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Three people in chic fashion share their stylish journey | Instant News

Social media has given us behind the scenes access to the life and wardrobes of the new wave of people in fashion, and we find ourselves looking for style inspiration from these multi-faceted career women more than ever. That’s why we’ve teamed up with FARFETCH for a conversation about personal style with three influential women in fashion with enviable careers and wardrobes to match. From dressing for your personality and values, to key pieces on their current list of passions, discover what 2020 fashion means for women who are shaping the industry from within.


Anissa kermiche

Jewelry designer and sculptor


The French-Algerian designer studied engineering and worked as a consultant in Paris before his career took a sharp turn. Feeling creatively unfulfilled, Kermiche packed up his bags and moved to London to study jewelry design at Central Saint Martins, launching his eponymous label upon graduation. The brand soon gained a loyal following, and the gorgeous jewelery and nude vases and jugs that Insta’s fame can now be seen in and at the homes of gorgeous influencers around the world including Pernille Teisbaeck and Man RepellerLeandra Medina Choen.

Catwalk images (clockwise from top): Christian Dior, Stella McCartney, Y / Project and Fendi

Your design is a woman’s celebration. Why is it such an important part of your brand?

Wearing jewelry is the most feminine statement ever because it is, on the one hand, absolutely unnecessary. Clothes and shoes have a function; jewelry is frivolous. When it came time to create my brand after spending years working in a field that wasn’t made for me, I felt liberated. It’s time to make my brand as feminine and tough as possible. Being a designer for my own label and not for someone else’s brand allows me to design at my own pace and make all the creative decisions I want when it comes to branding.

How has your personal style developed?

People say 30 and 35 are comparable, but in my case I feel like a different person and I want to dress differently. At 30, I finished Central Saint Martins and wasn’t sure what my future would be like. I’ll stay dressed to impress the opposite sex, or wear clothes fancy enough to convince myself or others that something is cool about me. This may be because I haven’t achieved what I wanted creatively, and expressed it through bold and tough clothing. As I get older, clothes have become a comfortable envelope in which I feel myself, not armor trying to prove something.

What items are always worth investing in?

Coats – we are based in London; we wear it eight months a year. I bought a Roksanda cashmere coat last year and couldn’t sleep for a few days wondering if it was a crazy idea since it was quite expensive. I don’t regret it – it looks spectacular and motivates me to work even harder, because it’s hard to return to a lower quality after having had such great work.


Solange Franklin

Editorial stylist and celebrity


This New York-based stylist, editor, and brand consultant was pre-med at a university in the Midwest US when she started an internship in fashion publications. The coveted assistant stylist position with Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert confirmed her position in the industry, and Solange went on to serve three years at the helm of Paper Magazine as Fashion Editor-at-Large. She now divides her time between editorial and celebrity style, with clients including Solange Knowles, Serena Williams and Susan Sarandon, to name but a few.

Catwalk images (clockwise from top): Jacquemus, Valentino, Miu Miu and Rejina Pyo

2020 has been a year of great change. Has your approach to fashion changed?

My conviction deepens because the stakes for those we support with our hard-earned money are more pressing. And why? Intention, intention, intention. I want the purchase to make sense environmentally and financially. I also still think dressing for fun and escape is just as important as shopping for comfort.

In what ways does your wardrobe reflect your values?

Most of them are vintage, designed by people of color, or have been in my closet for quite a while.

Describe your perfect outfit …

Something with texture and color that can be finished in one step, like a dress or jumpsuit.

What items are always worth investing in?

Jewelry, chic flats and independent designer work.

What role does fashion play in today’s world and how can it be a force for good?

There is enormous capacity, and therefore, accountability, for the entire industry to use its influence for good. We touch all sectors of humanity and consumerism: environment, racism, gender equality, entertainment. Overcoming even one of those verticals affects the other, for a more just and enjoyable life.

Complete the sentence “mode opens the door to the world …”

… an information agent. Whether we specifically use fashion for dreaming, community support or political messages, it’s a clear vocabulary that we can control.


Lainy Hedaya Hoffstein

Creative consultant


After studying visual merchandising and store design at university, the New York-based creative launched his fashion blog Haute Inhabit in 2011 as a hobby that soon developed into a thriving career path. Influencers and fashion entrepreneurs now command a loyal following on Instagram, monetizing its platform through brand partnerships, art commissions, and most recently, personal shopping services.

