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The dismissed Americans are caught in a harsh reality: millions of jobs will never come back | Instant News

But the cash ran out after 8 weeks, and she was fired again. Her company informed her that they planned to bring her back in early September, but in the past 2 weeks, she learned that her mission was chosen as outstanding.

She said: “I definitely think I will resume work on September 1.” For Lorincz, like millions of others, short-term layoffs are ultimately long-term. She has no confidence in discovering anything new anytime, anywhere.

She said: “It was a devastating experience.”

The good news for the labor market is millions of employees Laid-off has resumed work In the past 5 months, considering Peak unemployment Happened in April
However, as the case of Lorincz reveals, not all short-term layoffs can rely onCall back to work Therefore, the total job opportunities brought by the removal of employees due to short-term layoffs obscured more and more Permanent unemployment, Causing lasting damage to the task market.

Permanent mission losses are increasing rapidly and will continue to climb

The number of unemployed who actually lost long-term tasks or completed short-term tasks has actually soared in the past 7 months, from 1.9 million in February to 4.5 million in September.

This means that in the past six months, the increase in this proportion is actually the fastest in more than 50 years on record.Never before has the losses of these long-term missions doubled in such a short period of time, even during the entire Great Recession.

And long-term mission losses are bound to continue to rise.

American (AAL) with United Airlines (UAL)32,000 layoffs Only on Thursday. Disney (DIS) Actually reveals the strategy of complete reduction 28,000 workers o Prior to this, he had actually taken a vacation in its American amusement park. JCPenney (JCP) Ready to cut 15,000 jobs The company closed 149 stores before the holiday shopping season as part of its strategy to escape bankruptcy. Last Sunday, Cineworld, owner of Regal Cinemas, said that more than 500 US theaters may need to be permanently closed.

None of these long-term mission losses are shown in the latest figures from the Department of Labor.

Lorincz said that she was actually unemployed in the past when a start-up company she worked for left the company. But she never feared the ability to discover new things.

She said, “I’m looking for odd jobs here and there. I’m rushing through the door and doing my best to pay for it.” “I don’t know what I will do if I want to support my family. During the pandemic, I have no insurance. too frightening.”

In fact, in the past 7 months, the number of people unemployed due to short-term jobs has actually increased rapidly, increasing by nearly 100,000. Many of these employees are accustomed to moving from one task to another, but now they are not able to discover the typical next task.

Considering finishing university studies, Justin Doan, 29, actually worked as a travel supervisor, production supervisor and audio engineer in the live music market. He made a lot of money in tasks that he dreamed of constantly. But considering the trip on March 13, he did not have an operation at all.

“Everything stopped. At the time we didn’t realize it would be closed for so long,” he said. “The thought was that we would reschedule in May. This never happened.”

Focus on changing careers

Doan has actually been trying to save money and said that now he emphasizes that live music will not resume until the second half of next year. This may indicate that he needs to change his career. But he said this is a truly challenging time to think about such a major shift.

He said: “There are millions of unemployed people out there.” “Many people may have more written experience than me.”

Most people who are now completely unemployed have actually lost their long-term jobs, which are the majority of their occupations.

Juan Jose Martinez Camacho, 59 years old, has actually been a chef for thirty years, considering that one day he worked as a dishwasher in a restaurant When asked to fill in.

In March 22 years later, Juan Jose Martinez Camacho lost his job as a hotel chef.

He has actually been a chef at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Redondo Beach, California for 22 years. When he was fired on March 23, he thought it was only 2 or 3 months before things returned to normal. But late last month, he was told that he had actually completely lost his job, paying $22 per hour. In fact, he has been looking for other cooking jobs with bad luck.

Mexican immigrant Martinez-Camacho (Martinez-Camacho) said: “Thinking that if the situation does not get better, I may have to do other types of work, which makes me feel pain.” “This is what I like to do.”

Luggage and backpack designer Ann asked to use a pseudonym due to the terms of the severance contract, and was also annoyed by her inability to discover new tasks in her field. Travel demand has actually fallen, which means that the luggage of several people is required. As millions of trainees gradually learn about remote information, the demand for backpacks has become scarce.

She lost her mission at a Zoom meeting in August.

Nearly 4 million jobs in the U.S. disappear forever

Ann said that during the entire Depression, she also lost a mission, but this time she was more worried.

She said: “To be honest, I don’t know what to do.” “It’s much scarier. You can’t even meet people face to face when it comes to finding a job. It’s too scary.”

Ann said that because she was 53 years and 11 years older than the last time she was unemployed, she was also worried about losing her job this time.

She said: “This is just a competitive landscape.” While her partner is still working, “This is no longer a single-income economy. You must have two incomes.”

-CNN’s Tami Luhby was added to this story.


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Severe Thunderstorms with Tornadoes, Damaged Winds and Heavy Rain Expected in the South | Instant News

Arrangements for bad weather Sunday in the South.

  • Great lightning is expected to occur in the South Sunday to Monday morning.
  • Strong tornadoes, destructive hurricanes, and massive hail are threats.
  • Flash floods are also a serious problem.

A severe storm outbreak will hit Southern Sunday to Monday morning with the possibility of strong tornadoes, strong winds and massive hail. There is also a serious threat of flash floods in several areas.

