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Covid 19 coronavirus: NZ signs to buy 1.5 million doses of vaccine | Instant News

The deal is subject to a vaccine that successfully completes all clinical trials and passes regulatory approval. Photos / files

The government has signed a deal to buy 1.5 million Covid-19 vaccines – enough for 750,000 people.

The deal will allow the purchase of vaccines from Pfizer and BioNTech, depending on the vaccine successfully completing all clinical trials and passing regulatory approval in New Zealand, said Research, Science and Innovation Minister Megan Woods and Health Minister Chris Hipkins.

“Our first vaccine purchase agreement has been signed and yields some important work going on behind the scenes to keep New Zealand safe from Covid-19,” Woods said.

“As part of the agreement, vaccine deliveries to New Zealand could be made as early as the first quarter of 2021. This is just the first phase of work in a multi-pronged approach to ensure we secure a vaccine for New Zealand.

Woods said: “Pfizer says they are making good progress with the development of a Covid-19 vaccine. Depending on clinical and regulatory success, and provided the vaccine is approved for use in New Zealand by Medsafe, it is likely that multiple doses will be available to us in the first half. year 2021. “

The government signed a $ 27 million agreement with the Covax Facility last month that will allow New Zealand to purchase a successful vaccine from a variety of candidates.

Decisions about who will receive access to the first available vaccine still have to be made, the Government said.

“Work at the Ministry of Health is currently being done to determine what the launch of the Immunization Program will look like. A number of factors will influence who will receive what vaccine and when, such as experimental data on the suitability of each vaccine for a particular age. group, “says Hipkins.

“We have set aside $ 66.3 million for medical supplies and infrastructure to ensure New Zealand is ready to launch the Covid-19 Immunization Program as soon as we have a safe and effective vaccine.

“Most of this investment will finance sufficient supplies to support the countries of New Zealand and the Pacific; supplies such as PPE, syringes, syringes and swabs, and refrigerators to store vaccines,” said Hipkins.


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Shahbaz Sharif signs bail bonds | Instant News

Lahore: opposition leader in the National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif on Saturday called for the Lahore High court (LHC) for the signing of guarantees in respect of pre-arrest bail.

The bail was granted to him on June 3 in the investigation of assets for the funds in the National accountability Bureau (NAB).

Shahbaz was positive for COVID-19 after hearing about the bail and went into self-imposed isolation, which led to the delay in the signing of the guarantee. He could not appear at the next hearing, and the court left allowing him time to sign bonds.

On Saturday, Shahbaz arrived at the court along with Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) Deputy Secretary lawyer Atta Tarar and signed documents to the under Secretary of court.

Consideration of the petition for bail on July 7. The court, at the last meeting, ordered Shahbaz Sharif to make his last test COVID-19 held in the Punjab Institute of science in public health.


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Pakistan signed a tripartite agreement to $2.4 billion. | Instant News

The project 1,124 Kohala hydropower MW: Pakistan signed a tripartite agreement to $2.4 billion.

Islamabad: a tripartite agreement was signed on Thursday between the Chinese company and the governments of Pakistan and China for construction of the project, 1,124 megawatts of hydropower in Kohala cost $ 2.4 billion.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider, the Federal government members, the Ambassador of China in Pakistan, Yao Jing, Chairman of the China Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) the authority of Lieutenant-General (Retd) Asim Salim Bajwa and representatives of Chinese companies attended the signing ceremony, reports Geo news. It is the largest power investments in the amount of 2.4 billion dollars in a single independent power producers (IPP).

Hydropower plant under construction on the Jhelum river in AJK under the CPEC, was awarded Kohala hydropower company Ltd (KHCL), a subsidiary of the Chinese Corporation “Three gorges” (CTGC). Speaking at the signing ceremony, the Prime Minister said it was “a big step” towards foreign investment, and that Pakistan needs to invest in the hydropower sector much earlier. He said the country is good, when it is engaged in the production of hydropower, until he began betting on imported fuel, which is not only local industry uncompetitive, but also to put additional pressure on foreign exchange reserves.

Said Imran electricity production at the expense of imported fuels negatively affects the environment and Pakistan is among the nine countries most affected by climate change, which requires the promotion of clean energy.

