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Police search for the suspect after a fire accidentally broke out along a road in Little Italy | Instant News

TORONTO – Police have released surveillance camera images of a man wanted after several small fires broke out along a street in Toronto’s Little Italy neighborhood overnight.

Around 12:10 a.m. and 2 a.m. on Sunday morning, police were called to several fire spots that were visible along College Street, between Shaw and Grace streets.

Witnesses said a man started several fires in the area before fleeing the scene.

He was last seen wearing a red coat, black and white toque, and dark jeans.

Anyone with information is asked to call the 14 Divisions at 416-808-1400.


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How Many Great White Sharks ‘Do It’ in Australia? | Instant News

One thing you should know to properly conserve animal species is the size of their populations: how many are there? How many breed? How many did we lose? However, monitoring this abundance is difficult when these species live in the ocean and their home ranges span thousands of miles. Like the case of the white shark (Carcharodon carcharias), a highly mobile predator that is experiencing a worldwide decline in population.

Despite the sizeable investment in this area of ​​research, many mobile marine species remain data-poor… which can be troublesome when trying to evaluate whether conservation management actions are working and modeling future solutions. Just ask UQ Ph.D. candidate Dani Davenport, who said “it is difficult to determine whether the safeguards applied to white sharks in Australia have been successful, because monitoring animal populations underwater is quite challenging, and especially for white sharks, which are difficult to find, catch and handle”. So it is not surprising that it is difficult to get a picture of recent reproductive efforts in white shark populations in eastern Australia-New Zealand.

That joint study – involving the University of Queensland, NSW Department of Primary Industries, and Stellenbosch University in South Africa – focused on eastern Australia-New Zealand white shark (EAP) populations due to their coastal habitation patterns and precise location. Their movement in this region means they are a population that is genetically different from other identified populations (eg North Pacific, Southwest Australia, Atlantic, South Africa and Mediterranean). Unfortunately, EAP has experienced a decline of more than 90% during the 20th century due to a variety of human activities (such as targeted fishing and deaths associated with bather protection programs), and the team hopes the population can bounce back thanks to protection through international conventions. and jurisdiction law.

“Previous attempts to detect population recovery using historical catch data and recapture of genetic close relatives have found no significant evidence of population growth or recovery in EAP,” the authors state in new study. “Renewed bird protection program along parts of Australia’s east coast […] offers the opportunity for nonlethal tissue sampling and to determine the utility of this genetic monitoring method in EAP. “

Davenport agreed, stating that the ‘Shark Management Alert in Real-Time’ (SMART) drum line “provides a valuable source of material for genome analysis of sharks captured as part of the program.” Founded by the NSW DPI as part of the NSW Government’s ‘Shark Management Strategy’, this SMART drum line is designed to be non-lethal and sends a warning when a shark has been caught on the line. Captured sharks are measured, sampled for DNA, and then tagged with a tracking device before being released back, alive, into their marine environment. Back in the lab, the team used genomics to estimate the annual number of “effective breeders” in this white shark population. “Effective breeders are like a ‘genetic vault’ that carries genes from a population and passes them on to the next generation,” says Davenport. In other words, these are individuals who have successfully produced offspring in one reproductive cycle.

The team was able to show four consecutive years of effective breeding population sizes (2010 to 2013) for white sharks in the eastern Australia-New Zealand population, and that about 206 to 252 sharks breed on Australia’s east coast each year. “Although this study shows a stable number of effective breeders from 2010 to 2013, white sharks have a slow and long-lived history. For example, female white sharks do not mature until an average length of 16 feet (5 meters) or 16 years, “said Davenport. While the current results are promising, the team suggests future monitoring should be continued via the SMART drum line as this is a way of obtaining non-lethal tissue samples. “Any possible recovery in the population after the decline of the 20th century may go undetected unless we continue to monitor it.”


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NZ Blood changed the donor criteria for male to male sex, and sex workers | Instant News

The behavioral donor eligibility criteria were previously reviewed in 2014. Photo / File

The blood delay period for men who had sex with other men has been reduced from 12 months to just three months this time.

Sex workers and those who have lived in countries with widespread HIV infection also experienced a reduction in the delay period to three months.

The New Zealand Blood Service said the changes were in line with other countries such as the UK, Canada and the United States.

Auckland Pride director Max Tweedie said the changes were long overdue.

“Now [NZBS] is in a perfect position where it balances the risks but also ensures that the rules around blood donation don’t discriminate against our community, “he said.

“I am very, very happy with today’s announcement.”

NZBS relies on voluntary and unpaid blood donations from individuals across the country.  Photos / Files
NZBS relies on voluntary and unpaid blood donations from individuals across the country. Photos / Files

Blood cannot be donated for three months after having had anal or oral sex between two men, with or without a condom, or after most recently using HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) or post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP).

