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Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | Instant News

Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | RiverBender.com


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MzGee Compliments Wendy Shay For The Cultivation Of Hard Skin | General Entertainment | Instant News

Journalist, MzGee showered with compliments on the singer Wendy Shea to develop a tough skin in the entertainment business.

In 2018, MzGee was sweet meeting with Wendy Shay after performance of the singer on FB [email protected] Concert Ghana Connect, which took place in the fantasy of the dome.

MzGee was unofficial conversation with Wendy Shay, where she asked “Who is Wendy Shay?”, but the singer, who did not understand the motive of the question peevishly replied, saying, “Who am I as Wendy Shay? So we can reduce this issue. Ugh this is a stupid question, isn’t it? Who Is Wendy Shay? I don’t want to do interviews.”

Wendy Shay also recently came out of the studios of Accra FM after the host pried into her alleged love relationship with her Manager, bullets.

The singer, who didn’t feel comfortable apologized to the listeners of the radio and moved out of the room.

According MzGee, she believes, in retrospect, the singer does not have the best understanding of show business, but she thinks Wendy Shay Mature, looking at how she conducts herself in television circles.

“Wendy so quickly and beautifully that this time, she even goes looking for a way to get people to attack her grew. She now freely speaks her mind. I think she was hard leather and it is wonderful to know that she can’t be bothered…I think that she understood the space and she now lives her life”, she said in an interview on channel Nkonkonsa on YouTube.

Watch the full interview below:

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/Peacefmonline.kom

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“The seller of female cows, sir, is destroying stereotypes | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: In Pakistan, the livestock business – cows, buffaloes, sheep, goats and camels peak when the entire country is filled with cattle markets with sellers piling sacrificial animals for sale before Eid al-Adha.

Every year, these markets are filled with buyers and sellers, more than 95 percent of whom are men.

However, this year, the peak of the biggest livestock market in Karachi is not animals. It is a young woman, who destroys and challenges gender stereotypes by standing among men to care for and sell sacrificial animals.

The Karachi cattle market on Super Highway is by far the most prominent cattle market in the country, filled with hundreds of thousands of animals and attracts buyers all the time.

Ayesha Ghani, 21, can be seen caring for and selling sacrificial animals on the cattle market ahead of this Eid al-Adha. This might not be the usual take out. However, Ghani became a woman, of course destroying stereotypes because this market did not see a woman doing such tasks in the past.

Ghani is a resident of Karachi and is seen standing on the market every day, selling at least 36 head of cattle, herds and calves, with prices ranging from PKR 130,000 to PKR 700,000.

“I keep these animals at home. That’s why I have special affection for them,” Ayesha Ghani said.

Ghani also brings a new trend of online purchases because his animals are also sold online on social media sites titled “Desi Cow”.

“Most buyers are looking for animals that are available at economical prices, while prices have skyrocketed this year due to inflation,” he said, adding that business was slowing down this year amid a coronavirus outbreak.

“I have been an animal lover all my life. However, this is the first time I have personally sold animals on the market,” he said.

Ghani hopes that women will be encouraged to see it and be more involved in this work. However, the challenges she faced as a woman, standing in a male-dominated market were “bound to the surface at first”.

“However, girls do face many difficulties in our society, but I have taken the first step and hope to see more women and girls move forward,” Ghani said.

“Today, women are second to none and they don’t have to consider themselves inferior to anyone. We can advance in every field,” he added.


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You’re A Rapist, If You Lie Your Way To Sex With A Woman – Maurice Ampaw | General Entertainment | Instant News

Private law practice, Mr. Maurice Ampaw has described those who lie in to have sex with women as “rapist”.

According to him, the act of sex should always be consensual, without cheating.

“If someone uses the phone as a lure for sex and later refuses to perform a promise, such an act is described as rape because the law was based on deception,” he said at the organization of show business.

Watch the interview below

Source: Josephine Acheampomaa/[email protected]

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Cinemas in England suffer, even with the help of the British government. | Instant News


Cinema is not easy to recover from a pandemic. Because of locking, and limiting social distance, which cannot be taken lightly, theater companies will not open in the near future.

During the initial pandemic stage, to the lockout stage, ticket sales dropped dramatically, causing many theater companies to suffer. Nuffield Southampton Theaters, a company that has been running successfully for 50 years, and controls two venues, will now be permanently closed.

Because the art of theater production is part of British culture, the British government has sent packages to try and help save as much theater as possible for future generations, however, even with the help of the British Government, many places have no choice but to shutdown.

Theater is not always protected and filled with people; therefore this period will be more difficult for many theater companies to recover, because they have no income.

Due to the uncertainty of the global pandemic, the government did not know when the theater could be reopened, therefore the theater company stalled without work until further notice.

Most theaters are built in ancient buildings, where there are narrow aisles, narrow public spaces, and chairs are lined up together. So finance is only one problem, but with the social distance and precautions people will take after the pandemic, opens up other issues that theater companies must consider.



