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Imran Khan denounced the “misleading nation” on transparency | Instant News

Sindh [Pakistan], February 5 (ANI): Days after Pakistan slipped four places on the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), the Sindh government of Pakistan People’s Party slammed Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government for “misleading the nation” on transparency issues.

“PTI, which used to accuse others of transparency, is now silent. The time has come for them [the PTI] to take a U-turn in every issue, “said government spokesman Sindh Barrister Murtaza Wahab.

Wahab also said that Transparency International’s Adil Gilani has clarified that the latest report in which Pakistan has inserted four CPI points is based on “data collected during the current government regime”, The Express Tribune reported.

The report is an annual index that ranks countries based on perceptions of public sector corruption.

Dawn reports that last year (2019), Pakistan was ranked 120th. On a 0-100 scale, with zero being ‘Very Corrupt’ and 100 being ‘Very Clean’, the country’s corruption score was at 31 – one point lower than 32 last year – shows that the perception of corruption in the public sector has deteriorated.

The reason behind Pakistan’s lower score on the CPI list is that its points in the ‘Rule of Law Index’ and ‘Varieties of Democracy’ categories are lower than last year. (ANI)


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NSW / Victoria border closes: Car reverses after deadline | Instant News


Images posted on social media show massive queues hours before the border closes. Photo / @Milliganreports

Victoria’s border with New South Wales closes at midnight, blocking the entry of anyone who doesn’t get there in time.

Vehicles that arrived at the border checkpoint after the deadline were reversed by police and ordered to return to NSW.

Yesterday Jeroen Weimar, commander of the Covid-19 response from the Victoria Ministry of Health, confirmed the country’s hardline stance.

“We need to close the border, because we don’t want to continue importing high-risk Covid cases back into Victoria,” Weimar said.

“We don’t think it will be right or fair for the Victorian community.

“We don’t have the capacity to put hundreds of people into hotel quarantine because they choose to leave late at night.

“If anyone has ever been to NSW, we are not designing and setting up a hotel quarantine system to allow people vacationing in NSW to return later.”

However, some of the people who rushed to the border last night had traveled as far as Queensland.

Images posted on social media show massive queues hours before the border closes.

Photographer Simon Dallinger is at the Hume Freeway checkpoint. He reported that the last people allowed to pass, seconds before midnight, were Kelli Rippon and Rachel Bartlett. The couple traveled from Brisbane to Dubbo, and then to Victoria.

They made it in time. Others weren’t that lucky.

Border check on the Victoria side of the Hume Highway on 29 December 2020 in Albury, Australia.  Photo / Getty Images
Border check on the Victoria side of the Hume Highway on 29 December 2020 in Albury, Australia. Photo / Getty Images

Health authorities in Victoria believe the virus has been spreading there for nearly two weeks.

All 10 cases reported since Wednesday ate at the Smile Buffalo Thai restaurant in Black Rock on December 21, or were close contacts of others who did.

NSW police stop vehicles at the Hume Highway checkpoint on the Victoria border on 22 November 2020 in Albury, Australia.  Photo / Getty Images
NSW police stop vehicles at the Hume Highway checkpoint on the Victoria border on 22 November 2020 in Albury, Australia. Photo / Getty Images

“We know we have a possible starting point until December 21 – that is now 10 or 11 days ago,” Weimar said yesterday.

“That gives us good reason to be concerned that this could cause another chain of transmission to return to that point.”

Across the border in NSW, three new infections were identified in West Sydney yesterday.

The contact tracer is now trying to link the new cases to the existing cluster.

Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian has warned tighter restrictions could be imposed on Greater Sydney if more cases arise without a known link.

“If we reach a stage, or if we feel there are too many cases that are completely unlinked or unrelated, or something unexpected comes up and raises concerns, of course we will adjust our arrangements if that is the case,” Berejiklian said. yesterday.

Now, residents on the north coast will find out whether their local restrictions will be relaxed. The lower north coast, in particular, can be governed under the same rules as the rest of Sydney.


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The anti-encroachment drive without providing alternative space for the affected people is slammed | Instant News

KARACHI: Party chairman Pak Sarzameen (PSP) Syed Mustafa Kamal on Sunday said that continuing operations against encroachment in the city without providing alternative space to affected families is not only a sign of incompetence and indifference of the government but is also a matter of great concern.

He expressed this in an event that was attended by dozens of East Regency youths who took part in PSP.

Kamal said incompetent rulers did not solve people’s problems. “The people whose houses were demolished would not just disappear, they would not die but would settle down in several other dump sites in the same city,” he said.

