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Khursheed Shah has contracted the corona virus | Instant News

SUKKUR: PPP leader Syed Khursheed Shah, accused of corruption of Rs1.23 billion, contracted the coronavirus, along with his son, Syed Zeerak Shah, while still on condition.

Reports say Khursheed Shah was released on April 29 on parole to attend the funeral of his nephew Syed Adeel Shah, who died at a private hospital in Karachi from the coronavirus. Shah was released on 48 hours on parole, after which his parole was extended for another 48 hours. Meanwhile, Khursheed Shah has been transferred to NICVD Sukkur after contracting the coronavirus. It is important to mention that the NICVD is a prison for PPP leaders in corruption cases worth IDR 1.23 billion.


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Khursheed Shah was released on parole | Instant News

SUKKUR: Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of Sindh, on Thursday released PPP leader Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah, on trial with reference to Rs 1.23 billion NAB, on parole of 48 hours to attend the funeral of his nephew Syed Adeel Shah s / o Syed Ali Nawaz Shah . Adeel Shah died on Thursday in a private hospital in Karachi due to Covid-19. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs directive, during the parole period, Khursheed Shah will remain under the supervision of SSP Prison and SSP Sukkur.


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Researchers uncover the secrets of ancient Aboriginal migration across Australia | Instant News

Sixty thousand years ago, when wombats the size of a rhino, giant echidnas and carnivorous kangaroos roamed the country, Australian Aboriginal people were just heading to shore.

The first Australians are thought to have arrived when the continent was a much larger place, with lower sea levels connecting Papua New Guinea and Tasmania with what we now know as modern Australia, forming the mega-continent Sahul.

New research from the Australian Research Council Center of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage shows the paths that ancient Aboriginal people may have taken as they crossed the continent from the Kimberley to Tasmania.

Map showing migration routes in the ancient mega-continent of Sahul.(



Professor Corey Bradshaw is one of the researchers who mapped the route.

“We really want to understand not only how they got here, but what they did after they got here,” he said.

The model takes data from archaeologists, anthropologists, ecologists, geneticists, climatologists, geomorphologists and hydrologists, and analyzes the information to get the most likely routes across the country.

‘Super highways’ for super propulsion

The model hypothesizes that the first Australians landed on the coast of Western Australia, around the Kimberley region, some sixty thousand years ago, and in just 6,000 years they had settled across the country, from the extreme north of the tropics to the far south. from Tasmania.

“You know, people might make it out of Africa … in 10-15 thousand years and then, they’re in Australia.

“That’s incredible considering the technology that was available at the time, and what I’m talking about is settling, not just walking here and there.”

Super highways bear a striking resemblance to current Australian stock roads and routes, and Professor Bradshaw says there’s a good reason why.

Portrait of researcher Professor Corey Bradshaw.
Professor Corey Bradshaw develops a new migration map.(

ABC News: Dana Morse


“The fact that they settled the entire continent so quickly and built this long-term relationship suggests that, yes, there is an oral history that goes back tens of thousands of years,” he said.

“A lot of European explorers – those smart enough to talk to the locals about where to go and how to survive, I imagine it will be passed down for a long time.”

Data meets Dreamtime

Although the model shows the most likely route based on available data, it is uncertain, and researchers hope to collaborate with Indigenous communities to fill in the gaps.

With decades of experience as an Indigenous historian and archaeologist, Professor Laureate Lynette Russell says science and stories have a place in unraveling Indigenous history.

“No one has 70 thousand years of oral history, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any deep stories related to the land,” said Professor Russell.

“People talk about it when the land was made when the ancestors came when the creator created the land.

“I think in those stories, and especially in those songs and lines, we might find information that fits, but also might conflict with the approach of the scientists.”

Professor Russell said the new map was a starting point, not a definite fact, in terms of Aboriginal history.

“This modeling paper is important because it gives us a heuristic set of things we can then imagine what the past was like.”

A woman wearing a black shirt and brightly colored scarf and glasses is looking at the camera
Monash University professor Lynette Russell hopes Aboriginal families can help fill the research gap.(

ABC News: Rudy de Santis


When discussing more answers about the past, both academics agree that collaboration is key.

“Aboriginal communities are partners in research. They are not stakeholders, and we are not stakeholders next to them,” said Professor Russell.

It’s a job Professor Bradshaw wants to see his team do next.

“We want to extend this to the next period,” he said.

“Compare differences in Dreaming stories between sites, or linguistic similarities or differences between different countries, or similarities in rock art, and use all these different cultural elements in deep association with Indigenous knowledge of different groups.

“Having multiple layers of culture that way, in a sense, validates scientific predictions, it is a real marriage between Indigenous knowledge and Western knowledge and that is an exciting next step.”


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Khursheed Shah was presented before the court | Instant News

SUKKUR: Police brought defendant Syed Khursheed Shah before the Sukkur Accountability Court on Tuesday in reference to corruption of Rs1.23 billion along with 18 other defendants, including his two wives, his nephew and Sindh’s transport minister, Syed Owais Qadir Shah, and MPA Farrukh Shah.

Speaking to media people outside the court, PPP leader Khursheed Shah said instead of pursuing the opposition, Prime Minister Imran Khan should ask people about his government’s performance over the past two and a half years.

He also asked the media to deliver the PM’s previous statements and announcements he made during the election campaign, so that the public could analyze the performance of the PTI incumbent government and they could also find out how many promises the Prime Minister had fulfilled. He said political agitation against Imran Khan had to be carried out to attract the masses and should not be stopped.

Reports say FBR and NADRA officials have taken notes on their statements. Khursheed Shah said there should be no politics about the corona but that everyone must follow the prescribed SOPs to eradicate the pandemic. He said Pakistan’s offer of assistance to India in the current corona situation was good, but the Indian government did not respond to the offer of humanitarian assistance. He said, “The decision to reconsider Judge Qazi Faiz Essa’s case is a good one.”


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Karachi United’s Gharib Shah Union match ended in a 2-2 draw | Instant News

KARACHI: The match between Karachi United and Gharib Shah Union ended in a 2-2 draw at the Naya Nazimabad Ramadan Night Football on the Naya Nazimabad soccer field here on Wednesday.

Affan Siddiqui scored the first goal in the 14th minute to put Karachi United 1-0 up. Noman Ahmed equalized in the 34th minute in arrears for Gharib Shah Union. Eight minutes later, he put his team 2-1 up. But Muhammad Noor of Karachi United leveled the score line in the 79th minute.


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