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Don’t Kill Your Sharks, Australia, Said the Shark-Attack Survivor | Instant News

A series of shark attacks recently in Australia might make the government go back to war against sharks, but survivors of Australian shark attacks say, preserving sharks is the same as saving people.

Three fatal shark attack recently occurred on the east coast of Australia, and sharks are thought to exist in a fourth attack about a woman who made a documentary about sharks on the Great Barrier Reef. The attack has resulted dramatic headlines throughout the world, but according to a survivor, the world is worried about the wrong carnage.

“You probably know that more than 100 million sharks are killed every year by humans,” said Paul de Gelder, a former Australian Navy diver who lost his right hand and right leg to a bull shark in 2009. “That’s more than 11,000 per hour. Conversely “Only seven humans die on average from sharks per year in the whole world. Seven to 100 million. When I find out that I started asking, who should be afraid of who?”

The main culprit, according to de Gelder, is commercial fishing, but the Australian government does not help.

“What triggers public fear in Australia is the reason that Australia has had the destruction of active sharks since the 1930s,” de Gelder said last month in EarthXOceans Conference.

“Even at the world heritage site of the Great Barrier Reef, one of the greatest natural wonders in the world, sharks are killed out of fear by people assigned to protect them.”

Annihilation, which uses bait lanes and underwater shark nets, creates a false sense of security, de Gelder said.

“The net does not reach the entire coast. They don’t even go downstairs. Sharks can swim around, above and below the net. And most of the sharks are caught inside the net. “

So do many other species, including turtles, rays, dolphins and whales. “This net ruins all life along the coast of Australia.”

de Gelder made this comment before the recent attack. I reached out to him to ask if he wanted to comment on the recent attacks specifically. If he responds, I will post his comments.

The Queensland government spends $ 3.3 million per year to eradicate sharks. In testimony to the Australian Senate, the government recognized that shark nets cannot be penetrated by sharks and they kill many other species. The government said “it is committed to investigating all paths to minimize impacts on this species.”

But the government believes the net is effective because there was only one shark attack in Queensland during the 54-year program.

de Gelder did not want to keep sharks only for their own interests. As top-level predators, he said, they regulate the health of the ecosystems they patrol.

“Sharks are not only important for balance, they are very important. They are known as key species, which means that without them their ecosystems will be destroyed. “

In addition to lobbying against annihilation, de Gelder urged a seafood boycott.

“Man’s hunger for seafood pushes our oceans to the breaking point. And scientists have recognized that if we don’t stop eating seafood at our level, our oceans will be empty by 2048. And you know what that means: there are no more humans. We rely on the ocean to give us oxygen and if they die, so do we. “


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A 10-year-old boy ‘pulled from a ship’ by a shark in Australia | Instant News

Australian sharks are so brave that they pull people off the ship.

A 10-year-old boy was hospitalized this week after a shark “caught him from a ship and attacked him off the coast of Tasmania,” CNN reports.

The boy and his father were fishing in waters full of sharks in Stanley, Tasmania, when the maneater attacked.

“The boy’s father jumped into the water where the sharks swim,” authorities told CNN. “The boy, who was wearing a personal floatation, suffered a torn wound in his arm, and other injuries to his chest and head.”

This is the winter “Jaws” Down Under, with more than 11 shark attacks reported so far.

On Tuesday, Anika Craney, 29, was hospitalized after being attacked while swimming on Fitzroy Island near Cairns. Mani Hart-Deville, 17, is killed by sharks off Wooli Beach south of Brisbane last week, and scuba divers are persecuted to death by sharks near the Great Barrier Week over the weekend of July 4th.


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Former All Blacks coach Steve Hansen insists New Zealand is not indebted to Australia because the future of Super Rugby is formed Rugby Union News | Instant News

Last Updated: 07/12/20 9:13 am

Steve Hansen spent almost 16 years with the All Blacks

Former All Blacks coach Steve Hansen urged New Zealand to be strong in their negotiations with Australia about the future of Super Rugby.

Super Rugby was stopped in March because the COVID-19 pandemic and the future of the southern hemisphere competition are being discussed.

