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Gold exchange rate today in Pakistan – 02 April 2021 | Instant News

KARACHI – One tola 24 carat gold in Pakistan is selling for Rs 102,800 on Friday.

The price for 10 grams of 24k gold was Rs 88,140 at the close of the trade. Likewise, 10 grams of 22k gold is being traded for Rs. 80,795 at a price of 22k tola worth Rs. 94,235 at market close.

Important note: Gold prices in Pakistan fluctuate according to international markets so a price is never fixed. The prices below are provided by the local gold market and Sarafa Market in various cities.

City Gold Silver
Lahore PKR 102,800 PKR 1,380
Karachi PKR 102,800 PKR 1,380
Islamabad PKR 102,800 PKR 1,380
Peshawar PKR 102,800 PKR 1,380
Quetta PKR 102,800 PKR 1,380
Shit PKR 102,800 PKR 1,380
Attock PKR 102,800 PKR 1,380
Gujranwala PKR 102,800 PKR 1,380
Jehlum PKR 102,800 PKR 1,380
Multan PKR 102,800 PKR 1,380
Bahawalpur PKR 102,800 PKR 1,380
Gujrat PKR 102,800 PKR 1,380
Nawabshah PKR 102,800 PKR 1,380
Chakwal PKR 102,800 PKR 1,380
Hyderabad PKR 102,800 PKR 1,380
Nowshehra PKR 102,800 PKR 1,380
Sargodha PKR 102,800 PKR 1,380
Faisalabad PKR 102,800 PKR 1,380
Mirpur PKR 102,800 PKR 1,380


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New Zealand rugby calls on players to take a tiny slice of a bigger pie amid a $ 465 million private equity standoff | Instant News

New Zealand Rugby boss Mark Robinson on the Silver Lakes All Blacks deal. Video / Provided

What continues to separate New Zealand Rugby from the New Zealand Rugby Players Association in their respective views of the Silver Lake proposal is their assessment of the potential risk and who carries it.

Under the terms of the Silver Lake deal, NZR asked NZRPA to agree to take a smaller share of the significantly larger potential revenue.

Players currently receive 36.5 percent of NZR revenue – known as Player Pay Pool (PPP) which has averaged around $ 190 million over the past five years.

The NZR pushes that percentage down to between 30 and 32 percent, but estimates that total revenue will surge to around $ 350 million by 2025 if Silver Lake takes part and will potentially climb again to somewhere closer to $ 500 million a year later. that.

Players will get a huge windfall if they agree to a deal in its current form and Silver Lake is able to make a transformational change in their promised annual income.

Both the NZR and NZRPA agree that it is imperative that there is enough money available to keep the salaries of New Zealand’s top players competitive and for the country to continue to retain talent.

New Zealand Rugby Players Association boss, Rob Nichol.  Photos / Photosport
New Zealand Rugby Players Association boss, Rob Nichol. Photos / Photosport

But the NZRPA has a different view to the NZR on the level of risk inherent in the proposal and it is these issues that need to be resolved in the follow-up mediation discussions planned for this week.

Silver Lake has not detailed its revenue growth plans. They have made an ambitious forecast based on a broad concept that effectively boils down to making money from an offshore All Blacks fan base that is believed to be as high as 65 million.

The NZRPA is not exactly anti-Silver Lake or underestimating its ability to make money as it says it can but needs to look in more detail to have more confidence.

The player body would also like to have a better understanding of how the NZR could reduce the risk of a deal not generating as much revenue as it had anticipated.

The proposal is for NZR to sell 15 percent of its future revenue but continue to be responsible for 100 percent of the costs of running the game.

If growth is not as high as forecast, the NZR could find itself with less, not more money as it will only have an 85 percent share of future revenue but still be responsible for meeting the fixed costs of playing players and provincial guilds.

The fear is that if income growth fails, the NZR could be forced to sell more assets to save.

New Zealand Rugby chief executive, Mark Robinson.  Photos / Photosport
New Zealand Rugby chief executive, Mark Robinson. Photos / Photosport

The NZRPA can negotiate to protect professional players from the downside, by including a clause that requires NZR to fulfill its agreed obligations to PPP.

But doing so would jeopardize the funding available for other parts of the game and would ultimately be catastrophic for everyone.

The two bodies, who spent Wednesday locked in mediation talks, are actually more in tune than has been described.

They agreed on the need to inject more capital into the game and found ways to use it to help foster and maintain community play.

However, they need to find ways to mitigate potential risks in such a way that they do not force larger sales or assets or jeopardize future investment at the grassroots.


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PRECIOUS-Gold prices rose higher due to a weaker dollar | Instant News

    March 1 (Reuters) - Gold edged higher on Monday, recovering
from an eight-month low touched in the previous session, as a
weaker dollar lifted bullion's appeal.
    * Spot gold        rose 0.3% to $1,739.31 per ounce by 0108
GMT, after hitting its lowest since June at $1,716.85 on Friday.
U.S. gold futures        gained 0.4% to $1,736.10.
    * The dollar        slipped from a one-week high hit in the
previous session, making gold cheaper for holders of other
    * Bullion, however, posted its worst monthly fall since
November 2016 in February due to rising U.S. Treasury Yields,
which increase the opportunity cost of holding non-yielding
    * U.S. House of Representatives passed a $1.9 trillion
coronavirus relief package early Saturday.             
    * A global bond market rout saw government bond yields in
the United States, Germany and Australia ending February with
their biggest monthly rises in years.                          
    * The U.S. government on Saturday authorized Johnson &
Johnson's         single-dose COVID-19 vaccine, setting the
vaccine up for additional approvals around the world.
    * Speculators decreased their bullish positions in COMEX
gold and silver contracts in the week to Feb. 23, the U.S.
Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) said on Friday.
    * Physical gold demand in India gained momentum last week as
retail buyers and jewellers lapped up bullion at near
eight-month low prices, while Singapore continued to see steady
interest for both gold and silver.         
    * Silver        gained 0.3% to $26.71 an ounce, while
palladium        was up 1% at $2,340.69. Platinum        rose
1.1% to $1,202.00.    
0855  Germany  Markit/BME Mfg PMI
0900  EU       Markit Mfg Final PMI
0930  UK       Markit/CIPS Mfg PMI Final
1300  Germany  CPI, HICP Prelim YY
1445  US       Markit Mfg PMI Final
1500  US       ISM Manufacturing PMI

