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Karachi University will sign an MoU to provide training | Instant News

Founder of Digital Pakistan and former adjunct director general of the Federal Investigative Agency, Ammar Jaffery, during a meeting with the University of Karachi’s Acting Deputy Chancellor, Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi on Monday, expressed his desire to organize seminars, workshops and training sessions at the Center for Science and Technology Digital Forensics for officers of law enforcement agencies and legal departments.

Jaffery, who is the chief executive of Security Experts, also discussed the development of the center, said a press release issued by the university. During his visit to KU, he inquired about literature programs, research work and investigative learning projects that the Center for Digital Forensic Science and Technology (CDFST) will introduce in the near future.

He was pleased to know about the professional courses the CDFST tended to introduce. He also offers his services aimed at developing the capacity of working with centers to design and develop various degrees, diplomas, certificates, courses, and prepare syllabi for different people from different walks of life.

Jaffery said that his company wanted to sign a memorandum of understanding for the formation of CDFST on the most modern path. Earlier, Prof Dr Khalid Iraq said society as a whole has become dependent on cyber systems for a wide range of human activities, including electronic commerce, finance, health care, energy, entertainment, communications and national defense.

He added that a globally connected digital information and communication infrastructure known as cyberspace underpins nearly every aspect of modern society and provides critical support for those with an interest in Pakistan’s economy, civil infrastructure, public safety and national security.

“Pakistan is very vulnerable to cyber insecurity as it relies more heavily on cyber systems than most other countries.” Prof. Iraqi emphasized that the need is also felt to have cross-border associations and build a computer emergency preparedness team, because cyber insecurity as a world problem, has the potential to affect all cyber systems and the infrastructure that depend on it.

“Cyber ​​insecurity can result from vulnerabilities in cyberspace systems, including deficiencies or weaknesses in hardware and software, and from the behavior of countries, groups and individuals who have access to them.”

CDFST person in charge, Dr Qamar Ul Arifeen, discussed forms of cyber warfare, espionage, crime, attacks on cyber infrastructure, and exploitation of cyber systems during the meeting. He also emphasized the threat of financial crime and expressed concern about the fate of Pakistan and the challenges it faces from the world community and the Financial Action Task Force.

The meeting ended with a decision to sign an MoU between KU and Security Experts for the development of CDFST. Later, Jaffery visited the center with Dr Arifeen.


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PLL, KE signed a chief agreement for the supply of 150 MMCFD RLNG to the BQPS-III power plant | Instant News

Islamabad – Pakistan LNG Limited (PLL) and K-Electric (KE) on Thursday signed an agreement to supply 150 MMCFD RLNG to the 900 MW Bin Qasim Power Station III (BQPS-III) power plant. In accordance with the decision of the Government of Pakistan, MD Pakistan LNG Limited, Mr. Masood Nabi and CEO Karachi Electric Moonis Alvi have signed a Heads of Agreement for the supply of RLNG for 900 MW power plant KE BQPS-III, which Pakistan LNG Limited announced via tweet. The BQPS-III power plant will have 2 units. The Unit-1 and Unit-2 are expected to start operating in March 2021 and November 2021. PLL will supply up to 150 MMCFD RLNG to this power plant which aims to provide economical, cleaner & more reliable electricity to Karachi, PLL said. According to details provided by KE, BQPSIII, the high-tech and high-tech 900MW Combined Cycle Power Plant is in the implementation phase, which is located inside the Bin Qasim Power Complex near the Qasim Karachi Port. The power plant will use dual fuel, which may also use Liquid Natural Gas (RLNG) and HSD Re-gasification. The power plant will also increase the efficiency, availability & reliability of the overall fleet. The gross efficiency of the complex is 59% at LHV, says KE.

The BQPS-III project also includes the grading and expansion of four Network Stations located in Korangi, Landhi, Pipri and Qayyum Abad. There are 2 gas turbines with a capacity of 300 MW each with 2 Steam Turbines of 150 MW each on one shaft from SIEMENS, Germany, said KE. The Gas Turbine is equipped with low NOx dry technology which reduces the effect of greenhouse emissions and is thus more environmentally friendly. Siemens AG and Harbin Electric China are joint ventures for Equipment Supply. Siemens AG will supply Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Generators and Condensers, while Harbin Electric is responsible for supplying HRSG, Transformers, Grid station equipment and other Balance of Plant equipment. Construction Contracts were transferred to Harbin Electric for Power Generation and Grid related to Civil, Mechanical and E&I works. The Project Consultants are a consortium of Tractable Engineering GmbH, National Engineering Services Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd (NESPAK) and Renewable Resources (Pvt.) Ltd. Meanwhile, Environmental Consultants are Global Environmental Management Services. It will also include 2 x SGT5-4000F gas turbines and two STs installed in two 450 MW combined cycle power generation units. The BQPS-III will replace the 30 year old low efficiency and 3 & 4 BQPS-I units (each minus 150 MW capacity).


