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WWE raw results: winners, grades, reaction and events July 13 | bleacher report | Instant News

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Final wwe raw before the show of horrors at extreme rules promised us “the night of the offense,” with familiar enemies in battle as they fight for position in anticipation of the pay-per-view channels Sunday extravaganza.

    Champions will battle the top teams of applicants will be determined and loud 36 Restlmaniya a rematch will happen as the brand not only seeks to build momentum for their latest WWE network hotel, but looks to turn around its alarming decrease in ratings.

    Work, who will speak on the major matches on the night with his hands raised in victory and what do these findings mean for the most extreme events of the year?

    Find out now with this recall, July 13, the USA network broadcast.

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    Already announced show for the night are:

  • Champion raw women ask and Kairi sane and women’s team Champions Sasha banks and Bailey
  • Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins
  • R-truth vs Randy Orton
  • Raiders Vikings and angel Garza and Andrade

It should be noted, though-Orton match, as it is seemingly not up to the beef between the two, at least not enough to warrant inclusion in “the rematch”. It will probably be the latest Chapter in the ongoing competition Orton with big show and the excuse to really accept the fact that you have to hate the Viper.

If it goes on as planned, and not another instance of Bait-and-switch, Owens and Rollins can be a damn good match ahead of the showdown in the night of Monday of the Messiah with Rey Mysterio in the night of Sunday on PPV.


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WWE raw results: winners, grades, reaction and highlights from July 6 | bleacher report | Instant News

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    Credit: WWE.com

    This week raw materials puts us two weeks away from extreme rules on July 19, so almost every segment this week was dedicated to building pay-per-view.

    Kevin Owens is back on Raw this week to accept the man he defeated at WrestleMania 36, Seth Rollins, on the episode of the show to.

    Rollins has also teamed up with Murphy to take on Alistair black and recently passed a medical examination, Rey Mysterio in the match tag.

    Big Show returned this week to the team of Viking raiders in the battle Randy Orton, Andrade and angel Garza.

    Let’s look at what happened this week on raw.

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    Here is a brief summary of what IN WWE advertised ahead of the show.

  • Rollins appears on the show to.
  • Rawlings and Murphy against the black and Mysterio.
  • Dolph picks against the extreme rules stipulation.
  • The big Show and the Viking raiders and Orton, Garza and Andrade.

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    Vs came at the request of McIntyre, but he did not reveal what position he chose for extreme rules, instead, he brought out Heath Slater. The recently released star spoke about his history together with the learner superstars.

    One-man band, was talking about Watching McIntyre to win the title in WWE from Brock Lesnar from his couch, as he shed tears of joy for his friend. Said Slater, he called every day for McIntyre after he was released many years ago, but the same courtesy was not returned, when he was dismissed a few months ago. He said that having children is not a rarity for him. It’s real.

    He said McIntyre owes him a match he promised him, before he was released. McIntyre said he doesn’t want to fight, but Slater kicked him to force him to accept.

    After the break, Slater managed to make the jump to WWE champion before McIntyre put it with a single Claymore for The simplest to win in weeks. Attack against Slater, but McIntyre made the save. He helped his former teammate 3MB and they embraced.

    Class: B+ (Promo) D (The Match)


    Roofer is mainly used as a comic character in the past, but when he gets the opportunity to deliver a serious promo, he always delivers.

    It’s a little weird for the WWE to use the recently released star as part of the storyline, but if he was going to be anything, Slater was the right choice.

    However, we used it as a speculator and not to give him a chance to prove himself against a top star in the company before he can start working on another promotion. This would give him a good push and wouldn’t have hurt momentum McIntyre one bit.

    The hug at the end was good, but if WWE is going to bring in someone just got fired, she should at least let them look good.

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    Sasha banks and Bailey was after the break to talk about what the best WWE has to offer in any division. It was their usual braggadocious promos.

    Asuka eventually made its way to her Challenger at extreme rules. She said that the boss will not stand against it. Bailey says her friend and put her on another match, which led to Asuka results, in Turn, is responsible.

    After the commercial, the boss rushed in my right mind to take control immediately. Pirate Princess leveled her with a right hand and unloaded a series of blows to the body that nearly sent the banks out from under the ring.

    She’s locked in the octopus submission before rolling Bank on the brink of a foul. Banks and sane were trading offense after the second commercial break. The boss regained the upper hand and kept it for a long time.

    Sane drilled her with a spear as she began to build momentum. She was going to win when Bailey stepped in to lead to disqualification. Asuka and sane laughs last.

    Class: B+


    It’s always nice to see a sane, especially after she was on TV over the last few weeks. It’s not like she missed the day with how well she performed.

    It was a competitive fight that allowed both women to Shine. WWE gave them a lot of time and they used it wisely.

    Boss continues to be one of the bright spots in the Department of women. It is great in the ring and one of the best on the microphone. She managed to show both skill sets on Monday. This set of Bailey and Asuka for later in the show.

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    Before he brought Rollins for the interview, Owens took the opportunity to get rid of the chairs in the ring. He clearly expected it to go sour immediately. Rollins feigned excitement was invited to the show To and asked Owens how his ankle after he was injured during their meetings WrestleMania.

