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New Zealand Government Promises Stronger US Relations After Biden Is Elected | Instant News

Tom Peters, Socialist Equality Group

12 November 2020, original url: https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/11/12/nzus-n12.html

On Sunday, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern joined her Australian counterpart and other members of the US-led Five Eyes intelligence-sharing alliance to congratulate Democrat Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris on her victory in the US presidential election.

An unprecedented political crisis continues in the US, where President Donald Trump makes the baseless claim that he lost because of “fraud”. His legal team, backed by prominent figures in the Republican Party, is pursuing court action aimed at disqualifying the vote for Biden in a state where he won a narrow majority.

Ardern stated: “The relationship between our two countries is strong, and I look forward to developing closer ties with the future Biden administration.” New Zealand will work with the US on a range of issues “including prosperity, security and sustainability in the Indo-Pacific and Pacific Islands”.

Significantly, Ardern also said New Zealand “enjoyed positive and cooperative relations with the United States during the Trump administration period, particularly in the Indo-Pacific and Pacific Islands region.”

New foreign minister Ardern Nanaia Mahuta also told the media: “New Zealand has enjoyed very strong relations with America and under the Trump administration we enjoy the ability to reinforce our common interests.”

Ardern, whose Labor Party was re-elected on October 17 with a majority of seats in parliament, is still falsely portrayed in the world media as a progressive and compassionate leader – the antithesis of Donald Trump.

Asked by Radio NZ on Monday if he was concerned about Trump’s refusal to give up, Ardern replied: “No.” He downplayed the crisis in the US, flatly arguing that “every democracy will have its own process” and that post-election litigation was “unusual”.

During New Zealand’s election campaign, none of the established parties discussed an alliance with the US, which they all support. Ardern and his opponent, National Party leader Judith Collins, did not criticize Trump’s repeated threats to ignore the US election results and stage a coup, and his push for fascist violence. They both promised to work with him if he remained in office.

The Trump administration, in fact, played a key role in Ardern’s ability to form a government following the 2017 New Zealand elections. During the four weeks of negotiations following the election, the incumbent National Party, which received the most votes, tried to form a coalition government with the NZ First Party, a wing nationalist. right.

Trump’s appointed ambassador, Scott Brown, made an extraordinary public statement criticizing the National Party’s reluctance to fully align with US threats to North Korea. Following Brown’s intervention, NZ First – a deeply anti-immigrant and anti-Chinese party – announced it would form a coalition with Labor and the Greens.

Labor has been nervous about Chinese immigration and investment with NZ First, while National, while fully supporting the US alliance, is wary of alienating China, New Zealand’s main trading partner. Washington clearly views the Labor-NZ First government as a more reliable partner than the National for strengthening ties against China.

Ardern told Radio NZ that relations between the two countries would not change significantly under Biden’s administration. He mentioned Biden’s 2016 visit to New Zealand, where he held talks with the National and Labor government governments, saying “that personal relationship makes a difference to a relationship.”

During Barack Obama’s presidency, vice president Biden played a role in a variety of war crimes, including the expansion of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, in which New Zealand troops participated, and the wars in Libya and Syria.

The main line of Democratic attack on Trump is from the right-wing point of view that he is “soft” on Russia and China. Both sides support building a war against China, which is seen as the greatest obstacle to US imperialist domination of the Asia-Pacific region and the world. The coronavirus pandemic, as well as the economic and social crisis it has triggered, has sharply accelerated the danger of war, with Trump and Biden seeking to scapegoat China for the virus.

Biden’s 2016 visit to Australia and New Zealand aims to integrate the two countries into Obama’s “axis to Asia” strategy for besieging China and preparing for war. Biden struck a significant agreement with the National Party government, supported by the Labor and Greens, to continue US naval visits to New Zealand for the first time since they were suspended in the 1980s.

Trump has escalated threats against China and continues to hold provocative military exercises in the South China Sea, near Taiwan, and around the Korean peninsula. The Labor-NZ First Government aligned itself with Washington in a 2018 defense policy statement that described Russia and China as major “threats” to the international order.

NZ First leader and foreign minister Winston Peters urged the US to move more of its military to the Pacific to fight China. Ardern’s government is also increasing its military and diplomatic presence in the Pacific, which New Zealand’s ruling class considers its neo-colonial backyard.

