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A former Pakistani pioneer claiming to record speeds of 100-115 mph in the 60s, Shoaib Akhtar is not the fastest | Instant News

Pakistani cricket is renowned for producing the best of pioneers. Over the years, Pakistan has provided world cricket quality speedsters like Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Imran Khan, Shoaib Akhtar and many others who give batsmen nightmares with their speed and swing. However, among all of them and around the world, Shoaib Akhtar is considered the fastest bowling player of all time. Shoaib Akhtar’s fastest ball had a speed of 161.3 km / h (100.2mph) in 2003.

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Former Pakistan pioneer Farooq Hamid admits that he consistently darts faster than Shoaib Akhtar’s fastest ball

Recently, however, a former Pakistani pioneer named Farooq Hamid, who appeared for his country in just one Test in 1964 against Australia, where he took on Ian Chappell’s goal, has claimed that he has made the fastest delivery in even more world cricket. fast from Shoaib Akhtar’s fastest ball. Hamid believes he is consistently traveling at speeds of 110/115 miles (177-185 km / h) per hour.

In an interview with Dawn, Farooq Hamid stated that because of the dirty politics in Pakistani cricket and ‘Mohammad Brothers’, he could only play one Test and retire from cricket at the age of 25. He added that all of his colleagues knew what kind of treatment he was receiving. from the captain. Taking a picture of the Mohammad brothers, Hamid said that it was because of Hanif Mohammad who was considered ‘great’ and his brother Wazir Mohammad that he never played international cricket after his Australian tour.

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Recalling the incident of the 1969 Quaid-e-Azam Cup final, Hamid said that Hanif Mohammad was thrown by a york player who swung the ball at the third ball he faced which was thrown by him. He argues that many international cricketers such as Sir Don Bradman, Imtiaz Ahmed, Zaheer Abbas and others consider him to be the fastest bowler, even faster than Charlie Griffith of the West Indies.

Farooq Hamid further said that many prominent cricketers are afraid of his bounce guard. He claims that the legendary West Indian bat Rohan Kanhai was knocked out by his death guards. Hamid continued, after that, commentators said that he was much faster than Griffith and added that according to him, he must have been playing bowling at a speed of about 110-115 miles per hour. Hamid admitted that even Sir Don Bradman praised him as a pioneer when he met him during his Australian tour of Adelaide.

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Blaming team management for not handling his aggressive attitude, Hamid said that every fast bowler player should be aggressive and it is the team management’s job to handle fast bowlers with care. He further pointed out cricket politics in Pakistan saying that it is politics that is detrimental to the country’s cricket. However, Hamid said that Pakistani cricket was lucky now that they had Khan’s all-around imran and he hoped cricket would improve under him. Farooq Hamid even calculated that if Imran Khan failed to correct the cricket system in Pakistan, then only God could save him.

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Shahid Afridi said ‘India has just been lucky’ in WC vs Pak, brutally controlled on Twitter | Instant News

Pakistan’s former all-rounder, Shahid Afridi, has made a habit of speaking out against anything related to India. The versatile veteran player has made gruesome comments and has made several controversial statements against India. On Wednesday, Shahid Afridi once again did it when he conducted a #AskAfridi session with his fans on Twitter.

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Shahid Afridi said ‘India was lucky’ to justify his appearance against India in a WC match

During the session, Shahid Afridi was asked various questions ranging from his personal life to professional. And the 40-year-old man makes sure that he answers all questions honestly. One fan asked Shahid Afridi about his poor record against India in a World Cup match. In response, Shahid Afridi came up with a rather surprising answer. Instead of showing humility, Shahid Afridi went on to say that India was just lucky.

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Shahid Afridi doesn’t match Indian fans. As soon as Afridi posted the tweet, fans began criticizing the all-round veterans and dismissed them mercilessly. Let’s look at some reactions.

Pakistan has not been able to defeat India in the ICC Cricket World Cup or T20 World Cup. In the ICC Cricket World Cup, India and Pakistan have locked seven times and India have won on all seven occasions. Shahid Afridi played in those four matches but failed miserably.

