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Lady Tigers drops a close match vs Corinthians | Sports | Instant News

RIPLEY • The Ripley Lady Tigers have made winning close-knit games a habit this season, winning 5-1 in matches determined by 5 points or less. That streak grows to 9-2 in games determined by 10 points or less.

Unfortunately for Lady Tigers, they accepted a close defeat on Friday, when they fell to Corinthians 40-36.

Lady Tigers jumped to a 7-2 lead to start the game before Corinth bounced back, initiating a consistent pattern of lead change in the first half. For every point Corinth’s second chance to score on the edge of the foul, Ripley forced a turn that led to an easy transition score. Ripley held a narrow lead 16-15 ahead of the break.

The Lady Warriors, looking to avenge a 45-36 loss to Ripley in December, started the 2nd half at a 10-2 pace, breaking a game that had previously closed wide and giving themselves room to breathe. Lady Warriors held the lead in this round giving them time into the 4th quarter, when Ripley raced 11-2 on his own, tying play in the process. This is where the foul problem started to cost Lady Tigers, as the 10-2 2nd-half difference between Ripley and Corinth allowed Lady Warriors to increase the lead at the end of the game and close the game with free throws alone.

Despite this 40-36 shortfall, Lady Tigers still hold a 9-3 record in a match determined with 10 points or less, proving they shouldn’t count in close match situations. Sydney Flake led the Lady Tigers in scoring with 14 points.


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