Earlier this week, Australian Rugby (RA) chairman Hamish McLennan said their counterparts in New Zealand were trying to dictate possible trans-Tasman Super Rugby competition requirements, amid reports the NZR was trying to limit the number of Australian teams involved.

Hansen said he felt that New Zealand Rugby must do the best for their rugby players and insisted that they were indebted to Australia.

“Without controversy, we have been guarding Aussies for years,” Hansen told Stuff Media on Sunday.

“And every time we need something from them, especially at a high level, sometimes they disappear.

“Do we owe them something? No. But because we are our nation, and we care more about the game than ourselves, we bend and bend a little.

“I think NZ Rugby is in the mood to have a strong discussion because they only get one chance for that.”

Much of its impact centered on the composition of the Super Rugby of 2021, with both countries reportedly interested in exploring the trans-Tasman competition rather than returning to tournaments involving teams from South Africa and Argentina.

McLennan told Australian media this week that a leaked report stated that the preferred option by NZR was to have only two or three Australian parties in the trans-Tasman competition.

Hansen said what was most important was not to dilute the New Zealand team with more than five teams and to minimize travel for the welfare of the players.

“You have to start with what you want from him? Instead of, ‘OK, we will hold this competition,'” Hansen said.

“It must be truly competitive and produce world-class players. If you let it be facilitated, there is too big a gap between Super Rugby and the rugby test.”


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Former Black captain Kieran Read supports reform requests for the rugby calendar | Rugby Union News | Instant News

By The Associated Press

Last Updated: 06/06/20 8:00 morning

Former Black captain Kieran Read is in action for the Toyota Verblitz during the Japanese Top League season 2020

Former All Blacks captain Kieran Read supports the call for an integrated international rugby season but fears money “coming out of the north” might thwart efforts to create a global calendar.

Read believes international rugby needs to move away from the current schedule which often forces players from both sides to play Test matches out of season, but fears of a richer northern hemisphere may continue to influence how the global calendar is organized.

At present, the Northern Hemisphere team is conducting tests in the Southern Hemisphere in June or July – at the end of their season – and the Southern Hemisphere toured in the North in November and December. The international windows, which fall in the middle of the Super Rugby season or European club season, substantially extend the season for top players.

Re-elected World Rugby Chair Sir Bill Beaumont has promised to work towards a more integrated calendar which provides space for the Six Nations tournament and the Rugby Championship Test and professional competitions in the northern and southern hemisphere.

Sir Bill Beaumont spoke about the potential of the Nation Cup being reincarnated in the ‘Will Greenwood Podcast

Sir Bill Beaumont spoke about the potential of the Nation Cup being reincarnated in the ‘Will Greenwood Podcast

Beaumont is a strong supporter of the world Test championship, although his efforts to build one year ago were stalled by a standoff over promotion-relegation.

Southern hemisphere countries oppose Beaumont’s re-election, supporting the nomination of Argentine Agustin Pichot’s reforms. In part, Beaumont is considered to represent the status quo and is too protective of the Six Nations tournament and the English and French club tournaments. He has made it clear that he will oppose any steps to reschedule the Six Nations, which feature Ireland, France, Italy, Wales, Scotland and England.

Read, who retired from the Rugby Test after last year’s World Cup in Japan and after leading the All Blacks in 52 of 127 tests, hopes an agreement can be reached that will better integrate the global season and give fans more interest.

“I want to see some sort of consistency around the season,” he told the Stuff news website on Tuesday.

“That would be better for everyone involved and especially for the players. So you don’t play outside the season, which shortens your season [and] which means you will not recover well and be ready for next year. “

Read also join many fans in the call for further tours by countries that are playing the test, a step away from the existing competition.

“I think the tour is important for international games,” he said. “The way I see it and the way the game makes money will determine and the money may come out of the north.

“The tour for me is more on the end of the year tour that we have to experience a little. It was the best time for a player and I think the fans might be able to feel it too. When you get a competitive series it certainly makes a pretty good display.”