People living with HIV, even though they are on antiretroviral treatment and have
an undetectable viral load cannot deliver blood.

Those who have hepatitis B or hepatitis C, despite successful treatment or those who have injected drugs not prescribed by a doctor or healthcare professional are also unable to give blood.

The sexual partner of one of these people will be suspended for three months.

New Zealand Aids Foundation colleagues and Dr Peter Saxton from the University of Auckland said it was “absolutely” the right decision to make by NZBS.

“This harmonizes our policies which we usually reject.

“Importantly, it follows international evidence that reducing suspension will not increase the risk for blood recipients.”

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While today’s announcement was good, Tweedie said the focus had to shift away from discriminating against gay and bisexual men who gave blood and trying to end HIV transmission.

“The solution here is not to change the blood code, but invest in ending the Rainbow Community epidemic that has been going on for nearly 40 years,” he said.

“We have a lot of work to do to ensure that our focus is not on changing the rules but ending the epidemic.”

NZBS behavioral donor eligibility applies today and was last reviewed by an independent panel of experts in 2014.

As part of the previous review, recommended criteria should be reviewed where there is information that might influence future decisions.

All current scientific research shows a three-month suspension allows the current testing system to safely accommodate the window between the virus in contact and it can be detected, NZBS said.

The latest safety data, around 18 months, is out of the UK and Saxton says NZBS has acted swiftly in changing its suspension period.

He said delaying or not being allowed to donate blood as a homosexual could be stigmatizing and could trigger inaccurate stereotypes.

“No changes can come fast enough for this group, and I think [it’s] It is very important for us to scrutinize the evidence and move as fast as we can, “he said.

Based on a balance of all available evidence, NZBS said there was no need to set up an independent review panel, which can take up to 18 months to make changes.

NZBS took its proposal directly to Medsafe, which approved and approved a change of suspension period from 12 months to three months.

The changes were only related to cisgender individuals – the people who identified their biological sex when they were born.

NZBS has a separate work program that aims to ensure constant and appropriate criteria for transgender and non-binary individuals, says Saxton.

This Service is a non-profit Crown entity responsible for the collection, processing, testing, storage and distribution of all blood and blood products in New Zealand.

It relies on voluntary and non-paid blood donations to provide a constant supply of blood and blood products used by health services.


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Rafaella Carrà: Italian pop star who taught Europeans the joy of sex | Music | Instant News

At was the beginning of Explota Explota, a new Spanish-Italian jukebox musical comedy is set on the tail end of Franco’s dictatorship in the 1970’s SpanishMaria’s airport employee was making a delivery at the TV studio when she caught the attention of Chimo, the variety show director. When she told him she was not a dancer, she replied: “No dancer with blood running through her veins can withstand this rhythm.”

She played her Bailo Bailo, a hit by Italian pop star Raffaella Carrà, who, apart from being one of the most famous personalities in her native Italy, ended up becoming a sensation in the Spanish-speaking world of the 20th century. Where Sweden owns Abba, Italy has Carrà, which sells millions of records Europe. Sure enough, Maria couldn’t refuse Bailo Bailo, and Chimo hired him.

Tribute to a star … an image from Explota Explota (My Heart Goes Boom!), Based on Raffaella Carrà songs. Photo: Julio Vergne

Explota Explota – titled My Heart Goes Boom! in English, directed by Nacho Álvarez, and currently touring the film festival circuit – paying homage to Carrà’s hits but not biopics: the songs are performed during the fictional variety show Las Noches de Rosa, and are used during the narrative as characters navigate their life. The film reflects a shifting view of relationships, sexuality, and entertainment in a Catholic country: one of the main battlegrounds is how high the outline of a showgirl’s skirt is, and how to dangle the neckline before fake flowers are affixed to it. them out of courtesy.

From the 1950s onwards, Carrà was a triple performer who could sing, dance, and act equally well, and he had an unrivaled influence on Italian music and pop culture (English was not his first performing language, making him more of a cult figure in the world. English). Technically, Italy has a much more vocally clever singer, who combines range with dramatic flair: Mina, the virtuoso-like mezzo-soprano; Milva, known as Milva “the Red” for her political inclinations and fiery mane, is best known for her interpretations of Brecht and Weill; Patty Pravo, an alto androgyny; and Giuni Russo, who sublimated opera technique to pop, and had a five-octave range. Carrà surpassed them all.

Raffaella Carrà dancing to the Ma Che Sera show in 1978.

