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Beauty Expert Approved Face Mask for Fashion Month Skin Preparation | Instant News

How can designers, models and celebrities look so captivating during runway marathons, parties, and other fashion month events? They started off great skin. Meanwhile, fashion month, namely started in New York City on February 14th, much of it will be virtual this season, you can still expect to see A-listers put their best faces for digital events. Although spa visits and professional facials usually precede the show, this year’s focus is on home care meaning there are plenty of face masks that give spa-level results. Leading up to the new runway season, L’OFFICIEL consults with seven beauticians about their best options, from restorative clay masks to hydrating eye patches, to preparing skin for the fashion month.


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Manscaped Expands Further In Europe | Instant News

Manscaped, the leader in men’s care and hygiene below the waist, has added two new countries to its international list: Norway and Switzerland. The addition of this region follows a successful 2020 filled with expansion to more than 30 countries around the world.

“Our launches to Norway and Switzerland complement Manscaped’s European regional expansion, which is a real milestone for the brand,” said Casey Gee, senior international business manager at Manscaped. “We are proud to increase our presence in Europe and can’t wait to get our products into the hands of this sharp and savvy new consumer. This growth catapulted an exciting year as we worked across continents, offering only the best formulas and tools to as many people as possible on a global scale. “

Born in 2016 and based in California, the direct-to-consumer (DTC) men’s grooming company designs and develops products and equipment for groin and body care and hygiene. The brand’s bigger goal is to advance men by enhancing the grooming experience while opening up confidence.

Manscaped makes it easy to browse and shop online, plus offers free shipping straight to your door. The brand’s newest customers in Norway and Switzerland can learn more and purchase their care kits here.


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The Kiwi brand is leveraging an interest in native plants to generate international awareness | Instant News

Te Wai, Māori for The Water, is a beauty brand launched in the first quarter of this year by the company, New Zealand Fresh Water Limited.

The brand currently offers one product, the Hydrating Fine-Mist Facial Spray which is inspired by CEO Carrick Graham’s extensive travels throughout Southeast Asia.

“When you get off a plane in Thailand, for example, you get hit by this heat wave. However, when you get off the plane in New Zealand, you get this fresh, fresh coolness – that’s what we tried to catch in the bottle. “ person

Despite being launched just as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) hit New Zealand, the brand has managed to get orders in several markets in Asia Pacific such as Australia, Singapore and China.

“These are early days for the Te Wai brand, but market feedback suggests strong growth potential in the markets we are targeting,”Graham said.

In addition, with the support of New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE) exploring the UAE and MENA markets where the company believes the product will have broad appeal.

“You can imagine in a city like Dubai, with the weather at 40 degrees, a face with a refreshing mist and cool is like having a bottle of gold,” Graham said.

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Hydrating Fine-Mist Facial Spray is made with pure New Zealand water infused with five natural extracts: Kawakawa, Manuka, Kowhai, Mamaku, and Pohutukawa.

“We recognize that there are many unique ingredients from New Zealand that haven’t been shared around the world. This plant has been used for more than a thousand years by the Māori tribe and has great cultural significance. We realized there was a good story to tell, ” Graham said.


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This winter, love your skin and provide youthfulness in this season | Instant News

Yes, this is sweater weather, but is your skin ready? As the humidity drops, the air dries and the skin also dries. In winter, moisture is absorbed from the skin, so extra care is needed. To treat winter skin and rejuvenate during the season, people should choose natural products because they provide a variety of effective solutions to protect the skin and keep it moist, soft and smooth. Please also read- How COVID-19 seriously affects our future generations, please continue reading

Ritika Jayaswal, CEO and founder of Nurish Mantra, is a natural skin care brand inspired by Ayurveda, providing you with tips and tricks to prepare your skin for the next season. Please also read- Should I wear a mask when exercising?This is what you need to know

Choose cleaning agents wisely Please also read- COVID-19 recovery diet: foods and beverages to avoid completely after a negative test

Winter will make the skin dry. Choose natural gentle cleansers that are gentle on the skin. Harsh cleansers may deprive your face of natural oils, while the added fragrances and alcohol may irritate your skin and ultimately make your skin more dry and flaky.

Exfoliation is important

People usually think that winter is not suitable for peeling, but this is a big myth. Even if the skin is dry, exfoliation is very important because it can remove dry dead skin cells and help regenerate new cells.