Even during the historic economic crisis triggered by the pandemic, which led to soaring unemployment and poverty in New Zealand, billions of dollars were diverted to modernize and expand the military to prepare it for a future US-led war.

Some commentators have warned that the Biden administration, far from being backward, is likely to put more pressure on US allies to ally themselves against China. David Capie, of the University of Victoria Wellington Center for Strategic Studies, told Stuff: “There will be some aspects of the US-China relationship over the next few years that will force New Zealand towards some more zero-sum decision points … where you have to make. a clearer choice. “

Ardern’s commitment to a stronger alliance with Washington, while heading towards what will be a devastating war involving nuclear armed forces, clearly demonstrates the right-wing and imperialist character of his administration. Labor Records exposed the fraudulent claims by pseudo-left commentators such as the Jacobin, the International Socialist Organization, and the union-funded Daily Blog that the Labor election victory was a victory for the working people.

Workers, youths and students who want to fight the war must step up against Labor, the Green Party and their pseudo-left cheerleaders. They must strive to build an anti-war movement guided by a socialist and internationalist perspective, against the profit system that is the source of war, and all those who defend this system.

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The Socialist Equality Group webinar discusses the New Zealand and US elections | Instant News

The Socialist Equality Group (SEG), a supporter of New Zealand’s Fourth International Committee, held a public webinar on November 8 entitled “For a socialist program against the right-wing agenda of the New Zealand Labor government.” The meeting debunked propaganda portraying Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s government as a compassionate and progressive government, and highlighted New Zealand’s growing integration into the US war plan.

For a socialist program against the far-right agenda of the Labor Party

Its chairman, SEG member Matthew Carrington, began by pointing out that the meeting was held during the historic crisis of democracy in the United States. Earlier in the day Joe Biden finally announced victory in the US presidential election four days earlier. Seated President Donald Trump refuses to give up and has made the unsubstantiated claim that he lost to “voter fraud.”

Cheryl Crisp, national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia) stressed that, contrary to the claims made by Jacobin and another pseudo-left organization, Democrats do not represent lesser crime. Biden is preparing a “form of national unity administration” with direct Republican involvement. Crisp points to the outburst of anger by leading Democrats against socialism, highlighting the party’s ruthless hostility to any policy to tackle social inequality.

Crisp explained that Democrats underestimated Trump’s threat of a coup and his push for fascist militias, because “they are so much more afraid of the movement of workers and young people than of carrying out Trump’s fascist coup.”

Cheryl Crisp

The two sides “approached the pandemic from the point of view not of saving lives but of saving profits,” said Crisp. Democrats support the Trump administration’s multi-trillion dollar bailout for big business – its main response to the pandemic – while rejecting serious steps to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Nearly a quarter of a million people in the US alone have died from COVID-19 and poverty and inequality are rising as a result of this bipartisan policy.

SEG member John Braddock explained that, contrary to Ardern’s description of New Zealand as “an oasis of calm in a chaotic and difficult world”, the country is not isolated from the worsening global economic, social and geopolitical crisis. In the past three years, the Ardern government has increasingly integrated New Zealand into US preparations for war against China.

International headlines glorify Jacinda Ardern

The Trump administration openly intervened after the 2017 New Zealand election, through its ambassador, to support the formation of a Labor-led coalition that includes the NZ First Party, right-wing nationalists. Washington prefers the Labor-NZ First government because both sides have opposed strengthening business ties with China previously led by the National Party.


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Public webinar: For a socialist program against the far-right agenda of the New Zealand Labor government | Instant News

The Socialist Equality Group (New Zealand) invites readers of the World Socialist Website list to attend our upcoming webinar, to be held at Zoom on Sunday 8 November at 16:00 New Zealand time, on the results of New Zealand’s election.

Speakers from the SEG and the International Committee of the Fourth International will discuss the right-wing agenda of the re-elected Labor Party and the need for a new socialist and internationalist party. They will refute the fraudulent claims made by the corporate media and pseudo-left that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s government represents a better and progressive alternative to far-right governments in other countries.

