vulnerable and the elderly, even at the cost of approaching unpopularity,” Boccia told Sky television.

“Each of us should spend Christmas in their own homes.

“Those who think a big meeting is a big mistake” Conte is expected to hold the latest in a long series of meetings with parties supporting his government and talks with regional governors on Friday.

His cabinet will then meet at 18:00.

Because of this, people will not be able to move between regions from December 21 to January 6 and they will not be able to get out of their hometowns on Christmas Day, St Stephen’s Day and New Years.

The curfew starting at 22:00 will remain in effect.

The CTS panel of experts advising the government on COVID-19 policy has called for tougher action than is currently planned for Christmas. (ANSA).