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German Merkel presses China for human rights dialogue | World | Instant News

BERLIN (AP) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged China’s Prime Minister on Wednesday for a broader discussion on human rights issues, telling him that the relationship between their countries “means we can tackle tough issues and put everything on the table.”

The comments came after Merkel and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang led a broad government consultation on issues such as the fight against the spread of the coronavirus, economic cooperation and other topics. The talks were held almost because of the pandemic.

According to a statement released by his office, Merkel raised Germany’s criticism of China’s human rights record, saying in a speech to the group, “There are differences of opinion here, especially when we think of the situation in Hong Kong, for example.”

“We’ve always managed to overcome this problem well; I hope the human rights dialogue can resume as soon as possible, “said Merkel.

The German leader, who has no plans to run again this year, added that his wish was for “in-depth” talks which will also involve the countries’ justice ministers.

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Travel Guides Reveal Weird, Wonderful and Dark ‘Secrets’ | Characteristics | Instant News

Reduced heads. A nudist resort. George McFly’s footprints. If spring draws you outside for warm-weather adventures just this side of the weird and the unusual, look no further than your own backyard. The Louis Reedy Press-based editor makes it fun to have a stay at home, treasure-hunting for all kinds of weird, wonderful, and obscure sights and sensations – some hidden in plain sight – with his series of secret guides. (Full disclosure: This writer is the author of “Secret Cincinnati.”) Here are some of the latest titles in the series, with writers sharing their thoughts on the really weird in their backyard. Author Anastasia “Stasha” Mills Healy shows off the lengths The “secret” authors embark on their quest for history through an excursion to the Thimble Islands. “I felt like I was in a spy movie, standing alone at the end of a dock, out of season, with no one around, looking out on the horizon, waiting for a contact that I didn’t ‘had never met to take me to a remote island, “she said.” I should have worn a fedora and a trench coat and talked up my sleeve! “The Contact, a Thimble Islands owner,” graciously said spent the afternoon with Healy, showing her around her two homes, sharing information and answering questions. “He put me back on the dock several hours later,” she said. “No debriefing required.” The bizarre: The 360-acre Solair Recreation League is a nudist resort in Woodstock, Connecticut with a private lake with beach, swimming pool, tennis courts and hiking trails, and accommodations that include cabins, recreational vehicles “Solair’s 350 members certainly wouldn’t call it ‘weird’,” Healy said. “But for the uninitiated, walking around naked on a Sunday sundae with your kids and a bunch of other families would be just that.” The Wonderful: Sleep in accommodations designed by an architect like an actual 1968 Sikorsky Sea King Pelican HH3F helicopter at the luxury Winvian Resort in Morris, Connecticut. As if that wasn’t unusual enough, the back of the helicopter includes a TV, sofa and fridge, so you can grab a cold one, kick up your feet and watch the news in your own private helicopter. next to your bed and your hot tub, ”Healy said. The Obscure: On the little-known island of Enders, the grounds of a spiritual retreat are open to the public and programs – from the sacred history of the bagpipe to silent retreats – and private rooms or dormitories are available for overnight guests. Ryan Roenfeld’s book is one of the final titles in the “Secret” series, with delivery starting May 15th. in downtown Omaha holds over tha n 500,000 volumes and a scalp – that of William Thompson, who lost it in a fight with the Cheyenne in 1867. “You can’t verify it,” Roenfeld said. “But can make a reservation to take a look.” The Wonderful: The intersection of North 24th and Lake Streets in Omaha is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. An intersection? “It was the subject of a song by Mississippi bluesman Big Joe Williams.” The Obscure: In 1866, Civil War soldier and Irish Revolutionary General John O’Neill invaded Canada with over 1000 Fenians (Irish Republican Brotherhood) to encourage the cause of Irish independence. Her grave and memorial, dedicated in 1911 by Eamon de Valera, President of the Republic of Ireland, can be found in the Cemetery of the Holy Sepulcher. Author Janice Oberding and her husband, Bill, were lost in Lone Mountain Cemetery in the search for the grave of Mark Twain’s niece, Jennie Clemens. When a herd of deer suddenly appeared, Oberding felt certain they were there to help. “We like to think that they took pity on us and tried to show us the way,” she says. ? Find one in the Curiosity Collection (Taxidermy Animals, Fertility Statues) at the Wilbur D. May Museum in Reno’s Rancho San Rafael Regional Park The Marvelous: Writer and humorist Mark Twain in 1863 , named Steamboat Hot Springs for its resemblance to a steamboat. “When he wasn’t causing trouble in Virginia City, he enjoyed escaping and soothing his quivering nerves here,” Oberding said. The Obscure: The artist who carved the four presidential faces at Mount Rushmore is linked to Omaha. “Sculptor Gutzon Borglum created a statue of John Mackay in 1908,” said Oberding. “Mackay was one of the four so-called Bonanza kings who drew their wealth from mining for silver in the nearby town of Virginia City. ” Find it at the ATV on the Nevada Reno University campus. Delivery begins May 15 for this new title, written by Jeremy Pugh and Mary Brown Malouf. The Strange: Fate? Maybe. Thomas Battersby Child, Jr., a self-taught foreign artist, stonemason, Mormon bishop, and local businessman, created an odd sculpture garden in his backyard in the mid-20th century. Filled with original biblical and Mormon-themed pieces, it’s calls “Gilgal,” a word that means “stone circle” in Hebrew and a place name in the Book of Mormon. 45 years ago, in a desert location near Lucin, Utah, a ghost town The solar tunnels may look like industrial waste, but they are aligned at different solar times. (The authors recommend filling up with gasoline, bringing food, and alerting people to your route before making the trek.) The obscure: see the handprints of the actor dec al Crispin Glover in front of the Tower Theater. And not just his handprints, but also his footprints. And not just his own, but Howard’s “Dr. Johnny Fever ”(“ WKRP in Cincinnati ”) Hesseman as well. All because of a 1992 gem of a cult classic called “Rubin and Ed”. Author Joann Hill has met many fascinating people while researching his book, including Robert Hoffman, aka HOFF the Harmonica Man, who has the largest collection of harmonica cases in the world. “HOFF’s collection, exceeding 500 cases, is proudly featured in my book,” said Hill. “I am so happy that our paths have crossed.” The bizarre: A model lived for 42 days in a glass cube built atop the colossal and iconic Big Chair that stands 19 feet tall in DC’s Anacostia neighborhood. The cube is long gone, but the chair remains a popular photo stop. The Marvelous: A Carousel Horse Linked to Martin Luther King, Jr. and his “I Have A Dream” speech? August 28, 1963 – the day King gave the speech during the March on Washington – Gwynn Oak Amusement Park just outside Baltimore ended segregation, and an 11 month old girl named Sharon Langley became the first black child to ride the carousel. . He is now in Washington, DC and called the carousel on the National Mall. The Obscure: Meet suffragist Alice Stokes Paul, abolitionist Julia Ward Howe, who wrote the lyrics to “Battle Hymn of the Republic”, and other famous women with the Call Box art project downtown. Inoperative emergency call boxes have been transformed into art installations and historical markers honoring famous women throughout history. Travel and lifestyle author and writer Kathy Witt believes you should never come to the end of your to-do list; there is too much to see and do in the world. Copyright 2021 Tribune Content Agency. .