    The prize fighter presented Rollins with a gift in honor of mania to face them. It was the shirt he wore when he won on Monday evening the Messiah. Rollins threw him out of the ring and said that he cares about Owens or his show. He just came out to challenge Mysterio to a match Raines.

    The Messiah thought he was able to recruit Owens to his work and offered to show him his purpose. Mr. 619 came out and accepted the challenge Rollins. Invited to become a partner Mysterio with black met backstage after the attack. Murphy attacked Owens, but Mysterio made the save.

    We returned from the break to see the match in progress. Mysterio and Murphy was an exciting exchange of offense. Rollins got in the face Dominica at one point and judge his eyes, before Mysterio could stop him. After the break, the Messiah was hard to control.

    Dutch destroyer came out as Rollins was preparing again to attack the house. This allowed Mysterio to pick up the win, while Dominic got his comeuppance.

    Class: B (Promo) B (Match)


    Owens and Rollins well together, and this segment was a good continuation of their feud WrestleMania without a full restart. The only thing that was Rollins thinking he could pick up Owens. He should be smart enough to know to never accept.

    The match that followed was good, if a little predictable. The moment Rollins was attacked by Dominic-that’s what helped her to become more than just another chance encounter between the rivals. It made it feel more personal.

    The victory gave Mysterio the choice of conditions for his match against Rollins, Raines. He chose the face to face match, whatever it is.


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Asuka vs. Sasha Banks and Top Potential WWE Raw vs. SmackDown Matches | Bleacher Report | Instant News

Pictures of Etsuo Hara / Getty

WWE last week announced a brand-to-brand invitation, and that has led to some unexpected matches on Raw and SmackDown.

WWE champion Drew McIntyre will face King Corbin in the Raw edition on Monday, while NXT female champion Charlotte Flair will face SmackDown’s partner, Bayley, on Friday.

With so many talents in both brands, there are many possibilities for matches that are rarely or never seen before.

As brand-to-brand invitations continue to play, here are three potential matches that WWE wants to see on Raw.

Asuka vs Sasha Banks

Asuka won the Raw woman champion last week as her prize for winning Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match after Becky Lynch resigned because of her pregnancy. As a result, The Empress of Tomorrow is now the face of the women’s division of the red brand.

It can be said that Bayley holds the same role in Smackdown because he is a champion, but Sasha Banks is probably a star who is even bigger than her friends after playing an important role in holding her title as long as she has it.

WWE is building tensions between Bayley and Banks, and reached another level at SmackDown last Friday when Charlotte Flair called The Legit Boss as a role model errand boy and challenged him to defend himself and his best interests.

A great way to advance problems between Bayley and Banks while also providing fans with interesting battles will make them appear on Raw to disrupt Asuka during the promo segment.

The empress can challenge the Smackdown title to the match only for the champion to throw the Boss under the bus and force her to fight for him.

Asuka and Banks had faced each other in a single match only once before, and that happened two years ago on Raw. The match was fantastic and made fans want more, but a rematch hasn’t happened to date.

Doing Asuka vs. Banks will achieve several goals, including highlighting The Boss and allowing him to have a great match with one of the best in the business. Also, Raw card holders can score big wins to add credibility during his reign, perhaps by interfering with Bayley’s interference.

An alternative option could be Bayley and Banks face Asuka and Kairi Sane in a tag team match because The Kabuki Warriors are technically still one unit.

The match will have the potential to become the best female tag team in WWE history if given enough time, and a number of storylines can also be played in it.

Seth Rollins vs. Jeff Hardy

Seth Rollins has established himself as the upper heel in Raw, and now it is Jeff Hardy returning to SmackDown, he became one of the top blue babyfaces of the brand that moved forward.

Clearly there are some similarities between the two men in terms of their in-ring style, and a contest between them is often discussed among fans as a dream match between Superstar which reaches its peak in a different era.

Both Rollins and Hardy are multi-time world champions at WWE. The latter hasn’t held a world title at the company since 2009, while the first was a universal champion only last year before dropping it to “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt.

Rollins will lose WWE champion Drew McIntyre at Money in Bank, and he needs a few wins to get back on track. Meanwhile, Hardy is in the midst of competition with Sheamus.

The Monday Night Messiah’s actions, including gouging Rey Mysterio’s eyes with the corner of the ring ladder last week, could make him a target for someone like Hardy from the perspective of the storyline.

Charismatic Enigma seems to respect Mysterio deeply, and defending the honor of his veteran colleagues will be a good way to explain the match. This will also be the first meeting since Rollins and Hardy have never had a single match.

The Rollins vs Hardy match can be branched into several angles as well, as Sheamus intervenes to advance his dispute with Hardy or Murphy to interfere on Rollins’ behalf, which can lead to another unique fight on Hardy vs. Murphy.

Street Profits vs. New Day

Tag wrestling is not always the main focus at WWE, but there is no question that the company offers some talented tandem in all its brands.

The two best ones are The Street Profits and New Day, and they happen to each hold the Raw Tag Team and SmackDown Championship.

New Day has been pure entertainment in the five years they have been together and have proven themselves as a WWE companion team. They also enjoyed tons of success with eight championships.

Street Profits are still quite new to the main list, but they have made their mark with fiery promos and a pleasant backstage segment. They also did not take long to win the Baku Mark Team Championship after previously holding the NXT title.

