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Skiing Amid COVID: A Photographer’s Journey on the Slopes of Switzerland and Italy | Instant News

In March 2020, northern Italy became one of the first centers of the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, and its response predicted a wave of lockdowns that would rock the world for more than a year. In the Italian Alps, that means ending skiing. But across the border in Switzerland, the elevators remain open. Photographer Davide Bertuccio take a trip to the Matterhorn, a mountain located between Breuil-Cervinia, Italy, and Zermatt, Switzerland, and compare how the two sides have fared this winter.

“What an amazing experience to see such an empty mountain in Italy. Endless white expanse, where once in a while you can see a snow cat. The elevator, in the fog and complete silence, looked like an alien spaceship, ”Bertuccio recalled. “The Italian government directive prohibits skiing, but allows openings [hotels] and a restaurant for passers-by. In Switzerland it is possible to ski, but you can only eat take-away food. The photos show the stunning scenery and empty slopes of the Italian side, while Switzerland hums with the skiers. You can almost hear the wind howling and the lonely sound of the ski lifts, waiting for people to come back.

“A remote slope on the Italian side, visible from the Plateau Rosa, one of the highest viewpoints in the Italian-Swiss area of ​​the Matterhorn.”

Davide Bertuccio


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Champion Slalom Schwarz presides over the season finale of the World Cup | Sports | Instant News

LENZERHEIDE, Switzerland (AP) – World Cup slalom champion Marco Schwarz presides over the season opener on Sunday.

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Italians hope to revive their sledding tradition with the venue of the 2026 Winter Olympics | Sports | Instant News

There is also a legacy promise when Italy last hosted the 2006 Olympics in Turin. But the launch pad built at a cost of about $ 100 million in Cesana Pariol for the Olympics was dismantled in 2012.

“You have to build a track where there is some kind of tradition,” said Gianfranco Rezzadore, president of Bob Club Cortina. “And that’s what Cortina has. Bob Club Cortina has been around since 1948. “

The Cortina Line was built in 1923 and the resort known as the “Queen” of the Italian Dolomites is home to the great Eugenio Monti, who won six Olympic medals between 1956 and 1968.

Bobsledding, like skiing, is a skill passed down from generation to generation at Cortina. At least first.

“I grew up in the same building as Rinaldo Ruatti,” said Rezzadore, referring to the former world champion. “Her son and I used to play with the wheelbarrow. That’s how I got hooked. “

Rezzadore, who became Italian champion himself with four bobsled men, mentored local skeleton athlete Mattia Gaspari, who won a bronze medal at last year’s world championships in mixed team competition with Valentina Margaglio.

“When I was a kid, once they turned off the lights after activities every night, my friends and I would go down the track on a regular wooden snow sled in the moonlight until someone found us and told us to leave,” said Rezzadore.


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Alex Hall Wins X Games Real Ski 2021 Gold | Instant News

The real X Games series – a collection of year-round filmmaking video competitions in skating, BMX, moto X, snowboarding and freeskiing – is a fan favorite for its progressive tricks in urban environments.

However, until 2020 and 2021, as the world continues to go into quarantine during Covid-19, the Real series has taken on a bigger resonance, as athletes take advantage of the best features around them even when their activities are limited by travel restrictions, closed. parks or resorts and social distancing measures.

That video section for Real Ski 2021, perhaps as a result of all of this, feeling a little more sluggish than usual – and the freer Alex Hall, who won the jury’s gold medal, was the most alone.

The 22-year-old has put together one puzzling trick on his part, which was filmed by Etienne Merel – proving that when it comes to road skiing, he is at the top of the game right now.

Hall’s jaw-dropping tricks are enhanced by the spot he chooses, which includes everything from ladders that allow him to do multiple rail transfers, over one roof and, perhaps the craziest trick of editing, using a baseball backstop as a trampoline for the 360 ​​and side flip down.

As much as Ski Hall impressed the judges, who announced their medalists while behind the scenes World of X Games: Real Ski 2021 aired on ESPN2 Sunday, comments in Hall’s section made it clear that he may have locked in fan votes, which will be announced Monday as well.

“Years ahead of others. Partly full of ending, “reads one YouTube comment.

“Alex Hall is one of them. Creativity / execution is the next level, ”said another.

“This guy is like alex ski hall!” even got “Lol” from X Games account.