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Lil win funny face “war” on UTV | General entertainment | Instant News

Ghanaian comedians, funny face and Kwadwo Nkansah ‘Lil win almost exchanged blows on UTV “single business” on the night of Saturday.

Two actors who for months had been to each other on the neck, was in the Studio UTV exclusive interview.

He could recall that funny face the accused Lil win, Kalybos and Bismark the joke insulting him, resulting in his wife parted from him and bolted joints, their children-twins.

Since then, the two actors were on different media platforms to protect themselves.

The organization of show business brought them together for the first time, but it was clear that they were not ready to patch up their differences.

“There are some people, you need to disinfect in your life…Kwadwo, you are a fake. I’m going to beat mercilessly”, “Funny face” was shown at Lil win, continue to Nana AMA Mcbrown.

It took the intervention of a bulldog, Advisor Adumata and Nana AMA McBrown to separate them and defuse what could be an awkward position.

Watch the video below:


Source: Ameyaw ADU Gyamfi and Josephine AMA Acheampomaa/Peacefmonline.kom

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Social scientists take a vow to play an effective role in pandemic | Instant News

Islamabad : leading academics, parliamentarians and experts decided to undertake a joint effort to raise awareness and preventive measures about COVID-19, the development of research programmes, promotion of values of peace, tolerance, harmony, the conversion of the pandemic in the possibility of working on “out of the box” solutions, mental health and other issues during the webinar, held on Saturday on the theme ‘the Role of social scientists during a pandemic’, which was organized at the University consortium for promotion of social Sciences Pakistan in collaboration with the government College University Lahore and University of Lahore.

The speakers also stressed on the continuation of close cooperation between social scientists and managers to develop an effective mechanism for learning from best practices and the use of others experience and knowledge.

They stressed that social scientists, opinion leaders and opinion leaders play a key role, as they have a wider view of society and pulse of the people. They can provide a way forward with optimism to overcome the current challenges and turning them into opportunities. They also praised the efforts and role in a University consortium for the initiation of a number of useful initiatives and programmes in close cooperation with its member agencies and partners, especially in COVID-19.

Webinar speakers included Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Chairman of the standing Committee of the Senate of Pakistan on international relations, Professor, Dr. Muhammad Qutb Minar, Pro rector, a great University Lahore, Professor Dr Yousuf Khushk, Chairman Pakistan Academy of letters, Zafarullah Khan, former Executive Director of the Pakistan Institute for parliamentary services, MIAN Imran Masood former education Minister Punjab, Vice-Chancellor of University of South Asia, Professor Asghar Zaidi, Vice Chancellor government College University Lahore, prof Dr. Syed Tahir Hijazi, Vice-Chancellor of the Muslim youth of the University in Islamabad, Professor Fateh Muhammad Burfat, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sindh between jām Shoro, Professor Rukhsana Kausar, Vice-Chancellor of the government College women University, Sialkot, Professor Uzma Quraishi, Vice Chancellor women University Multan, Professor, Dr. Razia Sultan, Vice-Chancellor Shaheed Benazir Bhutto women University Peshawar, prof Dr Muhammad Saleem Mazhar, rector of the University of Punjab and Pakistan Nadeem Akbar Director AIPS and Professor Rauf I Azam, the rector of the University of Lahore, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of education Lahore moderated the session.

Murtaza Noor, national coordinator of the University consortium for promotion of social Sciences Pakistan expressed his gratitude and assured the correct execution and expert advice in the webinar.


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Action against provocative content on social networks | Instant News

Lahore:a meeting of police officers held the line Qurban, under the chairmanship of the Lahore capital police officer (CCPO) Zulfiqar Hameed.

The General condition of law and order in the city, the Crown of SOP and other issues were discussed at the meeting. In the CCPO said that no concessions in this matter should be given to the accused download video shooting in the air and provocative content on social networks.

He directed the police to intensify intelligence operations against anti-social elements involved in the heinous engaged in drug trafficking. He directed the police to control cases of thefts of cars and bicycles.

In the CCPO also drew attention to an incident in which a foreigner, Qizil Arsalan, was fired upon and wounded two of his neighbors, Adill and at. SP Kant argued that one of the two accused have been arrested, adding that no robbery was committed at the residence at Qizil Arsalan.

Security: the alarm system, mosques and other religious places including imambargahs, remained tightened on Jummat-ul-Mubarik. Police officers and officials, together with members of the squad “Dolphin” and the response unit of the police remains alert in all sensitive mosques and imambargahs. The cops checked all the cars and suspicious persons at points of entry and exit from the city.

Traffic accidents, at least 10 people were killed and 827 injured in a traffic accident in the province of Punjab in the last 24 hours.

