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Reham apologizes Imran’s friend in defamation case | Instant News

LONDON: The former wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Reham Khan, has filed an unconditional apology in British Courts over allegations related to Aneel Musarrat that he was involved in the secret purchase of the Hotel Roosevelt and made an undue advantage in the alleged sale of the hotel because of his close ties with PM Khan.

In an apology sent to The News and Geo, Reham Khan said: “I am the official operator of Reham Khan’s Youtube channel and in the video posted on 6 December 2019, I was referring to Aneel Musarrat and I made a number of comments and insinuations about Aneel Musarrat. “

“In an attempt to make amends, I have deleted the video and I completely retract my comment and apologize to Mr. Musarrat for any damage or loss that may have occurred to Mr. Musarrat, his business, or the charity he supports. I will not comment further on this matter ”.

It is understood Aneel Musarrat issued court proceedings about six months ago, asking Khan to drop his charges or provide evidence. Both sides confirmed that the matter was resolved out of court after Reham agreed to issue clarifications and apologies.

Speaking to The News and Geo, Aneel Musarrat confirmed that he has resolved the defamation case with Reham Khan and is happy to move on. He said: “I have never had anything to do with a sale or purchase or anything related to the Roosevelt Hotel. I have done all my business in the UK and Europe and I do it through fair competition. I have never done anything unethical and have never tried to use my friends or networks to gain an improper or unfair advantage. My friendship with PM Imran Khan has nothing to do with any business I am in. I do not do any business in Pakistan to avoid conflict of interest issues and I will continue to defend this position. I am happy that Reham Khan came out with a clarification and resolved this issue. “


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M’sian in Germany is under investigation for slanderous statements against Johor’s top police | Instant News

JOHOR BARU: Police have opened an investigation into a man who allegedly committed slander against Johor Police Chief Commissioner Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay.

Comm Ayob said that the suspect left the country since November 2, 2017 and is believed to be currently living in Germany.

The suspect allegedly uploaded a video via Facebook on Sunday (November 29) claiming that Kom Ayob mistreated K. Haridas – the suspect who had been previously arrested for allegedly making slanderous statements to Police Inspector General Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador and Comm Ayob.

“It has become a trend for people to go abroad and make accusations and slanderous statements,” said Comm Ayob.

“The suspect’s background check reveals that he has seven previous offenses in his criminal record involving cases under Article 397 / 397A of the Criminal Code for armed robbery, Article 160 of the Criminal Code for assault and Article 506 of the Criminal Code for criminal intimidation,” he said.

He said this during a press conference at the Johor Police Headquarters here on Monday (30 November).

Kom Ayob also denied the suspect’s statement claiming that 255 inmates had died in prison from 2000 to 2014 due to police brutality.

“In Johor, we have recorded 23 deaths involving inmates who died from illness from 2000 to 2014, these prisoners are all drug addicts who died from illness and were classified in the Sudden Deaths report (SDR) and not due to police brutality.

“As for Haridas, he was arrested for a fugitive case under Article 506 of the Criminal Code for criminal intimidation. He was later charged in court on November 24 and was offered a bail of RM10,000 which he could not pay.

“Haridas has made a report claiming that he was beaten during detention at the Ulu Choh detention center and not in a police prison,” he said, adding that the suspect must check the facts before making a slanderous statement.

He added that the case is being investigated under Section 500/504 of the Criminal Code for defamation and willful insult and Article 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act for sharing offensive and threatening content.

In the six-minute and 55-second video, the suspect identifies Comm Ayob as a racist using caricatures and questions his actions to arrest the man suspected of being linked to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in 2019 during his time as Head of the Special Branch Counter Terrorism Division (E8 ) Bukit Aman.


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The leadership of PTI Chitral submitted a request to become party by case | Instant News

PESHAWAR: A Pakistani leader Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in Chitral has approached a local court to hear a libel suit against Prime Minister Imran Khan to allow him to be a party in the case.

PTI leader Abdul Latif through his lawyer Malik Ajmal Khan prayed before the Supplementary District Court and Judge Abdul Majid Khan’s Session that he (Abdul Latif) presided over PTI in Chitral when plaintiff Fauzai Bibi, who is a former MPA, had submitted document nominations for the provincial assembly seat at 2013 general election. He asked the court to allow him to be a party in the defamation case brought by the plaintiff so that he could inform the court of the facts. Meanwhile, the court adjourned the trial of the case until October 29 after the lawyer representing the accused (Prime Minister Imran Khan) asked for more time to submit an answer on behalf of his client. It should be noted that Fauzia Bibi, who was selected from the women-only seat on the PTI ticket, filed a lawsuit for compensation of Rs500 million.

He stated that the defendant had made “baseless” charges against him by accusing him of selling his vote in the Senate election. In June 2018, a defamation suit was filed under the Defamation Law, 2002 against PTI head Imran Khan, who later became prime minister. The plaintiff claimed that he chose the party candidate in the 2018 Senate elections, but the defendants accused him of selling his vote, thus damaging his reputation.

The National Task Force proposes for the welfare of lawyers

Senior advocate lawyer Saleem Shah Hoti, a candidate member of the Peshawar chair KP Lawyers Council, said the formation of a National Task Force for the welfare of the legal brotherhood was a necessity at this time.

Speaking with reporters here, he said providing lawyers with health care facilities would help deal with chronic stress and high levels of depression, enabling them to do professional work in a healthy way. The candidate said he will try to ensure support to lawyers junior, elderly and financially disadvantaged because the legal profession is at a critical juncture and lawyers being an important pillar of administration the justice system must be equipped with all the resources and professionals to play with. their important role in the justice system. Hoti said the Bar Council should be re-established with a strong governing body and proactive leadership to promote the welfare of lawyers and ensure inexpensive access to justice, adding that women and junior lawyers should be given representation on the council.


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The court asked for arguments from the lawyers of both parties | Instant News

LAHORE: District Court and Supplementary Session on Saturday solicits arguments from counsel on both sides regarding the application being transferred by Opposition Leader NA Shahbaz

Sharif, seeking an early trial of the defamation suit against Prime Minister Imran Khan, has waited in court for the past three years.

The court directed the advisers of both parties to extend their arguments on the matter by October 24.

Shahbaz, through his lawyer, has moved the court, claiming that the defamation suit is awaiting a court ruling and Imran has not sent his written reply even in three years. Shahbaz stated that in three years, 60 case trials had taken place and as many as 33 times, Imran asked for a postponement.

He said that the previous trial court decision was a witness to the irresponsibility of the head of PTI.

As per the details of the case, in 2017, Shahbaz had sent a defamation notification of Rs 10 billion to the Chairman of PTI Imran Khan.


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Hanif Abbasi fined Rs5 million for defaming SKMT board members | Instant News

RAWALPINDI. District Judge and Additional Session Sahibzada Naqeeb Shahzad on Tuesday fined PML-N leader Muhammad Hanif Abbasi Rs 5,000,000 in a libel suit filed by the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust.

The Trust filed a lawsuit on May 3, 2012. The Trust CEO filed a lawsuit of Rs100 million against Abbasi on behalf of the board of governors.

According to Trust spokesperson, Hanif Abbasi in a TV program stated that Trust board members took millions of rupees in wages from the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. He alleged that 19 council members were relatives of Imran Khan, even though none of the council members took money in any of the accounts and only three council members were relatives of Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is the chairman of the board of governors. .

The hospital has clarified this through a national daily while Imran Khan also rejected the allegations in an exclusive press conference. The spokesman also said the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital is known to the public and recognized as a charity, which treats thousands of cancer patients every year free of charge with the support of the people.


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