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Logo socks are an affordable designer piece to own now | Instant News

There are lots of cool micro trends popping up between fashion sets, but the ones I notice right now just happen to be designer and affordable. Yes, logo socks are the piece I see all the cool fashion girls wearing right now and you can add them to your shopping cart for $ 12 or less. The simplest take on designer fashions, logo socks stand out as one of the main accessories of today.

Whether paired with leggings, sweatpants or micro shorts, I borrow ideas from fashions for all kinds of stylish ways to wear them. Maybe my favorite part of this trend? It’s a subtle, wearable, and approachable logo mode that feels just in time for how I want to dress now. Going forward, 4 outfits to wear with logo socks inspiring all my comfortable looks right now.


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How socks become an unexpected lockdown fashion hero | Instant News

II call it: socks are new shoes.

Just as staying in is a new exit, conference calls are a new birthday drink and a sourdough starter that develops is a new aspirational accessory in our world that is in disarray, so outdoor footwear is quickly degraded for the sake of his former deputy. Socks. This is a bleak time in many ways, of course, but a very pleasant time where your second drawer is. Underwear trends as outerwear, one of the most elusive fashion legends, finally really prevails. But on foot.

Of course, socks have moved back to the fashion agenda for a while now. It happened every decade or so, when trends separated from kitsch, preppy and 1970s all swung back into orbit around the same time. Over the past few months, we have seen a growing number of statement pairs adorning the catwalks and the Instagram network – thick, sturdy climbing socks with casual coarse loops in strappy Little Women boots, sparkling neon men wearing our father’s shoes, and solely , lacy numbers peering from platforms and prim Mary-Janes. After maintaining the mascot and tend to blister, pop socks eventually become part of the clothes.

Then came * All of this *. Shoes became redundant for 23 hours a day, and suddenly socks had been moved from supporting cast members to lead roles, which they had not enjoyed since the “jumping socks” gym in the 1950s. Especially now because so many of us have given up brushing and / or washing our hair for the near future, and it’s easier to just point the camera at our feet (maybe next to a slice of banana bread, maybe balanced on a duvet).

When the days merge into a continuous mass of stretchy gray, socks are a cheerful way to punctuate meh. Some mornings, I started with my socks and worked my way up.

Of course the fashion world is one step ahead in all this. Man Repeller Leandra Medine Cohen has done extraordinary work in the sock status canon, while Zeena Shah’s louvers and stylist are full of enviable anklewear. Hashtags like #socksoftheday and #sockselfie are growing fast, and last year’s sock-and-slide obsession has turned smoothly into socks and slippers. Meanwhile the craftsmen among us are busy coloring them, making more, or learning to make a favorite old couple. I have switched between pink, lilac and polka dot lurex numbers with some beautiful hand-knitted chunky pairs by my mother.

And of course, we all know that socks are the best present. Give me socks, whether they’re trendy or adorned with a headless teddy bear’s head, and I’ll always be happy – it’s one of the few things that Dumbledore and I have, besides long, absurd hair. But now, when we can’t hug, they have taken a deeper meaning.

Everyone else seems to agree – Happy Socks, whose collections range from trend-led prints and color-blocking to nostalgic collaborations with Spongebob Squarepants, Disney Pixar and Queen (that’s the band, not His Majesty), have experienced a steady increase in online sales after initials swimming in initials early March. The head of brand marketing, Laura Fisk, attributes it to qualities that enhance their mood. “The idea that ‘socks are new shoes’ certainly has an impact,” he said, “but also the fact that people want to wear something, or gift something, which can brighten someone’s day.”

Even the stock of indie brand socks is rising. “We have had great support since the locking began. Our March and April sales went up last year, “said Ed Vickers, founder of Jollie, a social company that matches each sale with a pair of socks for people who are sleeping rough. “I think it’s a mix of our customer base who want to support small businesses, socks being an easy gift for loved ones, and also want to support homeless shelters with socks donations.”

At present the Original style, made from super soft organic cotton, is the brand’s best-selling book. “They are a little thicker, so are the beds / sofas / socks that are perfect,” Vickers said. When everything outside the window feels dangerous and uncertain, it is not surprising that we want to wrap ourselves in something comfortable and convincing. It’s harder to stay positive with cold toes.

So while complicated ethical questions about whether we should keep buying clothes in a pandemic remain unconvincing, socks feel like a safe bet. They are a good price-per-use investment, and they always have a function; whether it’s comfort on a cold night, or looks cute under a strappy sandals. Unlike all the fast-fixing trend items that you will be bored of when we are allowed out again, they won’t date. We must give priority to all couples who are too thick for shoes that crouch in the back of our drawers, of course … but if you are going to shop now, buy socks.

And hey – those you don’t use can always double as temporary doll friends. In a few weeks, that might happen.

Five pairs of socks to buy now

Greta Tartan Sock, £ 15, Swedish Stockings

Blue Gyms, £ 14, Jollie’s Socks

Alpaca Short Ribbed Socks, £ 17, Perilla

Frutta Pebble Gray Bamboo Socks, £ 6.95, Think

Cashmere soft socks, £ 26, Catherine Tough


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