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The Best Video Game Starring a Shark | Instant News

Human eater

Human eater
Screenshot: Tripwire Interactive

There have been many video games released over the years shark that feature, but there aren’t many that let you play like this smooth and deadly beast. And often shark games aren’t very good. But some stand out.

Here is the best shark game ever made.

Jaw: Released

I remember being very excited to play this game back that day, but when I first heard it the game was called A single predator. It was a brief description of being a shark and a small, single screen shot in a gaming magazine. But it makes me excited to play games. Finally, this game was released as Jaw: Released. I would be the first to admit that it was not an extraordinary game, but it was a blast to turn it into a shark. The game is wild too. At one point you take guards and use their key cards on their bodies to unlock the large underwater doors.

Human eater

In many ways, Human eater It feels like a spiritual successor Jaw: Released. It’s not connected at all, but it’s hard to at least be reminded Was released when playing Human eater. However, this newer game adds more things to kill and the overall system level, letting players grow bigger and stronger over time. I like Human eater, even if it is filled with the same mission repeatedly. This is the best shark game you can play now.

Feed Frenzy 2

Original Eat Frenzy not let you play as a shark. Boo This error was corrected in Feed Frenzy 2. In two different levels, players control Goliath, a large white shark that can grow big after eating enough fish. Simple controls and no gore might make some shark fans disappointed, however Feed Frenzy 2 is a great game and is available on Xbox One through backwards compatibility.

Hungry Shark World

That Hungry shark The game has been around for several years now on mobile and tablet devices. I enjoy playing them, but they always feel small. Hungry Shark World take basic gameplay loops from smaller mobile games, sharks go around eating something and find collections, and build it into something much bigger. So big in fact that the game can be transported to PS4 and Xbox One. And it is a good game on this platform. That Hungry shark the game always plays better with a controller and on a big TV, Hungry Shark World feels like home. And you get a large selection of sharks to play, something that most shark games don’t offer.


Depth is a shark game where you also sometimes have to play as a human. This is not good, but it means that when you are a shark your victim is not a random NPC, instead they are someone else. That makes hunting even more fun. Like it Hungry Shark World, You can choose from a variety of sharks in this online PVP game. It’s been almost six years now, so finding a match might be difficult. But if you can, it is a pleasant time. At least when you are a shark. As a human, it is scary and stressful.

Bonus Game: GTA V

99% of GTA V is a game about becoming a person who commits a crime, usually with weapons and cars. But in the PS4, Xbox One and PC game versions, players can find hidden plants that, when eaten, turn them into different animals. Some of these animals include sharks!

Gameplay as a shark is very limited. You can bite, swim and die. But it does look good and given how many shark games are out there, I will take whatever shark action I can get.


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The novel’s humor and premise continues to make ‘Maneater’ swim | Instant News

It doesn’t matter if it is “Mouth,” “Meg” or “Dark Blue Sea,” we are secretly looking for sharks. Indeed humans are heroes who ultimately kill ancient creatures, but it is the monsters in the depths that attract our attention.

All teeth and muscles, they captivate us. Fins that crawl along the water attract our attention like train horns. Their violation on water is like a fireworks display coming out of the sea. “Human eater” take the innate attraction for sharks and allow players to experience the power of fantasy as a predator.

In this open world shaRkPG – which is a reference to the publisher Tripwire Interactive, not mine – the players act as female bull sharks. A hunter named Scaly Pete killed his mother and scratched it. In retaliation, the bull shark puppy bit Pete’s hand and fled to bayou.

From there, the player controls the fish as he survives in the wild. Bull sharks have to keep eating. The initial prey is catfish, grouper, and box turtle and these foods provide nutrients, which trigger the growth of sharks. Chewing wildlife is how a puppy becomes a teenager. From there, he can attack larger animals such as crocodiles which will give him problems at first.

The great white shark is one of the top predators encountered by players in “Maneater.” (Tripwire Interactive)

The whole process makes “Maneater” feel like a suspicious answer “Pac-Man.” Developers, Blindside Interactive and Tripwire, blocked the initial area behind this growth idea. Players need to raise their sharks to adulthood before he can destroy gates and other obstacles to explore the wider city of Port Clovis.

