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Meet Artists Turning Blowup Dolls Into Fashion Designs | Instant News

Nicole Daddona, who left on Friday, 32 years old, lives in Los Angeles, and, as he said, “an artist, comedian, fashion designer, film maker, and toy designer” who created the popular line from blowup doll mode. If you ever dreamed of having handbag with a vintage inflatable doll face on it or a coat covered by an inflatable doll’s face (see below), you have covered Friday. Here, Friday, who is also the editor FRIDAY Magazine, explaining how he entered inflatable doll mode and why his design was so desirable.

Susannah Breslin: How do you come up with ideas for turning inflatable dolls into wearable products that you can sell?

Friday: Last year I lived in a retirement community with my father in Connecticut for several months. I found a vintage blow up doll in a thrift store and immediately bought it. I am always interested in inflatable dolls. I just think that’s the fun part of pop culture. I always make things out of other things. I used to go to the trash with my father often and change the little trinkets I found into accessories that I could use. When I was in middle school, I made a chair out of recycled plastic bags. I like to recycle and change many things into other things. After having Judy – which is the official name of this blowing doll style – around the house for several days, I knew that I wanted to always accompany her and that the best way to do it was to turn it into something that could be used. . I cut off his face – which sounded terrible, but was strangely cathartic – and made a very bad prototype of what is now Blow Me Bag.

Breslin: Where did you get the blowup doll?

Friday: At first I got them from eBay and thrift stores when I could find them, but after posting the bag as a pre-order for a sale and getting a bigger and more positive response than I had expected, I knew the supply of eBay blowup dolls would dry quickly. I found a manufacturer who makes inflatable dolls, and now I take inflatable dolls directly from them.

Breslin: How do you make inflatable doll products?

Friday: At first I made it myself, but each bag took hours to make, and I was often injured by my sewing machine, so I knew I needed to look for manufacturing assistance. After much research, I was able to find an outstanding producer to help with production.

Breslin: Are the items made entirely of inflatable doll material, or do you add other ingredients?

Friday: The original prototype was, but after wearing it several times I realized that the vinyl material from the body of the inflatable doll would not be strong enough to last long. I like bags that are sturdy and can load a lot or a little while also great for casual or classy events. That Blow Me Bag all of that and more. When it came time to produce bags on a larger scale, I did a lot of research. It is important to me that the bag, like everything I sell, is made from all vegan ingredients. I found a good vegan leather material of the same color as the real inflatable doll’s hair, and that’s what I used for the bag, which basically should be the rest of the doll’s head.

Breslin: The Blow Me bag is $ 89. How do you determine that price point?

Friday: $ 69 seems too obvious. I want to choose a price point that will cover my expenses, energy and time. i run Magic Society entirely on my own. I do all the marketing, customer service, shipping, web design, photography, product design – you name it – myself. The price point is at the lower end of the world of designer handbags, which is important to me because of this Blow Me Bag is clearly a designer work, but I want the price to be something that I am willing to pay for a designer bag. I also see it as a work of art that can be collected and myself as an artist, so hopefully its value will increase over time. My dream is that someday it will be between museums Pedro Friedeberg armchair and Warhol paper dress.

Breslin: Is your Blow Me Bag a bestseller? How much have you sold?

Friday: It sells very well. So far I have released two pre-orders of 100 each. I just sold my second pre-order.

Breslin: Why did you choose this inflatable doll model?

Friday: Judy the only one! Of all the dolls exploded in the world, he is the most iconic. He has a classic design that has been around for decades, so he has a warm nostalgic feeling about himself. I like him to play it classy with his mouth closed, but we all know what is really on his mind.

Breslin: Is working with inflatable doll materials easy or challenging?

Friday: It’s 1,000% challenging! The mask part of the doll is flexible plastic, which is very thick and difficult to sew, but is made for sturdy bags. The vinyl body is made of difficult to fight in hot Los Angeles, but it’s all worth it when I catch Judy’s hypnotizing gaze.

Breslin: Your blowup line is funny, but also rather annoying. In the product description, you even refer to Blow Me Bag as a potential “supporter of relations”. Do you think your blowup product is beautiful? Horrible? Art?

Friday: I certainly consider it all of the above. Blowup lines are personified as pop art. This is high fashion and lowbrow at once. The slogan of the Magic Society is “Lowbrow High Fashion.” I don’t think anything sums it up better than Blow Me Bag. The good thing is that the blowup line is a great conversation starter. It also makes people uncomfortable, which is always fun. Must like to scare Karens.

