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Aurora, Ill., 24 Sep. 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – BERNINA America, a major manufacturer of sewing, embroidery and quilting machines, is proud to announce that they are the main sponsor of the upcoming virtual fashion show Fashion By Events. The show will feature various groups of designers while celebrating a global industry that has been hit hard by the pandemic. The three-day virtual event will be held on October 15-17.

Event schedule:

  • Thursday, October 15 – Fashion By Texas. Fashion By Events and BERNINA of America will kick off the event featuring designers based in Texas. Audiences will get front row seats to see the best of Lone Star State.
  • Friday, October 16 – Fashion By Black Designers. The second day will feature a special show that will feature more than 30 talented black designers with unique perspectives from across the United States. Viewers will be able to celebrate and support these designers as they show off their impressive designs.
  • Saturday, October 17th – Fashion By Global. The weekend will conclude with a show unlike anything else ever produced in fashion. Fashion By Global will feature more than 250 designers from around the world during the 24-hour fashion show marathon. This will be the largest industry collaboration with designers from countries such as Egypt, Pakistan, UK, Australia, Nigeria, Mexico and many more.

“We are very proud to be the main sponsor of such a diverse and special show,” said Paul Ashworth, President of BERNINA America. “At BERNINA, we have always believed that creativity knows no boundaries and this event is a perfect example of that. We hope that diverse talents from around the world will inspire viewers at home to push their creative limits. “

Tickets can be purchased online at a “pay what you can” price point with a minimum recommended donation of $ 25. One donation will give you access to all three events. You can also follow BERNINA America Facebook and Instagram page for live teaser broadcasts ahead of the event.

For more information on Fashion By Events and to purchase tickets, please visit FashionByEvents.com.

For more information on BERNINA America, please visit BERNINA.comTo learn more about BERNINA America’s engagement with Fashion By Events, please visit WeAllSew.com.



Founded in Switzerland over 100 years ago, BERNINA is the world’s premier manufacturer with a proven reputation for offering cutting-edge sewing, quilting and embroidery machines, overlockers, and embroidery software. BERNINA’s leadership is characterized by the many ambassadors, industry leaders, influencers and bloggers who choose to partner with the company. BERNINA products are sold in the United States through a network of more than 400 trained independent dealers who also offer support and education. Select the BERNINA and bernette machines, and the BERNINA software can also be purchased online. BERNINA products are designed for beginner to advanced tailors and are valued to fit a variety of budgets, with new products introduced every year. You can follow BERNINA on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and read BERNINA WeAllSew Blog. To learn more about BERNINA and to find a Dealer, visit www.bernina.com.

About Fashion By Events

Founded in 2009 with the launch of the first Austin Fashion Week, Fashion By Events has transformed into one of the largest fashion event production companies in the world. Highly acclaimed events such as Austin Fashion Week, Fashion By Dallas, Fashion By Houston, Trend Setters in Los Angeles, Moda X Australia, Moda X Mexico, Moda X South Asia and many more, Fashion By Events continues to create opportunities for trendy fashion. developing and well established. brands around the world. Follow Fashion By Events on Instagram andFacebook along with visiting them online at fashionbyevents.com.

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Hall County 4-H moves its annual fashion show online Clothes | Instant News

The 4-H Fashion Show Hall hall became virtual in 2020, with 4-H members sending short photos and videos modeling their clothes that were built and purchased, as they would on the College Park stage. The judge for the event was Kaye Mattson serving as the judge for the event.

The fashion show is an opportunity for 4-H members to highlight their sewing achievements from last year. Local 4-H members gave examples of their only clothes sewn and decorated, as well as clothes bought that showed their shopping skills.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, and that is the name of the 4-H’ers sewing curriculum. Every STEAM project means it was built / sewn by members.

Jenna Rauert has been named the Grand Champion Senior Model and will compete at the Nebraska State Fair Fashion Show for “Shopping in Style.” Elise Rathjen was named the Grand Champion Junior Model (Attention Shoppers $ 15 Challenge).

Kajetan Hubl was named Outstanding Model in the STEAM 2 & 3. competition. He will also compete at the State Exhibition for “Clothes Built.”

Kaylee Powell, Outstanding Model, Shopping in Style $ 15 Challenge, will be a replacement contestant for the State Fair.

Other winners in the modeling category are: Neleigh Nielsen, Outstanding Model, Beyond the Needle; and Hailey Allan, Extraordinary Model, STEAM Level 1.

Full results:

Fashion show

Model Built STEAM 1, Below is simple: Purple – Hailey Allan, Elise Rathjen and Travis Svitak, all Grand Island. Blue – Adrian Scroll, Grand Island.

Model Built STEAM 1, simple Top: Purple – Eva Lindiman, Grand Island

Model Constructed STEAM 1, Simple dress: Blue – Hana Butters, Grace Eickhoff and Isabelle Swanson, all Grand Island.

