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Show business is showing signs of recovery after a virus crisis | Instant News

The Vietnamese art scene has shown encouraging signs of revival after the looting COVID-19 pandemic, as the country enters a “new normal”.

Actors of drama theatre of Vietnam performed their first concert after the pandemic staging the play Bệnh Sỹ (selfishness) by Lu Quan, Wu may 23 at the Hanoi Opera house. The show was the first of a series of concerts in 12 theatres of the Ministry of culture.

Every theater tries to attract audience.

Circus performers Russian trained hard, despite the baking summer heat.

“We wanted to do, even if it was hotter,” said people’s artist Tong Toan Thang, Deputy Director of the Federation. “As the art of the circus should be free cooperation between artists. Every person practitioners separately at home can’t make up for the mass rehearsal”.

After the Lunar New year, the artists in the Federation stayed home from work for about four months because of a pandemic, before returning in may.

Thang said he and his colleagues thought long and hard about the attraction of the audience, as people still hesitate to join mass gatherings.

Instead of waiting for school to come to the signing of contracts with the Federation to perform at the closing ceremony, the Federation has asked the schools to hold its ceremony in the theater.

Dozens of such shows took place in the theater. Regular Cướp Biển Tân 2020 (the new Pirates of 2020) traditional show and circus show were performed.

Federation visited other provinces like Quang Ninh to perform in the circus Gala three regions.

Show business is showing signs of recovery after a virus crisis
Circus performers March in the city of Bai Chay in the Northern province of Quang Ninh in late may under the first three the field of circus Gala. — Photo VOV.VN

About 25 of the show was made in the Federation in may, which accounted for only 20 per cent from the same period in 2019, said Thang.

“Every show, the audience filled about 800 of the 1,300 seats,” said Thang. “But it’s a big incentive for us.”

Le Ngoc dramatic stage, a private theatre in the North, returned in may with a children’s play called Thần Cây Tre (bamboo magic), which was held non-stop in Dai us cinema in downtown Hanoi for 20 days with about 500 people every night in attendance.

The stage was also opened in HCM city with 16 demonstrations of various performances. In each show, about 400 tickets were sold.

The children’s day on 1 June was a Golden chance for theatres to attract the crowd.

Hanoi-based Tuổi Trẻ (Youth) theatre gave 20 shows three new performances for children.

Every two weeks, on the main sites of the capital theaters suggested mark as Vân Dại (crazy van) in Vietnam traditional Opera house, Kieu Vietnamese puppet theatre on the water, and Chuyện Tình khau VAI (VAI Hau love story) to Vietnam reformed the Opera house

New plays, including Bão Ngầm (a sudden storm) Vietnam reformed the Opera house, the city, South Central coast Cagnes Phục (in the form of a policeman) theatre for youth Nữ Canh Sát Săn Bắt Cướp (a female police officer in pursuit of the robbers) in Viet Nam drama theatre was staged in the framework of the theatrical festival On the police, which took place in mid-July.

The Ministry of culture sponsored 12 of the theatres under his direction perform on the main stages of the city as the Opera house, AU Co Theatre and traditional Opera from the end of may.

On August 22, the Vietnam Opera and ballet will perform “Swan lake” at the Opera house as the last concert series subsidized by the Ministry

No difficulties, no discovery

Nguyen thi Minh Nguyet, the Director of Opera said, since may, every month, the Opera took only five concerts, and that, as a rule, held 28 shows.

“Despite this, the artists spared no effort to lure the audience even in a pandemic,” said Nguyen.

In the beginning of the outbreak, artists like Tung Duong Quoc Trung and Trang Trinh has released a new music projects

Pop singer Tung, Dean uses his music video Tùng Dương and friends to gather artists, such as Julia Sarr, stéphane Galland, Alex Tran, Romain Labaye and Nguyen Le, who joined live from their Studio at home.

He did MV Quê Church (Motherland) with Nguyen LE and Ha Chan, which is set to finish by the end of this year.

Composer Quoc Trung chose to meet its annual festival of Moonson. The project was named the music festival “monsoon home” and attracted various well-known artists like Thanh Lam Thanh Phuong, An ha hung Cuong, tai Hoang vu and group Ngot (sweet).

Pianist Trang Trinh for 24 hours musical marathon in early April, brought together more than 120 international artists from UK, France, USA, Switzerland, South Korea, Thailand and Singapore. Each star held at 8 PM in their home. The program ran non-stop for 24 hours.

Music at home, you can perform a monthly gathering of singers, such as Quang dung, Dong, Dong, ha NHI, Eric and the HOA Minzy.