The purpose of the bull shark is twofold. The first is that he wants to be a sea peak predator. That means growing into a megashark that is feared by sperm whales and orca at bay. Another driving factor is revenge. Bull sharks have one target in mind – Scaly Pete, a fisherman who is bigger than the life that wiped out his mother.

Apart from its attractive premise, “Maneater” will have problems keeping players interested outside the first hours of the novel. It’s great to be a shark and watch the growth of animals, but its mission design is pedestrian and monotonous. Most players have to devour humans, frightening rivals or favorite foods of peak predators. In addition, players will find collections such as license plates, nutrition caches or landmark signs.

Some of these side searches have enhancements that provide important evolution such as bull sharks such as shadow fins and bone tails. It acts like pieces of armor and gear that sharks don while in different caves, which are safe zones in each Port Clovis region. The set of bones is directed for defense while the shadow series is about attack power and speed. Bioelectric Gear excels at amazing enemies that crowd players.

Bull sharks can mix and match evolution or they can use complete sets for bonuses that make them unstoppable in certain scenarios. When paired with three appropriate organ upgrades, players can overcome enemies at sea. Bull sharks can even fall across land while eating humans who dare to be too close to shore.

“Maneater” is an open world game in which players play the role of a bull shark that eats and destroys anything that gets in its way. (Tripwire Interactive)

Another problem with “Maneater” is control, which is clunky at best and most frustrating. Controlling sharks feels complicated, because players change the angle of shark swimming by looking in a certain direction. This is proportional to “Air Combat” the title but the clumsier and with the added dimension of fighting on the surface of the water. That was proven in the chaotic battle against the hunter chasing the bull shark after he had eaten enough humans. Trying to pierce and slam aboard is not the smoothest move and diving into the depths for safety and other offense attempts is awkward.

Movers and traversals do not have fluidity and these issues spread to the battle against marine life. Fighting cetaceans, sharks and other crocodiles involves dodging attacks when the enemy blinks yellow and then strikes back. This is not the most complicated system and can be difficult, especially with the lack of difficult locking.

The weakness of “Maneater” was partly removed thanks to the comedian narration Chris Parnell. This narrative is framed as a Discovery Channel type of nature show, and as the game follows the bull shark through its adventures, Parnell blends in with the marine facts and bites criticism on human relations with nature.

This clever comment was partly brought to the location of Port Clovis, which is a fictional bay town that is part of Louisiana and parts of Florida. The narrator who has an opinion stabs the strengths and strangeness of the two countries. That’s almost enough to make players see the problem of control and mission design that is holding back “Maneater” from being a great open world title.


2½ Two and a half stars
Platform:PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch (TBA)


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What Happens Next in Brazil Is Important for a Shark Species | Instant News

Sharks are one of the most endangered and poorest vertebrates in the world. Shark populations around the world are subject to various threats, such as overfishing and habitat degradation, which concern scientists about their long-term sustainability.

Sharks in Brazil are no different. Knowledge of how sharks use their habitat is limited, and this is problematic in itself for conservation and overall management. If scientists lack shark habitat using knowledge, how can they protect it as a priority area for overall species conservation? One tool used to better understand how sharks use their environment is by investigating trace elements in their vertebrae. This allows researchers to analyze the use of species habitats over the life span of individuals. A team of scientists decided to do it applying vertebral microchemistry to investigate the habitat use of one particular shark, the small tail shark (Carcharhinus porosus) on the North Coast of Brazil (BNC). “We did this project because our laboratory has been working with vertebral microchemistry for a while, but never with species from the Amazon coast. This region is a big mystery to us all, especially because we know very little about the abiotic features of habitats. It is also one of the largest fishing areas in Brazil, and Dr. Lessa feels that applying this technique to investigate habitat use is a great opportunity, “said scientist Leonardo Manir Feitosa of the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco in Brazil.