Constructed STEAM 1 Model, Other: Purple – Eastlyn Hubl and Adrian Svitak, both from Grand Island. Blue – Scroll Travis, Big Island

Model STEAM Constructions 2 Garments: Purple – Peyton Allan, Kajetan Hubl, Emma Rathjen and Alison Schimmer, all Grand Island.

Beyond Embellished Garment Model: Purple – The Cayleigh Bird and the Chaeli Bird, both from Sungai Kayu.

Beyond the Needle Garment or Garment Models & Accessories: Ungu – Neleigh Nielsen, St. Libory.

Special Interest Clothing Construction Model: Purple – Eastlyn Hubl, Grand Island.

Shop at the Style Fashion Show

Challenge Clothing Model $ 15, Buyer Attention: Purple – Cayleigh and Chaeli birds, Sungai Sungai; Elise Rathjen, Grand Island; Blue – Grace Eickhoff, Grand Island.

Clothing Purchased Models, Buyers Attention: Purple – Hailey Allan, Grand Island.

$ 15 Challenge Model Clothes, Shop in Style: Purple – Briana Bird (two entries) and Jenna Rauert, Wood River; Kaylee Powell, Doniphan; and Faith Eickhoff, Kajetan Hubl, Eva Lindiman, Emma Rathjen and Emily Reimers, Grand Island. Blue – Micah Bird, Sungai Kayu; and Hana Butters and Isabelle Swanson, Grand Island.

Models Buying Clothing, Shopping in Style: Purple – Peyton Allan, Faith Eickhoff, Emily Reimers, Alison Schimmer and Irelynn Sughroue, Grand Island; Kaylee Powell, Doniphan; and Jenna Rauert, Sungai Kayu. Blue – Micah Bird, Sungai Kayu; Eboni Sughroue, Grand Island

Clover Kids – Fashion Show

Participants – Emma Butters, Kiera Lindiman and Grace Reimers, Grand Island; and Alexa Nielsen and Charlie Nielsen, St. Libory.


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Informa Markets Fashion Announces Cancellation of the September Las Vegas Event | Instant News

MAGIC, August 2019 Photo: J.Bascom

Following the announcement of a cancellation of his show in New York City recently, due to COVID-19 concerns, Informa Mode Market announced July 10 that it would cancel September 30-October. Run Las Vegas twice MAGIC related events and brands due to concerns about threats from the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally scheduled for August 17-19 in Las Vegas, Informa Markets Fashion decided in May to move the show to the end of September because of the coronavirus pandemic. Now focused on the digital trading event September 1-Nov 1, Nancy Walsh, president of Informa Markets Fashion, revealed that the difficult decision to cancel the September show on the spot in Las Vegas Convention Center made after discussion with partners and stakeholders.

“Based on our discussions with partners and stakeholders around health, safety and travel across the country, canceling our Las Vegas event at the end of September, although disappointing, is the best way forward for our fashion community,” he said. “Putting aside the current climate, re-evaluating, re-adjusting, and continuing to develop our business model is always part of our company ethos. Our digital trading events are a reasonable and necessary first step in revolutionizing and innovating our business in a time ready for digital opportunities and outlets. “

Scheduled for on-site MAGIC events WWDMAGIC, Project, MICAM Americas, POOLTRADESHOW, Sewing and Source at MAGIC. Digital offerings are included in the September to November period which will be empowered by NuOrder is MAGIC, Coterie, Projects, MICAM Americas and Children’s Club. The event will boast features including trade show stands and showrooms, digital catalogs, 360-degree product imagery, in-depth brand experience, and access to educational sessions and seminars. Sources on MAGIC and Shoe Source will be hosted on the digital platform September 15-Dec. 15

“From the very beginning of planning the digital component to our event, returning in early 2020, we have been diligently taking steps forward to ensure meaningful products are developed for our community,” Kelly Helfman, president of MAGIC, explained. “We have felt the pulse of our industry and we have learned a lot from our customers, partners and communities in the last few days, weeks and months – their needs, wants and hopes – which enable us to more confidently move forward in the years this and then further enhance our business to a dynamic and hybrid future by 2021. “


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Teenagers trapped in Italy amid coronavirus returned home | Instant News

‘I cried right away’: Teenagers trapped in Italy amid coronavirus at home

After two months of separation, a family from South Carolina returned together. Chloe Woody, 15, went to Italy with her uncle at the end of February to polish her Italy. They did not expect coronavirus to become a global emergency. In response, Italy quickly closed its borders. “It was very exciting, then suddenly, on the news, almost 2,000 people have died,” Woody said. “And they were like, ‘We can’t leave the house. Again, we have to stay inside.” “Chloe’s mother, Marie Painter, tried every way to bring her daughter home to the plane. But nothing worked. After much effort, she finally was able to book his daughter’s flight – almost at home Chloe landed in New York at JFK Airport, and Painter drove 12 hours from South Carolina to pick her up. “I can’t even express the gratitude I feel for everyone who helped us,” Painter said above to see the full story.

