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AmTrav Launches Innovative Flight Buying Experience for Business Travelers and Travel Managers | national | Instant News

AGOURA HILLS, Calif., Jan.26, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – AmTrav, the one-stop platform for business travel, today announced the launch of its all-new flight shopping experience in its a2b booking tool premium. The travel industry has been talking and talking about how to fill content gaps and improve airline purchases for almost a decade, ”said AmTrav CEO Jeff Klee. “But, despite countless task forces and forums, more three-letter acronyms have emerged than customer benefits.” Referring to the industry’s brand new New Distribution Capability (NDC) initiative, Klee added, “Most TMCs are waiting for others in the industry to solve their travelers’ issues, but we are committed to addressing these challenges. themselves, without waiting for the NDC ready for production. We’ve spent 2020 iterating, tapping into different data sources, and curating our own content to deliver tangible benefits now. We’re still a long way from the finish line, but we’re way ahead of everyone else in the race to help customers easily find the flights and fares they need. Although AmTrav has shown travelers all of the fare brands available on every flight since 2017 and was the first TMC to go live with a Basic Next Generation Showcase (NGS) display in 2019, the new experience has been reconstructed and redesigned based on changing fashions. that airlines are offering their products, the resulting frustration for travelers who are not presented with all the options or who are unable to adequately compare them. Start with a new slate, colors and fonts fresh, a2b’s new design allows customers to compare flights and fares, quickly find the right option: Inspired by the latest NGS standard, the new flight display shows all available fares aligned vertically, so that Customers don’t accidentally compare a Basic Economy fare to a Regular Economy fare, may find cheaper options for similar products, and may spot when more legroom or a premium seat is available for a small purchase. Since fare brands are complicated and confusing – what’s the difference between t its base fare and that base fare, and what is a blue fare? – Travelers can quickly compare fares on the same flight or across multiple flights to see seat details, flight amenities, baggage allowances and change policies side-by-side for an easy apples-to-apples comparison. Does AmTrav show an overview of available seats on the seating map as well as details about the seats such as width, legroom and whether it is flat access or even in all lanes, but customers can also see onboard footage curated by AmTrav and detailed reviews for 83 different airlines / aircraft combinations, and more are added. Road warriors know equipment in flight are not all created the same, so AmTrav allows travelers to go beyond standard WiFi and in-flight entertainment icons to answer questions like “How fast is this WiFi?” , “Does it work door to door?”, “How good is this video screen and what can I watch on it – live TV, movies on demand and more?” While it is not uncommon for booking tools to allow travelers to filter flights by time, airli nes, airports, or number of stops, AmTrav now also allows you to filter by amenities, so you can only see flights with fast Wi-Fi, seat power, blocked middle seats, or all aisle access in business class, to name a few. New flight shopping experience includes full support for AmTrav-negotiated or company-negotiated bundles to streamline the purchase of seat upgrades, baggage, wifi and more – travelers can see clearly what’s included and book these new offers directly in the tool. AmTrav’s new flight purchase display automatically enforces corporate travel policies, pre-travel approvals, and negotiated discounts so customers can easily choose fares that suit both the traveler and the business. Content sources used in the new flight display include Routehappy by ATPCO, NDC content from 3 airlines (and more to come), several GDS, and content developed and collected by AmTrav. “With AmTrav, you can have it all in one package designed for you: consumer grade booking one tool, expert travel counselors and relationship managers ready to help, and flexible and accurate reporting and controls,” said Craig Fichtelberg, president of AmTrav. “Traditionally, companies had to choose between a slow, outdated booking tool that customers dread using or an unchecked Wild West approach that left travel administrators to collect spend data and track travelers in sheets. Calculation.” About AmTrav Corporate TravelAmTrav is a new kind of technology and service platform that is propelling business travel into a bold new era. Our easy-to-use solution empowers travelers and tour operators to be more productive. Businesses of all sizes use AmTrav to book travel, find savings, set travel policies, manage payments and expenses, and keep their travelers safe. Travelers love AmTrav because our unique connected platform provides a seamless experience across the travel ecosystem, and our travel experts and relationship managers are always ready to help. Over 1000 companies use AmTrav to get around, meet people, build meaningful relationships and get the most out of every trip. This press release has been issued on behalf of the news source (AmTrav) which is solely responsible for its accuracy, by Send2Press ® Newswire. The information is believed to be accurate but not guaranteed. Story ID: 67759 APDF-R8.2 © 2021 Send2Press®, a press release and email marketing service of NEOTROPE®, California, U.S.Disclaimer: The contents of this press release are not was created by Associated Press (AP). Copyright 2021 Send2Press Newswire.