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Durbin Discusses Withdrawal of Troops from Germany, Covid-19 Testing with the Minister of Defense | Instant News

Durbin Discusses Withdrawal of Troops from Germany, Testing Covid-19 with the Minister of Defense | RiverBender.com


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Pakistan hungry to sign a Memorandum of understanding | Instant News

Islamabad: Pakistan and hungry signed a Memorandum of understanding (MOU) on cooperation in the field of water management and amendments to the Convention for the avoidance of double taxation, which shows the commitment of the two countries to each other, said on Monday.

The hungry Embassy in its statement said that the purpose of this Memorandum was to establish a framework for cooperation between the parties in the field of water resources management on the basis of equality, reciprocity and mutual benefit.

“The purpose of the Protocol on amendments to the Tax Convention is the improvement of bilateral information exchange mechanisms in accordance with international standards,” he added. Embassy of Hungary expressed the hope that the next step in the process perspective could be the signing of the agreement on promotion and mutual protection of investments.

The agreement on investment protection will be of great importance for mol Pakistan, the Pakistani subsidiary of the Hungarian MOL Group, which has been working in Pakistan for twenty years.

The company employs 400 Pakistanis, provides 14 percent of the country need electricity and it ranks among the 50 largest taxpayers in Pakistan. Since mol Pakistan was founded in 1999, he proved his loyalty to the people of Pakistan: the company has invested 12.9 million dollars for the development of Pakistani society through various corporate social responsibility programmes.

The Hungarian Embassy in Islamabad is working to strengthen economic and trade relations with Pakistan for many years. As a first result of these efforts, the two countries signed an economic cooperation agreement in 2017, which laid the Foundation for further cooperation.

Based on this, the first session of the joint economic Commission in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, between 12-13 September 2019 was another milestone in deepening relations.

In collaboration with the Pakistani Ministry of Commerce, trade development authority of Pakistan and Pakistan business forum, the Hungarian Embassy organizes a bilateral business forum in Lahore, where numerous Hungarian and Pakistani companies have expressed willingness to participate, but it had to be postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.


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Your appearance horoscope: June 21 | Instant News


A solar eclipse on your birthday is a sign of serious success. No matter your age or your current state, you can and you must believe that the universe wants you and helps you to succeed. And then you have to act like that, in everything.

ARIES (March 21 – April 20):

Try not to take what others say and take it too seriously. Their words and actions may seem serious to you, but from their point of view, they may be nothing more than fun, so be light and learn to laugh at life – and also to yourself.

TAURUS (April 21 – May 21):

No doubt you have been trying unsuccessfully to deliver your message in the last few weeks, but an eclipse in the area of ​​your chart communication means words will be easy for you now. Make the words as short and as short as possible.

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GEMINI (May 22 – June 21):

Your enthusiasm for something you once thought was oh so important has begun to fade and now a Cancer solar eclipse can kill it altogether. You might come to the conclusion that it’s no longer worth the time and money you spend on it.

CANCER (June 22 – July 23):

The solar eclipse in your sign makes this one of the most important weeks of the year for you. If you are in two (or three, or four) thoughts about which path you should take in life, all your doubts will be swept away.

LEO (July 24 – August 23):

The cosmic picture changes in a serious way and the most important message to take from it is that you have to relax on yourself. Physically, mentally and emotionally you have been on a roller-coaster trip lately. Now it’s time to lower your heart rate.

VIRGO (August 24 to September 23):

No matter how many times you have talked to someone you are socializing or working with you are still pretty much on the same wave, and what happened this week will reinforce that fact. A true friend is a lifelong friend, not only until you disagree.

LIBRA (September 24 to October 23):

You are very close to success so you can reach and touch it. Now an eclipse in your career field will help you put the finishing touches on projects that have spent a lot of time and energy. Investment is worth it.

SCORPIO (24 October – 22 November):

Your belief will flood again for the next few days and it won’t be long before you move forward at high speed again. But this time, try to remember to slow down occasionally and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 to December 21):

You may not be outgoing and expressive like you are at the moment but that’s okay. You even have moments, days, weeks, even full months when you need to withdraw from the world so you can enter your own mind. Enter this week.

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CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 20):

A solar eclipse on your opposite sign will produce events that remind you how important it is to get along with others. There are many things that you can do yourself, but there is no end to what can be achieved if you join with like-minded people.

AQUARIUS (January 21 to February 19):

Such a project has taken too long at the planning stage and now is the time to roll up your sleeves and finish them. For best results, start the work day early, finish until evening, and fill the hours between them with honest hard work.

PISCES (February 20 – March 20):

This week’s eclipse at your fellow Cancer watermark will give you at least one, and maybe a few, opportunities to get more pleasure from life. Both at home and at work, you need to learn the importance of not taking life too seriously.

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