The meeting will examine the context in which the elections are taking place: the unprecedented crisis of global capitalism triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. A new wave of class struggle is erupting, in response to more than a million deaths and mass impoverishment, caused by governments prioritizing the benefits of big business over life and human well-being.

The government responded to the left working class movement with authoritarian methods of government and by encouraging fascist forces. Donald Trump’s threat to use such force to stage a coup in the US is just the most striking example of this universal trend.

New Zealand is in no way separate from this development. The Ardern government has transferred tens of billions of dollars to big businesses and banks. New Zealand companies are undergoing a vicious restructuring, sacking tens of thousands of workers. Unemployment, poverty, homelessness, and inequality surged to levels not seen in the post-World War II period.

Following the Christchurch massacre in 2019, the Labor-led government has stepped up its efforts to deflect anger over the social crisis by scapegoating immigrants and fomenting nationalism. It also strengthens New Zealand’s alliance with US imperialism, as Washington prepares for war against targets including Iran, North Korea, Russia, Venezuela and China.

A re-elected government, in which Labor has the majority of parliamentary seats, will deepen right-wing attacks. Trade unions and pseudo-left organizations are trying to obscure this reality and to disarm the workers by sowing illusions in the Labor and Green Parties.

These illusions will be shattered by the reality of inequality and worsening social reactions. The working class and the youth will fight, as they have done for the last three years, against austerity, police brutality and militarism. But this struggle cannot continue without a clear socialist perspective and leadership, completely independent of all the capitalist parties, the trade union bureaucracy and their defenders of the false left.

The Socialist Equality Group urges workers and young people to do so list here to attend our webinar to discuss these important issues and the way forward for the working class, in New Zealand and internationally.

Meeting time:

New Zealand: Sunday 8 November at 4pm
Sydney: Sunday 8 November at 14.00
India / Sri Lanka: Sunday 8 November at 8:30 am
New York: Saturday 7 November at 10:00


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The Socialist Equality Group conducts a webinar on New Zealand’s elections | Instant News

The Socialist Equality Group (SEG), a supporter of New Zealand’s Fourth International Committee (ICFI), held a public webinar last Saturday to discuss the upcoming October 17 elections. The event was attended by an international audience including SEG supporters and readers World Socialist Website from New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

SEG member Matthew Carrington, who chaired the meeting, noted that the elections were held amid an unprecedented collapse of capitalism, accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than a million people worldwide. Although the international media praised New Zealand under Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s rule, the standard of living of the working class is collapsing, while the rich have been bailed out with tens of billions of dollars.

Speakers noted that the webinar took place one day after the relaunch of WSWS, during which ICFI seeks to raise the political awareness of a large number of workers and young people who are increasingly interested in socialism.

Full video of New Zealand meeting

The first speaker, SEG member John Braddock, described ICFI’s analysis of the pandemic as a “trigger event” in world history, which has exacerbated social crises around the world, sparked class struggle and the preparation of ruling elites for war and dictatorships.

The crisis centers on the United States, where President Donald Trump has threatened a coup if he loses the November election. “However these developments are ultimately in play,” explains Braddock, “the democratic crisis in Washington will move to the international stage. What’s happening in the US is the sharpest expression of what’s happening everywhere – New Zealand included. “

Contrary to media portrayals of New Zealand as a haven of peace and tranquility, New Zealand is an ally of the US and Ardern has deepened its integration into war preparations against China. Braddock pointed out that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s government “is itself a product of US intervention after the 2017 elections.”

During protracted coalition talks, US ambassador Scott Brown publicly criticized the ruling National Party for failing to fully support Trump’s threat to “crush” North Korea. Afterward, the nationalist and anti-immigrant NZ First Party announced it would form a coalition with Labor, not the National Party, which received more votes. Labor and NZ First share the same anti-immigrant and anti-Chinese political orientation, while the National Party represents big business factions that are much more nervous about alienating New Zealand’s biggest trading partner, China.

Carolyn Kennett of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia) and the Committee on Public Education, spoke at the webinar on the struggles of growing workers internationally, including school and university staff.

Kennett explains that the government, whose only concern is big business profits, is recklessly reopening schools before it is safe to do so to force parents to return to their workplaces. In the US and other countries, he said, teachers “are developing not only their classroom lessons but also their will and wills in preparation for their possible death with COVID-19.”

