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Rising numbers of ‘newly hungry’ forced to use UK food banks | Public | Instant News

Food aid charities have identified the emergence of “recently starved people” in Britain – groups of previously well-employed and comfortable income people who have been forced to use food banks and claim welfare benefits for the first time during the pandemic.

That Feed the British The network says its members provide food support for an influx of new middle-income families. Usually with mortgages, cars, and often self-employed or business owners, they have been plunged into crisis by Covid-related job losses and gaps in the social security system.

“We are now seeing families in food banks that were able to pay their bills before the pandemic and are still comfortable enough to have food on the table. For the first time in years, it’s not happening anymore, ”said the charity’s national director, Andrew Forsey.

Before Covid-19, research shows that the majority of people who use food banks are destitute and penniless. The demographics of users that have widened in recent months, however, are seen as an indicator of how the pandemic has been pushing the cost of living crisis increase the scale of income.

Feeding Britain asked the ministers to commit to safeguarding Covid top-up £ 20 per week for universal credits and tax credits, and for extending them to the more than 1 million people with inheritance benefits that were excluded from last April’s one-year hike. It urges lawmakers to hold a debate and vote on this issue in the next few weeks.

Ed Hodson of Coventry Citizens Advice described the newly hungry as “a multi-faceted group, previously unconcerned with putting food on the table.” They are usually younger people “who are full-time middle income earners and who are property owners, mortgage payers or private renters”.

The Black Country food bank in Dudley said the new group of people arriving for help during a pandemic had usually never used a food bank before. “They are used to a certain lifestyle – spending more, credit cards, car financing, etc., and always succeed.”

The new hunger phenomenon comes when food charity network Feeding Britain reports an overall “staggering” increase in the volume of food aid it has provided between March and September, a trend they anticipate will pick up this fall when the new lockdown begins. They include:

  • Bonny Downs Public association in East Ham, London, which reported long queues formed outside its food bank an hour before opening time. They distributed food parcels to 4,000 people between April and June, compared to 622 in the first three months of this year.

  • Beaumont Leys food bank in Leicester, which went from providing food to 40 families before the pandemic to 500 per week since March. Likewise with NewStarts Food bank in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, said demand had increased over the same period by 700%.

  • Dartmoor Community Kitchen Center in Devon, which says only 20 of the 130 people it has helped since the previous March needed charity food aid. “Mostly [this was among] people go without food to pay rent, bills, and debts… [or] one of the spouses loses their job, which results in a loss of normal income levels. “

Black Country Food bank said it has spoken to many people who are shy about using the food bank. “Phrases like ‘this is a last resort’, ‘I don’t know what else to do’, ‘I haven’t eaten in the last few days’, ‘My kids are hungry and I don’t know what to do’ have become common phrases we hear every time. day. “

Jen Coleman of Black Country said: “A £ 20 increase [in universal credit] it does not mean that those who are poor suddenly get better, it means they can survive. Attracting this increase will now plunge people in poverty back into a much bleaker place ”.

Many food bank users already vulnerable before Covid, with low income and health conditions and disabilities, Feeding Britain found. They have been hit by soaring food and energy prices, increasing social isolation, and problems with the benefit system. Migrants who are not entitled to welfare benefits have also been hit hard.

But the emergence of starving people in recent months also points to it gaps in the safety net for self-employed persons who are not yet eligible for government welfare support, and those who receive subsistence-level universal credit payments not enough to meet important living expenses.

Sabine Goodwin, coordinator Independent Food Assistance Network, many of its 400 members are part of the Feeding Britain network, said: “Nobody needs to rely on emergency food packages to survive and the ever-increasing dependence on food aid charities to take part while social security continues to fail must be challenged. “

Feeding Britain is an anti-hunger charity founded with cross-party support by former lawmaker Frank Field in 2016. Its president is Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. It has helped pioneer holiday hunger schemes as well as other food poverty initiatives such as social supermarket.

A government spokesman said: “We are completely committed to supporting people today. We have implemented a comprehensive plan to protect income and community support and create jobs in every region and country of the UK, with more than £ 200 billion in support since March.

“Along with raising living wages and ending allowance freezes, we’ve launched £ 30 billion plan for profession, to protect, support and create jobs as we build back better. In addition, we’ve provided £ 9.3 billion of additional welfare support to help those most in need, as well as introduced an income protection scheme, vacation mortgage and additional tenant support, and we are continuing to review these steps. “


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Marcus Rashford: the public demonstration behind the campaign to end child food poverty | Public | Instant News

Marcus Rashford may have seen his efforts to get the government to provide food to the poorest children defeated in generally this week, however, the footballer has harnessed a force far greater than parliament in his fight to beat food poverty – the kindness of foreigners.