‘The first pop icon’ … Raffaella Carrà dancing to the Ma Che Sera show in 1978.Photo: Mondadori Portfolio / Getty Images

When, in 1968, youth culture became more politicized and his peers gathered in protest, Carrà went to America and saw Hair’s music every night for a month. He returned home convinced that Italian entertainment needed a jolt of energy. “He was the first pop icon, but housewives always liked him. He revolutionized TV entertainment, ”wrote journalist Anna Maria Scalise in 2008. Carrà herself said in 1974:“ I don’t get inspiration from anyone: I talk to children, to fathers who watch sports, to my wives, as well as to watching Italian TV. family. “

Her place to tread is an Italian variety show, featuring a series of Broadway-inspired singing and dancing. She first rose to prominence during the 1970 edition of the variety show Canzonissima, for which she co-hosted: the show incorporated the original song directly into its dance and musical numbers. She sings and dances in the opening piece, Ma Che Musica Maestro who is like a fanfare, wearing a complete two-piece set with a crop top – the first time someone dared exposing their belly on national TV. The Vatican and the conservative management of RAI, the Italian national TV station on which Canzonissima broadcast, have been scandalized. “Ordinary Queen” is how TV host Maurizio Costanzo highlighted her.

However he was reinstated the following year, when, with dancer Enzo Paolo Turchi, he performed jazz-like songs. Tuca Tuca: one player touches another on a different part of the body during the song. They had to film him half-facing the camera to show the Italian family that they weren’t caressing each other or groping. This song is famous for its focus on female agencies. “I want you“, He sings – I want you – and then”I made it up“: I found this dance.

Raffella Carrà in the 1960's.

Approachable … Carrà in the 1960’s. Photo: Mondadori / Getty Images

The general public likes to have choreography that doesn’t require much skill, but censors stop the routine after the third time they perform it. Italian film star Alberto Sordi saved the day, demanding that, after his performance at Canzonissima, they bring the dance back, cementing its mainstream success. Still, the press still regarded Carrà as a one-hit miracle, likening him to the champagne that had run out.

However, Carrà didn’t stop hissing. She wears proto-glam jumpsuits with cutouts, a cape, rhinestones, feathers, and a cinched waist (recently the subject of a museum exhibition) Topped with a blonde bob that makes Anna Wintour’s appearance look drab, but what sets her apart from other triple treats is the combination of sex appeal and approachability. She taught women that having agency in the bedroom wasn’t embarrassing, that it was okay to fall in love with a gay man, and that not all relationships are really healthy. “I think Raffaella Carrà has done more to liberate women than many feminists,” said artist Francesco Vezzoli, curator TV 70, 1970s Italian television exhibition for Fondazione Prada in 2017.

In 1976, she sang her major international hit A Far l’Amore Comincia Tu (be the one to initiate sex), a call to action for women to make their lovers understand what they want in bed. In the English version, Carrà’s only entry on the UK charts, at No. 9, he urges women to “Do it, do it again.” In Spanish, the lyrics translate as “in love, to start is everything”, but in German the message is wrong: famous singer Tony Holiday turns the original lewd lyrics into an invitation to dance. You’re probably familiar with the Carrà: version in the Episode Doctor Who, and Jep Gambardella, the central figure in Paolo Sorrentino’s film The Great Beauty, dancing to a frenetic remix at his birthday party.

Surprisingly, A Far L’Amore Comincia Tu was released alongside Forte Forte, a ballad with the opposite message: she enjoys being submissive in relationships filled with rough sex. Carrà recognizes that pleasure can come from leading, and from being led.

Also in 1976, he had great success in Spain. Franco recently died and he’s hosted Raffaella Jam, singing and dancing like he did in Italy. “I’m lucky, my show is shown right after a famous football match, like Real Madrid-Barcelona, ​​hence my success,” he told the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera in 2018, too simply: the impact on Spanish pop culture is so great that , in 2018, the king of Spain made her a cursed woman, “to the order of civil achievement“, To become a” freedom icon “.

His return to Italy in 1978 came with a heap of new artistic possibilities: Color TV had finally made its way into Italian households, and he hosted the variety show Ma Che Sera (Oh What a Night). The opening credits song Tanti Auguri (Best Wishes) became the national anthem for sex and sexuality. She sang “but turning this earth around I am convinced that there is no hatred, no war when there is love in bed“, Which translates as” traveling around the world, I become convinced that there is no war or hatred when it is hot in the bedroom “. Another sentence states pleasure to have sex anywhere south of Trieste.

Raffaella Carrà at Ma Che Sera in 1986.