Punjab emergency service/rescue 1122 responded to 780 road accidents in all 36 districts of Punjab during the last 24 hours. 461 already seriously injured victims were removed to different hospitals and 366 with minor injuries were given first aid rescue medical teams.

The IG expressed satisfaction on car repairs: the inspector General of police of Punjab held a meeting of officers of the transport wing and expressed satisfaction with work on repair of cars.

The IG welcomes the special efforts of SSP Mt for timely completion of the repair and maintenance of vehicles. He said that in order to make the operational activities of the better old machines need to be repaired.

Work better police cars will improve the patrols, he added. He also inspected the restoration work of vehicles when using the Faisalabad police. Faisalabad police have made 49 old cars reusable and functional, including 10 buses, eight prison vans, three trucks and 24 vehicles for police stations, at the expense of RS 13.4 million.

7,890 bicycles, vehicles purchased: city traffic police issued challan tickets 7,890 motorcycles and cars in the last two days. Traffic police issued challan tickets 923 bikes and cars being driven without license plates.

Meanwhile, the Sadr SP and DSP inquired the assistant of the movement published in the sector Shadman, shahzada, who was shot and wounded by his brother. SP assured that the police will soon arrest the criminal.

Bodies of Sikhs’ shot in the morgue : Edhi ambulance took the bodies of the Sikhs who was killed in a train accident in Sheikhupura to Lahore morgue. At least 19 Sikhs were killed and many others received severe injuries as a result of collision of the passenger bus and Shah Hussain Express in Sheikhupura.


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Arnold Asamoah Baidoo Answers Bulldog… | General Entertainment | Instant News

I read your brilliant piece, your response to a comment about Stonebwoy certification of heads of the performers in space.

I felt your pain and disappointment in the fact that the comments and believe me, I sympathize with you.
There is one thing you wrote that resonates with me; that we must respect the role of each other in this space.

With humility, let me refresh your memory about how you have repeatedly ignored my contribution as a journalist and an expert, in particular, issues of relevance to the actor – Manager.
Just a few weeks ago on a show (show organization), you and the bullet almost stopped me, saying that I have no right to speak on the matter because, according to you, I had no experience in the management of any artist.
You see, my boss at the time and all the moments you questioned my positioning to talk about such matters, won’t you show me and all other journalists need to respect.
You do not recognize the fact that journalists in this trade, and as scientists for many years in this business, we have achieved a number of bands, to be able to give valuable contributions to questions regarding the space.

We can’t also have certificates in the field of management of the artist, but at least we learned to control and have researched enough to know what appropriate or otherwise in this space.

I’m also proud journalist and scientist, and my level of experience and longevity in this business gives me that right and the necessary skills to contribute to the discussion of all that pertains to our industry.
So, with all humility and reverence, let your call Stonebwoy to be a constant reminder when you entertain the thought of shutting me or any other journalist/reviewer for his / her desire to speak to the artist’s management.

As you wrote, let us respect the role of each other in this space.

Let’s continue this healthy debate to the show as always.

I love you, boss!


Source: Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo/Facebook

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‘You’re a Good Artist. . . I Love You & I’m Sorry! ‘- Sista Afia apologized to Freda Rhymz | General Entertainment | Instant News

Ghanaian female music sensation, Sista Afia has given an apology that does not qualify for rapper Freda Rhymz for their misunderstanding that almost resulted in them hugging each other.

Two talented artists have exhibited their musical prowess to entertain their fans and followers on social media, and also carved a niche for themselves in the entertainment world.

Sista Afia and Freda Rhymz, who are always good friends, shoot themselves in rap contests and when they heat up, they bring it from the friendship zone to a physical confrontation that almost ends in a fight on TV3 premises on Monday, May 18, 2020.

Explaining why something that started as showmanship turned into personal banter, Sista Afia told host Nana Ama Mcbrown on ‘United Showbiz’ on Saturday at UTV that, in spite of what had just happened between them; he believed in Freda Rhymz’s artistic abilities and did not intend for him and his friends to gain negative popularity.

Sista Afia, therefore, apologized to Freda Rhymz who said “all arguments, back and forth, anything physical; Freda, I love Freda. No matter what, I like Freda but I disagree with some of the things he does. And I am a human being, there are times when I will understand and a time I will not understand humans. That is what I am facing right now but I will not sit here and lie down. Freda is a very good artist. I love her”.

“So, I will take upon myself to tell him that I am sorry. I am very sorry. He is my sister and I think if I am brave enough to say that I am sorry, I think if you feel comfortable or if you feel that you are have to apologize to me; it’s your own time but I don’t want to go back and forth with you anymore. It’s sad and it’s bad. I don’t like seeing myself on TV angry. Do you understand? So, I really want to reach you and say I’m sorry. And I might not understand your beef but I love you, “ he added.

Source: Ameyaw Adu Gyamfi / Peacefmonline.com / Ghana

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