When the news broke that a Labor A motion to provide 1.4 million disadvantaged children in Britain with £ 15 a week in food vouchers over the holidays to Easter 2021 was rejected by the government on Wednesday night, dozens of hard-hit restaurants, bars and cafes contacted Rashford for assistance. .

The Manchester United and UK strikers’ campaign to end child food poverty calls for an extension of free school meals for more than 1.4 million British children, an increase in the value of Healthy Start fresh fruit and vegetable vouchers for low-income pregnant women, and an expansion of the holiday hunger scheme led by charity.

At 10.30pm on Thursday, Rashford expressed his intention: “Blown away by news of local businesses stepping up to fill the coupon scheme deficit during the mid-October period. Selflessness, kindness, togetherness, this is the England I know, “he said tweeted. “Add #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY to your tweet so I can track it. I will share as much as I can. “

Marcus Rashford talks about experiences with childhood poverty in the quest for free school meals – video

He then starts a steady stream of posts, mostly screengrabs from local sites on Facebook, tagged with where help can be found. Offers came from everywhere, including Wigan and Watford, St Helens and Middlesbrough, Hull, Falmouth, Liverpool and Lincoln.

Posting his last tweet just before midnight, the footballer restarted at 7.49am. As one observer put it: “Marcus Rashford appears to have established an alternative government.”

Owner He Trunk Tapas in Stevenage writes that the government’s decision not to fund food is “truly heartbreaking”, adding: “We can’t do anything to change that decision, so we need to help! We work in an industry that is being destroyed by this virus, but can’t use that as an excuse. “Customers applaud the move, offering to donate costs.” What a wonderful thing to offer, “wrote local Rohan Gordon.” Community spirit lives on. “

Even companies without a background in hospitality promise support, Summer Home Interior at Shrewsbury wrote, offering to make lunch bags for children as a receipt for free school meals, adding: “We’re not sure how successful this will be or how busy it will be so please be patient – we’re just trying to do our part for our community.”

Owner of Berry tea room at Cumbria offering packed lunches, saying as single parents of three children, they understand what it feels like to need help: “You can confidently send me a private message and stop by and pick it up. Please don’t feel embarrassed. “

Rashford on FareShare, Greater Manchester, with his mother. A charity network named the new warehouse in his honor. Photo: FareShare / Mark Waugh / PA

In north Liverpool, Panda taxi offer a free ride to any family who needs to the food bank, Manjaros at Middlesbrough promised to quietly deliver food packages, meanwhile Rhubarb Shed cafe in Sheffield offering sandwiches, cupcakes and hot chocolate after seeing other companies in Rotherham do the same. “Although this token may be small, we hope it brings smiles to the faces of some children during this dark time,” wrote the owner.

The tidal wave of goodness continued at Leeds, where Muntaz offering free chicken or vegetable biryanis to children between the ages of four and 16, writing: “This is NOT about politics. It’s about doing our part to help […] Kindness only produces good. We have to help each other during these difficult times. “

Boards including Redbridge and Southwark have also said they would go into breach. Redbridge board member Khayer Chowdhury writes: “If the government won’t feed starving children, this area of ​​London will.”

In response to the tweet, which continued on Friday, the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, tweeted: “If you need to be reminded that our country is much better and more generous than this government, take a look @TokopediaTwitter feed this morning. #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY


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2 of them have been cancelled, the developers are focusing on original games | Instant News

In “Auss 2,” because online game developers focused on the original game, the planned sequel in the online best-selling game “Areas” was cancelled.

The game studio behind the craze, InnerSloth, announced the news on Thursday-as of September it had more than 1 million users and 3.5 million concurrent users. They explain“The main reason we filmed the sequel is that the code base of Am Us 1 is outdated,” adding that it is not meant to support a lot of new content.

The developer wrote: “However, seeing how many people like those of us does make us hope to support the game and take it to a new level.” “We decided to cancel “2 of us”, And put all energy on improving “1 of us”.

(Photo: ScienceTimes)
The main screen of the About Us video game on Android. The task of the player is to complete various tasks and find the imposter hidden in it.