Eric has attracted 71 million views for their music video for their Khong SAI, SAI Chung TA (you’re not wrong, We were wrong), and HOA Minzy got 20 million for Khong Thể Cùng Nhau Suốt Kiếp (can’t go together in our lives), and Bich Phuong was 30 million with their La Bỏ Thuốc Chưa? (You Quit Smoking?).

Show business is showing signs of recovery after a virus crisis
Scenes from Erica Em Khong SAI, SAI Chung TA (you’re not wrong, We were wrong). — Photo from video

Pop singer with her Poo Chi video Kung Đàn Đôi Vỡ (broken guitar), published in early June, has gathered 16 million views, and the son Tung m-TP with Chắc Có Yêu Đây La (this love) has collected 38 million views in just four days after its release on July 5.

Bach Hoang, the singer returned to music with his BACH20 of the project, starting with the Chuyện Chàng again spread Đơn (single people) in the middle of June.

Singer ha Le finished their album Ở Trọ (rented a house) it Trin project is temporary, and Diva Thanh Lam, started in this period, her album Nơi Gặp Gỡ Tình Yêu (where love meets).

A variety of musical projects were released as channel Bandlands series producer Duong Cam on July 2, and show at Phu Quang music on 9 July.

Public projects like music videos Hoa Nhịp Con Tim (heart beats together), Bao La Những Trái Tim red river Delta (Good heart) and Russia us Ơi Đánh Bay Covid (Oh, Vietnam, struggling with Covid) was released in the last three months.

In the classical music field, the Vietnam Symphony orchestra, national Symphony orchestra, Opera and ballet and the Vietnam music Academy, all returning from the concert we went back June 19.

“We were the last to revive,” said the composer Huy Tuan. “We were very sad for the social distancing”.

“But we have to use the free time to practice, to recharge your batteries and be ready for new projects,” he said. ANS

CUC Duong

Drama about post-war time will be set

Drama about post-war time will be set

Play Điều Còn Lại (what is left) on the lives of people and soldiers after the war will be held on may 29 in Hanoi Opera theatre in order to bring cultural events back to life.

The circus Federation offers special programs dedicated to the soldiers of the Navy

The circus Federation offers special programs dedicated to the soldiers of the Navy

Special circus show is dedicated to the soldiers of the Navy in the Central theater of Hanoi circus, 25 and 26 July.


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Miss Cao Thuy Duong: when new to show business, I eat instant noodles to spend a day | young laughter | Instant News

After almost six years of absence, Miss international high-Thuy Duong unexpected re-export is the share of the road made a name for himself in show business autobiography comes out through the eyes.

This is the first time nice to talk about a difficult time when a new step in show business and that is the unexpected affinity name age Height Thuy Duong up.

Miss CAO Thuy Duong.

Thuy Cao Duong came from a poor village in yen Bai. Due to difficult family circumstances, the beauty stop school work, sport package scarf in Saigon created to help parents to feed the children, to find direction for his life. The number of scholarships meager rescued from gifted schools only help Thuy Duong Cao cap car.

She was two women in Saigon to maintain the place to eat in the first days Looking for work. Then the successful application of various roles in the popular series The smell of coriander. Privacy from this beautiful, original Buy cherished dream of entering show business.

In addition to the actors, in high proportion to go and do adult part-time to spend money to attend the model training course. Just have to go to school, back to living a life of girl, 20 years old, very young, often “make friends” with instant noodles to save money for a big dream.

Effort, perseverance of a young girl, and to be rewarded. Just finished the model, of course, Thuy Duong Cao-sister to hint to sign up for Miss sport 2007, then was quickly spotted face, a beautiful smile along with body. As a result, she has reached the top 10 In the overall standings, winning more awards “beautiful and talented” with a capital letter, learned from the school of sport. Then, Thuy Duong joined a model village under the leadership of sister Thuy hang – Thuy Khanh.

Latest photos of Thuy Duong.

Only one year later, CAO Thuy Duong continue to come and go Miss World contest – Miss international 2008. She continues to amaze show stand out. Audience in the country to find ways to vote for her. Finally, she was recognized as Miss was recognized as the best network Miss international 2008 with 19% of the total number of votes.

After winning prizes at international competitions, way back about Showbiz of Thuy Duong is haunting more than ever. She is a media kit for the title of “Miss favorite 2008” from him. Besides, role model, Miss CAO Thuy Duong also successful with a movie through the role of the series: Love story in the pearl island, destiny, father and son, the murderer, the boundaries of good and evil, About the land of Thang long…

A high proportion of the existing life safety, quite apart from afterglow entertainment. When contemplation of the past journey, mind games difficulties, this issue helped her to be strong-willed, reaching up to themselves to educate themselves morally and intellectually for a life in freedom and happiness, as it is now.