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House votes to limit the presidency’s power over travel bans | Govt. & Politics | Instant News

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, DN.Y., listens as his panel holds markup for a bill to create a commission to study and address social disparities in the Afro community -american today. J. Scott Applewhite By KEVIN FREKING Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) – The Democratic-led House on Wednesday passed legislation to restrict a president’s power to limit entry into the United States, a response to the ban of former President Donald Trump’s travel covering five Muslim-majority countries President Joe Biden rolled back travel restrictions imposed by the Trump administration in one of his first moves to power, easing Iran’s limits , Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen, as well as North Korea and some government officials from Venezuela. But Democrats say Congress has a responsibility to prevent future administrations from enacting such broad restrictions. The bill passed the House by a vote of 218-208. It is unlikely to make any progress in the equally divided Senate, with Republicans overwhelmingly opposed. Jerrold Nadler, Democratic chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said the chairmen of both parties used their authority to prevent small groups of people from entering the United States, such as some North Korean officials. “But former President Trump abused that authority, twisting it in ways that had never been intended.” The White House announced its support for the measure earlier this week. “The accidental misuse of this authority by the previous administration highlights the need for reasonable restraints.” Trump had proposed a broad and comprehensive Muslim ban during the presidential campaign. Less than a week after taking office in early 2017, the first travel ban was announced without notice, causing chaos at airports and sparking protests across the country.

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Safe Systems Research Center of the Institute for Technological Innovation Partners with World’s leading Universities across Pioneer Projects | Business | Instant News

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates – (BUSINESS WIRE) – 21 Apr 2021–

The Institute for Technological Innovation (TII), a pillar of applied research of the Abu Dhabi Council for Advanced Technology Research (ATRC), today announced that the Safe Systems Research Center (SSRC) has partnered with Khalifa University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Tampere University and the Swiss University of Applied Science and Arts. South (SUPSI). The Secure Systems Research Center also recently announced that it has partnered with Purdue University.

This press release features multimedia. Check out the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210421005624/en/

Dr Shreekant Thakkar, Head Researcher, Secure Systems Research Center (SSRC), Technology Innovation Institute (TII) (Photo: AETOSWire)

The collaboration announcement is the latest in a series of announcements by the Institute for Technology Innovation since the first Advanced Technology Research Council board meeting in August 2020. The Secure Systems Research Center is one of seven early specialized research centers at the Institute for Technological Innovation. The strategic partnership will advance breakthroughs in safe systems and its sub-disciplines across key projects.

