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Tank issues 15 guidelines for cases of sexual violence | Instant News

The judge issues directives for the collection, packaging and transportation of evidence


Lahore: The Lahore high court (LHC) justice with Tariq Saleem Sheikh, in his verdict he gave, issued 15 guidelines for collecting, packaging and transporting evidence in cases of sexual violence.

He heard after his arrest, the matter of bail of the accused in the alleged rape of a ten-year minor son of the Complainant. The FIR was registered on 2 Aug 2019, in police station Dijkot, Faisalabad district.

In the first guideline, the results of the evaluation of evidence of sexual violence kit (SAECK) was developed for the efficient collection of evidence from victims of sexual violence. Evaluation results SAECKs should always be used for the collection and packaging of physical evidence in rape cases.

Second, the clothing the victim wore during the assault should be collected and packaged in a sleeve that is represented in sexual assault evidence.

Third, evidence should be collected only after careful evaluation of the assault and after it was obtained if possible. Documentation, usually referred to forensic medical examination or certificate (Doc) must contain specific information about the assault, what items were collected during the exam, and personal information of the victim. Before collecting physical evidence, forensic experts must consider several factors to help guide their collection and treatment. These factors may include the attack activity, the time elapsed after the attack, after the attack activities, age and sex of the victim. In addition, the collection of evidence should be guided by the background of the story, paying particular attention to the actions of the suspect during the assault. If the victim couldn’t remember the full story as a result of injury or pre-existing mental incapacity, a full range of samples should be collected with the assistance of the physical assessment.

Additional considerations before collecting the sample should include the victim after the attack. Activities that may affect the collection of evidence includes bathing, brushing your teeth, rinse mouth, vomiting, douching, urination and defecation. Careful consideration of activities assault and post-assault activities before collecting the specimen is vital.

Furthermore, the internal tampons, for example, of the intimate parts of the body or breath can still be viable to collect even after the soul of the victim depends on the duration and thoroughness of cleaning and the attack.

Meanwhile, clothes and napkins should always be collected and submitted for DNA analysis, regardless of the time elapsed since the rape.

Elements of evidence were collected from the point of view of recovery, so foreign to the victim as DNA during the collection process. Therefore, measures should be taken to concentrate foreign material, using the least number of sticks needed for family web sites.

Published in the Express Tribune, 27 Juneth, 2020.


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