He pointed to some of the struggles that have taken place in response to this assassination policy, including the occupation of 700 schools by secondary school students in Greece, which demands security precautions before schools reopen.

Kennett explains that the union bureaucracy at Australian universities cooperates fully with mass layoffs and cuts in wages. The same process is taking place in the UK, New Zealand and internationally.

ICFI, he said, “calls for the creation of an independent rank and file committee of trade unions to fight for a united national struggle against attacks on jobs, salaries and conditions, and to ensure the health, safety and welfare of workers.

“Such committees have been formed in cities in the United States, in Germany and Britain, and in Australia. Much has been formed by educators who are deeply concerned with reopening schools, but there are also a number of committees based in other factories and industries, such as the auto industry in the US and among bus drivers in London. “

In a final speech from the Socialist Equality Group Tom Peters reviewed the records of the far-right Ardern government and exposed its lies about reducing poverty and inequality. In the June quarter average income was 7.6 percent lower than a year earlier. Nearly 80,000 people have lost their jobs since March. One in four children live in poverty and demand for food banks is soaring.


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Public gathering: New Zealand’s COVID elections, the breakdown of capitalism and the struggle for socialism | Instant News

Public gathering: New Zealand’s COVID elections, the breakdown of capitalism and the struggle for socialism

By Socialist Equality Group (New Zealand)

28 September 2020

Socialist Equality Group (New Zealand) will hold a public online meeting, through Zoom in, in Saturday October 3rd at 4:00 p.m. pm NZ time to discuss the coming elections, the breakdown of capitalism and the socialist and internationalist perspectives that the working class should adopt.

The global COVID-19 pandemic, which is looming over elections, has the character of a “trigger event” in world history: it has greatly accelerated the process of widening social inequality, the push by the ruling class towards dictatorship and world wars. In the United States, Trump has threatened to ignore the November election results, stage a coup, and launch fascist violence against the working class.

The unfavorable conditions created by capitalism pushed millions into mass protests and strikes, which were further sparked by outrage at the government’s criminal negligence that has caused nearly a million deaths from the coronavirus worldwide.

New Zealand is by no means an exception. Contrary to global media acclaim for Labor Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, she heads a right-wing coalition government with the Green Party and extreme nationalist NZ First, which oversees rising inequality and poverty. Workers have responded with a series of strikes including by teachers, nurses and health workers, and mass protests against inaction over climate change and police killings.

The government’s primary response to the pandemic and economic crisis has been the unprecedented transfer of tens of billions of dollars to the rich in the form of quantitative easing, bailouts, tax breaks and salary subsidies for businesses.

Billions continue to flow into the military to enhance, expand and integrate into the US-led war plan against China. Meanwhile, basic services, including hospitals, underfunded and unemployment skyrocketed to levels not seen in generations.

To divert anger over the social crisis, the government has blamed immigrants. Cabinet ministers have been spewing racist filth echoing the manifesto of the fascist terrorists who killed 51 people in Christchurch – atrocities sparked by decades of demonization of Muslims and other immigrants and successive government participation in the US criminal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Elections won’t solve anything. In their campaign, the opposition Labor Party and National Party, along with smaller parties, tried to cover up their real agenda with fraudulent empty words about creating jobs and reviving the economy. Whoever wins, the next government will step up attacks on workers’ living standards, attack democratic rights and step up preparations for war.

The workers and young people will inevitably be pushed into the revolutionary struggle. But this movement must be guided by a new perspective and leadership, independent from, and against, all established parties. Its conscious goal must be the formation of a workers’ government, the abolition of the profit system and the struggle for international socialism.

The Socialist Equality Group, a supporter of New Zealand’s Fourth International Committee, urges workers, students, youth and readers of the WSWS to list to attend our public meeting to discuss this very important issue.

Meeting time:

New Zealand Time: 4:00 pm Saturday 3 October,

Sydney Time: 1pm Saturday 3rd October

UK: 4:00 am Saturday 3 October

India / Sri Lanka: 8:30 am Saturday 3rd October

New York (EDT): 11pm Friday October 2nd


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