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Facebook WhatsApp Data Bundles Faces German Offer to be stopped | Instant News

Photographer: Brent Lewin / Bloomberg

One of Germany’s toughest data regulators is looking for administrative orders to halt Facebook Inc. from collecting user data from his WhatsApp unit.

Regulators in the city of Hamburg are seeking an “immediate enforceable order” before May 15 because of concerns that policy changes could lead to the use of the data for broader marketing and advertising purposes.

“WhatsApp is now used by nearly 60 million people in Germany and is by far the most used social media application, surpassing even Facebook,” said Johannes Caspar, the data commissioner, in a statement on Tuesday. “Therefore, it is much more important to ensure that the high number of users, which make the service attractive to a large number of people, does not lead to the exploitation of the power of misused data.”

WhatsApp delayed the introduction of a new privacy policy earlier this year after confusion and user reactions forced the messaging service to better explain what data it collects and how it shares that information with its parent company. UK’s top data protection regulator said the MP by January millions of people had stopped using WhatsApp to support alternative messaging services such as Telegram and Signal.


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‘Selfie Monday’ kicks off Fashion Week 2021 | Lifestyle | Instant News

Students pose on the Garden Library grounds for Selfie Monday, part of Iowa State Fashion Week.

In anticipation of The Fashion Show 2021, Iowa State Fashion Week is now in full swing – starting with upbeat music and a selfie station. “Selfie Monday,” held from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the southern courtyard of the Parks Library, features a dome-shaped photo filled with bright hanging flowers. The selfie station serves as an optimal opportunity to get students and faculty excited for the upcoming fashion show through promotion # TFS2021 on social media.

“We come and go where people can take photos with our backgrounds and get excited about the show, start posting on social media and get people talking about our event this week,” Genesis Ramos, junior in event management and Fashion Representative director of the week, said.

The sun shone brightly as the co-director and members of the Fashion Week committee took photos of passersby.

“Lighting is great for today’s photos,” said Elizabeth Day, senior in apparel, merchandising and design and co-director of Fashion Week. She then said, “We have all kinds of students here because it is right in front of the library so a lot of people not involved in the Fashion Show also saw this and took pictures.”

The station includes a sign posted that lists other Fashion Week events held across campus that have the opportunity to participate.

“I will say all of us [Fashion Week] events are so different that they will attract different groups of people because everyone has different interests, ”said Lauren Niehm, senior in clothing, merchandising and design and co-director of Fashion Week.

During Fashion Week 2021, various live and virtual events are held in preparation for the metamorphosis-themed runway show – which takes place at 7pm April 16th and 17th at Reiman Gardens. Follow @isufashionshow on social media accounts to stay up to date on the latest events and happenings or visit the website show display options.


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According to reports, Reddit is cooking its own club-style voice chat function | Instant News

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photo: Olivier Douliery (Getty Images)

Rumors say that the homepage of the Internet may be the latest online platform to build social audio features in voice-only chat applications club.

A person familiar with the matter said on Friday that Reddit is quietly incorporating voice chats run by the host into the platform. Can be mixed and matched report. In an interview with the media, the source said that the development of this function is confidential and is still in the early stages.

If this voice chat feature does come to light, it is likely to be launched under Reddit’s “power-ups” banner, the company launched a plan last year to experiment with new subscription-based features for a single subreddit.

In its Initial announcement, Reddit lists several examples of these features, which are called power-on features, such as “capable of uploading and streaming high-definition quality video”, “video file limit doubled” and “embedded GIF in comments”, etc. . After the members of Subreddit purchase a monthly power-on subscription, Subreddit can release these privileges, and the minimum threshold of each community is determined by its size.

At that time, Reddit made it clear that it wanted to hear user suggestions.

Reddit said in its August announcement: “The new experiment will help create a framework that allows us to add a’nice to have’ feature to subreddit.” After getting input from the early testing community, more features will be added.”

GAbout all the buzz Social audio service these days, I suspect that “voice chat” scores very high in the suggestion list.in spite of I can Learn why Reddit might want to keep it secret now Given how it was messed up Try to introduce chat room last year. TLDR: Reddit launched this feature almost without warning, and the idea of ​​review seems to be zero, because subreddit mods cannot opt ​​out or control chat. It was a disaster.