At the X Games Aspen 2021 in January, Hall won bronze in the men’s ski event.

Other participants in this year’s contest include Lupe Hagearty, Taylor Lundquist, Tanner Hall, Alex Hackel and Ferdinand Dahl.

This year, skiers were allowed to use any location they wanted, and some parts of the video (including the Hall end) were mixed up in some big mountain and outback tricks, but fan response seems to suggest that people want urban skiing above all else.

For his part, Hall, already one of the best free-on-mountain skiers of his generation, has just pushed the envelope for urban skiing as well.


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Foss-Solevåg hands Norway’s 2nd gold medal in injury-ridden skiing | | Instant News

CORTINA D’AMPEZZO, Italy (AP) – The Norwegian ski team arrived at the world championships without many of its stars getting injured. It goes on Sunday with two gold and bronze medals.

Sebastian Foss-Solevåg won the final, men’s slalom, while compatriot Henrik Kristoffersen won bronze.

The success came four days after Foss-Solevåg led Norway to gold in the team event.

“It’s a dream, two gold medals at Cortina. That’s incredible, “he said.

The Norwegian team lost Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, Adrian Smiseth Sejersted, Lucas Braathen and Atle Lie McGrath, all due to knee injuries, which mainly affected his chances in the giant speed and slalom event.

“We have had too many accidents, too many injuries,” said Foss-Solevåg. “With a small team we have two gold medals, that’s very good.”

Foss-Solevåg had his runaway season on the World Cup circuit, with four top-five finishes including his first win, in Flachau, Austria, last month.

On Sunday, he was third after the opening round, close behind surprise leaders Adrian Pertl of Austria and Alex Vinzatzer of Italy, before clocking down the fastest time in the final lap.

Pertl ended 0.21 seconds behind to get silver, while Vinatzer dropped to fourth, losing the podium by 0.74.

“It’s amazing to finish like this,” said Foss-Solevåg. “I know the two guys up front can put it together too, but I struggled from start to bottom and I did it.”

Foss-Solevåg became Norway’s first slalom world champion since Tom Stiansen won the title in 1997.

Kristoffersen, last season’s World Cup slalom champion, contributed to Norway’s success story.

Sixth after the first round, he moved up three spots and finished 0.46th behind Foss-Solevåg to earn a slalom medal in the world for the first time. He was fourth in 2015 and 2017.

“Gold for Sebastian certainly has more value than my bronze,” said Kristoffersen, who travels the World Cup circuit with his own team.

“But I am very satisfied. You get on the podium, then you have to say that you are satisfied, “he added. “Now I have Olympic medals and world championships in slalom and GS. It’s not bad at all. “

Austria have won five of the six slalom medals in the last two worlds, both times with retired outstanding Marcel Hirscher taking gold, and Pertl coming close to continuing his streak.

Pertl was chosen too late by the Austrian coach to complete a squad of four, which also includes World Cup winners Marco Schwarz, Manuel Feller and Michael Matt.

Pertl triumphed over another up-and-coming prospect, Fabian Gstrein, in what appeared to be a surprising choice by the team. Gstrein was fastest in qualifying for the parallel race last Tuesday and finished the event in sixth, while Pertl did not complete the qualifying round.

“I have to fight even to start today,” said Pertl, who won the best third World Cup result. “And now a silver medal. It was incredible.”

Many of the pre-race favorites fought on the demanding Druscié pitch.

Schwarz, who leads the World Cup slalom standings, is eyeing his second gold after winning the combined title.

However, the Austrian took the lead with 0.57 seconds in the final leg as he crossed the gate.

Clément Noël also failed to complete his run when the Frenchman slipped off the court with an inside ski boot in the middle of his final run.

Despite the warm temperatures, the sundeck held up well and provided late starters in the opening laps with a chance to race into the top 15.

In an unusual move to provide the best possible course conditions for leading skiers, organizers decided that not the top 30 but only 15 of the fastest skiers from the first leg opened the second round in reverse order.

That means riders who finish the first leg 16th or lower have almost no chance of winning a medal.

Wearing bib No. 43, Jett Seymour slid to 10th while his American teammate Luke Winters started 38 and finished 15th, although both straddled the gate on their final lap.

With its second gold, Norway joins France in third place in the overall world medals table. Only Austria (five) and Switzerland (three) have won more events.


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