Among us: Sleeper games in 2020 are a big success in video games

Among us, there is an online game similar to a social reasoning game (such as mafia or killer killer). In the game, you can join 4 to 10 players and assign them as “partners” or “imposters”. Assign task-completers to complete some “tasks” and determine who the counterfeiters are. On the other hand, the “impostor” pretended to be a crew member, destroyed part of the stage and killed the crew member.

it is from Lazy, A three-person team composed of programmers, game designers and artists was released for the first time for Android and iOS in June 2018. By August, it saw the release of the PC version.

Although its player base is relatively small, Global Coronavirus Pandemic And the subsequent round-the-clock ordering led to the rediscovery of the game. During this period blockade, The game was so popular, mainly because Twitch, YouTube and Facebook game streaming brought the game to their respective followers.

According to the number of users Chart on SteamAmong us, the average number of players increased from 117.6 in January 2020 to 126,611.6 in September.

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All the sequel plans among us

Some changes Electronic games Will include improving the work of the server. Due to the surge in the number of players, we now have three servers instead of one before. Players can now choose from servers in Asia, Europe and North America.

The developer also plans to provide other “Color blind support“, describing the planned improvement as “something we have delayed for too long.” “InnerSloth plans to add more identifier tasks to its characters (ie, instantly recognizable miniature astronauts) and color-based “tasks” or games, such as connecting color-coded wires.

The biggest development announced so far is Account system. Among us, we have always kept open and anonymous, and friends invited each other by creating game rooms with their own game codes. You can set the room as a private room, allowing only the room with the password to enter the public room, or you can allow anyone to join the public room.

“We have planned many other things, we just need to prioritize and organize all the plans. Stay tuned!”

Watch the gameplay and design of “Among Us” in the following Steam release trailer:

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Coronavirus pandemic: Are faceprint face masks the latest fashion accessory? – fashion and trends | Instant News

The corona virus pandemic has brought out the most innovative side of people and has changed the simple face with the aim of one-dimensional protection into a must-have fashion accessory. Face masks are no longer just a safety accessory but are used by people as a fashion statement. Be it the designer face mask, decorated, brightly colored cover or artwork, a simple facemask has taken all shapes and forms. And the latest trend that seems to have reached the Indian coast is a face print mask. This mask has prints or photos of the person wearing it, which makes it easier for people to recognize it and also adds a personalized touch to important hygienic accessories. This trend began in several cities around the world before reaching several photo studios in Pallavaram, Chennai.

The mask is printed with the person’s face from the nose to the chin, which makes it easy to recognize despite wearing a mask. One of the owners of the photo studio is Anto, who runs a photo studio in Pallavaram, and was very disappointed when during Covid’s lockup, the number of customers in his shop began to decrease and the business went south. When after the lock is opened, customers start coming to the store they can’t recognize it and Anto can’t recognize it, which gives him the idea of ​​making face covers printed with faces. In an interaction with DTNext Anto said, “Our business has been completely destroyed because it has been locked for the past two months. Now we have opened another studio to sell personal masks. The mind helps people and how trendy the idea is interesting. ”

The studio owner went on to add that if people did not want to come alone, they could send their photos to the studio and the Anto team would make three washable facemasks made of cotton for Rs 500. He added, “People can also visit the studio and take Fresh photos and masks will be ready in an hour. “The report also states that some doctors and nurses have also chosen this trendy mask and have ordered it.

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Post Covid-19 Lockdown: Uncertainty of the future shook the famous Italian restaurant, pizza – traveling | Instant News

Italian restaurants and pizzerias, for foodies around the world who are the main reason to visit, face an existential threat. That does not fold after 10 weeks of tight locking of the corona virus appearing to find that new social distance requirements may not yet put them out of business.

While Italians are having fun this week because they can sit on a plate of spaghetti alle vongole (spaghetti with clams) in their local trattoria for the first time since March, many studies show that as much as a third of bars and restaurants in Italy closes at risk. Reason? Financial losses have been caused by lockdowns, the projected decline in tourism, reduced table capacity and the Italians’ own fears about eating out.

The famous Harry’s Bar in Venice – the birthplace of Bellini cocktails from white peach juice and prosecco – has been closed until further notice.

“We cannot think about opening only with five or six people” being allowed in at once, said owner Arrigo Cipriani.

Milan chef Matteo Fronduti, who won the first Italian edition of “Top Chef,” announced that his Manna restaurant will not be reopened for now, given the remaining questions about the risk of ongoing transmission and confusing Italian government regulations for restaurants.