Catwalk images (clockwise from top): Prada, JW Anderson, Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta, and Ganni.

How has your design background influenced your wardrobe?

My tailors always joke “You gave me the most complicated thing to fix”. The things I sometimes invest in are so intricate and so beautifully and intricately wrapped that they become difficult repairs… in short, when I see something and it looks hard to make, I want it.

You already have a lot of experience in the fashion industry; what’s the best tip you’ve got so far?

You really don’t need to have a lot of clothes… but it’s best to have quality clothes. I grew up with a small, edited wardrobe, then in college I thought I needed everything. Finally, with maturity, I realized that less is more and quality is the best.

Congratulations on your son’s birthday. How, if anything, has your style changed since you became a mother?

It’s become much more relaxed. Margiela’s tight leather jacket with heels doesn’t really work when it comes to toddler chasing, which involves a lot of bending and lifting, not to mention all the food stains. I have come into the flow of good, I think. I’ve never really invested in the basics of a fun day before; now that’s all i buy.

How do you support sustainable fashion?

I buy from many small brands – I actually prefer. FARFETCH is great at that because you have access to them on a global scale.

FARFETCH opens the door to the world’s largest editors of desired brands, new designers and more than 700 boutiques. Find out more at Farfetch.com/uk


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Sizzling new Brazilian steakhouse on fire in the Galleria | Instant News

Houston people with an appetite for meat on skewers have a new option in the Galleria area. Casa Do Brazil has turned on the wheel.

A Brazilian steakhouse with a sister location in College Station, Casa Do Brazil maintains its local company Construction Concept (BCK, Ninfa’s Uptown) to convert files former Tango & Malbec room at 2800 Sage Rd. Changes include a completely new bar area, a dedicated grill for roasts, and, of course, the all-important salad bar serving a selection of vegetables, cheeses, charcuteries and more.

However, churrascaria is all about meat. At Casa Do Brasil, beef on the all-you-can-eat menu is USDA Prime and includes all the cuts one would expect from this style of restaurant: top sirloin, bottom sirloin, ribeye, filet, etc. Other options include pork ribs, pork tenderloin, lamb, and bacon-wrapped beef and chicken. Pescetarians will find wood grilled salmon filet as their go-to option (or prawn cocktail) with the ability to add access to the salad bar for an additional fee.

For those wanting a lighter experience, Casa Do Brasil offers a lighter menu in its bar and terrace area. Options include a variety of appetizers (empanada, ceviche, smoked crab and kale sauce, etc.) along with a la carte meat and seafood entrees. The happy hour menu, served on the bar and patio daily from 4-7pm, features an array of $ 7 bar snacks, $ 7 cocktails, $ 7 wine per glass, and $ 5 drafts. The 22-foot high wine wall displays the restaurant’s inventory.

“From the start, it has been our mission to provide an authentic churrasco experience in a fine dining setting,” said general manager and co-owner Israel Casas in a statement. “Our newest restaurant serves food and design to perfection. We understand many people are familiar with Brazilian steakhouses, but ‘Casa Experience’ goes far beyond the ordinary. We’re proud to offer the finest USDA Prime beef cuts and maintain this classic cooking technique. Our team is excited to be a part of the Houston restaurant community. “

It takes something “out of the ordinary” to stand out in a busy market in Houston for steakhouses and churrascarias. Besides all the established players, Gauchos do Sul, a restaurant with a location in Vintage Park, opened in Highland Village earlier this year. King Ranch Texas Kitchen, a new restaurant from Houston billionaire Tilman Fertitta, will open near the intersection of Post Oak and San Felipe in the coming weeks.


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Holiday shoppers come to town with a health checklist: a survey | Instant News

(Reuters) – Holiday shoppers who dare to face the coronavirus pandemic to buy gifts firsthand check which shops are rogue or good on public health, a worldwide survey released on Monday showed.

About 79% of respondents want to see masks worn, 82% demand visible cleaning efforts, and 76% prioritize reducing occupancy in stores, according to a survey conducted by Oracle Retail, a unit of software maker Oracle Corp. ORCL.N.

Contactless payment terms and social distancing are also important.

“Customers are eager to shop,” said Mike Webster, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Retail. “What consumers are looking for is a basic level of protection and security and they are looking for confidence that their needs are being met.”

More than 5,100 consumers were surveyed in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, France, Germany and the United Arab Emirates in September.