Perhaps the biggest argument in favor of The Street Profits vs. New Day is the fact that Montez Ford, Angelo Dawkins, Kofi Kingston and Big E can put together a great promo segment to set the stage for a match.

Actual in-ring action can be very good too because all four Superstars are impressive athletes with the ability to tell interesting stories through matches.

Street Profits vs New Day is perhaps the biggest potential tag team’s dream match at WWE today, and brand-to-brand invitations can make it happen.

Listen Ring Rust Radio for all hot wrestling topics. Catch the latest episodes from the players below (warning: multiple languages NSFW).


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WWE News: 10 craziest unwritten rules from Vince McMahon after Seth Rollins broke one | Instant News

Seth Rollins broke one of Vince McMahon’s ‘secret’ WWE rules during a tag team match at RAW last Monday.

He was accidentally disqualified after attacking Rey Mysterio while he was not a legitimate person, before it was time to end the match in an awkward manner.

But Rollins is not the only one who breaks the secret rule.

Much has been done before him and many more will follow.

Behind ‘The Monday Night Messiah’ mistake, Sun has run 10 of WWE’s “craziest unwritten rules”.

Check them:

Ban on sneezing

There was a joke in WWE that Vince McMahon hated sneezing and didn’t like his employees doing it backstage.

But the joke was confirmed by Paul Heyman a decade ago, revealing the boss did not like to sneeze because he could not control them.

“This is the best story I can tell about Vince McMahon. This is the story of Vince’s greatest control,” he told MMA Hour in 2010.

“If you are in the room with Vince McMahon and he sneezes, use your Blackberry for the next 20 minutes because you have nothing to say to him.

“Because he really loses because he can’t control sneezing.”

Never sneeze in front of the boss

Curse of his hometown

Another unwritten WWE rule is to lose a Superstar during a show in their hometown, although it usually gets a very good reaction from the crowd.

Luke Harper, who now wrestles at AEW, once talked about the curse and how he felt about it.

“I know about [it]”And I feel it,” he told the Democratic and Chronicle newspapers.

“I really had a great match with Dolph Ziggler who I thought I should win and I didn’t do it. It was really inherent in my exploration. This was something that I thought about … but it was nothing in my control. . ”

Harper is not happy to lose in his hometown

Referee injury over-sale

While Superstars usually receive a lot of punishment during a match, the referee doesn’t do it.

They can fall in a bit of a daze, allowing the heel to commit some illegal action without being disqualified.

The referee sells too many of their injuries

Don’t say ‘shot title’

Many things bother Vince, even basic language.

Mick Foley once told me about how Braun Strowman, a six foot tall monster, three hundred pounds, was driven off the stage for saying ‘title shots’.

“I heard Braun Strowman say, ‘I want a title shot.’ Mr. McMahon was behind the curtain, on the board watching the monitor, and he said, ‘Oh my God, this is not a title shot.’

“I thought to myself, then what is it? That is exactly what I will call him when I will go there. You want the title.

“He was like, ‘This is a title match. It’s a match!’ So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to see a giant six feet, three hundred pounds can be defeated, you should be there. ”

Strowman was once 'chewed' by Vince

Don’t call the championship a belt too

Similar to the ‘title shot’, ‘Superstars are not permitted to call their championship’ belt ‘- according to Chris Jericho.

He remembers a conversation on his podcast that read: “Hey Vince, I don’t know if I should lose my belt.” [Imitating McMahon] “What?” ‘Sorry, the title’.

“You can’t say ‘belt’ because the belt is what you use to lift your pants.”

Jericho is at odds with Vince

Posing makes movements more painful

Wrestling is about entertainment, so if you can combine it with your movements, then you will be the winner.

The Sun writes: ‘If you were Hulk Hogan or The Rock flexed before then your elbows or legs fell instantly to be ten times stronger.’

Always be flexible before your finisher

Signing the contract turned into chaos

Signing contracts has been a staple of WWE TV for decades. But now it is customary for a fight to break between two Superstars putting pens on paper.

When was the last time you saw the signing of a peace contract?

Signing contracts turns into chaos more often than not

WrestleMania Point

It is a popular tradition at WWE for Royal Rumble winners to show the WrestleMania mark.

However, Triple H revealed that the company did not tell Superstar to do it, even though they all did it.

“It’s funny now, this is a hoax that has been happening for years and [fans think] we tell everyone to point to that sign, we don’t tell anyone to point to that sign. “

Always point to the sign

The stairs go up

One of the more frustrating unwritten rules at WWE. It seems that Superstar takes a long time to go up the stairs.

Despite being an extraordinary athlete, all the strength comes out of the window when trying to do something very simple. Where is the logic?

Stop climbing the stairs slowly, WWE star

Fans are not a sign

Wrestling fans are desperately buying into characters referred to as ‘signs’ among themselves.

But Vince did not agree with the term and did not like his talent to use it. Jericho once revealed:

“You can’t say ‘fan’ because it’s’WWE Universe’. And don’t ever say ‘sign’ because [imitating McMahon] ‘They are not a sign – they are our fans!’ ”

Don't call WWE fans a 'sign'

Well, there are some very strange rules there.

You might be fine if you remember to point the WrestleMania sign, or just avoid calling your championship a ‘belt’ or ‘title’ … but NEVER sneeze in front of the boss.