To quote Delia Deetz, “This is my art and dangerous, “sort of summarizes most of the work I do. From the film I made with my directing partner Adam Shenkman to the clothes I design, I like to make things subconscious, touch surrealism, and most importantly, amuse me. know in the world as big as we live that there are like-minded people out there who will get it and get something positive from my creation.

Breslin: Are you interested to bring Blow Me Bag not yet, say, Nordstrom?

Friday: Not yet, but hit me, Nordstrom! I am ready to take this line up to Fashion Week and confuse the masses. London. New York. Paris. Milan. Retailer, put me down! Magic Society will cast a spell for you!


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CES sex toys that are prohibited have big problems | Instant News

Back in 2019, very The idea of ​​Osé making waves. High-tech sex toys by Lora DiCarlo were first given the award for robotics by CES (one of the most famous technology conferences in the world). Then the award was canceled, and the device was banned because it was too “lewd.”

The whole mess triggered a much needed conversation distinguish double standards in the technology industry. That led CES to officially welcome sextech (technology that focuses on sexual health) to the show floor in 2020 on an experimental basis, an unprecedented step for a conference that likes to maintain a seemingly squeaky clean image.

Now, the ideas and technologies that are revolutionizing behind the device that started it all have finally arrived. It’s no longer just a concept, it’s been waiting for Osé released just a few months ago. And like all new technology that made big claims during the prototyping phase (in the eternal words of Elon Musk, “We will fix it in the post,”) must now face scrutiny to fulfill all of his great promises.

Regret in my experience, Lora DiCarlo’s Osé does not.

To be fair, the high-tech sex toys are given a sequence that is almost impossible to fill: a hands-free device that can be bent to fit any vagina to give a coveted mixed orgasm (simultaneous G-spot and clitoral climax together)). But best of all, the ability of the final product to do all that … is complicated.

Impressive technology • Innovative design and new sensations • Unique clitoral stimulator

Expensive • Steep • potentially painful learning curves • Incredible and extraordinary • Will not work or be suitable for some bodies • No returns

OS is a much better concept than a product. Its weaknesses make it almost unusable, and sometimes even painful. In its current form, Osé cannot consistently fulfill the promise of a hands-free pleasure device for mixed orgasm. But we still want to try the next iteration.

The good, the bad, and the painful

For more details, Osé is still an extraordinary technological achievement. I’ve try a few dozen of the most sophisticated sex toys on the market, and this is the first time I feel like I’m sticking a bona fide robot there (and it sounds a bit like that too).

Good or bad, Os doesn’t look like any other toy. While it does use the suction technology that was originally popularized by clitoral stimulators like Womanizer, it forgets all the vibrations. It is equipped with the “mouth” of the clitoris which is also a deviation from the norm. When it is aligned, it creates a wonderful sensation that is completely different from all the other suction vibrators that breed on the market. While most other toys that claim to imitate the mouth of a human partner fail miserably (looking at you, Lelo Ora 2), Osé comes closest to anything I have ever tried.

These two achievements are huge.

Like all things Osé, each pro is equipped with a litany of cons.

Apart from the many new products released every year that claim revolutionary patented technology that gives an exciting new sensation, everything is more or less the same. The sex toy industry hasn’t really innovated in the department for several years. But here is Osé, making a step in achieving an experience that many fail to crack, while not even relying on any vibration standards.

But like everything Osé does, each pro is equipped with a litany of cons.

I only managed to experience the innovative pleasure of a clitoral stimulator when I used it alone, completely ignoring the G-spot stimulator. Even then, it was cranky, falling into place just quickly. Even though there were three separate sessions and a few cumulative hours of trying, I could not for the rest of my life make Osé fit in a way that made the two work together as advertised (more on that later). Every time I do it – twisting my body and forcing it to stay in place – the effectiveness of one stimulator always comes at the expense of another.

And, yes, the lack of vibration is innovative, but there is a big exchange for that innovation.

People who like the power in their toys will be very lacking. Lack of vibration might lead to a more human-like experience. But now that I have that, I realize the device imitating a human mouth is not at the top of my list of needs when masturbating. I need to feel comfortable, first and foremost. Vibration is something I am familiar with and comfortable. But the time spent trying to get something as foreign as Osé to work with my body is really embarrassing, and sometimes very painful.