Disco queen … Carrà at Ma Che Sera in 1986.Photo: Mondadori Portfolio / Mondadori / Getty Images

“Can you imagine a blonde woman singing this song out loud at 8:30 p.m. on Italian television with 30 million people watching?”, Said Vezzoli. “This is innovative and liberating action! Imagine all the women on the outskirts of Rome or in the province of Brescia who think that making love is an act they can only do with their husbands in a very unpleasant way. “

Another of her Ma Che Sera provocations consists of her wearing a sexy nun outfit while perched on an apple during a mix of some of The Beatles’ greatest hits, while naked male dancers roam beneath her: the entire set is an early special effects trippy masterpiece. She also debuted with Luca’s disco single on the show, in which she talked about feeling sad after falling for a “golden haired man” who, however, had an affair with a blonde man, and that was the last she saw him. “I only date gay men: they’re not going to try to grope you in the cinema,” she told Corriere della Sera in 2017, reminiscing about her teenage years.

Talking about homosexuality so outspoken and mild is unheard of in Italy, the oppressed and pearl-clung Italy, and it’s no surprise to see how Carrà became an international gay icon, to the point that he was awarded the 2017 World Pride in Madrid.

Raffaella Carrà at the Sanremo festival in 2014.

Pioneer … Carrà at the Sanremo festival in 2014. Photo: Daniele Venturelli / Getty Images

Twelve days after Ma Cha Sera started broadcasting, on March 16, 1978, leftist terrorists kidnapped Italians. prime minister Aldo Moro, and finally killed him. Carrà tried to postpone the show, but because 30 million people watched every Saturday, his request was not fulfilled. He finally left Italy in 1979. “I am so ashamed I didn’t come back for a long time,” he said in 1999.

He became a pop star and actor in South America, but returned to Europe, and in the 1980s had abated his role as a chat show host, which he still did at the age of 77. “More clapping than [president] Pertini, more expensive than [football player] Michel Platini, more magical than [modern saint] Padre Pio, ”that was how the weekly L’Espresso described it in 1984.

Most of her sex-positive pop songs are products of ’70s Italian TV, but they’re not a holdover from the past: Italians still know the lyrics by heart, and sing them as soon as they get a chance (Tanti Auguri is the alarm) voice on my tacky mid-noughties Motorola Razr ). The climax came before the national anthem Donna Summer I Feel Love and the sex-positive disco Take Me Home, nearly a decade earlier. Cyndi Lauper’s Anthem, She Bop, and 15 years before Madonna’s Erotica. The Spice Girls’ “Tell me what you want, what you really want” reminds me of Carrà, who urged countless South European women to become the initiators of sex.

Nowadays, amidst sexually explicit songs like WAP or Side to Side, the urge to enjoy sex sounds quite easy. But he is a pioneer helping people lead more fulfilling lives, using a rhythm that no one can resist with blood in his veins.

Explota Explota screen on Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (displayed from 13 to 29 November), Almeria International Film Festival (displayed from November 14 to 21), and Turin Film Festival (displayed from 24 to 28 November).


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New Zealand Police Introduce Hijabs on Their Official Uniforms | Instant News

New Zealand Police will be incorporating a headscarf into their official uniform for the first time, after working with a Muslim student at the Royal New Zealand Police College to design clothing that functions simultaneously and respects the beliefs of Islamic officers.

Thirty-year-old Zeena Ali, who applied to join the NZ Police after the 2019 Christchurch terror attack and graduated last week, will become the first officer in the force’s history to wear a police-issued headscarf.

Ali tested several materials and styles before and during his training, provided feedback to the NZ Police and Massey School of Design and offered recommendations for adjustments. By the time she finished her recruitment process, she had an official police-branded head scarf to wear on graduation.

“It’s great to be able to come out and show the New Zealand Police hijab as part of my uniform,” she said NZ Herald. “I think seeing that, more Muslim women would like to join too.”

Ali, who was born in Fiji and moved to New Zealand as a child, says he is proud to represent the Muslim community – and Muslim women in particular – in the country’s federal police. After the 2019 Christchurch terror attacks, he noted, he himself decided to enlist.

“That’s when I realized more Muslim women were needed in the police force, to go out and support people with things like this,” she said. “If I had joined the police earlier, I would have been there to help.”

“We need more Muslim women to help out in the community,” she added, stating that “most of them are too scared to talk to the police and will probably close the front door if a man shows up to talk to them.

“If we have more women showing up, a more diverse front, then we can reduce more crime.”

During the hijab design process, the NZ Police consulted with Ali to ensure the clothing met his health and safety requirements as well as his personal needs.

“We recognize the value of different perspectives and experiences to make us better at what we do,” they said a statement. “We need people of all skills, backgrounds and levels of experience – diversity is essential for us to serve the needs of the New Zealand community effectively now and in the future.

“By reflecting on the communities we serve and appreciating different thinking, we aim to achieve better solutions and outcomes.”

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