Now News – Sports News


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News and Notes on Becky Lynch Confirming Pregnancy | Instant News

Becky Lynch, carrying the Raw Women’s Championship in a Money in the Bank bag, tearfully announced her pregnancy Monday night at Raw.

“Tonight is not an ordinary night for me. I am torn between joy and sadness. I am in a place in my life where things will change and I need to do something about it, “said Lynch, who confirmed that he” had to leave for a while “and could not fight anymore.

As per the story line, Lynch mandates that decision makers award the winner’s Money in the Bank with a championship that is now empty.

As a result of this developing situation, Asuka is your new Raw Woman champion.

“You become a warrior, because I will become a mother,” said Lynch, who celebrated the news with the new Raw female champion.

The Man’s pregnancy report which was rumored to appear online Monday as a reliable source such as @fightoracle (h / t Wrestling Inc) and PWInsider (h / t Wrestling Inc) reports the news, with PWInsider noting that many sources confirm the pregnancy.

Becky Lynch is currently engaged to the top WWE Superstar Seth Rollins, but the pair wedding plans were delayed because of COVID-19.

Lynch will celebrate her record as the 400th day as Raw’s female champion tomorrow, even though she is clearly absent from Money Sunday in the Bank’s pay-per-view. Lynch’s last match came when he defeated Shayna Baszler at WrestleMania 36. Since then he has rarely appeared in WWE programming.

Lynch’s departure is a major long-term vacuum for WWE, which is also without the Smackdown star, Roman Reigns, who is immunocompromised and will not wrestle during national closure, especially in the near future.

The absence of Becky Lynch is also bad news for Raw, which has taken the burden of WWE’s accelerated downgrading in the coronavirus era. Raw broadcast last week broadcast the event lowest audience in history. With limited staff, and other top stars coming down, Raw is almost certain to see the number of viewers sink below the 1.5 million viewers that were once unexpected if the era of empty arenas remained.

Lynch’s absence could also mean a new lease for Shayna Baszler’s life suddenly ran pretty well on the main list. After performing shortly at Royal Rumble and at WrestleMania, Baszler was bypassed for another major opportunity during Money last night at the Bank match though listed as the top two favorites as smart money entered.

WWE Raw Viewers—Five of the Last Week

  • May 4, 2020-1,686 million viewers
  • 27 April 2020-1,817 million viewers
  • April 20, 2020-1,842 million viewers
  • April 13 2020-1,913 million viewers
  • 6 April 2020-2118 million viewers

From Forbes WWE Vault

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Key Competition

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Mainstream News Coverage

Total YouTube WWE Viewers for WWE Raw

6,346,996 views (Down from 6,593,606)

  • Most viewed: Drew McIntyre vs Murphy (1,737,830 views)
  • Most viewed: Aleister Black in AJ Styles’ arrogance (115,489 views)
  • Total Median Visitors: 348,469


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Push Asuka Is Here And 5 Things We Learned | Instant News

WWE money at Bank 2020 is certainly one of the most bizarre per-view payments in WWE history, and that is also news that is newsworthy too.

At the first post-WrestleMania event this year, WWE crowned two new MITB winners in the unique and first “climb the company ladder” match, and the company’s top two champions were able to defend their title but in a far different way. Throw in some surprising events in another match on the card, and it is clear that WWE entered this PPV with the aim of recalling interest in the product when the viewer is for both Raw and Smackdown is the tank to the lowest position of all time without any real signs of change in the near future.

Money in the Bank only has a few highlights and a fair spotlight, and it’s undoubtedly a pay-per-view that won’t be forgotten soon, especially the only main event. Is that better or worse?

Here are the five biggest takeaways from Money on Bank 2020.

MORE THAN FORBESWWE Money In The Bank 2020 Result: Will Fans Revive Drew McIntyre Like They Seth Rollins?

Is Bobby Lashley Assigned to a Big Boost?

WWE really focused on building Bobby Lashley again after a few months of mediocrity with Raw, and at Money in Bank, he stepped in and stepped up the MVP to continue – and then quickly beat – R-Truth.

Creative team reported consider using MVP as a stable heel manager on Raw, and MVP’s interaction with Lashley certainly set the stage for Lashley to emerge as a top star in the evil faction of MVP’s future. That’s certainly not a bad idea after the very talented Lashley has wasted on the middle card for most of the WWE running two years now, which has been the talk of wrestling for years because the creative team can do more with Lashley out from the gate.

Ideally, Lashley’s continued drive will cause him high enough to emerge as an attractive and legitimate enemy for Brock Lesnar at the end of the road, but at the very least, Money in the Bank is a good start for Lashley’s new impetus.

Has Shayna Baszler Been Performed As A Top Star?

Vince McMahon is reportedly unsure about pushing Shayna Baszler, which proved true at WrestleMania 36 when he failed to beat Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship.

It was the second time, following Royal Rumble, that Baszler failed to win the marquee match that was widely expected to be won, and at Money in Bank, he lost another big fight when he failed to win the MITB women’s ladder match. That makes Baszler 2-3 on the list of the main PPV matches, a record that is far from his days at NXT, where he is one of the most dominant superstars – male or female – in all WWE. Suffice it to say, there is reason to worry about Baszler’s future at WWE.

Given that McMahon has done it react “negatively” to several high profile matches involving “The Cagefighter,” his failure to win Money in the Bank’s suitcase is just another sign that he will become the newest NXT supporter who failed on the main list.

