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Spy: Did the TVNZ brothers tie their secret weapon to Team NZ? | Instant News

TVNZ reporters Emily van Velthooven and Jesse Tuke have family in Team NZ.

There are two American Cup reporters with part in the walk on Team NZ – their brothers are on board.

Emily van Velthooven – Simon’s younger sister – and Blair’s sailor brother, Jesse Tuke, are part of the TVNZ reporting family.

Van Velthooven is a reporter for 1NEWS, while this is Tuke’s first foray into television as part of the seven-member TVNZ AC team, hosted by Toni Street and Scotty Morrison with Jack Tame on the reporting team.

The two siblings were in Bermuda four years ago to support their brother in winning the Auld Mug. They said they would feel better seeing him back home in Waitematā.

“I am very pleased with the reaction from the Kiwi who has just sailed,” said van Velthooven. “I remember being completely blown away by innovation and determination the first time I watched Emirates Team New Zealand in Bermuda.

“Bermuda is great – but I think Auckland would be better. We have a great fan zone to watch the races and some great bars and restaurants right in the middle. Even if you’ve never gone sailing, this is a party you don’t want. miss. “

Tuke has reporters and emcees in his title. She will be out in the water on TVNZ’s chase boat and mingle with the audience.

The snappy sailor suggests the people might confuse him and his brother – and says if he were to interview Blair he would try hard not to laugh. “I don’t think Blair and I have ever had such a serious conversation in our lives. Keeping facial expressions when asking big questions will be a real challenge.”

Tuke said he had fun growing up, sailing with all of his brothers, and even won national championship at one point with Blair, but said he was replaced by “someone named Peter”.

“We used to have regular Hobie Cat sailing races where the two youngest brothers (Blair and I) would race against the two eldest (Dan and Nathan). And like America’s Cup, it would always end up with some big bickering, water-offs and a couple of firefights if things really heat up, “said Tuke.

He said that so far Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli was a team to watch out for.

“There have been some good battles out in the water already and they will be up against each other as soon as they reach the water. Prada captain Jimmy Spithill is the main contender and he has to finish it so beware of the fiery Aussie … Overall, LR looks like it has a versatile package. strength, which will be needed under the various conditions that we will see in Hauraki this summer. “

He said the first race of the Copa America will be a moment that touches your heart when they cross the line for the first time and you will see which ships excel.

“The American Cup has rumors around it that I don’t think you would get with any other sport. Every four years or so it stops our country and everyone around it. I think it’s a combination of heaps of history, innovation and the fact that the country is small. We’re pretty good at it. There’s nothing better than Auckland for sailing spectacle – City of Sails for a reason. “


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Three of Kabirwala’s siblings were found dead at home | Instant News

KABIRWALA: In the sad development taking place in the poor town of Abdul Hakeem in Khanewal district, neighbors found the bodies of three brothers on Saturday from a home after “all day silence”, ARY News reported.

Police confirmed the three deceased were siblings after neighbors called them to find the bodies.

According to details reported so far, the parents of the three children who died had quarreled within the household the previous day after the mother rushed to her mother’s house leaving her children behind.

The neighbors, shocked by the unusual silence at home throughout the day, examined and found the bodies of three siblings and reported them to the local police.

In the initial report, Kabirwala police had shared that they found evidence of poisoning from the bodies of the children, however, for factual forensics the bodies had not been sent for a post mortem report, they said.

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Woman, the dying sister reunited after Australia excluded the trip | Instant News

A woman tearfully embraces her dying sister in Australia after weeks of bureaucratic bickering over restrictions on pandemic travel. By ROD McGUIRK Associated Press May 21, 2020, 7:52 min. Read3 min, read3 min readShare to company to Twitter Email this article CANBERRA, Australia –
A woman tearfully embraces her dying sister in Australia after weeks of bureaucratic bickering over restrictions on pandemic travel.
Australia has refused Christine Archer’s permission to fly from New Zealand four times before her story caught the media’s attention.
His only sister, Gail Baker, was diagnosed with incurable ovarian cancer in late March after the two countries stopped international travel. Baker might have weeks to live.
Archer was finally allowed to fly to Sydney and only spent a week in hotel quarantine before being tested negative for the corona virus. International travelers are usually quarantined for two weeks.
Family friends drive retired nurses 490 kilometers (300 miles) from Sydney to the coastal city of the state of New South Wales in Bowraville.
Archer finally hugged his sister in the front yard of Baker’s house on Wednesday. It was their first reunion in six years.
“Words cannot explain my feelings, to be honest.” Archer told Australian Broadcasting Corp in an interview broadcast on Thursday.
“I am very happy that finally I was here and accompanied him. The last two weeks were the two hardest or longest weeks of my life,” Archer said.
Archer was surprised that his tenacity paid off. But he insisted that Australia made the right decision to allow him to stay with his sister in his last days.
“I wonder if the Australian government has mercy with their refusal,” Archer said.
“I honestly don’t know what they are thinking. I know this is a terrible time with this virus … but, I mean, there are some things that make you a little tolerant and I feel this is one of them,” he said.
“I didn’t think I would see Gail again. That would be the worst thing in the world if that happened,” he added.
The Australian Department of the Interior is relying on Archer’s travel application after allowing the New Zealand Warriors rugby league team to move from Auckland to prepare for the Australian football competition to start again next week.
The department refused to explain the change of heart at the sisters’ reunion, saying in a statement that they did not comment on individual cases.
New Zealand has been largely successful in its goal of eliminating the virus. There have been no reported new infections over the past four days and most people who have contracted the virus have recovered. Around 1,500 people have been reported to have the virus including 21 dead.
Australia has the same success in slowing the spread of the virus even though New South Wales remains the most severely affected country. Australia hopes that New Zealand will become the first international destination with which regular passenger travel will continue because of the low risk of infection.
Australia has recorded 7,079 cases of the virus and 100 deaths. Australia’s population is five times bigger than New Zealand. .