Reddit did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment, but we will definitely update this blog after it is updated.

Time will tell whether this audio chat boom is overwhelming, but it is obvious that the landscape is rapidly becoming crowded. Since its launch in March 2020, Clubhouse has inspired several imitators, with Twitter, LinkedIn, relaxationAnd TikTok’s parent company, Byte beating, According to reports, everyone is eager to operate through their audio chat function. Facebook also Start beta testing it Clubhouse clone, a web-based Q&A platform, This is the hotline this week.


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UPDATE 1-Fashion group Tod put Instagram star Chiara Ferragni on its board | Instant News

* Shares in Tod’s jump more than 5% after the announcement

* The company aims to win over young people to drive growth (Adds details)

ROME, April 9 (Reuters) – Italian fashion group Tod’s said on Friday that it is appointing Instagram star and influencer Chiara Ferragni as a board member, stepping up its efforts to win over the younger buyers driving the sector’s growth.

The luxury leather goods maker shares jumped more than 5% after the announcement of Ferragni, a 33-year-old Italian digital entrepreneur with more than 23 million followers on his Instagram account where he shares fashion and style advice and raises awareness about social issues. .

“We believe that Chiara’s knowledge of the world of youth, combined with the experiences of other board members, can build thinking focused on solidarity with others, with a strong focus on the younger generation, who, now more than ever, need to be heard,” Tod said. .

Tod’s, known for his shoes, launched a new strategy in late 2017 to change his brand and appeal to younger consumers, but the COVID-19 pandemic has hampered his efforts. Sales fell by nearly a third in 2020 due to lockdowns and falls in tourism, marking the fifth consecutive year of annual sales decline.

“Ferragni’s entry into Tod’s board will lead to increased brand visibility, and investors hope this will help in driving group sales in today’s challenging market,” said a Milan-based trader.

Generations Z and Y, born after 1995, will meet about two-thirds of total demand in the luxury goods sector by 2025, up from about 45% in 2019, consultants Bain said in its latest estimate.

“Chiara’s knowledge of the youth world is invaluable,” said Diego Della Valle, Tod’s founder and top shareholder.

Reporting by Claudia Cristoferi; Edited by Giulia Segreti and Pravin Char


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New UK watchdog to curb Big Tech’s control over news media | Regulatory News | Instant News

The fight between Australia and Facebook over new laws that force tech platforms to pay local news outlets highlights the problem.

A new UK regulator for tech giants Facebook and Google was launched on Wednesday with preliminary powers to see if a code of conduct could improve the balance of power between platforms and news publishers.

The government set up a Digital Market Unit (DMU) – part of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) – to stop big tech companies abusing their market dominance after competition regulators said existing rules weren’t enough.

Big Tech’s power and reach have grown faster than the ability of many governments to control them.

UK Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden said he had asked the DMU to look at how a code could govern relationships between platforms and content providers, such as news publishers, to ensure that they were as fair and sensible as possible.

‘Choice and control’

“The Digital Market Unit has been launched and I have asked it to start by looking at the relationship between platforms and content providers as well as digital platforms and advertisers,” he said in a statement.

“This will pave the way for the development of new digital services and lower prices, give consumers more choice and control over their data, and support our news industry, which is critical to our freedom of expression and democratic values.”

[File: Chesnot/Getty Images]

The unit was founded after CMA concluded last year that Google has significant market power in search and search advertising, and Facebook has significant market power in social media and display advertising.

Britain says the unit will coordinate with international partners who are also grappling with technology regulation.

A dispute, now resolved, between Facebook and the Australian government in February over payment for local news highlights a growing problem governing Big Tech.

The social media giant temporarily shut down news content in response to the new law, a move condemned by publishers and politicians in various countries.

News Corp media tycoon Rupert Murdoch struck a content supply deal with Facebook Inc in Australia last month. The agreement, the terms of which were not disclosed, makes News Corp the first major media outlet to reach a Facebook deal under a controversial new law that allows Australian government-appointed arbitrators to charge fees if companies fail to do so.

Dowden will host digital and technology ministers in April to discuss coordination on information sharing and combine regulatory and policy approaches, the government said.

The DMU is waiting for a government law to give it the powers it needs.


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