 (Reporting by Shreyansi Singh in Bengaluru; Editing by Rashmi


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UFC: Dispute between Rugby and UFC New Zealand over image of silver fern deemed a ‘miscommunication’ | Instant News


Eugene Bareman and Israel Adesanya speak to the media. Photos / Photosport

The dispute between UFC and New Zealand Rugby over the use of silver fern in Kiwi fighters kits has been resolved quickly, with miscommunication at its heart.

Eugene Bareman, who coaches six UFC fighters including Israeli middleweight champion Adesanya at City Kickboxing in Auckland, said the UFC had been contacted over trademark issues surrounding the use of a silver fern design that appeared on UFC fighters’ pre-fight sleeves and hoodies.

“The UFC banned us from using silver ferns because they had been contacted by the All Blacks and asked not to use them because they had a trademark,” said Bareman.

“The UFC called me and said we were changing the symbol,” said Bareman. “They said ‘how are you, Eugene?’ It’s a great day, we’ll just change the symbol on your sleeve that you wear to battle ‘.

“We wear it on our uniform, we wear it with great pride, and it doesn’t matter whether you were born in Nigeria or Samoa, no matter where you are from.

“This is very important to us. It is something we represent.”

Rugby New Zealand denied the claims in a brief statement, saying they had no contact with the UFC regarding the use of the logo, while representatives from All Blacks contacted City Kickboxing to clear things up after Bareman and UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya commented on the matter.

There has been a dispute over the image of the silver fern being used in battle gear by the UFC.  Photo / Getty Images
There has been a dispute over the image of the silver fern being used in battle gear by the UFC. Photo / Getty Images

The matter was quickly resolved, with City Kickboxing releasing another statement in the afternoon.

“The problem has been resolved,” the statement confirmed. “All Blacks management were contacted this afternoon to let them know that no one on their legal or management team has had any contact with the UFC.

“It appears there has been a miscommunication between the UFC and the attorney from the same law firm that safeguarded the All Blacks trademark rights.

“The All Blacks have been very friendly in this situation and assured us that they are very supportive of our UFC New Zealand team and other New Zealand sports teams that go abroad and that is exciting for us.

“We also want to reiterate that we are staunch supporters of the All Blacks and what they are doing for our country.

“We are pleased to say that we will walk into the stables as proud Kiwis with silver ferns on our shoulders, as we have for the last five years.”

Bareman has previously acknowledged that the image the UFC used was probably a copy and paste of the All Blacks, but said if that was the case, the image could be redesigned rather than replaced.

The timing of the complaint is odd, considering the UFC has been using the image on their New Zealand fighting kit since 2015.

The UFC has yet to comment on the situation.


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PRECIOUS-Gold faces its worst week in 12 as US Treasury yields strengthened | Instant News

    Feb 19 (Reuters) - Gold prices fell to their lowest in
nearly three months on Friday and headed for their worst week
since end-November, as recent strength in U.S. Treasury yields
dented the non-yielding metal's appeal.
    * Spot gold        fell 0.4% to $1,769.26 per ounce by 0100
GMT, having touched its lowest since Nov. 30 at $1,765.35
earlier in the session. Prices have declined 3% so far this
    * U.S. gold futures        slipped 0.5% to $1,766.40.
    * Benchmark U.S. Treasury yields edged higher, having hit a
near one-year peak earlier in the week. Higher yields increase
the opportunity cost of holding bullion, which pays no interest.
    * The dollar        was also set to mark a weekly gain,
making gold expensive for holders of other currencies. 
    * U.S. jobless claims unexpectedly increased last week,
raising the possibility of a second straight month of tepid job
growth despite declining new COVID-19 infections.            
    * Switzerland's monthly gold exports to India in January
reached their highest since May 2019, though exports to China
and Hong Kong remained at rock bottom, customs data showed on
    * Silver        eased 0.6% to $26.86 an ounce, after falling
over 1.8% so far this week, its worst since mid-January. 
    * Platinum        slipped 0.7% to $1,266.09 and was on
course to mark its third straight weekly gain, while palladium
       shed 0.3% to $2,345.02.

0700  UK      Retail Sales MM, YY                Jan
0700  UK      Retail Sales Ex-Fuel MM            Jan
0745  France  CPI (EU Norm) Final MM, YY         Jan
0815  France  Markit Mfg, Serv, Comp Flash PMIs  Feb
0830  Germany Markit Mfg, Serv, Comp Flash PMIs  Feb
0900  EU      Markit Mfg, Serv, Comp Flash PMIs  Feb
0930  UK      Flash Mfg, Serv, Comp PMIs         Feb
1445  US      Markit Mfg, Serv, Comp Flash PMIs  Feb
1500  US      Existing Home Sales                Jan

 (Reporting by Sumita Layek in Bengaluru; Editing by Devika


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