PM Imran said the design capacity of Kohala HPP drew “the largest ever” investment in Pakistan on the same project. Pakistan welcomed the investment, as it can also set the trend for the country to move forward to clean energy and reduce dependence on imported fuel, he said. The Prime Minister said AJK Prime Minister that the project will also create much needed jobs for young people during construction and operation.


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Worcester Pastor Provides Other Church Services – NBC Boston | Instant News

A Massachusetts pastor holds another church service on Sunday, violating city and state orders for the fourth time.

More than 10 people attended the Mother’s Day service at Adams Square Baptist Church. Even more people gathered outside the Worcester church holding signs and flags to support Father Kris Casey.

Casey held church services privately, Sunday and Wednesday. The city told him to stop or he would be fined. Last Monday he got a $ 300 ticket, and the city said a $ 500 ticket would come.

Casey said he baptized at the church on Sunday, which is part of the reason why he continues to hold meetings at the church instead of virtual services.

“I can’t baptize someone at the Zoom meeting,” he said. “I turned off my laptop like that, everything went blank. I really can’t do it.”

Father Casey said he spent thousands of dollars to clean the church professionally several times each week to prevent the spread of the virus and the congregation was following strict rules, including regulating their temperature.

“As soon as people enter, they are personally escorted to each seat,” he said. “They are told if you take off your mask, if you take off gloves, if you get up and move, you will be escorted outside.”

In a Friday letter, Father Casey asked Governor Charlie Baker to give them the right to gather and worship.

The letter read in part, “I know that your position comes with many heavy burdens and I want you to know that I appreciate everything you do for the Commonwealth … Regardless of your decision, I want you to understand that my position as pastor of the Baptist Church Adams Square Square also comes with a heavy burden. My authority to pastor this church comes directly from God, and I must follow the Lord’s leadership regarding this church and how we move forward. “

The letter continued, “Please understand that I have taken every step necessary to ensure the safety of all my members as well as the members of the community I serve.”

A priest in Worcester was criticized for violating state boundaries in responding to the coronavirus.

Father Casey continued to oppose the Governor’s coronavirus advisor who limited the meeting to 10 people or less.

“I really see where they come from. However, there is hypocrisy in that rule,” he said. “I was just at Lowe yesterday. People aren’t six feet long all the time, they bump into each other. We; we keep a distance of six feet.”

Hundreds of pastors around the Commonwealth took a less extreme stance towards the governor’s decision. They wrote a letter to Baker demanding they be allowed to reopen May 18 with safety protocols in place.

“We are very concerned about the emotional and mental stability of people who have long been locked up,” said Father Raphael Najem of CCF Ministries in Lowell.

He and other pastors also want representation in the governor’s Reopening Board.

“We believe that he does a good job, really. Somehow, he ignored us, there were eight thousand churches – in creating this advisory council and not creating a priest in it. “

Father Najem said his church would continue to follow state guidelines, but Father Casey held Sunday services as planned while he waited for the next fine.

“I’m not afraid of being imprisoned. I’m not afraid of being imprisoned. This is a small price to pay to glorify God,” he said.

Worcester officials said further violations could result in criminal complaints.

More than 260 pastors have signed letters to Governor Charlie Baker demanding that he allow them to reopen with the social distance protocol.


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San Diego Zoo Safari Park Announces Winner of Giraffe Calf – NBC 7 San Diego | Instant News

San Diego Zoo Safari Park announces the name of a giraffe child born April 4.

The name of the female calf winner – after a week of online polling of more than 18,000 voters – is Zahara, said San Diego Global Zoo officials.

This name comes from Arabic. Another name that can be chosen by voters in the poll is Zeena.

Zahara was born to Zawadi’s first mother.

Although the Safari Park and the San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park were temporarily closed after the coronavirus pandemic, the visitors Taman Safari website can watch Zahara on Giraffe Cam while he explores his home.

“These calves are usually very calm and collected,” said Matt Galvin, a wildlife care specialist at Taman Safari. “Not much to bother him. He is usually content to sleep in the shade while adults roam nearby, but we sometimes pay attention, he is too excited and zooms in through the savanna.”

It is estimated by scientists that there are less than 100,000 giraffes left in their natural habitat, a decrease of more than 40% over the past 20 years, the researchers said.

“Even though overall the giraffe’s status is bleak, we see signs of hope with some giraffe populations, making us believe that our efforts are indeed successful,” said David O’Connor, a researcher for the San Diego Zoo Global.


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