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SpaceX Starlink’s internet service is broadcast in Australia, starting with VIC and NSW | Instant News

Image credit: John Kim /CNET

Starlink SpaceX’s low-orbit satellite internet service is now available in limited supply in Australia! Back in February, we broke the news that the first Starlink hardware was in the country and now the Starlink service is active.

The initial beta service is available in parts of central Victoria and southern New South Wales, with service expanding across the country in the coming months.

Starlink users can see data rates varying from 50Mb / s to 150Mb / s and latencies from 20ms to 40ms in most locations. SpaceX will continue to improve services and expect latency, from 16ms to 19ms by the summer of 2021. Those interested in using Starlink should understand there may also be brief periods of no connectivity at all.

Starlink Kit contains Starlink satellite dish, wifi router, power supply, cables and tripod mount. The hardware costs A $ 709, plus $ 100 shipping and handling, with monthly internet service for $ 139.00 and currently has no data limit.

As more and more Starlink satellites launch by SpaceX, additional earth stations are installed, network software, data rates, latency and uptime will increase dramatically.

Starlink Shop also offers several different mounting options for the dish. The Volcano Roof Mount is suitable for a sloping roof for A $ 69.00, while the Pipe Adapter allows you to mount the disc on a pole for A $ 69.00.

To find out if Starlink is available in your area, visit starlink.com and enter your service address. If Starlink is not yet available in your area, you can make a deposit to hold your space in the queue for future services.

While Starlink will not be a better internet solution for those using FTTP, it will be a big step for those using SkyMuster, Fixed Wireless and FTTN, making it a competitor to NBN Australia.

Let us know in the comments if you have already booked, or are planning to order Starlink services in Australia.


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Social media rules | Instant News

Social media rules have been in the news lately with increasing frequency. On April 2, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) requested a report from the inter-ministerial committee tasked with reviewing the regulation. IHC listens to the petition filed against the implementation of the ‘Removal and blocking of online content that violates the law (Procedure, surveillance and safeguards) 2020 Rules’. This rule has caused a lot of controversy because no democratic society in the world has strict rules for blocking and removing online content deemed illegal by the government. The arbitrary manner in which the government developed and enforced these rules sparked uproar and outcry across the country from activists and media professionals. This is when PM Imran Khan forms a five-member committee under the Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen Mazari. Now the committee is supposed to submit its report with recommendations to the prime minister within a month. Although the committee has announced that it will organize public consultations with all stakeholders, it remains to be seen how such consultations take place and what mechanisms are adopted to incorporate feedback from these consultations.

We have seen before how ‘consulting’ has worked, which is why there is general skepticism surrounding this consultation as well. This consultation method does not produce a critical analysis of the problem at hand. It is important to check the objections and suggestions of stakeholders before finalizing the report. It is also important to invite members from the opposition to consultations and discuss proposed rules in parliament before finalizing them. This is very important for freedom of expression in this country.

The aim of democratic institutions such as the National Assembly and Senate is to provide a forum for such discussion. The government has shied away from parliamentary discussions, which are incompatible with the established democratic traditions. The government has complied with presidential regulations or issued unilateral rules. When it comes to legislation and rule-making, we need the government to seriously tackle differences of opinion. Petitioners who oppose this rule include PFUJ, which has been at the forefront of defending freedom of expression in the country. Now, the government must hold broad-based consultations and so that any rules placed on social media in Pakistan are not just a fig leaf for curbing dissent.


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Tesla V11 software leaked online, huge UI refresh, drag bar mode and Smart Shift [Updated with video] | Instant News

It’s been a long time since version 11 of the Tesla software. Tonight, we first learned about the major revisions of the interface.Although I’m sure that Tesla had hoped to keep it confidential until the official release, the updated interface and new features have now been leaked online. [now deleted].

These images reveal Tesla’s new design direction before the design S and X refresh are delivered to customers. One of the new features of S and X is the new rodless yoke, which means that drive selection has been processed digitally. The settings screen shows the option to enable or disable “Smart Gearshift”, so for those users who need absolute control, it’s nice to see this option.