In the four matches, the scores read 6, 9, 19 and 22. Shahid Afridi also faced India three times in the T20 World Cup where he could only score 0, 8 and 8 when Pakistan lost all three matches. The former all-round fared either against India in a bilateral series or in other competitions but could not deliver goods during World Cup matches.

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India used to apologize after the match: Shahid Afridi

Recently, for CricCast appearing on YouTube, Shahid Afridi made several statements about Indo-Pak competition when it came to cricket. Shahid Afridi said in Hindi that he always enjoyed playing against India and that Pakistan had defeated India several times comprehensively. Shahid Afridi also claimed that Pakistan beat India in cricket so they used to ‘apologize’ after the match.

Afridi’s claim echoes that Pakistan’s Prime Minister and 1992 World Cup winner captain, Imran Khan. Back in February at the World Economic Forum, Imran Khan had controversially boasted of the fact that Pakistan used to ‘hit’ India when he played for or was the captain of the national team in the 70s and 80s.

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The choice of the composition of the test Shoaib Akhtar slams Pakistan for England series | Instant News

The choice of the composition of the test Shoaib Akhtar slams Pakistan for England series

Former cricketer demolish a number of Pacers in the 20-member squad

Photo: screenshot from YouTube

Former cricketer Shoaib Akhtar demolish the Pacers number selected by the management team Pakistan in the 20-member squad announced for three-match test series against England.

Old Trafford in Manchester will host the first test of the series starting on Wednesday 5 August. The final two tests will be played at the rose bowl, Southampton, on Thursday, August 13 Friday, August 21.

Speaking to local news channel, the former Speedster said that he did not know of the approach of the Pakistan management team will make their selection for the first test.

“They announced a 20-member squad. In the twenty has about 22 fast bowlers. Let’s see whom they choose. Depends on the captain and leadership with which attitude they are going,” said Akhtar.

“What they want and how the field is? How the user sees the whole scenario. Zero idea what they’re going to do. When the list command, you will learn the exact mindset they go in with. As far as we know now, nothing,” he added.

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This 44-year-old believes that the chief selector-cum-Pakistan head coach Misbahul Haq will have to bear the brunt of criticism if he fails to choose the best playing XI for the first test at old Trafford.

“If you lose a test match because of the wrong choice, then there will be strong criticism. If 40 players left and from there you are not testing the unit, what you can do. I’m sorry, but they need to pick their best XI”, – he said.


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Pakistan in the 90s players would hit each other if quarantine together: Mudassar Nazar | Instant News

Former Pakistan all hands Mudassar Nazar recently spoke about the current Pakistani cricketers, who are currently in England for the forthcoming test series against the hosts. As the team continues to follow the England cricket Board (ECB) biosecurity measures resulting from the ongoing pandemic coronavirus, Nazar believes that the players of Pakistan from 1990-ies would have exploded if they faced similar situations. According to the 76-test veteran players from the past would have spent their quarantine, fighting against each other.

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Nazar talks about Mudassar players face fatigue limit

During a conversation with news channel of Pakistan, Mudassar Nazar referred to the biosecurity measures in England as a medium, which is not suitable for playing cricket. He also admitted that the hearing of the Pakistani players are “bored and tired” in England because of the restrictions. He also said that Pakistan team players of the 1990-ies would not have survived in such conditions because staying together because they would use “struggle” and “each other now.” Making such comments, the player who became a coach was referring to several incidents from the past strife within the team of Pakistan cricket.

Speaking about the current team, Nazar was also concerned about players living in limitations. He believes that living in such an environment may have an impact on their performances. He added that playing in England is not an easy task.

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England vs Pakistan 2020: Pakistan tour to England against the background of the coronavirus UK

Team Pakistan cricket is currently scheduled to play three tests and as many T20Is against England from the 5th of August. Pakistani cricket players has already arrived in England and are currently undergoing training. But Azhar Ali will be leading a team of Pakistan in test series, Maverick young player Babar Azam will lead the ‘green men’ in T20Is.