The partnership with the prestigious Khalifa University in the UAE includes four major projects, the first to explore opportunities to use machine learning for exfiltration detection on Android smartphones. The second project involves developing solutions in secure communications for power-limited wireless mesh networks while the third investigates physical wireless security and routing protocols on drone communications. Finally, the final project looks at physical layer security for a wide variety of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ground wireless networks. This project seeks to evaluate these network vulnerabilities and propose efficient solutions to reduce system weaknesses.

The partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States includes a project that will structure theory for building attack-resistant software that can overcome real-time constraints in cyber autonomous and physical systems (CPAS). The research team will demonstrate techniques that improve the security of the CPAS software and platform, with a focus on drones. Cooperation with Tampere University in Finland consists of projects related to the security of critical infrastructure. This project will uncover methods to reduce the ability of attackers to infiltrate, steal, and manipulate data on critical infrastructure. The research has prominent use cases in areas such as drone deployment, emergency services, on-demand infrastructure and smart city data processing.

The partnership with SUPSI Switzerland will explore AI-based safe autonomous navigation on the Nano-UAV, with a focus on security, autonomy and resilience. The team aims to enable secure communication and onboard computing with limited resources (i.e., compute, memory, power and payload) of virtual-physical systems (CPS) by leveraging machine learning, deep learning, and advanced artificial intelligence techniques.

Speaking about the partnership announcement, Dr Shreekant (Ticky) Thakkar, Chief Researcher at the Secure Systems Research Center who leads the work on Secure Autonomous Computing, said: “Our world is more connected – and more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Smart cities, transportation, and other critical infrastructure, require the highest level of defense against these attacks. The important partnerships and projects we have announced with prestigious global institutions will no doubt have major advances in secure and robust autonomous systems solutions covering platforms, systems software, communications, applications and data integrity. “

In March 2021, the Institute for Technological Innovation announced that the Safe Systems Research Center had partnered with Purdue University, a world-renowned US-based public research university, to collaborate on a three-year high-tech cybersecurity project to ensure unmanned aerial vehicles can be used safely. and efficient in urban operations.

For more information on the Technology Innovation Institute (TII), please visit www.tii.ae

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Kajeet Announces Global Expansion, Entering UK Market | Business | Instant News

MCLEAN, Va. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – April 21, 2021–

Kajeet ®, a leading provider of mobile IoT connectivity, software and hardware solutions that provide secure, reliable and controlled internet connectivity to students, enterprises, state and local governments, and IoT solution providers, today announced its global expansion into the UK market. The announcement comes amid significant growth for Kajeet, after more than doubling his customer base and adding new key hires to his leadership team over the past year.

“Kajeet is focused on a mission to close the digital divide, not only in the US, but around the world,” said chairman, CEO, and founder Daniel JW Neal. “We are very excited to bring a secure, reliable and controlled wireless connectivity solution to the European market to enable fair internet access, especially for students. This is just the next step in a path of further geographic expansion driven by our desire to provide wise and fair internet access and mobility solutions wherever Kajeet can build on our success to date. “

The global pandemic has exposed huge disparities in reliable internet access. In England, nearly one in 10 families (9%) do not have access to a laptop, desktop or tablet at home. Furthermore, a recent study from Sutton Trust revealed that only 10% of teachers reported that all their students had internet access. In expanding further into the Commonwealth of Nations, Kajeet’s secure and managed connectivity solution will bridge gaps in internet access and help ensure that no student is left offline.

“Kajeet SmartSpot® is truly amazing,” said Amit Amin, principal at Oaks Park High School in Carshalton, Surrey and pilot customer of Kajeet. “We tested the device with some of our students during the recent lockout period from January to March. These devices allow them to access distance learning from home and ensure that some of our most vulnerable students can continue their education in the same way as other students. They are very easy to set up and use and provide unrestricted internet access safely and effectively for unconnected students. “

As the world shifts to more digital interactions, Kajeet makes it possible to connect everyone and things and to empower users to use these connections for good. Its robust suite of award-winning technology solutions includes Kajeet SmartSpot®, Kajeet SmartBus ™, and Kajeet LTE-embedded Chromebooks. All hardware is provided on the Kajeet IoT management platform, Sentinel®, enabling extensive administrative control, hierarchical account setup, complete visibility into data usage across all connected devices, mobile policy control, content blocking for added security and the ability to use multiple networks and technology for the most reliable service in any location.

About Kajeet

Kajeet provides optimized IoT connectivity, software and hardware solutions that provide secure, reliable and controlled internet connectivity for students, enterprises, state and local governments, and IoT solution providers. Kajeet is the industry’s only managed IoT connectivity service provider that offers a scalable IoT management platform, Sentinel®, which includes complete visibility into real-time data usage, policy control management, custom content filters for added security and multi-flexibility. network. Whether to enable digital access that ensures student success, empower companies to connect and control devices in the field, or offer support and a platform to launch complex mobile solutions, Kajeet is trusted by many to make robust, flexible wireless solutions easy. Kajeet is available for hybrid and multi-network access on all major North American wireless networks, globally in 24 other countries, and on several licensed and unlicensed networks. Kajeet holds 38 US patents in cellular technology. To learn more, visit kajeet.com and follow on Twitter at @Tokopedia.

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