We can see a new area (LHD market) on the left side of the display. There is a vehicle icon on the area, and there are dots above and below it, indicating that dragging up or down will allow you to manually select the Direction, AI power gear selection has chosen the wrong direction. Elon once said that you can select a file on the screen, and now we can see exactly what he meant.

Other major changes in the interface include this “Dashboard” view, which provides you with a macro view of “Map”, “Phone”, “Music” and more. We assume that clicking on any of these modules will display it in full screen. Interestingly, there is a lack of Apps buttons like today.

The leaked photos also revealed several new options under the driving menu. There is a new “drag bar mode”. Obviously, this mode is dedicated to the updated Model S grid. Next to the button is a link to the help section of “How to Start”. Model S has had launch control for a while, and its interesting Tesla is being renamed, hoping that it will still be available in any location and will not be locked on the track.

Now there is a V11 video running, and we can see some beautiful animations of the interface being used. It seems that clicking on the vehicle icon will bring up the control menu.

In one of the photos, we see a light pane on the left side of the display for quick access to vehicle controls. These include the top lock, Frunk, luggage compartment, charging port, lights, folding mirrors, glove box and neutral (current gear selection). In the middle, we can see “Window Lock”, “Child Lock”, “Brightness” slider, “View Clip” (Dashcam), and “Camera” (Reverse). This section ends with a front view of the new car, with the word “Controls” written below, as well as “Mirrors” and “steering wheel adjustment buttons.”

At the top of this pane, we see the familiar driver profile icons (still no passenger profile), Dashcam, Homelink, notifications, Bluetooth and WiFi.

Another image showing the driver’s perspective view of the new bimodal display shows a 3/4 display of the car. This gives us a nice look on the updated wheels, with capacitive touch buttons for turn signals, lights, horns, windshield gaskets and voice control.

Since the online design studio only shows the yoke, the condition of the yoke and the steering wheel is not yet clear. This wheel to be produced definitely shows that it will be the choice of the car owner according to his own preferences.

Overall, the new user interface is a bright and bright interface that seems to reduce the borders in the corners of the object. This is a change that I personally love, and can’t wait to see the equivalent dark mode.

There is no official news about when V11 will be released to existing Model 3 and Model Y owners, but we hope that Tesla can provide a vertical version of this refreshed UI for traditional S and X cars.


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How to use Google Maps like a social network | Instant News

These personal data provide another function in Google Maps: follow and be followed. The idea behind this is that you might want to listen to local experts, where you think they go most often, and friends and family.To follow someone in the Google Maps app for Android or iOS, click their name in the comment or rating and select follow.

To view your followers, please use the shortcut mentioned above in the Google Maps app: contribution, then View your profile.Tap Followers Link (even if it is zero, there will be a number next to the link) to see who is following you. You can also see the people you are following (and unfollow them when needed).

To manually approve each new follower you get, click Edit profile, then Personal information and privacy settings From your profile, then open Restricted profile Toggle Switches. If your profile is restricted, only your followers can view your comments and ratings on Google Maps, as well as the list of people they follow.

Use news sources

Google Maps will provide you with some local recommendations.

Google Maps made by David Nield

If you click Update then For you In the Google Maps mobile app, you’ll see a variety of news feeds: it gets updates from the people and businesses you follow, and it adds updates to nearby places that Google’s algorithm thinks may be of interest to you (changes, for example, to To the local restaurant menu).

Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of any content on this feed to find options for editing certain ways of working in the feed-you can specify areas of interest and disinterest, and indicate if there are any updates that suit your taste. there are more.

If click to open explore Tab, and then display the information tab below, you will see a similar list of updates based on your current region. We have noticed that there is some overlap in the displayed photos and updates between the two screens, but if you are in a new or unusual place that you rarely visit, the “Browse” tab may become more useful.

Add ratings and comments

By default, your comments and ratings are public.

Google Maps made by David Nield


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