“The country is like a mother, it must act as one and provide shelter for all affected families. The residents of the channel are also citizens of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. “

The PSP head said there was no strategy formulated by the government for the current operation. “The honorable court must take note of this grim situation and summon the rulers and question their strategy because this government’s behavior not only creates chaos but also becomes an obstacle in clearing the canals and will also affect development work as usual. The last sufferers of this situation are none other than poor people, ”he said.

“During our mayoral tenure, we set a precedent for rulers on how to manage a situation when it comes to destroying encroachment for development projects without chaos or agitation,” he claims.

He said during his tenure as mayor he had to destroy 34,000 houses for the construction of the Lyari Expressway but not a single demonstration was held against the move.

Kamal called on the incumbent government to provide alternative space to people affected by the anti-encroachment movement in the same way that people affected by the Lyari Toll Road project are given space.

For the construction of the Lyari Expressway, the state, judiciary and local government built three settlements with the provision of all basic facilities, he said. The PSP chairman advised the government to follow a similar strategy, stating that there is plenty of vacant land available in Karachi which could be used to provide alternative space for affected families.

He said PSP is the only political party that offers workable solutions to all public problems concerning the Pakistani people. “Now it is up to the authorities to decide whether they will accept our solution today or a few years later, but the longer they accept our solution, the more damage the country will have to bear,” he added.

“Today, people leave the political parties of the Prime Minister and Chief Minister and join PSP in large numbers every day,” he claims, adding that this is testament to the fact that the future belongs only to PSP. .


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Tax returns slammed | Instant News

KARACHI: Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA) has expressed concern over the notices issued by the tax department in cases where income tax returns have been filed.

In a letter sent to the Domestic Revenue (Operating) Member on Friday, KTBA informed him of the notification to taxpayers to file their returns of the past few years, as they have made compliance.

The tax bar says currently communication between taxpayers and tax offices is available via the IRIS portal. “However, the IRIS system does not allow an option to submit or submit a reply to inform that a refund has been submitted,” KTBA said.

The tax bar says in most cases a notification is sent from the 2014 tax year to all subsequent taxpayers without verifying the fact that an income refund has been filed.

The tax bar notifies IR (Operations) Members that the tax department also issues notifications to new taxpayers to file previous years’ tax returns.

Such notification is generally treated by new taxpayers as a punishment for registering with FBR.

The bar tax advises FBR to issue a directive to all commissioners to immediately stop issuing such notifications to all new taxpayers.


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Twitter has slammed for ignoring Indian propaganda | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Several Pakistani politicians, including government ministers, have criticized Twitter for not acting on Indian media peddling fake news about the ‘Karachi civil war’ a day ago.

A massive disinformation campaign had started when a pro-India government account on Twitter posted a tweet about a civil war that didn’t exist in Karachi the day before. Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari said it was “very unfortunate that @TwitterSupport [is deliberately] ignore the “fake news circulating.

“Facebook is also involved in Indian propaganda & hate posts! Likewise, Islamophobia is rampant but heaven forbids any word to imply even questionable comments about the holocaust,” Mazari said on Twitter, reports Geo News.

The minister quoted a tweet by digital rights activist and lawyer, Nighat Dad, who summoned Indian Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Patel Umrao over his claim that “10 police officers from the Sindh Police [were] martyred in the course of their duty to save the Karachi people “and that” the US Navy may enter Karachi port immediately “.

Maritime Affairs Minister Ali Haider Zaidi, however, blamed the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), saying “Indian media propaganda [is] at its zenith & sadly driven by the PDM circus “.

The Minister of State and Frontier Territories (Saffron) Shehryar Afridi highlighted the “false, fake and malicious propaganda campaign of the Indian media to slander the institutions of the #Pakistan state”. Afridi asked Twitter to take action against “Indian Social Media accounts that were involved in the malicious fake news attack on Pakistan”.

On the other hand, PPP Senator Sherry Rehman called Pakistan’s internal dissent as “a sign of its political health”. Rehman explained that what he meant was “democracy is never one person or viewpoint; that when freedom is restricted people push back; when constitutional rights are threatened, who dare to speak up ”.

The day before, the Indian media had been somewhat carried away by the events in Pakistan’s largest port city and made a whole civil war complete with gunfights between rival forces, bombings, and an imaginary area in Karachi called – ridiculous enough – “Gulshan-e-Bagh”.

Among those at the top of the disinformation campaign are India Today, Zee News English, CNN News18 and India.com – all verified Twitter accounts – claiming that armed clashes have erupted in Karachi.


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