After two months of separation, a family from South Carolina returned together.

Chloe Woody, 15, went to Italy with her uncle at the end of February to polish her Italy. They did not expect coronavirus to become a global emergency. In response, Italy quickly closed its borders.

“It was really fun, then suddenly, on the news, almost 2,000 people have died,” Woody said. “And they were like, ‘We can’t leave the house anymore, we need to stay inside.’ “

Chloe’s mother, Marie Painter, tried every way to take her daughter on the plane home. But nothing works. After much effort, he was finally able to book his daughter’s flight – almost at home.

Chloe landed in New York at JFK Airport, and Painter drove 12 hours from South Carolina to pick her up.

“I can’t even express the gratitude I feel for everyone who helped us,” Painter said.

Watch the video above to see the full story.


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Isolation of shopping designer Newark creates a donated mask worthy of Fashion Week Latest from WDEL News | Instant News

Meghan Daly lives in Newark, and before the new coronavirus COVID-19 appeared, she found some success in running the Meaghan Paige clothing line, which was featured in major fashion publications. But for now, everything is on pause.

But when everyone was forced into their homes, he found himself facing isolation with a lot of cloth, and a community in need.

“I started designing when I was in college. I studied Communication, Art, and Science at Penn State,” he said. “During that time I had an aunt who graduated in my first year, and she had sewed, and I didn’t know that. So I took some supplies – I knew how to sew since I was nine – and I just started sewing again. … I’m still designing, I’m still selling, and with my mask, that’s something I decided to do because I saw a huge need in our community and I had people asking me, “Hey, you know , You can sew. Are you going to make a mask? “And I thought, ‘Oh dear, yes, let me do that!’ So I started making these masks and there was a huge need for them and I wanted to really help my community, so that’s why I decided to make them. “

Daly has experience in all places. He constantly sketched and initially thought he would become an illustrator before moving to designing and landing an internship in New York, which led to his design being featured in a show and, finally, highlighting in Vogue Magazine. He also worked in the communications field, handling it for his father’s business and currently works under the supervision of the Delaware Business Times.

Meaghan Daly, from the Meaghan Paige line

While stuck at home with time off and determined to contribute to the needs of her community, Daly said she realized she could also have fun and brighten people’s days.

“I first saw Christian Siriano on Instagram making, only, thousands of masks already, and they were all different colors,” he said. “I looked at that and thought, ‘I must make something like that too.’ And I really wanted to make something colorful because, in the beginning, I had a lot of cloth that I have had since designing and I thought, “Okay, let me use this. It just sits here. I want to help them. ‘ So I started using the material first and then, because the order kept coming in, I had to really stop the order and then try to find more fabric. When I find cloth, I want to bring a little fun and happiness to these Mask people, they won’t go away anytime soon. So I thought, if I could make something fun for people to use some kind of fashion statement, that would be a good idea. So I thought [I was] find inspiration from other designers and then use my own creativity and magic. The donut molds are very fun, I have many people who ask. So, I have to order more, but many stores need time to get orders from them because of the current situation. I have just ordered as many fabrics as I can find with these pleasant colors and, you know, trying to bring some happiness to people all this time.

He used what was in his hand and ordered more, and in the beginning, it was all pocket money. Finally, as word of his business spread, Daly said he began to see some donations coming in to help cover costs – positively, because he covered his own costs.

“The fabric that I used initially, yes, it was mine,” he said. “The fabric that I have now is actually fabric that I can buy with donations from all over the country, big and small, people just say thank you for helping out and here’s some money to help buy the cloth. So to be honest, all the cloth I’ve bought it since I started, I can already buy from donations … Right now, I’m ‘selling’ for free, but shipping isn’t free, so you have to pay for shipping, it’s $ 8 now for priority, so they will get it. in two or three days. But the donation is where I take money to buy my inventory because it’s starting to get, I would say, a little expensive because I need cloth, I need yarn. “

After only two weeks there, Daly said that he had made several hundred masks to donate.

“I have donated more than 300 in just, like, two weeks, and only I made it,” he said. “Within a day, I might be able to turn 50 to 60. If the fabric has been cut. Sometimes I will take a full day to just cut a bunch of cloth. The next day, I will sew the pattern together. Then maybe the next day I take and put elastic rubber on the end, and then the next day, go to the post office and I just try to throw all these packages into the blue mailbox outside the post office, but I can get things done in a day. I’m a pretty fast worker. “

He also becomes creative when he faces limited supply.

“Elastic rubber takes two weeks to get here,” he said. “I ordered it from California, that’s the only thing I could find. And in the meantime, I’ve bought a hair band to replace the elastic band now because it takes a long time to get here. So it’s a kind of improvisation.”

Those who are looking for face masks or want to donate for Daly’s purposes, be it clothing or financially, should visit MeaghanPaige.com


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