Use shower gel immediately after shower

Because it always uses cream-like lotions and moisturizers in winter to lock in the skin’s moisture. The trick is to use lotion immediately after showering, because your body is still moist, the lotion is easily absorbed, and it can keep your skin soft and plump for a long time.

Product recommendation: gentle body lotion

Description: A fragrant signature scent that transcends your entry into the earth’s paradise, this gorgeous skin lotion provides the necessary moisturizing effect and evokes a luminous freshness with a mossy midnight rain fragrance. The therapeutic botanicals of Tamarind, Gotu Kola and Indian Ginseng nourish, moisturize and polish the skin.

Price: INR 975 for 100 ml, suitable for all skin types, available for purchase on Nykaa.com

Facial oil is the key

Facial oils are really important in winter because they can provide the extra nutrients your skin needs. It helps to remove dryness on the skin and helps skin cells rejuvenate. Facial oil also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, making the face glowing.

Product Recommendation: Vedic Elixir 8 in 1 Skin Rejuvenation Oil

Product introduction: Hemp seed’s moisture-rich essence pure drops, supported by 8 luxurious oils, containing antioxidants and vitamins, can protect the skin from pollutants and signs of aging. This nutrient-rich elixir can enrich nutrition, nourish and provide excellent radiance to the skin.

Price: Nykaa.com offers 20ml 3550 INR for all skins

Don’t forget your hands and feet

Always use a mild or mild hand sanitizer to wash your hands, and then use a nourishing cream to wash your hands, because they are the most exposed and hardest part of our body. Sometimes we ignore them, and the skin will be itchy and peeling.

Product recommendation: Vetiver and Lavender Upayas hand soap and hand soap

Description: This hand soap is mixed with vetiver root oil and citric acid to thoroughly cleanse disease-causing bacteria while leaving the soothing herbal aroma of vetiver essential oil. The creamy lotion is blended with coconut oil, almond oil and shea butter to provide deep hydration to hands that are constantly dry or uncomfortable due to constant cleaning and disinfection.

Price: INR 999 for the combo set can be purchased on Nykaa.com.

Nourish Mantra was launched in the United States at the end of 2019 and is now available in India. The brand’s mantra is to live consciously, with the connection of body, mind and soul. In addition to using traditional methods and backed by modern science, their products are also made with effective and safe ingredients and formulas. These ingredients and formulas are 100% vegan, no parabens and no SLS.


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Emma Lewisham Brings New Zealand Cult-Beauty Brand To The US And Sets A New Standard For Clean Beauty | Instant News

While Emma Lewisham pregnant, she realized that the product she was using to treat hyperpigmentation (hydroquinone) contained a known carcinogen, an ingredient that can cause cancer in living tissue, and although it was effective, it was banned in many countries, such as Europe. “One of the materials was actually used to clean sewer pipes, which surprised me,” Lewisham said. “Further research on this product led me to reveal how unregulated the beauty industry in New Zealand is, despite credible research proving the impact skin care has on our health, we just haven’t followed our beauty rules.” When he started finding 100% clean alternatives with scientifically validated results, he realized this didn’t exist. “There is a compromise you have to make when using the natural, and that is performance. I am used to investing in premium high-performance serums and creams, like La Mer. “The clean alternative he finds at the health shop will not produce his usual results. So, Lewisham decided to be the change she wanted to see in the beauty industry, provided it was possible to produce 100% natural and clean products that were also effective, and to prove to women that they don’t have to sacrifice health for beauty.

Below, we talk to Emma Lewisham about bringing New Zealand’s favorite cult beauty brand to the US and setting new standards for the industry.

MM: What do you think describes New Zealand’s beauty scene?

EL: New Zealand’s beauty scene is defined by innovation, green science and sustainability. We have some of the pioneering natural and organic skincare brands here – they define a natural / organic space between the pharmacological and cosmetic categories. Natural skin care is seeing the leaps and bounds and there are so many amazing and highly performance driven active ingredients out there, it’s really interesting to look at. Our New Zealand-based green chemists are constantly innovating and are at the forefront of natural and sustainable ingredients, such as plant stem cells and neuropeptide technology. At Emma Lewisham, this means we can achieve innovation in our products and challenge the status quo – including breaking the natural preservative code and producing a 100% natural, luxurious, scientifically supported product that rivals the most iconic luxury brands in independent testing. In terms of manufacturing, New Zealand is also a global leader with 80% of our renewable electricity. Our laboratories empower their employees, pay a living wage and have recycling, water use and waste management policies at the core of their production. All of our New Zealand suppliers have an environmental and sustainability focus, which is in line with our entire ethos.

