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Sports think Big East is a ban if the campus can’t be reopened South Jersey Sports | Instant News

Presidents of 11 members of the Big East Conference are less likely to allow sports to be played at school this season unless their campus is open.

Commissioner Val Ackerman revealed the thoughts of the presidents on Friday in extensive virtual interviews with members of the media about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic conference.

While no deadline has been set, Ackerman said the presidents indicated a deadline in late June / early July for fall sports, and maybe a September 1 deadline for winter sports, when basketball was played. This conference is considered as the strength of basketball.

It is conceivable that the league will play with some non-participating members.

Ackerman said there are hybrid scenarios that can change a lot of things, such as late campus opening.

On another topic, Ackerman said the league reduced financial losses from being forced to cancel the men’s end-of-year basketball tournament at Madison Square Garden because it had insurance against a pandemic under a policy that also included terrorism and other unexpected events.

Big East was forced to cancel its annual men’s conference tournament on March 12 in the first round of four scheduled matches that day due to increasing cases of COVID-19. Ackerman has no second thoughts about deciding to play the game that day, saying city health officials, league councils and senior medical personnel from the NCAA also supported the choice that morning. Ackerman said the league had had event cancellation insurance for years. Many other conferences have similar policies for their big events.

In the past two months, Ackerman said the league had talked with the president, coach, doctor and the NCAA about the future and built a guidebook for it.

“Really everyone in the campus sports community is trying to take part in March and try to find out all these uncertainties, unprecedented uncertainties, and what will be our choices, especially this fall,” he said, “and how they relate to practice, to competition, to conference championships and, of course, NCAA championships. “

The League is building an alternative scheduling model.

The cancellation of the NCAA basketball tournament was a big financial blow to many conferences, especially Big East, which is expected to make at least six teams make the event. Money dries up because without a tournament there is no ticket sales or television income.

Ackerman said the conference, which has universities and colleges in 10 states and the District of Columbia, would be arranged at the end of the road by a local government decree.

Big East consists of Villanova, Creighton, Seton Hall, St. John’s, Georgetown, DePaul, Providence, Marquette, Xavier, Butler, and former Connecticut charter members, who will return to the conference on July 1.

Ackerman added that the focus of the league is to take care of all its members, coaches, and student athletes.

“While the loss of sports competition in the US means compared to many, in some cases, the effects of innumerable pandemics, it seems to us that the absence of sports in many ways reaffirms how important they are to all of us,” Ackerman said. “So I feel confident when the sport returns, they will come back great.”


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