This small gray shark (almost 5 feet long or <1.5 meters) occurs in the West Atlantic. With its long, pointed snout and large eyes, it thrives at the base of a muddy estuary where they hunt for small fish and invertebrates. Because they are smaller sharks, they are often devoured by larger sharks; they are also mainly caught as incidental bycatch in other fish gills. Increasing fishing efforts by artisanal fisheries is the main reason for the decline in this species.

“We chose to focus on small tail sharks because this is a very endangered species in Brazil and not much information is available. It was the most important shark in terms of catch composition in northern Brazil during the 1980s and, since then, the catch has dropped by around 85%. Catches have never increased since then, so we need to know how he uses habitats on the Amazon coast to determine more effective conservation actions, “explained Feitosa and Dr. Lessa in a joint statement.

Considered rare in southern Brazil, they lack data (DD) in most of its reach. But with increasing fishing pressure, decreasing population in their distribution, and lack of management, this species is considered to be Highly Endangered in Brazil. That’s why a researcher, led by Feitosa, use vertebral microchemistry to investigate shark habitat use patterns and see if there are nurseries in the area. This is the first study to use microchemistry of vertebra sharks in the Neotropical region!

Small tail shark vertebrae were taken from specimens that landed in the city of Raposa in the state of Maranhão, collected in accordance with Brazilian environmental law under license (SISBIO License, 49663-1). The sample size used is rather small, but collecting new vertebral samples from elasmobranchs is difficult because of its rarity. Of all the elements analyzed in this study, only five – Barium (Ba), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Manganese (Mn), and Strontium (Sr) – were used for the analysis of habitat use because of their reliability. as an environmental tracker proxy at Elasmobranchs.

“We analyzed [the] five elements are known to reflect environmental characteristics based on sex, season, decade of capture, and stage of life. Because Ca is the most abundant element in the vertebra, we calculate the element: Ca ratio and use this proportion for all statistical analyzes, “the article explains. It turns out that Sr is far more important in women than men, and Ba follows an inverted pattern in men. This means that small tail sharks may experience sex segregation, which is actually not a surprising behavior among sharks!

This group also uses independent fishery catch data from the 1980s to test whether the BNC is a nursery area for small tail sharks. Nurseries are considered one of the most important areas to be protected when it comes to elasmobranch management because they provide the main habitat for small sharks to grow and, ultimately, breed in the future. The team did not find the baby’s room. Instead, they found that the area was an important habitat for this shark because they spent their entire life cycle in the same area. “Our results demonstrate the hypothesis that BNC is an important habitat for this species because its entire life cycle occurs in this area,” the scientists said. “Multi-element neonate signatures produce three major groups, thus showing that the species has at least three reasons for giving birth in the area.”

This data shows that the BNC is a critical area for conservation on a global scale. Therefore, the team has a suggestion: “Conservation strategies are feasible in the short term [is] to reduce bycatch in fisheries [by releasing] living specimens, especially those under 70 cm in total length and hence are not sexually mature. “But scientists stress that it is not right to ban target fisheries, because some communities depend on them for subsistence. Sustainable management, as suggested above, will allow populations to recover while still maintaining the work of fishermen. Conservationists will not see this management strategy paid off immediately , because sharks have a long life, which means they need more time to rebuild a falling population.

“Now, we know that the area is actually an important habitat for it and possibly the same for other similar sized species that live together in the same waters. This has expanded the way we view the Amazon coast from an ecological and conservation perspective, so that it is now more important than previously thought. We hope that this discovery triggers other studies with species that are different but also endangered and lead to better fishing practices and rebuilding species stocks, “the scientists concluded.


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Shark Attack: Surfer Killed in Northern California, Other Escape in Australia | Instant News

According to recently research, your behavior makes sense – especially at this time when we all practice keeping our distance physically.

Researchers at the University at Buffalo report that nontraditional social strategies, such as the so-called “guilty pleasures,” can meet critical social needs in the same way as family connections, romantic relationships, or social support systems.

“Our brains are not connected to distinguish between real relationships and the types of connections we feel to the social world that are presented in books and TV shows. Now is the time to take advantage of it. Don’t feel guilty about replacing your favorite shows or new parties. This may be actually good for you, ” Shira Gabriel, PhD, professor of psychology at the University at Buffalo and co-author of the paper, told Healthline.