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GE’s Alexa-enabled smart lights can save more than 50% of the cost | Instant News

Imagine a device that listens like Amazon’s Echo, changes colors like modern smart lights, plays all-round audio to provide a high-quality music experience, and even looks great.enter GE Solc enables Alexa’s Smart Light GE C, For the time being only $89.99 (usually $199).

This is the first time someone has put a smart light and Amazon Alexa voice control into the same machine, which means you can talk to the smart light just like an echo or echo point. Do you want to know the weather, listen to Spotify, get news briefings, or even just set a timer for the cookies you just put in the oven? GE C can accomplish all these tasks (due to two far-field microphones, it can even extract sound from a noisy room), and it can also change the lighting and play clear music through 360-degree omnidirectional audio.

Want to know how to handle all lighting options? Consider setting the device to start the day with “vibration lighting” to make your brain active, and then transition to “calm light” at night to help you relax. By the way, this is not just superstition: The real science behind the concept Light will really affect your psychology, and GE C will make full use of it.

Oh, we forgot to mention: this thing looks Great. The design inspired by Richard Clarkson is not only suitable for use in fashionable and modern residences, but also will not appear out of place in more traditional spaces. Basically, the appearance has found a mouth-watering timeless sweetness that can look great anywhere.

The manufacturer’s 30-day warranty is also not affected. You have a whole month to decide whether you like it or not.

GE Sol WiFi enabled Alexa smart light GE C is Special $89.99 (55% lower than normal price).

Prices are subject to change.


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Best Topshop Styles for Sale at 50 Percent Discount at Nordstrom | Instant News

The products in this story are independently selected and editorial seeded. If you make a purchase using this link, we may earn a commission.

It’s safe to say that, when it comes to fashion, celebrities love it Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, Selena Gomez, and Gigi Hadid having the latest designer styles available at their fingertips. So, when these fashionable ladies are seen wearing pieces from affordable brands, we pay great attention.

One brand in particular that Markle, Middleton, Gomez, and Hadid have been known to step up to is none other than the trendy British label. Topshop. Apart from being seen on Hollywood A-Listers like this, Topshop is most famous for its fashion-forward styles and wallet-friendly prices. So when we saw him thousands of Topshop pieces are sold at discounts of up to 50 percent on Nordstrom, we literally jumped from our chairs with gusto.

If you are like us and can’t wait to score big on everything Topshop, so it’s best to get your credit card ready and get over to Nordstrom as soon as possible as there are so many amazing sales styles to choose from. The only downside? The size is sold out, so you have to move fast.

Buy it! Grunge Floral Print Midi A-Line Dress, $ 45 (orig. $ 90); nordstrom.com

Buy it! Satin Tiered Midi Skirt, $ 25.99 (initial $ 55); nordstrom.com

Buy it! Taffeta Puff Sleeve Corset Blouse, $ 29 (orig. $ 58); nordstrom.com

Buy it! Leopard Print Maxi Coat, $ 94.90 (starting at $ 190); nordstrom.com

Buy it! Oversize Collar Polka Dot Long Sleeve Blouse, $ 34 (orig. $ 68); nordstrom.com

Buy it! Double-V Long Sleeve Mini Dresses, $ 26 (initial $ 52); nordstrom.com


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Louis Vuitton Is The Most Popular Fashion Brand In The World In 2020 | Instant News

A study conducted by money.co.uk Data compiled from Google searches for 12 months shows that the most searched fashion brand in the world is none other than Louis Vuitton. Leading all other super brands by far, Louis Vuitton is the most sought after label in no less than 47 countries, including France, Great Britain, Germany and Sweden. The two runners-up are Gucci and Chanel, who appeared in top searches in 13 and 12 countries, respectively.

In terms of its demographics, LV’s popularity remains largely in Europe, although Gucci, especially the mini-series with Gus Van Sant, is popular in Japan, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Italy. On the other hand, the 12 Chanel countries are concentrated in Asia, especially in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos and Thailand. Further down the rankings, Calvin Klein was most searched in 11 countries such as Russia, Ukraine and Chile. The American brand coach, which occupies the sixth position is popular in countries such as Brazil and Saudi Arabia. For American and Canadian buyers, Loewe is the most sought-after brand.

In case you were wondering, here’s a list of the top 10 most searched fashion labels around the world last year (numbers mark the number of countries where the brand was most popular):

1.Louis Vuitton: 47
2.Gucci: 13
3. Chanel: 12
4.Calvin Klein: 11
5. Rolex: 9
6. Coach: 4
7. Tony Burch: 3
8. Loewe: 2
9. Valentino: 2
10. Fendi: 2


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Consumer survey highlights a growing focus for sustainability | Fashion & Retail News | Instant News

Consumer survey highlights a growing focus for sustainability | Fashion & Retail News | News


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