Schedule for England vs Pakistan 2020 a three match test series:

England V. Pakistan first test 2020: 5 to 9 August at old Trafford, Manchester

England V. Pakistan second test 2020: from 13 to 17 August in the rose bowl, Southampton

England V Pakistan third test-2020: from 21 to 25 August in the “rose bowl”, Southampton

Schedule for England vs Pakistan 2020 a three match T20I series:

England vs Pakistan 2020 first T20I: August 28, at old Trafford, Manchester

England V Pakistan, second T20I 2020: 30 August at old Trafford, Manchester

England vs Pakistan 2020 third T20I: September 1 at old Trafford, Manchester

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Sachin Tendulkar receives more ODI shipments than this great bowling | Cricket News | Instant News

The legendary Indian cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar, who is considered one of the most complete batsmen in the history of the game, holds almost all the records of blows that exist today.

From completing his career as a leading run-getter in Test and ODI formats from the game to scoring the highest number in centuries in international cricket, the master blaster has printed several notes on his behalf.

However, there is one note that is not known by many cricket fans.

Tendulkar, who also did a round-toe bow-arm during his cricket career, has provided a much greater number of bowling deliveries at One-Day Internationals (ODIs).

The former Indian cricketer recorded a total of 8,054 shipments in the 463 matches he played during his famous career in the 50-over format. He also pocketed 154 wickets at ODI.

Let’s look at some veterans who have fewer shipments than Tendulkar:

1) Malcolm Marshall

Former West Indies pacer Malcolm Marshall, who was one of the most dangerous bowlers in the 1980s, sent 7,175 balls in 136 matches he played in a 50-over format.

Marshall, however, failed to claim one wicket in his famous career, with his best bowling figure being four for 18.

2) Lance Clusterers

Former South African all-time player Lance Klusener has appeared in 171 matches for his national team at One-Day International (ODIs) and recorded a total of 7,336 shipments in it.

Cluster, who made a name for himself with his amazing finishing ability, earned a total of 192 wickets in a 50-over format.

3) Dale Steyn

Considered one of the greatest fastball racers of all time, South African robber Dale Steyn has received nearly 2,000 lower shipments from Tendulkar, Indian tennis player.

Steyn, who dominated the top position in the ICC Test rankings during the peak of his career by standing on top for a record 263 weeks between 2008 and 2014, has recorded 6,256 shipments and scalped 196 goals in the 125 ODI he has played for the national team.

4) Mitchell Johnson

Former Australian fast player Mitchell Johnson appeared in a total of 153 matches for the national team at ODI and recorded 7,489 shipments in it.

The left-arm quick, which has more impact in the longest game format than ODI, finishes with a total of 951 wickets in the 50-over format.

5) Imran Khan

1992 The Pakistani captain who won the 1992 World Cup, Imran Khan has exceeded the limits of a smaller number than Tendulkar despite playing for his national team for 18 years.

The former Pakistani player has sent 7,461 balls in 175 matches played in a 50-over format. Iran has taken a total of 182 ODI wickets, including three four wickets and one five wicket. The best bowling number is six for 14.

6) Shoaib Akhtar

Pakistan’s former pioneer, Shoaib Akhtar, who holds the record of fastest shipping in international cricket 161.3 km / h, recorded 7,764 shipments in 274 ODI which he played for his national team.

Fondly regarded as ‘The Rawalpindi Express’, Akhtar finished his famous ODI career with a total of 274 goals.

On a related note, Tendulkar, who made his debut for India during a series of trials against arch-rivals Pakistan in Karachi in November 1989, ended his famous career as the leading run-getter in international cricket with a total of 34,357 running across the format – – 15,921 in 200 Tests, 18426 in 463 ODI and 10 in T20I alone he played against South Africa in 2006.

With a total of 463 appearances, Tendulkar also holds the record for most ODI played by any cricket player. He is also the only player who has completed a rare ODI triple, namely 15000 runs (18426), 100 goal post (154) and 100 catches (140).

On November 16, 2013, Tendulkar submitted a tearful farewell to his international career after the Test match against the West Indies in his state, Mumbai. He donated 74 runs smoothly during the match which India won by rounds and 126 rounds.


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