The proportion of time information entered the village experience and the UPS and downs, and the glory will be high-Thuy Duong is reproduced in full in his autobiography. This autobiography will premiere as a gift for people who love flowers and Thuy Duong in the near future.


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There’s a chance that you showbiz to drink on their own, in a rage, don’t forget to “call girl”, even though he had a wife? | Instant News

When men alcohol is absorbed into it, people just do something stupid. In the presence of someone, what are people supposed to say? On the Desk, “I promise to love you forever,” but you’re not sleeping, he’s with his wife and children here to thank you for everything, you will only last a few hours, and this “half life map”.

Long gone each showbiz not collected so that the alternating tension filled, shuffling, noisy, too. There is an interesting place in the evening, and then brought into the light, Hey, a damn extreme. During the hypnosis man with the mass of the star cult are on the verge popped up.

There will be nothing that would be worth mentioning, if in time to enjoy the elegant pleasures that several British-style “Dig” about to pour the wine, and suspected of group sex, though they đuề even his wife and children, well, here!

Netizen rushed the track my friend with this he expressed the cries of people in the class of “secondary damage” in the world of show business. In the capital he heard the braking of life the speculation of the entertainment industry, easy to fall, so do I, but to play it “roof”.

But at this moment, she who is ever revealed is the text of the message group to re-sign right. Sure, “where the wild that post” because the public no good, but will lose you will lose friends. To listen just the opportunity you showbiz Korea bottle opener series of messages in chat rooms, when shaken.

But it is in defence he came. “Variable stretch” still lay in the dark, just showbiz also help disorders.


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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel ‘welcome baby after a secret pregnancy’ | Instant News

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel reportedly welcomed another child into their family.

Jessica, 38, reportedly gave birth to a boy in the beginning of this week, with family to keep the pregnancy a secret.

According to mail online, the family spent the last days holed up at home with mom, Jessica, Kimberly Conroe Biel, and the newborn baby.

Daily star online has contacted representatives of the couple for comment.

Hollywood star Justin and Jessica are proud parents of five-year-old son Silas Randall.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel reportedly kept the pregnancy a secret
(Image: AFP/Getty Images)

The pair reportedly spent locked up in his house in big sky, Montana, and has not been photographed publicly since March.

Although the lovers shared family pictures on social media, Jessica is not represented from the waist down in any of the clicks.

Justin and Jessica are already the proud parents of five-year-old son Silas Randall
(Photo: Getty Images)

Pair with 2007 couple has tied the knot eight years ago in an intimate ceremony in the Italian resort of Borgo Egnazia.

Jessica has been open about her experience of motherhood in the past, explaining that her life “revolves” around the little Silas.

Speaking to Marie Claire in 2017, she said, “These little people come, and they require so much and your schedule is not very not important anymore, and it’s very clear that this is your life now revolves around this dude.

Justin and Jessica got married eight years ago
(Photo: Instagram)

“I’m not the man that feels like, ‘Oh, my whole life is changing for my baby, but he does.”

Jessica also discussed her relationship with her husband, sharing the same values that they seek to pass on to their brood.

She said, “we Have the same values, we believe in loyalty, honesty. We like to have fun. We like the same things.”


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Each person “exposes” the dark corners of show business, saying: “the female form is hard rich without working”, but it’s all Vbiz project | Instant News

In the evening on 12/7, the whole world showbiz the chaos of information ago, the police just destroy the model range, selling sex. the police came in, this 4-star hotel in district 1, caught, model 3, Price 18.000 – 30.000 USD. In addition, the police also arrested Luke Egor Kartashov Y. V. (age 27, house, da Nang) coordination model range selling sex, Miss thousand dollars.

The original recorded information is then one of the 3 girls was caught selling porn at this 4-star hotel was introduced as Miss Vietnam in foreign countries.

When this information is available and yapping in a social network forum, do not less netizen recall that in show business has never been one who openly stand out, to speak about problems the sample women. No other, is exactly the model Your Ceiling .

10 years ago your ceiling everyone has a speech that caused an uproar about the dark corners of this model. When talking about the newspaper in 2010, Trang Tran Frank said: “There are so many models, they should also have the model, and the model in the frame that does it or a year to go on an exchange program, then also about myself as a model. To go couple. They say white is going to make a prostitute”. Your ceiling do not hesitate to raise the question that the female form is unlikely you can get rich by profession, though if you’re not “big”.

Each person “exposes” the dark corners of showbiz, saying the female form is hard rich if does not work, but it's all Vbiz project - Photo 3.

However, at the time, a spokesman to your ceiling makes her meet not less problems, when all Vbiz project. At that time, super model Xuan LAN, each statement is not considered a ceiling the model page. Said Xuan LAN that face colleagues factor to make a name for himself doing shady, have no profession.


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