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Adventist Online Review | In the UK, Lockdown Increases Pathfinders E-Honors Offering | Instant News

Podcasting and Media Broadcast Ministry are some of the newest options.

JLike many others around the world, members of the Seventh-day Adventist Club in the UK have lost much after the lockout was announced in March 2020. Large youth camps and gatherings, for example, have been canceled indefinitely.

Some leaders think there is a downside to “the new normal,” because it has triggered an increase in eHonors offerings, or course members can go online to learn new skills that cover a variety of interests.

At the British Union Conference (BUC), a church region that includes England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, new reality has been translated into the use of increasingly technological tools to attract and train a new generation of Pathfinders, said Adventist Review Media Lab director Daryl Gungadoo . UK-based Gungadoo has acted as the developer and instructor of several new eHonors options.

“This is an initiative that has begun in conversations with BUC youth leader Dejan Stojkovic,” Gungadoo said after hosting one of the eHonors courses at the end of June 2020. “This was held at Zoom and Facebook Live initially for the United Kingdom, but with quickly developing as a global service. “

Gungadoo revealed that between 200 and 500 participants came every week from Britain, the United States, the Caribbean, Australia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Podcasting eHonor

One of the newest eHonors options is Podcasting, a joint initiative between BUC and Adventist Review Ministries. Podcasting is a market, said Gungadoo, which has grown exponentially since mid-2010 because of the sociological trends of people who want mobility, flexibility, and choice. “What Netflix has made for TV viewers, podcasting is doing for radio, follows the motto ‘Anything, Anywhere, Anytime,'” he explained.

According to Gungadoo, the first goal of the new eHonor is that Pathfinders can broaden their knowledge of special podcasts (as consumers) within a day and confinement period.

“Pathfinders who understand technology can help their parents find ways to subscribe to podcasts, which are very useful for people who are ‘trapped’ in retirement homes,” Gungadoo said.

At the same time, he believes that by making podcasts based on their church or personal experience, Pathfinders can reflect and express their faith.

Podcasting syllabus

The eHonor Podcasting syllabus includes learning to define the terms RSS, aggregator, and Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), among others. Pathfinders must demonstrate that they are familiar with recording hardware, including microphones and mixers, and DAW tools such as Adobe Audition and Audacity.

“Pathfinders must also demonstrate their mastery of publishing their podcast, show it online, and share it,” Gungadoo said. “When they do, they are also invited to reflect on how podcasting can be used for evangelism and maintenance.”

Gungadoo said it’s not difficult to start podcasts as long as you have good microphone, computer and audio editing skills. It’s more difficult, he said, to survive and continue to produce episodes every day / weekly / monthly when ideas dry up.

“But successful and popular podcasts are consistent over time,” he said.

Prospective eHonors

Gungadoo believes this is not the end, because a series of other skills that are somehow marginalized are now used to adapt to the “new normal.”

“We can increase our offerings with topics such as ‘How to Live-stream Your Church,’ or ‘Live-stream Church Houses,'” said Gungadoo. “So, in the near future, these kinds of skills might see themselves as respecting Pathfinders as well.”

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Adventist Online Review | Adventist Youth Supply Blood Banks Across Brazil | Instant News

The initiative looks to support the reduction in blood bank inventory due to COVID-19.

TThe COVID-19 pandemic effect has reached blood banks throughout Brazil, according to health officials. Because the majority of the population follows orders for shelter, blood donations decline, and blood banks suffer from low supplies.

Regional health officials report that Rio de Janeiro witnessed a 50 percent decrease in blood donations. São Paulo reported a 30 percent decrease, and a 25 percent decline was reported in the capital city of Brasilia. At the same time, blood demand in health facilities throughout the country remains high.

Thinking of ways to serve in these challenging times, young Adventist church members throughout the country have organized to support blood banks in big cities. In São Paulo, for example, a group called “Doadores ADV” (“Adventist Donors”) set up schedules to deliver voluntary donors at various blood banks throughout the region.

“We also provide transportation to prospective donors from their homes to the nearest blood bank and back,” the committee reported.

In the northern city of Manaus, Adventists have scheduled blood donor visits at local blood banks for every Saturday until the end of 2020. “We plan to donate 4,000 blood bags before the end of this year,” the leaders behind the initiative said.

Local and regional drives are part of a more comprehensive initiative throughout the region, which shows the sacrifice of Jesus and the desire of His followers to sacrifice something for Him. This year, blood donations are combined with an annual collection held around Easter, which seeks to provide comfort and essential items for people in need.

Safe Donations

To ensure the safety of everyone involved in this initiative, young people are encouraged to contribute individually to avoid crowding in blood centers, which work only on appointments. Organizers advise prospective donors to contact their nearest blood bank directly in places where the schedule has not been established.

“We follow all the regulations and standards set by the Ministry of Health,” the committee stressed.

At the same time, government officials reminded potential donors that the blood bank was one of the safest places. “If there is a place that is protected, it is a blood bank,” said David Uip, a doctor and coordinator of the São Paulo Coronavirus Contingency Center. “Everything is very sterile there, and we really follow the health guidelines.”

About Blood Donors

The Adventist-sponsored blood drive drive was born from an Adventist youth initiative in 2005. Since then, it has provided thousands of health centers and blood donations and bone marrow to Brazilian health centers. Most donations take place around Easter, although dozens of initiatives take place throughout the year.

This drive combines community service initiatives with the core of the gospel message, leaders say.

“It’s about following Jesus’ example,” they said. “Like our travel motto,” He gave it all so you could give a little. “

That original version this story was posted in the Portuguese-speaking South American Division news site.

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