Only when the questions are answered, said Fronduti, he will consider reopening Manna, which features unusual dishes and given wild names such as “Fighting the wear and tear of modern life,” (artichokes, raw jumbo shrimp and lemons) and “All talk “(spaghetti, broccoli rabe, herring, and turnips).

“Until then, I will continue to listen and make meatballs,” Fronduti wrote on Facebook.

Because of this, locking in the birthplace of the Slow Food movement has cost the Italian food and beverage sector 14 billion euros ($ 15.1 billion) in lost revenue, said Bain’s consultant. It is estimated that a full-year loss could reach 30 billion euros ($ 32.4 billion) in an industry that is worth 4% of Italy’s gross domestic product and accounts for 5% of its work. Bain projects that up to 300,000 jobs are at risk.

“This is a slightly apocalyptic situation,” said Manuela Paiella, owner of Corsi Trattoria in central Rome, a popular lunch spot for tourists and Romans. “We would never have thought in the restaurant business, in the historic center of the European capital, that we could live through something like this.”

Corsi reopened for business on Monday, the first day the restaurant was allowed to sit. But half of the table was deleted because of social distance rules. A hand cleansing gel is placed at the entrance and a new ordering system is installed to allow customers to see the menus on their cellphones. Waiters no longer squeeze between crowded tables to read specials.

“We have to reverse all the activities we did before,” complained chef Raffaele at Cristo, who now has to wear a mask and latex gloves for cooking. “Everything changes.”

Nearby Pierluigi, one of the most luxurious restaurants in Rome, must renovate its kitchen because the workplace must also respect social distance.

The main Italian agricultural lobby estimated this week that Italian restaurants and pizzerias had decreased consumption by 80% during the close, with the ripple effect hitting vital wine and the agricultural sector very hard.

Coldiretti said before the coronavirus outbreak, Italians spent 35% of their food budget outside the home, from morning cappuccinos to pizza dinners, pumping 84 billion euros ($ 90.7 billion) a year into the Italian food and beverage industry.

But now, many Italians are too afraid to eat outside. A SWG poll this week found that 32% of Italians consider going to restaurants “unsafe,” especially places with only indoor seating.

Their fear doesn’t make sense. For two months, Italy was the center of the spread of the European corona virus, with a surge of patients in several hospitals in the north and a surge in deaths that hurt Italian families and souls. Italy has witnessed more than 32,000 deaths in this pandemic, only behind the United States and Britain.

While the Italians welcomed the easing of locking restrictions, many feared a second wave of infections and deaths would be predicted amid uncertainty that the government was controlling the outbreak.

For those who stay at home, there is at least “Kitchen Quarantine” Massimo Bottura, “a weekly YouTube cooking tutorial from three-star Michelin chefs, who recently won the Webby Award for” inspiring home cooking and uplifting spirit “during the COVID-19 crisis.

The show is captivating. Narrated in English by her daughter Alexa and featuring the brilliant acting of American wife and child Bottura in the kitchen of their home, Bottura takes viewers through easy recipes.

Osteria Francescana di Modena, one of the most famous Italian restaurants in Bottura, is scheduled to reopen on June 2.

But the loss of tourists hit the industry hard. Seven of the 10 restaurants on the beautiful Piazza Navona in Rome are still closed on Wednesday. They cater to most tourists, so many will likely remain closed at least until Italy reopens to European visitors on June 3.

At L’Asola del Pescatore in the Santa Severa beach resort near Rome, up to 40% of its customers are foreigners.

“Of course we have to be stronger than before and try to start again,” said owner Stefano Quartieri as he prepared a table to meet new government regulations.

Restaurant owners loudly criticized the initial government recommendation that their tables were 4 meters (13 feet) apart, arguing it would destroy the industry.

“If you want 4 meters, it’s better to just close it,” Lino Enrico Stoppani warned, president of the restaurant’s FIPE federation. The government finally relented and approved the rule of distance of 1 meter (3 feet), and moved to the top of 1 June reopened by two weeks.

Diner Francesco Lapenta joined some of her colleagues for lunch at Corsi on Monday, sitting separately. He reads the menu items from his phone, talking loudly so his friends can hear.

“We should shout more,” Lapenta said as he blurted out pasta that day: carbonara, cacio e pepe, gricia. “We will make more noise!”

(This story has been published from a wire agent feed without modification to the text. Only the headlines have been changed.)

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