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The launch of the Narzo Realme was postponed until further notice | Instant News

Launching RealityThe new smartphone series, Narzo has reached another bulge. The company has delayed the launch of their new series until further notice. The company originally planned to launch the series on March 26 but the lockout had forced them to push the launch to a later date, April 21. The government has also decided to relax electronic commerce restrictions during locking. However Ministry of the Interior, on Sunday announced that the sale and purchase of items that were not important during locking would not be permitted. In response, Realme has decided to delay the launch indefinitely.

Realme CEO Madhav Sheth said in a statement on Twitter, “I know that you all have been patiently waiting for the #realmeNarzo series, but because of the latest news from the Government that is suspending E-commerce for insignificant matters, we postponed the launch until further attention.”

The company’s new smartphone series will target the middle and budget segments. Realme will launch two new smartphones under this new sub-brand. Narzo 10 and Narzo 10A will each be displayed in medium and budget options.

Going by teasers from the company, Real Narzo 10 is expected to feature a quad camera setup. Reality Narzo 10A on the other hand, might feature a three-camera lens.

Many e-commerce sites are preparing to go back online with the sale of non-essential items but considering counting the confirmed coronavirus cases in the country, the Interior Ministry decided to limit e-commerce until the second phase of locking ends.

In Monday, Central and many state governments revoke some of the locking in non-hotspot areas. The state permits allied agriculture and industry to continue operations. This step can set the stage for further relaxation in areas where the pandemic effect is relatively less or zero.


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