The pandemic has killed more than 1.1 million people and infected more than 41.9 million worldwide, according to a Reuters tally.

Various countries have imposed new restrictions as COVID-19 cases have increased again in recent weeks. Wales on Friday banned the sale of all non-essential items in stores as part of a two-week lockdown, while regions in Italy have announced measures such as closing shopping malls.

San Francisco has limited the occupancy rate of storefront retailers to 50% of the normal maximum. In the California city of Union Square square, shoppers line up outside the Apple Store and Gucci, where a colleague takes their temperature.

“A lot of the shops I go to, they offer hand sanitizer and it seems pretty up-to-date about all the equipment and everything they have in store, so I feel safe going to the shop,” said Antioch, 26 year old Teino Stingley resident.

Nearly 20% of survey respondents said they plan to shop in-store this holiday season, while 47% plan to split between online and in-store and 16% would prefer curbside pick-ups.

“I feel like too many people in the shop make me uncomfortable, so I prefer the open environment outside,” said Param Sharma, 24. “And it’s more convenient to order it on the app, stop by the curb, and have them hand it over to you. . “

Fellow San Francisco resident Katrin Eyjolfsdottir, 27, plans to split her shopping between online and visiting stores for a hands-on experience.

“That’s a big part of the Christmas holiday spirit,” he said. “I think the shops do a great job of keeping everything clean and sanitized and following procedures.”

Reporting by Reuters TV; Written by Richard Chang; Edited by Rosalba O’Brien


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AI Shopping Apps Are Booming – But Can They Change The Way We Consume Fashion? | Instant News

And an e-commerce experience too. Most of the online shopping platforms still operate according to the traditional retail model. They tell us, the consumer, what to buy and how to buy it. The difference with AI-enabled smart apps is that the users themselves influence what is presented to them. “It really is: We think you’ll like this based on the fact that you gave us these 65 signals that allowed us to figure out your style and what price and type of fit you might like,” Boyle said. “That level of complexity can’t be handled at the backend of the site, it has to be handled more dynamically by technology.”

Creating a seamless, personalized mobile shopping experience is at the heart of all these new apps, and according to its founders, it’s the wave of the future for retail across the board. Some women will say no for comfort and convenience, but there are risks involved. Machines can become too predictable for their own good. “If you like business casual,” Boyle said, to explain, “then we’ll only give you business casual from time to time. You don’t want to take customers to a place where they see clothes or suits they’ll never wear, but you want to push boundaries because that’s what excellent stylists do. “

As Saniger noted, Nate’s basic tenet was “people inspire, machines create.” The aim is to encourage more human interaction through the Nate list sharing component, ultimately eliminating ideas and products that come to consumers directly from the brand or platform itself.

Connectivity is at the heart of the Latitude application; users can upload their clothes every day and share them with fellow app users in a way that feels much more democratic than the top-down fashion way of doing things. “There’s nothing wrong with loving fashion,” said Slowey. “But of course there’s a lot more going on that you want to lighten up some of the decisions people face every day. We wanted to keep fashion contextualized in a place that was rational, ethical, agile and approached it in an entertaining and informative way. ”

Pandemic or not, all of these founders said their engagement numbers were steadily increasing. Slowey says, “As long as an app helps people engage in whatever they’re passionate about and it helps them solve convenience problems or give them access to the things they want in a more comfortable way, what could possibly be wrong with that? “


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I Love Fashion and Have a Disability – Here’s My Shopping List | Instant News

When shopping with cerebral palsy:

“I definitely avoid the insane number of buttons. Why should I buy a blouse that has hundreds of buttons when I know it will take 25 minutes to do it myself? I don’t wear earrings because I can’t wear them myself. I’ve worn earrings with my back on my back. maybe twice a lifetime. I love jewelry, but have to find something I can hold up front. Imagine a simple gold chain necklace, the choice for people with mobility disabilities might be one that doesn’t have a clip, maybe it’s a magnet. How many people don’t have one. with disabilities also struggling with their necklaces? “

With dresses, many of them have one button on the top at the back of the neck. If my girlfriend isn’t home, I can’t wear it. I also need space around my armpits. It takes more energy for me to do simple things, so I want to feel good if I put more energy into it. I also lose my balance and fall at least once a day. It’s not dramatic all the time, but if I have to worry about falling, I don’t want to worry about taking a hundred hours to get dressed. It’s about finding a middle ground to be funny and not feeling uncomfortable. “


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