Drew McIntyre Will Become A Very Dominant World Champion

Drew McIntyre had an absolute mega-push in 2019, with an impressive victory in the Royal Rumble match and against Brock Lesnar (and the Big Show) quickly at WrestleMania 36 to be in line with a series of TV wins over a number of Raw stars.

At Money in the Bank, McIntyre added another big win to a growing resume with a difficult but clean win over Seth Rollins, who has consistently been pushed as one of Raw’s top two stars for about half a decade. You can clearly see that WWE is strongly committed to pushing McIntyre as far as possible, and this is clearly an interesting situation because – although social media’s reaction to McIntyre is very positive – we cannot measure the crowd’s immediate response to him at this time. Meanwhile, Vince McMahon blame Raw rank the new star is a worrying sign about his future as a champion.

McIntyre, however, is a fantastic representative for WWE as his world champion, but the notorious WWE fan base often rejects the dominant movements that McIntyre does today. There is little reason to believe that fans will soon be reviving McIntyre, but this is something to be watched for, especially after the way he has unpacked Zelina Vega’s increased heel and not so good with some fans. .

Bray Wyatt Vs. Braun Strowman Is a Defeated Situation

You can know from the completion of the Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt at Money in Bank, when Strowman distracted Wyatt’s attention with a black sheep mask before winning the fight, that WWE was caught between a rock and a difficult place with this competition.

On the one hand, you get a very popular “heel” in Wyatt, which should never have lost the Universal title in the first place. On the other hand, you have Strowman, who is also a favorite fan and finally got the world title he was supposed to get at least two years ago. The Smackdown list is very limited in terms of top stars due to the absence of names like the Roman Government, and it is quite clear by the way WWE rushed into this Wyatt / Strowman competition during the period in which Strowman was not allowed to lose the title but Wyatt should also not lose in a big match.

Based on their Money results in a Bank match, this feud will continue to pass through pay per view, but as SmackDown viewers continue to plunge, You have to wonder if WWE will summon some sort of sound for the book itself from this whole situation and to make its peak feud more interesting than ever before.

Push Is There For Asuka And Otis

What Vince McMahon wants, Vince McMahon gets.

The Chair and CEO of WWE is reportedly a big supporter of both Otis and Asuka, and that is all but confirmed at Money in Bank when the two stars win each MITB match by taking longer than the star-studded field to do so. Of course, their victory did not come in a traditional match, but that would only make them stand out more.

Otis has managed to overcome the main problem – even without the presence of fans – because of his sincere fondness while Asuka continues to win fans with an unmatched combination of charm and in-ring skills, making them both a great choice to bring the coveted MITB. briefcase and potentially create some interesting story lines for how long they hold it.

Although WWE was disappointed because of the questionable booking movement, the victory by Asuka and Otis certainly did not fit the bill as a bad creative call, and now, the two stars are in line for considerable encouragement and the potential for future world titles.

Not bad. Not bad at all.


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Seth Rollins felt he was made a ‘scapegoat’ for Hell in the Cell match against ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt | Instant News


Amended 10 May 2020, 21:53 IST

Seth Rollins “/>
Seth Rollins

WWE superstar Seth Rollins currently chatting with talkSPORT, Alex McCarthy recently, where he opened about Hell in the Cell fight match ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt last year on pay per display namesake.

The match for the Universal Championship ended in stopping the referee after Seth Rollins hit Bray Wyatt, who was buried under a weapon, with a sledgehammer.

Seth Rollins bears the burden of WWE Universe

Given the nature of the match, the end of the match did not match the WWE Universe and Seth Rollins who had to bear the greatest burden. Talking about feuds and matches, in particular, Rollins said he was a scapegoat in the situation and had to face all scrutiny himself.

“In the end, there is no good way to say it, I died in water after Hell in a Cell,” Rollins explained.

“And a lot of that I can’t control. I was left there as a scapegoat in that situation and there was nothing I could do about it, but I was the one who had to face scrutiny.

“And nobody really cared about me at the time, or about my feelings or about what really happened at that time, that night and all that accompanied it.

“Nobody cares about Seth Rollins and how it affects me or how involved I am in any form or form.

“So, the writing was on the wall at the time. It’s time to squat down and make some changes, and some of them are difficult lessons to learn.

“But that’s what happened and we are here. There’s no point in lamenting the past, it’s time to move on, move on to the future and find out what you are going to do about it, you know? What can you control.”

The dispute didn’t help Seth Rollins and much WWE eventually forced to change his character and change it. But that’s not the worst, because Rollins has become the main heel of Monday Night RAW as’ The Monday Night Messiah.

Seth Rollins will challenge the newly crowned WWE Champion Drew McIntyre to get a degree in Money at the Bank. This will be McIntyre’s first hard test as Champion and with Murphy lurking, he must have eyes behind his head if he wants to defend his title.


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Best Ranking, Worst Cash in WWE Money in Bank History | Bleacher Report | Instant News

5. John Cena, 2012

Announcing cash in advance might work for Rob Van Dam (more about him, soon), but for John Cena, it is a one-week assessment tactic that devalues ​​what has become one of the most popular tricks in the business. .