Gabriel has studied the importance of nontraditional social strategies for more than 10 years. His current research is the first to examine and compare traditional and nontraditional social strategies and their effectiveness.

He and his colleagues asked more than 170 questions to participants about their welfare and social connections. Their answers are evaluated based on what they call “social fuel tanks.”

Participants reported 17 different ways in which they filled their “social tank”. Most noted traditional and non-traditional social strategies.

“There are many ways to do it [fulfill] the need for social relations. Our society puts a lot of pressure on people to get married and have children and that’s great – if that’s what makes you happy. But there are other ways to live connected and happy lives, and we shouldn’t make people feel guilty about them. You don’t fail if you choose alternative ways to connect, “Gabriel said.

He added that healthy people tend to use nontraditional and traditional social techniques, and that everyone has their own ideal blend of ways to be socially connected.

Good but not as good

Krystine Batcho, PhD, professor of psychology at Le Moyne College in New York, said Gabriel’s research was informative and relative, especially during residential orders.

However, he said it was important to note that original research on the topic found substantial differences between traditional and non-traditional ways to stay connected.

“The traditional way to be social (for example, family, romantic partner) is used to feel connected with more people and more often than non-traditional ways (for example, reading a book). More importantly, traditional connections are a strong predictor of well-being,” Batcho told Healthline.

He said that staying isolated or socially remote and relying on activities such as watching TV, eating favorite food, or playing games is not a long-term substitute for actual interaction with others.

But during this time of physical alienation, because many traditional ways of connecting are not possible, non-traditional ways of connecting are good substitutes.

“While we need to keep our distance socially, watch our favorite shows, read books, and listen to our favorite music can make us feel anchored in a life that has been temporarily suspended,” Batcho said.

“By reminding us that our lives go on, staying involved in familiar activities also reminds us that so is our relationship,” he said. “Just as we can still watch our favorite shows or listen to our favorite music, we can rely on our friends and relatives to be there for us, even at a distance for now.”

Feel Nostalgia for People

While spending more time than others, Batcho said it would be helpful if you reflected on your relationship. Watching shows, reading books, and listening to music can encourage this reflection.

“Familiar activities and pleasures meet our social needs to some extent by giving us a way to connect and receive virtual social support. By providing representative social interaction, they remind us that we are not alone,” he said.

Non-traditional social strategies also help us remember how much we love and need the people we separate.

“Connecting from a distance heightens our desire for face-to-face social togetherness, preparing us to be more fully involved in our relationships once we return to the life we ​​had before. With the images they present, film and music support us with confidence in that return,” said Batcho.

For example, when we listen to love songs, we enjoy representative romance. By identifying with the lovers in the song, we feel loved, and the love we have for others is refreshed and revitalized, he explained.

Movies, shows and music also begin nostalgic social-emotional experiences.

“Nostalgic memories are most often ‘inhabited’. We remember people who mean a lot to us and our lives. Social distance is a powerful trigger for such nostalgic memories. Watching replays or listening to songs that we have enjoyed in the past revive positive feelings. “we have when we share good times with friends and relatives. We can relive the satisfying social interactions that we had when we watched the show initially,” Batcho said.

Because nostalgia is a gentle and caring emotion, it can help repair broken relationships and strengthen healthy relationships.

“The nostalgia that comes with watching reruns, etc., can meet our social needs to some extent by helping us rediscover our identity and values ​​in our social networks,” he said.

Whether you prefer traditional or non-traditional social strategies, Gabriel says the pandemic is the right time to embrace new ways to connect.

“If something makes you feel connected and happy, then do it. If you start feeling unhappy, try new things,” he said.

“Strange and ridiculous behavior that binds you to other people (like encouraging your window at 7 pm every night or putting a rainbow on your door) is great. They can make you feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself and that make us happy and satisfied, “Gabriel said.

Reposted with permission from Health Line. For detailed source information, please see the original article at Health Line.

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