Herein lies the biggest problem with Osé: the steep learning curve. I not the only one who shows it, well, even though Lora DiCarlo claims that other customers say it works easily for them without problems. To be fair, this is at least partly not Osé’s fault.

As full manual and various guide ways for the state of the device, a basic understanding of female anatomy is lacking. Only a few (including me) know the most basic facts about the G-spot and the clitoris. (Do you know that the clitoris is much more than just a small, visible core that we all know and love, but actually a large internal network connected to the G-spot?) Besides the lack of sex education, there is an even greater obstacle to shame that makes most women not explore their fun. Lora DiCarlo seeks to compensate for these educational barriers by providing everyone who buys Osé with a free 25-minute virtual consultation with a “health coach” from their in-house WellSx platform.

Overall, if we as a society know more about our bodies and feel more comfortable exploring them, then maybe Osé won’t have a hard learning curve. But as it is, to use Osé, you must get a crash course find out complicated devices, find your clitoris, find your G-spot (and learn what it really means), adjusting to the sensations of both being stimulated, all at once rid yourself of misogyny that is internalized for a lifetime. And that’s all precondition for a far more sinister multi-step process trying to get Osé to turn inside suits you.

I did not buy the marketing and manual implications that Osé is a good tool for discovery and experimentation. This is actually very punishing trial.

It sounds good when the manual instructs to “let curiosity be your guide” when finding out. On paper, Osé’s adjustable flexibility will make it look optimal for experiments. In fact, finding what feels good with Osé takes time to play with it while inside you, and turning it on even at a slightly wrong angle can be torturous. There are reasons why the instructions expressly and repeatedly state that the device must be turned off completely before inserting or removing. But even if you do your best to follow the instructions, there is still plenty of room for accidents to occur while you are wrestling with this heavy demon.

Allegedly, this is only a one-time process and once you find your match, you don’t need to do it again. I can’t tell you whether it’s true or not. For some users, it’s just not suitable, which also applies to some other popular expensive toys like Womanizer.

But it still makes me even more hesitant to recommend Osé, especially with that price point (are you willing to bet $ 300?) Lora DiCarlo doesn’t allow returns too, even if their product isn’t right for you. That’s an industry standard, but it’s another innovative one women-led sextech startups like Dame has turned away from the belief that it is misogynistic and spread shame.

Maybe if I give Osé another try, I might miraculously find my right. But after so many painful experiences with it, watching every instructional video available, holding a one-on-one meeting with CEO Lora DiCarlo to help explain it, trying every suggestion given, and still failing after a few hours of distribution – Eagle on a device that occasionally destroys parts in my body, I can’t say I want to try again. My body actively resisted it, tensing to anticipate the pain every time I pressed the button for the G-spot stimulator.

Even so, I have no doubt that Osé works for several people. I do not doubt that, when it works, he can give his promise of an orgasm mixed with the holy grail. I felt a hint and a glimpse of that promise during my efforts. However, what I doubt is that most people who buy it have the time, knowledge, courage, or money to do it.

Innovation problem

I just do not know for whom Osé was made.

Of course, this is not for beginners, thanks to its astronomical price points, intimidating measures, complicated functionality, embarrassing learning curves, and extensive anatomical knowledge needs. I’m also not entirely sure it’s good for fans of sex toys, either, who might have found a far more reliable and easier method for achieving mixed orgasm by using two different toys at the same time.

As a concept, an argument must be made that the hands-free function makes it more useful for people with certain disabilities. But I abandoned my efforts to “find a match” with terrible cramps not only in my hands but even in my feet. You can also argue that making devices that are customizable and not for one size fits all more inclusive for a variety of bodies. But it really feels like Osé is replacing a standard one size solution for all with a unique problem without size for anyone.

I'm actually still excited to try Baci.

I’m actually still excited to try Baci.

I am not happy to report this. Osé was born from a precious dream: to help as many people as possible with a vagina who have a mixed orgasm without having to depend on a partner. Unfortunately, in the process of turning that into reality, it feels as if the dream that gets so much attention in the first place is also what is blocking the product from sending it.

Maybe Osé should be two different devices (such as Onda and Baci, two other toys that will soon be released by Lora DiCarlo which is basically a separate version of the G-spot and Ose clitoris stimulator) so that there won’t be any work like that, discouraging, and the fitting process is potentially impossible. But doing so would compromise the hands-free selling point. Maybe Osé should have a thrill just to be able to have one familiar component – but that is not the innovation promised back at CES in 2019.