The franchise challenged CM Punk to the WWE title on July 23, 2012, the Raw 1000 episode, flipping his bag like a respectable babyface. Instead of winning gold and ending Punk’s rule, he saw his title aspirations rise at the permission of The Big Show.

And just like that, the opportunity for an unforgettable moment was wasted.

4. Damien Sandow, 2013

Damien Sandow has lost all momentum in front of his money at the Bank on October 28, 2013, the Raw episode. So much so that no one believed he would defeat John Cena, one night after the industry’s top star returned to Hell in a Cell.

And he did not do it.

Although he targeted the triceps of Cena who had been previously injured, he was unsuccessful in his efforts to depose him and would soon be a joke on the show rather than being the main avoidance of his money in a victory in a bank briefcase suggesting he could.

3. Braun Strowman, 2018

The bad luck change of the heel of Braun Strowman in August 2018 preceded the worse conceptualized cash conceptualized in a pay-per-view bank contract in Hell in a Cell, where he challenged universal champion Roman Reigns.

Any chunk of momentum that he had built for himself was erased as he accidentally turned his heels, and every shot he had from the main event’s impulse continued to evaporate when Brock Lesnar interrupted The Monster Among Men championship match with The Big Dog. That the same match from PPV ended with no unreasonable contest only put an exclamation mark on how poorly the whole ordeal was planned.

2. Alberto Del Rio, 2011

Alberto Del Rio’s cash-in position is just below the worst because of its branching to the hottest Superstar in the industry at the time.

CM Punk had just managed to defend the WWE Championship against John Cena at the SummerSlam main event when Kevin Nash hobbled into the square circle, dropping it with Jackknife Powerbomb and Del Rio coming from nowhere to cash in and win gold.

Punk, who alone has sparked interest in an industry that has been cold for years, sees its momentum hampered to benefit Del Rio one dimension and start hostilities between Triple H and Kevin Nash. It was a bad booking then and, come to think of it, worse now.

1. Baron Corbin, 2017

Baron Corbin money in cash Bank is an example of backstage politics disrupting smart bookings. In an attempt to punish him for comments made during the meeting, Corbin was ordered to cash in his bag, only to be defeated by Jinder Mahal in a short time.

His credibility shot, it will take almost a full year to rebuild it into someone that fans can buy in an important role. The damage done to him, the silliness of the segment and the reasons behind it make it an easy choice for the worst cash-in.


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A Closer Look At Successful Stars, Fail With A Briefcase | Instant News

After its debut in 2005, WWE Money at the Bank soon became a hit among fans after its unforgettable first Ladder Match.

Money in the Bank has shown strength to last for the past 15 years, and really exists as the last type of race that is dying as a meaningful secondary championship.

In today’s analysis companion study about that really works after winning Money at the Bank, I checked all 15 WWE Superstars who went up and down at the time of their milestone victory and offered a further analysis of whether the suitcase had them or not.

Edge – Got Over (2005)

Edge sparked an initial wave of successful Money at the Bank running as he set the tone for what the bag would be with cash in 2006 at John Cena. Not only did the briefcase manage to get Edge at the time, he later became one of WWE’s top stars for years to come and finally the Hall of Famer.

Before Ziggler in 2012, Edge enjoyed his own 280-day long journey, the longest in history until Carmella broke a one-week record in 2017.

RVD – Got Over (2006)

RVD is an interesting case study because he almost fainted as WWE and ECW champion after improper arrest for possession of cannabis with Savu. RVD’s career has never been the same, because he was never given another chance to carry a world title at WWE, but he built momentum as the winner of Money in the Bank. With a suitcase at the beginning of glory years1 after all the time run by Edge, RVD follows up with our first glance at Babyface Money in the reign of the Bank.

After 70 days with suitcases, RVD surrounds the cash heel tactic at an opportunistic time – when the opponent weakens – and becomes the first Money in the Bank winner to announce the cash date in advance. The next won’t happen for six years when perfect babyface John Cena announces cash for Raw 1000 in 2012.

Incredibly enough, the next example like that won’t happen for another six years, when Braun Strowman announces Hell in a Cell cash-in against Roman Reigns for Universal Championship.

RVD Cash-in was very memorable, arguably the highlight of his career, when he defeated John Cena in an uneven match with a home advantage at ECW One Night Stand 2006.

Just like The Miz (2010), Dolph Ziggler (2012) and Carmella (2017) after him, RVD managed to finish with Money in the Bank’s briefcase but could not stay at the main event level.

Mr. Kennedy – Not Beyond (2007)

Mr. Kennedy snakebite WWE’s career began to take on the worst immediately after the highlight of his career winning Money at the Bank.

Seems that on the way to Easy Street as a type of Caucasian, All-American male WWE salivates, Kennedy suffered a triceps injury shortly after his victory. He was forced to make an unpleasant history as the first and only WWE Superstar who had ever lost money in a bank suitcase, dropped it on Edge on Raw in 2007.

CM Punk – Got Over (2008, 2009)

Apart from the assumption that CM Punk is a rebel, oppressed by the system, this system strongly supports Punk. Punk remains the only WWE superstar in history to win money in a bank match in two different years, and he did it sequentially.

Punk’s first cash-in put him above Edge in memorable mode as he took advantage of Batista’s beatdown to capture the World Heavyweight Championship. Punk seems fine as the babyface world champion, even though his journey suddenly ends when he wants to know taken out from the 2008 WWE Championship Contest.

