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Call of Duty: Mobile pro Sol was assassinated in Brazil | Instant News

Source: SOL / Activision Blizzard

Brazilian professional Call of Duty: Mobile player Ingrid “Sol” was assassinated on Monday in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The perpetrator of the crime was allegedly a fellow COD Flashlight player. Sol was only 19 years old at the time of her death.

Senter is now facing eligible murder charges, having reportedly confessed his crimes to the police.

“Our player SOL was brutally murdered,” the organization Jaguares Esports said in a WhatsApp message. “I wish I could have been more sensitive about this but we were surprised. He disappeared a few days ago and was found dead by a psychopath who stabbed and recorded and posted it on social media, “.

Sol competes in professional Call of Duty: Mobile for FBI E-sports.

Krony, the manager of the FBI E-Sports team, posted a story to Instagram that said, “He is an extraordinary person, who we will remember every day when the sun comes up, every day the sun’s rays touch our bodies. Every time we look at the Sun, we will remember it. “

According to a report by portal R7, Senter stabbed Sol to death while the two were inside her home in North Sao Paulo. Flashlight then reportedly posted images of Sol’s lifeless body to a WhatsApp group before confessing to the police.

An investigation reveals that Flashlight planned his attack, including writing down his intention to kill him in a book obtained by the police as evidence in his case. According to a video released by Viva ABC, Flashlight said “my sanity was just perfect” when he was arrested. He went on to clarify “I want to do this.”

Violence against women has been an increasing problem in Brazil over the past few years, both inside and outside of esports. The IPEA 2020 Atlas of Violence shows that more than 4,500 women were murdered in Brazil in just 2018.

“In the Mobile COD scene, many players are under threat and we are campaigning to fight against all kinds

abuse of our women, “explains the Jaguares Organization in twitter. “Reflect on what happened and try to contribute to a sports scenario that is healthier and more accessible to everyone.”

In a follow-up tweet, the organization stated, “Brazil does not yet have an official COD Mobile women’s championship. Jaguares and a team of other women ventured into mixed scenarios and we’ve suffered from a few episodes of manhood. Femicides will not be tolerated!# JustiçaPelaSol. “


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Brazilian League of Legends scene promoting diversity with 5 women registered for CBLoL 2021 and a transgender-focused championship | Instant News

The competitive League of Legends scene in Brazil is actively working to promote diversity, educating other regions to create an inclusive safe space for all players. CBLoL will kick off the 2021 season with five female players included in four of the franchise’s ten teams, while the country will see its first tournament focused on the transgender community.

Competitors for the 2020 World Championship representing the Brazilian region, INTZ has once again brought a female player to their roster, Mid Laner Taina “Yatsu“Santos will be active in the team’s academy roster, passing through his replacement role with Support Júlia”Mayumi“Nakamura in the previous year.

LOUD joins CBLoL for the first time in 2021, bringing the first team stacked, adds Jungler Elizabeth “Liz“Sousa is on the Academy’s list of players. Coming from the Brazilian football scene, Cruzeiro Esports will add Support players” Larissa “Lawi” Santos, and Mid Laner Ariel “Ari” Lino. Rensga Esports brings back Gabriela “Harumi“Gonçalves as their substitute support player, the first woman to compete in the official LoL Esports competition in Brazil.

The first steps to include women in the professional League of Legends scene have been given, however, we have yet to see women playing official matches on the CBLoL stage.

Transgender visibility

The competitive League of Legends scene will have its first championship focused on the transgender community. The competition, named “Copa Rebecca Heineman, after the American video game designer, programmer and first video game champion, will take place on January 29, 2021, the national date for Transgender Visibility in Brazil.

Hosted by Sher “Transcurecer”, one of the leading trans women in esports, the tournament focuses on coaching and discovering transgender talent, as well as offering workshops for players looking to step up their game.


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Check Out The Lowest Tests Run By Score In One Half By Team: To Be Surprised To The Core | Instant News

Check out the team working hard to set the lowest total in test cricket history.

“class =” lazy img-responsive “data-src =” https://www.iwmbuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/have-a-look-at-the-lowest-test-runs- score-in-a-single-inings-by-a-team-will-be-shock-to-the-core-920×518.jpg “alt =” See Lowest Trial Score In One Inning By A Team: Will Be Surprised Up to the point “/>

Test match is a game of endurance and handling pressure. The team that doesn’t do these things is sure to lose. Then again, cricket is an unpredictable game. Even if a batsman or bowler has a calm and quiet mind and is doing his best to perform well on the court, things will continue to happen to you. Something like this also happened in New Zealand on March 28, 1995.

New Zealand play their first two-match Test series against England. They win the pitch and choose to hit first. They lost the first two goals with their scoreboard showing 13-2. The New Zealand national team managed to set a target score of 200 runs in front of England. On the second day after England knocked out the surviving New Zealand batsmen, England started their first-half streak. New Zealand managed to stop them at 246 with England leading 46 runs.

Although the scores weren’t difficult to lead, New Zealand lost their two openers for the second time at the start of the same test. The English bowlers dominated and beat the New Zealand batsmen and fired all batsmen with just 26 runs. It has been 65 years since this incident occurred, but the score in this round of trial matches by New Zealand is still the lowest total in one round of trial matches.

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The medium is reported to have rejected classification in Australia | Instant News

From the same country that brought you Wake in Fright

Bloober Team’s mysterious psychological horror title Media appears to have breached Australia’s notoriously strict ranking system. Register at Australian government classification database show that Media received a “Rejected Classification” rating when submitted to the board in July.

According to the Kotaku reportNeither Tim Bloober nor the Classification Board have proposed reasons why Media not going to class. While there may be simple admin errors in title submission, Australia is notorious for being very strict in video game ratings, often censoring or outright banning adult video games for minor offenses, particularly drug use. Over the years, many titles were problematic by Australian censors, including South Park: The Stick of Truth, Hotline Miami 2, Silent Hill: Homecoming, The Witcher 2, and DayZ.

Media is definitely one of the most exciting early releases on the new Xbox platform. So we hope this is just a minor delivery mistake, and fans of Australian horror will have a chance to enjoy it Media in all its dazzling glory when it launches, December 10, on PC and Xbox Series X.

The Xbox Series X console exclusives have rejected the classification [Kotaku]


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