Happening now

A group of rain and thunderstorms pushed east through parts of Mississippi and Alabama this morning. There are no bad weather watches at this time.

weather forecast

The biggest opportunities of bad weather exist today and tonight from east-central Texas to northern and southern Louisiana and central Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. This is an area where NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center has issued a moderate risk, which is the second highest severe threat category.

Supercell storm maybe before a large group of storms, also known as a mesoscale convective system, eventually developing and sweeping eastward with destructive storms and hail. Several tornadoes are expected, both produced by supercells and embedded in a squall line severe storm.

(MORE: Tornado Nighttime More Than Twice the Deadly Possibility)

Sunday Night Severe Storm Forecast

(Shaded on the map above is the possibility of a violent storm, according to the NOAA Hurricane Prediction Center. Note that not all categories apply to severe risks on certain days.)

Some strong tornadoes may occur Sunday afternoon into the night from northern Louisiana to central and southern Mississippi, central and southern Alabama, southern Georgia, and southern South Carolina.

In addition, there is a high level of threat from destructive gusts of wind that spread widely from southern Alabama to southern Georgia. This is an area where the storm line is expected to develop in the afternoon and evening.

Severe threats will mostly end at midday Monday, with the exception of several severe isolated storms that may linger Monday mornings in eastern Carolina and eastern Georgia.

Strong winds that blow are possible and isolated tornadoes cannot be ruled out.

Monday Morning Severe Hurricane Forecast

(The nuance in the map above is the likelihood of a violent storm, according to the NOAA Storm Prediction Center. Note that not all categories apply to severe risks on certain days.)

Rainfall Forecast

Most Southern regions can expect rainfall of 1 to 3 inches until Monday. The central sections of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia can hold more than 3 inches of rainfall.

Locally higher totals are possible where there are recurring thunderstorms or when storms move more slowly.

That the land is saturated in most areas given recent rainfall. This increases the chance of flash flooding.

The NOAA Weather Prediction Center issues moderate risks – their second highest risk category – for excessive rain on Sunday and Sunday nights from central Mississippi to South Carolina.

A short break from the storm was anticipated earlier this week in the South before another system moved to the Plains. This next system is also likely to bring violent storms to some parts of the Plain and South, maybe on Tuesday in some areas.

(MAPS: U.S. Daily Forecast Next 7 Days)

Severe threats over the next few days are not unusual for this year, because March and April are the peak times for tornadoes on Dixie Alley.

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Severe Weather and Corona Virus: Do I Shelter?

If you do not have a safe place to seek protection from storms, should you find a public shelter at the age of COVID-19?

Simple answer: yes.

However, protection may be more difficult over the next few months.

“Don’t let the virus prevent you from seeking protection from a tornado,” said the American Meteorological Society statement issued on April 9. “If a public tornado shelter is your best shelter from bad weather, take steps to ensure you follow the CDC guidelines to maintain physical distance and prevent disease.”

But you need to know where to go and IF you can go to a shelter BEFORE the storm threatens.

“Most government entities use schools … You can only get so many people in those schools,” Steven Still, director of emergency management in New Hanover County, North Carolina, told weather.com.

Of course, many schools are closed during this pandemic, so your normal place of residence may not be open. And sanctuaries that are open may not receive many people.

In all cases, if you are in a mobile home, really find different shelter options.

The main journalistic mission of the Weather Company is to report the latest weather news, the environment and the importance of science to our lives. This story does not necessarily represent the position of our parent company, IBM.


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KMC hospitals face a scarcity of safety equipment | Instant News

KARACHI – The Sindh government and Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) have failed to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to doctors, nurses, paramedics and other staff working to combat the coronavirus pandemic in KMC health facilities.

Medical staff at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Sobhraj Maternity Hospital, Karachi Heart Disease Institute, Leprosy Manghopir Hospital, Spencer Eye Hospital, Landhi Medical Complex, Gazdarabad General Hospital and others doing their work without safety gloves, masks, aprons, other cleaners and safety. the kit.

Although several rescue organizations, including Al-Khidmat and others, have provided safety equipment for doctors and other staff working at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital (ASH) and other hospitals, but most doctors, nurses and paramedical staff have lost PPE since the start of a coronavirus emergency at this health facility. Sources at ASH said that doctors and support staff working at KMC hospitals carry out their work under intense pressure and pressure because their lives are at risk and in the current situation, they examine patients with their living costs and even their families are also at risk.

They said doctors, nurses and paramedics were also reluctant to continue their work at the hospital in such circumstances. They said the provision of Personal Protection Equipment was the responsibility of the Sindh and KMC governments.

Sources said a female doctor tested positive for using a coornavirus at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital a few days ago. The panic gripped the doctors and other staff working at the KMC hospital.

The Senior Director of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation’s Medical & Health Services Department (KMC) Dr. Salma Kauser, when speaking with the media, said Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) as needed had been sent by the hospital administration.

He informed that safety kits were given to doctors and support staff who screened patients suspected of having corona virus. He further informed that the Mayor of Karachi, the Commissioner and several rescue organizations had provided PPE for doctors and other staff.


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