The following year, Punk used his suitcase to turn his heels – cashing in Jeff Hardy – leading the emergence of the highly successful Straight Edge Society.

He never looked back.

Jack Swagger – Don’t get Over (2010)

Jack Swagger captures his trunk with a surprising win at WrestleMania 26. Still an unfinished product with limited promo capabilities despite its high ceilings, Swagger can of course benefit from a slide like Edge.

Unfortunately, Swagger cashed in the following Tuesday on Smackdown against current Inner Circle colleague Chris Jericho, and struggled to maintain credibility.

He was quickly exposed at the main event level, spending only 79 days as champion.

The Miz – Got Over (2010)

After a 127-day reign full of Money in the Bank suitcases, all-time speakers of The Miz were cashed in to become WWE champions in November 2010. Miz used the suitcase as the next step in a coherent and natural development to the top of WWE, who likes is unseen in today’s struggling government.

Miz went on to defend his title at the WrestleMania 27 main event against John Cena, at the peak of its power, but he lost the WWE Championship to Cena at Extreme Rules one month later. From there, Miz fell from the map—And out of the main event—before getting back up for various levels of excellence in what has become one of the strangest career trajectories in WWE history.

Daniel Bryan – Got Over (2011)

Daniel Bryan cashed his money in a Bank contract in December 2011 against world heavyweight champion The Big Show. He started singing “Yes” soon after.

The rest is history.

Alberto Del Rio – Not Getting More (2011)

Alberto Del Rio seems to be on his way to replace Rey Mysterio as the next inaugural Mexican star of WWE. After winning the Royal Rumble in 2011, Del Rio defeatedly lost to Edge in the opening match of WrestleMania 27, a match that proved to be the last of Edge,

Del Rio’s next big moment came when he caught Money at the Bank in 2011, and he managed to cash it in by spoiling Summer Punk to catch the WWE Championship at SummerSlam 2011. Unfortunately, Del Rio dropped the WWE Championship in just a few short short months. then to the 2011 Punk at Survivor Series.

Del Rio quickly fell out of the picture of the main event despite ruling the world intermittently to titles that were largely shown to be fruitless.

He is no longer with promotion.

Dolph Ziggler – Got Over (2012)

Perhaps the biggest cash in the Bank cash in WWE history, Dolph Ziggler set fire to the New Jersey IZOD Center when he finally cashed his money in the Bank’s briefcase after the marathon administration of 267 days.

Ziggler’s run represents more than the traditional use of Money in the Bank, where rising stars are given time to develop while holding a suitcase. This paid off in spades for creating magic during Raw 2013 after WrestleMania, although Ziggler’s time as world champion was ultimately marred by bad luck injury. Like Carmella in 2017, her suitcase makes it a temporary main avoidance.

Damien Sandow – Cannot Exceed (2013)

In 2013, Damien Sandow became the first WWE Superstar to cash money in a Bank suitcase and lost, falling to John Cena in a TV match for the World Heavyweight Championship on Raw in October 2013. Although Sandow found a new life a few years later as Damein Mizdow, his career at WWE finally ended when it was released in 2016.

Seth Rollins – Got Over (2014)

Seth Rollins is on the best short cash-in list of all time, doing so at the WrestleMania 31 main event. In cashing, Rollins changed the one-on-one match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns to Triple Threat. This is a new innovation in Money in the Bank that hasn’t been explored since.

Finished products are the top heel when cash comes in, Seth Rollins significantly benefits from a 273-day reign with a briefcase, the third longest bag of all time.

He remains a top star.

Dean Ambrose – Got Over (2016)

This is one of the more difficult scenarios to study and whether the Money in the Bank succeeded in making Dean Ambrose debatable. But while Ambrose was underwhelmed as a WWE champion, and suffered an expensive one-sided loss to Brock Lesnar that year at WrestleMania 32, his cash after hours after winning made him stronger and truly felt like he was coming.

Ambrose remained at or near the main event almost until his departure in 2019.

It is impossible to imagine how Ambrose’s career would have been played if he had again signed a contract with WWE, but then his success went on in NJPW and AEW when Jon Moxley gave him the advantage of doubt.

Carmella – Got Over (2017)

Even though she ran as SmackDown woman champion eventually died down after cashing Charlotte (Carmella continued to fall back to the middle card after dropping the title), Money at the Bank actually succeeded in making Carmella a star, if not temporarily.

It would not hurt that Carmella was given time to develop her heel personality with a briefcase over a span of 287 days, eventually giving birth to an interesting term, “Mella is Money.”

Carmella won the suitcase in a controversial way when then-manager James Ellsworth fiercely seized it on his behalf, caused a wave of anger among the fans played directly into the hands of WWE build rare heels that are truly despicable. Carmella is forced to compete in a rematch, which collects 2.6 million viewers on SmackDown Live, landed on No. 3 in the demo 18-49.

WWE will be over-the-moon with numbers like that now.

Baron Corbin – Not Getting More (2017)

It can be argued that Baron Corbin is WWE’s main heel now, but the rise that was fought came about despite the possibility of the most unsuccessful money in the Bank being carried out in its 15-year history. In what is believed to be the result of WWE textbook shortsightedness – after Corbin reportedly ruffled some feathers by debate with Dr. Joseph Maroon during a concussion during a staff meeting – Corbin quickly lost cash in his match with Jinder Mahal through a rollup.