Some of the most ambitious and experimental technology like that of Osé for the first time. Despite everything, I actually still believe in big dreams and Lora DiCarlo’s innovations, wanting to test other planned toys. But Osé will need more iterations before I can even consider recommending it.

What’s saddest about Os’s failure is that the conversation sparked good power for the sextech room. The impressive technology from this device has received the respect of several big names in the field of technology, an achievement that has eluded sextech from the start. Osé felt like it was brave for others in the sex toy industry to aspire to make something truly different, difficult, and innovative instead of only producing tweaked versions of dildos connected to the broken internet.

Osé is caught in the Catch 22 innovation.

But I worry that the technology industry and sex toys will take all the wrong lessons from Osé’s reality, such as trying to innovate completely improperly, or that sexual health really has no place in technology, or (worst of all) that it should not owned by venture capitalists invest in a woman-led startup.

Like film and entertainment led by ambitious women, oversight and extraordinary pressure on Osé are part of the reasons why it can barely live up to expectations. It must bear the burden of being the first of its kind, and must be a unanimous success for anyone to bet on such a thing again.

Osé is caught up in Catch 22 innovation. To enter a male-dominated industry, the technology must be tough – even if it leads to products that are less user-friendly. To shake the sex toy industry, it has to be very different – even if reinventing the wheel means getting rid of the features that the customer likes. To get public attention, Osé needs to promise big things.

By doing all that, he did something important: He proposed a bold and brave new idea. Unfortunately, brave and bold new ideas don’t help you get.

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Canadians cannot get enough sex toys during coronavirus isolation – National | Instant News

As Naughty North’s manager, Carolyn Eagle knows a thing or two about pleasure.

More specifically, he knows what toys and sex aids people tend to enjoy when they want to increase their enjoyment. However, when the outbreak of COVID-19, the disease was caused by new coronavirus, starting quickly closing down the entire country, Eagle will suspect the demand that people living at home will cause a surge in sales of “curly goods.”

Can I have sex alone? Navigate the fun during a coronavirus outbreak

After all, is there a better time to be a little more adventurous in bed than when you can’t stand still? So far, Eagle laughed, he guessed wrong.

“Many people are very stressed,” he said, “so maybe their minds can’t go there now?”

Nevertheless, people’s minds are going somewhere: Naughty North March sales rose 142 percent during February – and Canadian sex shops are not an anomaly.

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Other sex toy companies in Canada and around the world have recorded sales records. Stag Shop, an adult pleasure shop based in Waterloo, Ontario, said online orders had more than quadrupled, while Adulttoymegastore owner said it had the biggest sales week recorded in Canada in March.

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“In general, after Valentine’s Day, there has been a decline in sales because everyone has bought their gifts,” Eagle said. And again:

“This is almost Christmas level sales.”

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Nicola Relph, owner of Adulttoymegastore, said the company could practically track the closing dates of each country based on the surge in adult toy sales in those places.

“People buy toys for preparation,” Relph said. “They want to be safe and stop the spread of COVID-19 but they also want to have fun while they are trapped inside.”

If there is a positive side to social distance, besides leveling the curve, Lyndsay Jackson, marketing manager for Love Shop, said this was an opportunity to reconnect from the “hustle and bustle of everyday life.” Either itself (“Self-love is a wonderful thing!”) Or with a partner, he says: “Sex, love, and orgasm are part of a healthy and happy life.”

Today, the pursuit of orgasm drives a jump in sales at the Stag Shop, said Marcus Horea, whose parents founded a family business in 1972. The best-selling sellers are Womanizer, Magic Wand, AutoBlow and beginner slavery kits.

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However, as a viral notification about sex and the new corona virus from the New York City public health department said last month: “You are your safest sex partner.”

5 people to listen during the coronavirus outbreak – and 5 to be ignored

More than once in a few weeks since the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak as a pandemic, Horea said the number of new orders had crept past 300.

“It seems like women in particular think, ‘Yes, I am at home alone, so there is no better time to try something new,'” Relph said.

Because the sales surge “is unprecedented,” Eagle said, he did not have the best guess when it would level off.

Currently, big sellers are “sexy dice” and other sex games, he said. But for the most part, people choose top-class vibrators.

“I really pay attention to focus on pleasure and comfort.”

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