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Noah Cyrus cried and admitted it was ‘unbearable’ growing in the shadows of his sister Miley Cyrus | Instant News

Noah Cyrus cried when he admitted that “irresistible” lived in the shadow of his sister Miley Cyrus.

The 20-year-old singer opened up about the difficulties she faced growing up with her famous siblings when she discussed the meaning behind her new song “Young & Sad”.

The song, which was featured on his new EP End of Everything, featuring lyrics that include: “My sister is like sunshine, brings good light wherever she goes / and I was born in a rain cloud, blessed in the shadows.”

During sometime Instagram alive, Noah outlined the meaning behind the lyrics and at one point cried as he pondered the criticism he had received over the years.

“I think only the message in the second verse, born in the family where I am, everyone gives me trouble because I have difficulty becoming Miley’s sister,” he explained.

“But you know, I always feel like I’m someone who doesn’t care about what people say to me online.”

Noah went on to describe the comparison to his brother as “absolutely unbearable”, adding: “Everyone always tells me, that whatever happens, I will be in that shadow.”

The singer said that it was difficult for him to accept and overcome the thought that he would “always” live in the shadow of his sister.

“That is something I have heard all my life, every day, my whole life. “Either that or that I’m not enough in some way, whether it’s my appearance or my way,” Noah said.

“Like I said yesterday, sometimes I feel like I’m not breathing properly.”

Noah Cyrus says it is ‘unbearable’ to live in the shadow of his sister Miley (Getty)

Noah ended the discussion by saying he “might not talk about it anymore” but wanted people to understand how difficult his childhood was.

“Everyone always says you give people strength by seeing it, but I can’t control seeing it,” he added. “This is very difficult for me.”

Miley had previously spoken in defense of her younger sister and said she hoped her growing career did not stop her from remaining true to her true self.

During 2017 podcast with Elvis DuranMiley said: “I think it makes you tired, it keeps you guarded, and I never wanted him to be like that. I really hope he never feels the pressures and I hope others respect him and don’t really- really made him something he was not. “

Ex Disney star also shared some of the advice he gave his younger sister about the pressure of fame, adding: “I always tell Noah, keep your Instagram comments.

“Never read anything people say about you. Don’t Google yourself. “


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Ask the Doctor: Most foods are still OK past the date of sale Lifestyle | Instant News

Hello again, dear readers, and thank you for joining us for this month’s letter column. This is a difficult and challenging time, and we are more grateful than ever for the community that emerged in response to Ask the Doctor.

– A reader from Ohio, Illinois, who is his father’s caregiver, asks for guidance on expiration dates on food items. “He buys more food than he needs, and it stays in the refrigerator well past the ‘sell-by’ date,” he wrote. “I’ve discussed it a number of times, but we’re only debating because he thinks it doesn’t matter.”

You are right that it is important to be vigilant about freshness and food safety. Older adults are at higher risk of being hospitalized, and even death, from food-borne diseases. You mentioned your father handling fast food, such as grilled chicken, and staples such as eggs and meat. It is helpful to know that the date of sale is based on packaged food referring to food quality rather than food safety. Eggs stored in the refrigerator are safe to use up to three weeks after the date of sale. Bacon packages can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one week after the date of sale. However, with fast food, the window is smaller. When cooled properly, cooked chicken will last for three to four days. After that, it is not safe and must be discarded.

– A reader from Omaha, Nebraska, wonders about the health benefits associated with a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar per day. This is ancient traditional medicine, and while many claims are made up – no, you can’t replace blood pressure medicine with apple cider vinegar – there is some evidence that can help. For example, research has shown that apple cider vinegar can play a simple role in controlling blood sugar. It can also help with weight loss by suppressing appetite. However, apple cider vinegar is acidic, which can erode tooth enamel. Be sure to always rinse your mouth thoroughly after having it.


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