MM: In what ways do you bring your product to the US and why is it important to you?

EL: We launched it in October 2019, and in our first year of business the US has grown organically into our third largest market. Our US customers are attracted to the fact that our products are made in the cleanest countries in the world, that they are 100% natural, and have uniquely independent clinical testing to validate that we outperform brands like La Mer and Drunk Elephant. We are recognized by ThinkDirty as the best serum for natural beauty globally in 2019 which raises our profile in the US market. We currently ship direct to the US from New Zealand using express delivery via emmalewisham.com, and are close to confirming our first ground retailer which is our next big step.

MM: Over the past few years, clean beauty has occupied a leading position in the beauty industry which is now filled with clean beauty brands. What sets you apart?

EL: We are completely 100% natural and clean, which does not compromise on visible results. We uniquely validate the performance of our products with scientific evidence by conducting independent clinical testing to prove women get products with results that rival and even outperform the world’s leading skin care brands. It’s rare to see a brand that is 100% natural, but the way we set the right benchmarks is in the performance of our products. Our definition of “Clean” skin care is very strict. While some “clean” beauty brands ban six ingredients, we ban 2,700 ingredients and conform to the clean definition of the EWG (Environmental Working Group). The EWG is a leading authority on environmental health and analyzes and assesses individual substances according to their toxicity. We avoid any ingredients that are associated with harmful health effects, be it hormone disorders, cancer, or common skin irritants. Furthermore, clean for us means not only clean for humans, but also for the planet. In just one year of operation, we have built a reputation as a leader in sustainability for the beauty industry and have been cited as a brand that will change the beauty industry path to a more sustainable one – which is our original goal as a company.

MM: What do you think your hero product is?

EL: Our flagship product is our award-winning Skin Reset Even Skin Tone serum. It is a treatment to improve dull, hyperpigmented skin and produce the most radiant, radiant, and even skin. This serum also expands and firms, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and creates more resilience and elasticity. Its performance stems from five years of careful scientific research, to find the most synergistic and potent combination and concentration of 24 natural active ingredients from around the world. This product outperformed 11 high-tech brightening and luxury vitamin C brands on the market (confirmed by independent scientific in vivo testing in 2018 and in vitro testing in 2019). It’s also 100% clean and natural, and proves that women don’t have to sacrifice their health and well-being for skincare. Skin Reset was actually our first product, and it was born out of my frustration at not being able to find a safe, natural and clean solution for my hyper-pigmentation. Growing up in New Zealand, I spent a lot of time in the sun without understanding the impact on my skin later in life, and the consequences of not wearing sunscreen. In my mid-twenties, I had brown patches on my face and tried everything I could to get rid of them because it really hit my self-esteem. I want to design a product that works first and foremost, but without compromising on my health.

MM: What advice do you have for retailers and customers when it comes to shopping for beauty brands?

EL: My number one tip for shopping for beauty products is to look closely at the ingredient list – ask the brand if they have published a full list of ingredients, because some don’t. If you are unsure about some ingredients, the best place to start is to look for them in the EWG In-Skin Database. This will help you uncover greenwashing – for example, many natural brands say they are “paraben free” but in fact they have been swapped for a synthetic preservative called phenoxyethanol which has been linked to adverse health effects and it is this trade that allows them to say they are paraben free. .

MM: What will the future of your brand look like?

EL: We will continue to innovate and challenge the status quo, especially in the area of ​​sustainability. We are excited to be a 100% circular brand, a goal we plan to achieve by March 2021. Currently, 80% of our product range is 100% refillable and recyclable, and we are the first brand in the world to package facial beauty products from 100% post-consumer-recycled (PCR) plastic. We are also very excited to be completely carbon neutral. We are currently working to measure our carbon footprint as a business, down to every product we produce. Once we understand this, we will work to reduce our emissions in every way we can – before we offset the rest to be carbon neutral. Product-wise, we’ve recently launched our much-anticipated Illuminating cleaning line, and we have some really exciting new products slated for 2021 as we continue to expand our 100% clean, natural and sustainable product lineup.

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