Corbin is in the category of a very rare newcomer who fails to cash his money in a bank suitcase, but can still save a productive career years later. This is proof of his talent as a heel and / or WWE’s commitment to him.

Braun Strowman – Cannot Exceed (2018)

The strange Braun Strowman money on the Bank run ended when he cashed it in a bag inside against Universal champion Roman Reigns in Hell in a Cell, only for the match to end in no contest, leading to inappropriate anger.

Strowman has succeeded in becoming the heir of Reigns’ present absence from television when he quickly defeated Goldberg at WrestleMania 36 and won his first Universal Championship.


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WWE and AEW Soon Attend Fans Once Again | Instant News

WWE has performed without spectators at its Performance Center in Orlando, Florida for the past two months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that could change in the near future.

PWInsider.com reported earlier this week that WWE might have “limited” fans attending TV recordings in Florida from June:

The site wrote, “Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said in a press conference … that he is optimistic that if the positive trend continues, that fans can return to sporting events such as wrestling, UFC, etc. Maybe in June or July with a limited arena of capacity and compliance with social distance. DeSantis stated WWE had a positive effect on the Florida economy, so why was it important to make them film in Orlando. He mentioned that Wrestlemania 36 would bring hundreds of millions of dollars in income to the State of Sunshine, therefore he wanted to keep the relationship strong. “

Just yesterday, DeSantis seemed to be pushing the timeframe significantly and suggested that WWE could get fans to attend their Performance Center performances starting next week while the same applies to AEW. Based on Wrestling Inc, Desantis and hers “Re-Open Florida Task Force” will implement a three-phase plan to reopen most states beginning on Monday, May 4. Under the first phase New Florida Guidelines, “Large spectator sporting events must use strict social distance guidelines and limit occupancy of venues 25 percent of development capacity. “However, according to Dallas Morning News reporter Reece Kelley Graham reports that “the policy of allowing sporting events with a capacity of 25% is not part of the Executive Order newly signed by DeSantis:”

In other words, the suggestion that AEW has the potential to have fans coming soon next Wednesday when Dynamite comes from the Daily’s Place in Jacksonville while WWE can have a small audience at the Performance Center is a bit too early. According to Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Watch Newsletter, the return of June for events where fans are more likely:

In addition to filming outside of special match locations such as the Boneyard match, the Firefly Fun House match and the upcoming “Climb the Corporate Ladder” match filmed at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, all WWE TV recordings for Monday Night Raw and Smackdown since the beginning of March has happened at the Performance Center. Blue brand started the trend on March 13 and the red brand continued it when the special episode “3:16” Raw day saluted the “Stone Cold” WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin also from the Performance Center only a few days later.

WWE began recording the program in advance until Vince McMahon made the decision to return to live broadcast early last month, a move that reportedly not regulated properly with a number of superstars. While most of the WWE stars wandering around WWE-19 were affected by the WWE event, famous names such as Roman government and, recently, Sami Zayn, have removed themselves from WWE programming as a result of the pandemic. With a number of WWE part-time stars – from Goldberg to Brock Lesnar to John Cena to The Undertaker – and several full-time workers – such as Kevin Owens and AJ Styles – also outside of TV, WWE has focused a lot on new stars since WrestleMania 36, Especially in Raw where up-and-comers like Andrade, Drew McIntyre and Aleister Black have been featured a lot.

Perhaps not surprisingly, WWE TV viewers have fallen since their first pay-per-view. According to Showbuzz Daily (h / t Wrestling Inc), Raw’s last episode only attracted 1,817 million viewers, making it “Raw viewers are the lowest non-holiday week in history,” while Smackdown is also an average the smallest audience on FOX. This week’s Raw main event segment, which featured McIntyre and Seth Rollins in signing a contract for the upcoming WWE title match at Money in the Bank, is the most watched segment in Raw history, with very few 1,539,000 viewers. McMahon has blamed the red brand audience on WWE’s focus on “new talent” and the absence of Lesnar, despite the fact that WWE’s fanless performances are undoubtedly the main reason why so many fans don’t want to.

Without a live event, there were no fans in attendance and so many big stars were missing, it felt like all WWE products were in a restraining pattern when the whole sports world was closed because of COVID-19. Initially worried about how showing a recorded program could negatively impact WWE TV revenue, McMahon then made a decision to return to the recorded event when he learned that neither FOX nor NBCUniversal planned to change the TV deal in favor of the company, WWE had moved forward with a product that was less attractive to listeners that should have been an escape from reality but only served as a reminder that big sports events — whether WWE or not – not the same without fans.

There is no definite schedule for a national return to direct sports, and some medical experts have stated that fans are may not be able to attend sporting events like they had in the past until 2021. Given the current circumstances, there are too many factors to predict when WWE, NFL, NBA and other major sports organizations will return to full-scale events with overcrowded stadiums, and as noted by DeSantis, if WWE has fans on its PC. recording in the near future, they will need “Limited arena capacity and social distance compliance,” likely for the foreseeable future.

Thus, WWE fans must have a bit of optimism about the potential return of fans to the live event, but on the same token, they must realize that this does not mean that they will see the arena filled with 10,000 fans in the near future.


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