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‘Zero tolerance’: Australian University, government ‘aware’ of allegations of sexual harassment of students – National | Instant News

The University of Melbourne has stated that they have no tolerance for inappropriate behavior, a representative from the university said on Saturday in response to allegations against Ibrahim Malik, a student who completed his master’s degree at the university’s Melbourne School of Design who had been accused of having sexual relations. violence by at least 30 women in Indonesia.

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“The University of Melbourne is committed to ensuring that all its campuses are places where students, staff and visitors are safe and treated with respect and respect,” the university representative told The Jakarta Post through a written statement.

Two female alumni from the campus also reported Ibrahim on charges of sexual harassment to the University’s Safe Community Program, the university said.

“The university takes all allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior very seriously and a senior staff member has contacted the two women to examine their welfare and provide advice on the student complaint process,” the representative said, adding that the university had offered welfare. support for alumni, who currently live outside of Australia. “The university has also contacted male students and offered them support and assistance.”

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Separately, a spokesman for the Australian Embassy said the embassy had been notified of the alleged sexual violation of Ibrahim.

“We are aware of the alleged sexual violation by an Australian Awards scholar. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and its programs have a zero tolerance approach to claims of sexual violations, “he told Post on Friday.

“We take all these allegations seriously and manage them in accordance with our policies and Australian law,” he continued, adding that the embassy could not provide further details due to privacy constraints.

Two of the women who reported Ibrahim ABC said that Ibrahim had sexually harassed them while in Melbourne.


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